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92 total news articles in this section, 10 per page. year end 20% off sale and much more!

Transformers News: year end 20% off sale and much more!
Date: Tuesday, December 26th 2006 10:35pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided a update with new preorders and arrivals. He is also announcing a year end 20% off sale.

YEAR-END 20% OFF SALE & BONUS ITEMS: Save 20% on thousands of new retail
items as well as thousands of items from the vintage department. This
sales does not apply to 'new' and 'preorder' items, but we've just also
just removed the 'new' designation from hundreds of different products!
We also have bonus savings on 40 overstocked items. Check out the list of
40 using the link below and browse the rest of the store to enjoy the 20%
off Savings.
Click here.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals, more exciting new preorders and a big new sale
for the end of year clearance.


STAR WARS - REAL ACTION HEROES: Medicom has just announced not one, but
two highly desireable RAH figures for 2007. Boba Fett will finally get
the RAH treatment, preorders are available for $169.99. Medicom will
also be producing a limited edtion Shadow Stormtrooper - only 3000 pieces
will be made worldwide. The Shadow Stormtrooper is priced at $164.99

HOSTEL FIGURES BY MEDICOM: Bring home some happy warm feelings (of
freshly spilled blood) with the new Hostel figures by Medicom. They have
both a 12" Real Action Heroes version and a 7" action figure version of
one of the butchers from Hostel. They are priced at $164.99 and $39.99
respectively, and should help you make better travel decisions.

LIVING DEAD DOLLS 13: Mezco has just released images of the highly
anticipated 13th wave of LDD figures. All 5 figures show the results of
when your superstitious fears turn out to be true - $99.99 for the set.


--THE FRONT OF ARMAMENT: Two different RAH figures from this Japanese
video game are listed at $139.99 each.

--KAMEN RIDER: Figure #220 DX Kamen Rider V3 is $99.99

--ULTRAMAN: A golden 12" King Joe figure from Ultraman is $154.99

TRANSFORMERS ACCESSORY - ENERGY CUBES: The cool 3/4" acrylic cubes are
back in a new package size and lower price per piece! Get 12 cubes in an
attractive new container for $15.99 - a great accessory for creating
dioramas and giving your decepticons something to lust after.

GAIKING - DAIKU MARYU 24" VINYL FIGURE: This immense figure comes with
three miniature vinyl characters and is packed in a large display box.
Preorders are listed at $189.99 and this figure is definitely worth a look

GUNDAM MSIA EXCLUSIVE: We've just listed the 2006 Gundam Expo Strike
Gundam variant figure at $34.99 This new version of the Strike Gundam has
a nifty metallic paint job and clear shield.

UFO ROBO GRENDIZER: Yamato brings us a new 1/6 scale PVC statue of the
lovely Maria Freed. Maria is posed attractively with an extremely low
cut space jacket. Preorder price is $69.99

AIR GEAR: Yamato's Creator's Labo #009 item is a 1/6 statue of Simca,
only 100 pieces of this statue will be imported to the USA.


GI JOE VIPER PIT: Hasbro was able to get a big pile of these out the door
to us on their last day of shipping for the year, all preorders will fill
later this week and we have some open stock available for new preorders.
Reserve yours now for just $21.99 - one of the best GI Joe items every
released and the ultimate troop builder set.

REPUBLIC COMMANDO DELTA SQUAD: Another big round of this Internet
Exclusive item is arriving soon. Hasbro will only be producing this item
once and they are nearly out of stock so be sure not to miss out -
preorder now at $29.99 and we'll ship in a few days when they arrive.


MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE WAVE 4: NECA and the Four Horsemen continue to
release extremely nice pieces at reasonable prices. This set contains all
bad guys - Webstor, Snake-Face, and Leech - In stock for $56.99

HALO 2 - LIMITED EDITION WAVE 2: More limited run repaints have just been
released including the Prophet of Regret, Teal Multiplayer Elite, and
Jackal with Beam Rifle - in stock now for $44.99

STIKFAS RESTOCK: All of the new Stikfas including Archangel, Demoness,
Domewalker, and 14" Bronze are back in stock and many other Stikfas are
available at 20% off.

SUPERMAN 1/4 SCALE MUSEUM STATUE: A big and beefy new statue from DC
Direct, this one stands about 18" tall and is priced $20 under the MSRP at

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The Vintage Department has listed a wide variety
of items this afternoon including G1 Transformers, Japanese Beast Wars,
Reissue Transformers, Japanese G1, MASH, Chogokin, Dukes of Hazzard, Lone
Ranger, and a variety of other items.

CHILD'S PLAY CHUCK: A 12" Chucky Doll packaged in authentic 'Good Guys'
style packaging is now in stock for $94.99

MORTAL KOMBAT SERIES 3: We have a limited number of these left left in
stock, but more series 2 and 3 are on the way. These figures are made by
Jazwares and represent each of the characters nicely.

CHEWBACCA GENTLE GIANT BUST: In stock now for $44.99 - Gentle Giant
continues to be the leader in realistic looking mini busts.

GREEN LANTERN MINI PROP: The Hal Jorden Power Battery Mini Prop Replica
is now in stock for $82.99 - these are limited to a fairly small amount

CARS LIGHTNING SPEEDWAY: Its time for some figure-8 racing fun and the
unavoidable high speed head-on crashes. This set comes with Lightning
McQueen and is priced at $19.99. Most of the other cars characters can
also race on this set.

STAR WARS REPUBLIC GUNSHIP: The TRU Saga Exclusive Clone Wars Gunship is
now in stock for $74.99 - this is the ship with the wild paint job that is
great for lugging around a crew of Clone Troopers.

MASTERPIECE ULTRA MAGNUS MP-02: A small number of these have just
arrived, they are available for $139.99. I'm not sure we'll be able to
find any meaningful supplies after this so don't miss out.

BUFFY / ANGEL - SPIKE PUPPET: A giant 21" plush pupper version of Spike
is now in stock for $47.99

ANIME GIRLS: Another round of PVC beauties

--TANDEM TWIN LYNX GIRL - TOPAZ: A nice repaint of an extremely popular
figure from Yamato.

--CREATOR'S LABO STATUE #002 - BURST ANGEL MEG: In stock for $68.99

--IKKI TOUSEN SONSAKU - Standard School Girl skirt and tiny top fare

-KINGDOME HEARTS - KAIRI - Back in stock for $22.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of the big sale before it ends on Friday.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Update. TFC #06 Reissue Megatron and more.

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Update. TFC #06 Reissue Megatron and more.
Date: Tuesday, December 19th 2006 9:00pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another big update. For Transformers BBTS has put up a preorder for the rerelease of Transformer Collection #06 megatron which is set for a release of end of January to early February. Though just as they are doing with MP-05 Megatron they will be adding a orange tip.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another big batch of new arrivals, more preorders, and holiday shipping

BBTS HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES: Holiday deliveries are not a problem if
you use UPS 2nd Day air up to 4:00 PM Central Time for delivery on Friday
12/22. You can get any of the brand new arrivals listed below in time by
using 2nd day air. A big batch of preorders for the items listed below is
currently being processed, feel free to upgrade your shipping as needed
through the 'my account' page. Here is our current UPS shipping map:


TRANSFORMERS #06 REISSUE MEGATRON: This Transformer Collection version of
Megatron is going back into production for a January/February release
date! As with the Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron, we won't be able to import
or sell it without an orange safety tip so this item will also be modified
- please see the item description online for further details. This figure
has been selling well over $200 in the aftermarket recently and our
preorder price is just $84.99.

ROCKY III FIGURES: Jakks Pacific recently cancelled all domestic
shipments for this item, forcing retailers to either go without or take on
a large order direct from China. We didn't want to let you down so put in
a big order directly with the factory in China. Our shipment will arrive
in February and sets of 9 figures are priced at $84.99. Clubber Lange and
Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan) are available singly for $10.99. Nice images
have just been added to the site - check out this cool set here:

SERENITY ORNAMENTS: Dark Horse has gone back into production on the first
Serenity Ornament, and they have also just announced a second limited
edition 'Serenity in Disguise' ornament - check them out here:

GUYVER PURQSTALL 8" FIGURE: Its been a while since Max Factory has
announced any Guyver items, but the wait is over. Purqstall comes with a
cloth cape and energy sword. Nice detail and quality is typical on the
Guyver figures - this one is priced at $99.99

GETTER ROBO - RED GETTER 1 EXPORT VERSION: Another awesome Getter figure
from Aoshima, this one comes with a bonus mini PVC figure and a selection
of weapons. Preorders are available for $104.99

SOTA'S DARKSTALKERS: Sota's new foray into the Darkstalkers line looks
great from the initial images they have sent over. The first series
features Dimitri and Lord Raptor for $44.99, and a Felecia 6" Resin Statue
is also up for preorder at $109.99

L-GAIM: More high quality mecha imported from Japan. We have two L-Gaim
figures listed at $134.99 - the Bat-Shu and L-Gaim. These should contain
some die-cast metal parts.

IRON MAN LEGENDARY SCALE BUST: Sideshow has done a great job with this
bust, it stands about 10" tall and features a removeable face plate.
Preorder now at $194.99

SIDESHOW 1:1 TERMINATOR BUSTS: Awesome high-end life sized busts of the
T-800 in regular and a dirtier battler version. We have these listed $20
below MSRP at $479.99 each. Stan Winston Studios helped create these
beautiful busts.

MACROSS 1/48 ARMORED PARTS: The Low Visibility Urban Camo set of armored
parts is now up for preorder at $134.99


TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM SOUNDWAVE: The 6" Soundwave just came in and we
have limited stock remaining at $16.99. This figure looks great in person
and it comes with a miniature Laserbeak as well.

MARVEL ATTACKTIX: Almost all of the Marvel Attacktix items announced so
far have just arrived including Marvel Booster packs with two random
figures, Ghost Rider Starter Sets, Marvel Heroes Starter Sets, and a
Battle Master Ghost Rider set.

DISNEY CARS - MOVIE MOMENTS: A new case wave with a variety of all new
Movie Moments figure 2-packs has just arrived. Cases contain 12 2-packs
for a total of 24 figures for $84.99

STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 8: We have limited stock remaining of the wave 8 sets
and single figures, this has been a hot item - check out what is left

FUNKO BRAND BOBBLE-HEADS & MORE: A huge variety of Wacky Wobblers and
other novelty collectibles has just arrived from Funko - choose from over
50 different characters from a variety of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

MARVEL SUPERHERO SQUAD: Similar to the Star Wars Galactic Hero series,
these fun little mini figures are available for $24.99 for the full set of
8 figures. Lots of top shelf figures in the first wave

TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC JETFIRE & PRIME: A new case wave has just arrived
that contains Jetfire and Prime - we have them available as set of two for
$44.99, and a limited number of Jetfires are also in stock for $34.99.
Nearly all of the other Classic figures are also currently here.

heavily populated giftsets has just arrived, pick up a ton of Galactic
Heroes for $89.99 - which gets you all 4 scene packs. They are also
available singly.

MP-03 MASTERPIECE STARSCREAM: We ran out earlier than expected, but were
thankfully able to get more. The supply is nearly gone on the wholesale
level so be sure to pick up an MP-03 before we can't find anymore!

PLAN B TOYS - LABYRINTH & DARK CRYSTAL: We've just received Jareth the
Goblin King, Hanging Goblin, Sitting Goblin, and the Urskek mini bust from
Plan-B. These are all limited to around 1000 pieces

NARUTO STATUE & BOOKENDS: Just in from Toynami, the Nine Tailed Fox
statue and Naruto Bookends are available for $109.99 and $149.99

INTRON DEPOT - BALLISTICS SWAT FIGURE: A steamy new figure that would
make your next run-in with the police a lot more enjoyable - in stock now
for $69.99

SAINT SEIYA - PANDORA MAIL-AWAY FIGURE: Back in stock for $59.99

HANNA BARBERA - FLINTSTONES BOXED SET: The 2nd boxed set is now available
for just $21.99 - this one features the entire family at the Drive-In
ordering a car-sized slab of ribs.

GHOST RIDER SIDESHOW MAQUETTES: Both the Ghost Rider and Western Ghost
Rider Maquettes have just arrived - these are available for $189.99 each
and are very well done. Get your collection fired up before the movie
hits the big screen.

VARIOUS TRANSFORMERS: These items are all back in stock in limited
quantities: Hasbro Reissue Astrotrain, BT-15 Police, BT-06, BT-05, BT-13,
Alternators Smokescreen, Hasbro Rodimus Prime Reissue, Kiss Players
Rodimus, GC-01 Convoy, SC-22 Omega Supreme, GC-20, GD-11, MC-09, SC-01,
SC-20, and EX-01 are now available.

ATTAKUS ALIEN STATUES: The new Alien Birth, Alien Warrior, and Alien Egg
& Facehugger statues from Attakus are now in stock - very nice items.

DARK HORSE SAMURAI STATUE: A nicely done 11" statue based on the Dark
Horse comic character - this statue is in stock for $25 under the MSRP at

FINAL FANTASY CLOUD STRIFE STATUE: This cool new elaborate statue is now
in stock for $184.99. It stands around 10" tall and features Cloud Strife
amid a twisted mass of pipes and steel girders.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to get
those last minute orders in by 2nd day air - we'll ship them out on time
for delivery on Friday. You can also use UPS Next Day Air on Thursday
for a Friday delivery.

Have a great Holiday Season and we'd like to truly thank you for helping
to make this our best year ever!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Action-HQ Update - December 14th, 2006

Transformers News: Action-HQ Update - December 14th, 2006
Date: Thursday, December 14th 2006 10:12am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron

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Action-HQ brings the Best to you First with Transformers Binaltech & Star Wars Kotobukiya Holiday Specials!

New arrivals Transformers Commemorative Edition Soundwave, Star Wars Kubrick Series 7, Macross Yamato YF-19, S.R.C Ultraman Type A & B, Masked Rider The First No.2 RAH and many more!

Star Wars Kotobukiya 1/7 PVC Statues/Figures Specials!
- Boba Fett ($60.00)!
- Commander Bly ($60.00)!
- EP2 Clone Trooper ($60.00)!
- EP3 Clone Trooper ($60.00)!
- EP4 Darth Vader ($60.00)!
- EP3 Darth Vader ($60.00)!
- EP3 Anakin Skywalker ($60.00)!
- EP5 Bespin Luke Skywalker ($60.00)!
- EP6 Slave Leia ($60.00)!
- SandTrooper ($60.00)!
- Scout Trooper ($60.00)!
- Mace Windu & Yoda ($60.00)!
- Yoda ($35.00)!

Transformers Binaltechs Specials!
- BT-06 Tracks ($39.95)!
- BT-09 Swindle ($34.95)!
- BT-10 Grimlock ($34.95)!
- BT-11 Ravage ($39.95)!
- BT-12 Overdrive ($34.95)!
- BT-13 Laserwave ($34.95)!
- BT-15 Prowl ($39.95)!
- BTA-01 Alert ($39.95)!

New Arrivals!
- Transformers Classics Commemorative Edition Soundwave!
- Star Wars Series 7 Kubricks Set of 6!
- Star Wars Series 7 Kubricks Secret Set of 6!
- Star Wars Series 7 Kubrick Red Royal Guard!
- Star Wars Series 7 Kubrick Scout Trooper!
- Macross 1/60 YF-19 variable Valkyrie!
- Super Reborn Chogokin S.R.C Ultraman Type A & B!
- Masked Rider The First RAH No.2!

More Holiday Specials!
- Transformers Cybertron Razorclaw Vs Steamhammer ($4.95)!
- Transformers Cybertron Shockwave Vs Tankor ($4.95)!
- Transformers Cybertron Sky Lynx Vs Thunderblast ($4.95)!
- Transformers Energon Autobot Offshoot ($4.95)!
- Transformers Energon Decepticon Duststorm ($4.95)!
- Transformers Energon Autobot StrongArm ($4.95)!
- Transformers Re-Issue Collection 21 Broadcast ($39.95)!
- Transformers Re-Issue Laser Optimus Prime Battle Convoy ($29.95)!
- Transformers Re-Issue Pepsi Convoy Optimus Prime ($39.95)!
- Transformers Re-Issue Star Convoy ($39.95)!
- Transformers Robot Masters RM-11 Gorilla Convoy Optimus Primal ($9.95)!
- Transformers Robot Masters RM-21 Burning Convoy with DVD ($15.95)!
- Transformers Robot Masters RM-08 Wingstun ($4.95)!
- Transformers Robot Masters RM-18 Road Rocket ($5.95)!
- Transformers Robot Masters RM-19 Double Face ($5.95)!
- Transformers Robot Masters RM-20 Delta Seeker & X-Gunner ($6.95)!
- Transformers Smallest Dengenki Hobby VSX Giftset ($7.95)!
- Transformers Titanium Series 6" Jetfire ($15.95)!
- Transformers Titanium Series 6" Optimus Primal ($15.95)!
- Transformers Titanium Series 6" Thundercracker ($15.95)!
- Transformers Titanium Series 6" Megatron ($12.95)!
- Transformers Titanium Series 6" Scourge ($15.95)!

Get yours FIRST at! Update. Optimus Prime wall statue.

Transformers News: Update. Optimus Prime wall statue.
Date: Wednesday, December 13th 2006 9:38pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Another update from Joel of Not much in the way of Transformers except the pretty cool Optimus Prime wall statue.But there are a whole bunch of other goodies to take a look at!

Hi - Here is a big update from about all
kinds of great new preorders as well as many more cool new arrivals.

BBTS HOLIDAY SHIPPING SCHEDULE: There is still time for all US customers
to order by UPS ground and receive their orders on or before Friday
December 22nd. We've set up a handy map and chart to help you determine
the last day you can order by UPS Ground. Take a look at the chart below
and get your orders in soon so you can avoid more expensive 2nd day air
shipping fees!


MACROSS 1/60 BY YAMATO: Yamato has just announced two very cool new
releases for their 1/60 scale lineup. The VF-0A Kudo Shin not only comes
with a ton of underwing armaments and a cool gray paint scheme, it also
includes the QF-2200D-B Ghost Booster - which is a smaller drone that
attaches to its back. Yamato is also releasing a second version of the
booster/drone with a different paint scheme called the QF-2200D-A, the
VF-0A with Ghost is $219.99, and the Ghost itself is priced at $59.99

OPTIMUS PRIME WALL STATUE: Diamond Select announced the Megatron wall
statue last month, so its no surprise that they follow it up with an
equally cool Optimus wall statue. These two statues are designed to
interact with each other in a group action pose. Megatron is available
for $79.99 and Optimus clocks in just a bit less at $74.99.

DC DIRECT - NEW PREORDERS: Another nice batch of Superhero items

--BATMAN 1:4 SCALE MUSEUM STATUE: A large scale 18" mixed media statue is
now up for preorder at $239.99 (way below the MSRP of $295). It comes
with a gold-foil stamped gift box and is a limited edition.

--JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA - SERIES 1: Always a popular set of
characters, DC Direct has started a new JLA series for $59.99 that
includes: Superman, Black Lightning, Black Canary, Vixen, and Red Arrow.

--BATMAN MINI STATUE II - STAN LEE: Another awesome sculpt by Jim Lee &
Stan Bruckner. This statue is roughly 6" tall and features Batman in a
classic pose.

--JLA COVER TO COVER - FLASH STATUE: The third statue in this new cover
series - $52.99

--DC REACTIVATED SERIES 3 - SUPERFRIENDS: This set gets back to the
basics with Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman - all nice
sculpts - $54.99

NECA - NEW PREORDERS: NECA continues to release fantastic items!

--GRINDHOUSE: 7" Figures from the upcoming Rodriguez/Tarantino film are
now up for preorder - $36.99 for the set of 3 cool figures.

--LABYRINTH - JARETH THE GOBLIN KING: Their first item from the Labyrinth
license, Jareth stands 7" tall, is quite elaborate and priced at only

--FRANK MILLER'S 300: Along with figures & props, NECA will be producing
statues and busts from 300. Up for preorder now are the Queen Gorgo and
King Leonidas 12" Statues.

--RESERVOIR DOGS: Mr. Pink, Mr. White and all the other misters are
available for $46.99 in this 5 figure boxed set.

--HARRY POTTER: NECA takes over the license for the world of Hogwarts,
and their first series includes Harry, Voldemort, Dementor, and two Death
Eaters for $59.99

--PIRATES III - AT WORLD'S END: A new Jack Sparrow mold joins Pintel &
Ragetti along with Mongolian Pirate Sao Feng in the first series of the
third movie - $49.99

STAR TREK 40TH ANNIVERSARY STATUE: A great new 12" statue from Diamond
has just been listed at $109.99 - Landing Party Kirk looks fresh and young
- check it out here:

REVOLTECH: Two new items from Kaiyodo! The next two highly articulated
figures are the Patlabor Griffon Type J-9, and Giant Robo GR-2. Each is
priced at $19.99

OFFICE SPACE BOBBLEHEADS: Fax machines beware! Milton, Peter, and Bill
Lumbergh are now available. The set of three is priced at $47.99 and they
are also available individually - very cool figures.

STAR GATE SG-1 - ASCENSION 2-PACK: This set features Daniel and Anubus
with great new sculpts and we've priced it $5 under MSRP at $24.99

DARK CRYSTAL BUSTS: Skektek & The Garthim busts have just been listed at
$34.99 each, and from Toy Vault we have the Fizzgig Plush at $17.99

GI JOE: Diamond's next release in the Icons Bust lineup is Lady Jay - now
on the site at $39.99 - a nicely done bust.

MEZCO PREORDERS: The spring waves have just been announced

--LIVING DEAD DOLLS 13: A very special 13th series of LDD Dolls - each
represents what happens when bad you cross the path of bad luck: a black
cat scratch; a broken mirror; sever years of bad luck; a ladder; an

--SOUTH PARK SERIES 5: This round of figures was inspired by more recent
episodes and they all look great - $49.99 for the set of 4

--FAMILY GUY SERIES 7: A nice mix of your favorite characters in key
moments from different episodes. $69.99 for the set of 6

SERENITY WEAPON REPLICAS: These cool life sized weapons are designed to
look just like what you'd see on the show. The Reaver Weapon Set is
priced at $224.99, and the Operative Sword is $149.99, both about $20
under MSRP.

STAR WARS INTERACTIVE R2-D2: Hasbro will be producing more of this large
scale computerized droid for a May delivery! The preorder price is $99.99
so lock in your R2 now.

ERAGON SWORDS: Master Cutlery adds two more swords to their lineup
including the Sword of Brom, and Sword of Durza. Check out all the Eragon
weapons here:

ANIME GIRLS: Five awesome new sculps - Mirei-San is a must see!

--SHUNYA YAMASHITA'S MIREI-SAN PVC STATUE: A beautiful item - top shelf

--BOME VOLUME 19 - ISOROKU YAMAMOTO: A stunning 8" archer with bow &

--QUEENS BLADE: EKIDONA & YUMIRU - Ekidona will be a big seller, check
out why:

very cool

NEW ARRIVALS: Still plenty of time to receive your items in time!

STAR WARS GENTLE GIANT STATUES: The Rancor, Cantina Bookends, and
Animated Vader Maquette have just arrived! We have limited stock
remaining on all three. Gentle Giant keeps doing a better and better job
with the statues and also the packaging - check out the figures here:

MACROSS TRANSFORMABLE FIGURES: Toynami's second wave of transforming
valkyries has just arrived, complete your collection with Hikaru, Millia,
and Max's VF-1Js for $59.99

STAR WARS COMMANDO EXCLUSIVE: Available only from Internet retailers,
this cool boxed set contains the Delta Squad and three Geonosian warriors.

SOTA TOYS - NOW PLAYING WAVE 3: This wave is very well done with great
sculpting and nice figures for the price. In stock now are The Thing -
Macready in Kennel boxed set for $22.99, and at $13.99 each we have: Dog
Soldiers - Werewolf, Dune - Baron Harkonnen, and Legend - Meg Mucklebones

REVOLTECH: The new Dougram Soltic has arrived and we've also restocked
Dante and a variety of others so nearly every Revoltech figure produced is
in stock.

STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 8: A big shipment of the latest wave just arrived and
we now have full sets of 10 as well as singles of all figures available!

MARVEL LEGENDS - HOUSE OF M: Probably one of the coolest giftsets to come
out of Toybiz, this set features all new sculpts with a lot of attitude -
$29.99 for the boxed set.

STAR WARS UNLEASHED BOXED SETS: The Ultimate Battlepacks are now in stock
- $23.99 each for a bunch of 2" mini unleashed figures.

CINEMAQUETTES: The T-850 Arnold Cinemaquette is now in stock for $1199.99
- an awesome piece with real hair!

MEZCO 15" KING KONG: This is probably the best Kong toy out there -
$41.99 for a huge Kong with a Mezco feel to it - very nice.

GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES & MODEL KITS: A big variety of these just came in
from Japan including: Fix Kaempfer, MSIA Gaza C, Methuss & Bazooka, HCM
Pro #33 Nu, #34 Geara Doga, HG Stargazer, MG F91 Harrison Type, White
Bast, big Dendrobium vs Neue Ziel, and we have tons of other Gundam in
stock as well.

NBA SPORTS PICKS - SERIES 11: Now in stock are Chauncey Billips, Ron
Artest, Carmelo Anthony 3, Joe Johnson, Kobe Bryant 4, Wally Szczerbiak,
and the variant Michael Finley figure.

STAR WARS KUBRICKS 7: The seventh round of Medicom's fun little mini
figures has just arrived, we have sealed boxes of 12 available for $109.99
and sealed master cases of 48 (which should contain all chase figures) for

MEDICOM SANTA JACK SKELLINGTON: Just in time for Christmas, the 18" Santa
Jack is in stock for $194.99. This figure comes with elaborate high end
red coffin packaging and is very nicely done overall.

BLUE BOX 1:18 F-16 FALCON: Amazing detail an an overall huge fighter for
just $89.99 - the BBI 1:18 lineup is definitely a great deal.

MICROMAN KINNIKUMAN: Takara's secound round of MUSCLEmen are now in stock
for $15.99 each

TRANSFORMERS DVDS: Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Armada, and the new 20th
Anniverary TF The Movie DVDs are all now in stock!

VARIOUS NECA ITEMS: All these items have just been restocked or just
-Iron Maiden - Live After Death
-Resident Evil 10th Anniversary
-22" Pirates Black Pearl Replica
-Halloween Evolution of Evil 2-pack

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to get your
orders in by the deadlines listed on our site for the cheapest holiday
shipping options.

Joel & The BBTS Crew Update. 6" Titanium Soundwave and more!

Transformers News: Update. 6" Titanium Soundwave and more!
Date: Monday, December 11th 2006 2:07am CST
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Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel of has provided another update. Most noticeably in this update is the immanent arrival of 6" Titanium Soundwave. There is also a preorder up for the Ultra Magnus Vs. Skywarp Target exclusive, and a restock/preorder of Alternator Nemesis Prime. New arrivals include the classic Optimus prime Vs. Megatron set and other Titaniums.

Hi - Here is a quick weekend update from
about a variety of new arrivals and more new preorders:


SERENITY PVC SET: Dark Horse brings us a nicely done 4" set of PVC
figures featuring 3 main characters from the show. This set is priced at
$16.99 and should come packaged in a window box.

TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC MINICONS: Wave 2 minicons are now up for preorder at
$23.99 for the full wave of three 3-packs. The teams are also available
for preorder individually including the Clear Skies Team, Dirt Digger
Team, and very cool Predator Attack Team.

STAR WARS GALACTIC HEROES: Four new 2-packs are coming in early 2007
including: Obi-Wan & Durge, Anakin & Clone Trooper, Darth Maul & Speeder
Bike, Hammerhead & Figrin D'an. These are all packed only 1 set per case
of 12 unfortunately so the pricing is bit higher than we'd prefer at $8.99
per set. We are also offering the full case of 12 2-packs at $69.99

TRANSFORMERS NEMESIS PRIME: More of these will be arriving later this
month and a preorder has been opened at $69.99, these have been very hard
to come by and we have a limited number arriving.

LORD OF THE RINGS - FARAMIR: The unappreciated younger son of Denethor is
now up for preorder at $52.99. You'll be sure to appreciate the great
sculpting, longbow and other accessories.

ALIEN STATUES BY ATTAKUS: Three cool new statues including an inspired
16" Alien Warrior statue and several ~5" Facehugger and Egg statues.

TRANSFORMERS ULTRA MAGNUS & SKYWARP: We have buyers lined up to help
supply those of you without a Target in your area on this cool exclusive.
We are preselling only a limited amount at $49.99 each.

DC WONDER WOMAN STATUE & TIN: The third statue from the new series by
Dark Horse, this statue is based on the early version of Wonder Woman and
is limited to only 2000 pieces.

STAR WARS UNLEASHED BATTLE PACKS: Another round of all new sets have just
been announced. We have new images listed for the Cantina Encounter,
Jawas & Droids, Sandtroopers, and Tusken Raiders.

UNIVERSAL MONSTERS 3" PVC STYLIZED FIGURES: Another cool new product from
Dark Horse, these PVC sets include super deformed style versions of Vampi,
London, Invisible, Frankie, Bride, and Mummy. Sold in boxed sets of three
priced at $17.99 each.

PEANUTS STATUES: Dark Horse's limited edition Peanuts statues are now up
to the #6 figure - Peppermint Patty. Preorder now at $34.99

HAROLD THE SMOKING PENGUIN - KOZIK: This cool figure by artist Kozik is
up for preorder at $37.99 - a portly penguin smoking a big cigar

ANIME ITEMS: Another big round of anime girls and bots

--MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA: Two new Asahina Mikuru Waitress figures:

--SKATTO GOLF PANYA: Even golf has been invaded by hot Anime Girls:

--HE IS MY MASTER: Several new 1/8 Scale girls in maid outfits:

--PASTEL CHIME CONTINUE: Saika S. Farnese - great looking 1/8 figure

--EVANGELION: Rei in Plug Suit - sitting pose - $54.99 by Enterbrain

--VAMPIRE SAVIOR: 1/8 Scale Lilith Statue in both green & pink versions

--VOTOMS: Max Factory brings us the Rane Custom & Vorct Commando 1:35

--FATE/HOLLOW AXTARAXIA: Saber Maid Hallucination 1/8 Figure - very nice


molds of Prime and Megs as well as a bonus DVD that provides a lot of
general starter information about Transformers - $22.99 Each.

V FOR VENDETTA RESIN STATUE: NECA has crafted only 1500 pieces of this
statue - its in stock now under the MSRP at $144.99. V stands with
daggers drawn and his head lowered - very nice statue.

MCFARLANE'S HANNA BARBERA WAVE 2: Sets of 7 are in stock now for $79.99
and singles for 5 of the 7 sets are also available. Sets include Tom &
Jerry, Captain Caveman, Magilla Gorilla, Johnny Quest, Penelope Pitstop,
Yogi Bear, and Fred Flintstone with Dino.

REVOLTECH INGRAM 2: Kaiyodo's latest Revoltech is now in stock for $19.99

MAGNETO COMIQUETTE: Sideshow is keeping edition sizes very low on the
Marvel comiquette line so be sure not to miss out on this one

T-800 STATUE: A new release from Toynami, this statue stands around 15"
tall and features Arnold after quite a bit of wear and tear.

BRAVE SERIES: A new release from CM's Corp in Japan, the Great Baan Gaan
is now in stock for $49.99

SEED OF CHUCKY BOXED SET: The entire happy family has just arrived, only
$27.99 for the boxed set of three

STAR WARS SAGA COLLECTOR TINS: All 6 tins are now in stock after the
recent arrival of the Episode IV, V, and VI sets. The pictures don't do
these items justice, they really are packaged very nicely - $29.99 each.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM 6": Optimal Optimus and Thundercracker are back in
stock at $16.99 each. Images for Cheetor and The Fallen have just been
listed and Soundave will be arriving soon!

TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC VOYAGER: Optimus, Megatron and Jetfire sets are now
available again for $69.99 as well as single Megatron and Optimus

STAR WARS UNLEASHED ULTIMATE BOXED SETS: The first three larger sets of
SW unleashed figures are now available for $23.99 each.

ARRIVING SOON: All these items arrive in under 10 days!

STAR WARS COMMANDO SCENE EXCLUSIVE SET: Only $29.99 for this 7 figure set
with lots of troop-building possibilities. This is an internet only
exclusive set not available at the big-box retailers.

TOYNAMI'S MACROSS TRANSFORMABLES WAVE 2: The next set of 3 small scale
fully transformable valkyries are arriving in just a few days. More of
wave 1 will be coming in as well.

CINEMAQUETTE T-800 AND T-850: The grandaddies of all Terminator
collectibles, these two items stand around 24" tall and are the ultimate
items for a Terminator fan

TITANIUM 6" SOUNDWAVE: These will be arriving in about 10 days and we
have some preorder space still available at $16.99 each.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update

Transformers News: Update
Date: Friday, November 24th 2006 4:19am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Another Update from Joel over at

Hi - Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at BBTS! We hope you have a great
holiday weekend. A huge batch of Marvel and other items have just arrived

20% OFF SALE CONTINUES: Our Thanksgiving sale will end at 8:00 PM Central
Time on Friday 11/24 - be sure to take advantage of the savings on all
older retail & vintage items soon!


MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 15: The latest set of ML figures includes the
build-a-figure pieces to form a very cool Modok figure. The set of six
includes one each of Moon Knight, Spider-Woman, Wasp, Beta Ray Bill,
Thorbuster Iron Man, and Captain Marvel - in stock now for $59.99!

MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 14: This set includes Baron Zemo, Psylocke, Falcon,
Luke Cage, 1st Appearance Iron Man, and Longshot. Sets are priced at
$59.99 and we also have some single pieces and variants avaialable. The
build-a-figure for ML 14 is Modok.

MARVEL ICONS SERIES 3: Another superb round of large scale figures - Wave
3 is in stock for $39.99 and it includes a cool version of Spider-Man
hanging upside down inside the packaging and a hulking darker version of
The Beast.

of various Toy Vault Plush items has just arrived, A total of 50 items
have just been stocked or restocked. Check out the website for all the
arrivals, here are a few highlights: Knights of Ni Hat, Giant Cthulhu
Plush, Mini Rodan Plush, Conker Plush, 6 Sided Fuzzy Dice, Black Knight
Plush, KISS Demon Plush, Farscape Rygel Plush & Much More!

X-MEN 2006 WAVE 3: This year's X-Men figures have been wildly popular
because they go back to the basics and don't include a lot of gadgets and
made up add on features. Series 3 holds true to that theme and brings us
authentic versions of Colossus, Nightcralwer, Sabretooth, Iceman,
Avalanche, and Rogue. Sets are $69.99 (which include the 1 per case Rogue
& Avalance) and the other four are also available separately at $8.99 to

MARVEL LEGENDS FACE OFF SERIES 2: Face Off series 1 was a solid set, but
series 2 bumps it up a few notches with great packaging and great
characters. The set of 3 two-packs includes: Iron Man vs Mandarin,
Wolverine vs Sabretooth, and Punisher vs Jigsaw.

SPIDER-MAN CLASSICS WAVE 19: Full sets of 5 are in stock for $54.99 -
these include one each of: Toxin, Electro, and three variations of

MARVEL LEGENDS MASTERWORKS: Two new figure dioramas are now in stock -
the Galactus vs Everyone and Thing vs Hulk dioramas recapture classic
comic book covers. The set of two is priced at $32.99

MARVEL SHOWDOWN SERIES 4: Five new gaming pieces are now in stock for
$7.49 to $8.99. Figures include Daredevil, Thor, Invisible Woman, Venom,
and Cyclops.

STAR WARS VCD CLONE TROOPER: Another fresh new item from Medicom, the VCD
Clone Trooper has an oversized head and an imported feel to it - in stock
now at $59.99

GI JOE LIFE SIZE SWORDS: The Swords of Snake Eyes & Stormshadow are back
in stock for $174.99, give the gift of ninja weapons this year

stands almost 14" tall and changes from a transport vehicle to robot. In
stock now for $114.99

13" DELUXE AQUAMAN: Another entry into this popular series from DC
Direct, the new Aquaman figure is priced at $51.99

MACHINE ROBO MUGENBINE: One of the larger Mugenbine items to arrive so
far, the Mugen Engine Turbo Animal Force looks to be a fairly complex set
with transforming and combining parts - in stock now for $44.99

NIGHTMARE BEFORE X-MAS: Wave Five singles of Jack and Undersea Gal, as
well as the Jack on Snowmobile set have just arrived. We have a variety
of other NBX items in stock and up for preorder here:

$29.99 and we also have a variety of other 1:18 Scale Bond Cars.

SPEED RACER DIE-CAST ITEMS: A new set of Speed Racer, Racer X, Mach 5,
and Shooting Star is now available for only $14.99. The figures stand
around 3" tall and the cars are roughly 3" long


RED SONJA & GIANT SNAKE STATUE: Dynamite Entertainment continues to bring
out very nicely done Red Sonja collectibles. This new statue features a
large scale full body Red Sonya sculpture standing over a really huge
snake - Preorder price is $269.99 - $24 under MSRP.

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - VOLTES V DOCKING BAY: This accessory for the Voltes V
figure features an indoor and outdoor view - it will display the Voltes
figure in full mecha mode or when broken down into all the individual
parts. Made by Buto and priced at $159.99

GWAR ACTION FIGURES: Shocker Toys brings us 7" action figure replicas of
one of the most heavily costumed bands ever, the hardcore shock rockers -
GWAR. Wave one includes Beefcake, Oderus, and Techno. They are available
as a set of 3 for $44.99, or $15.99 each.

MARVEL MICRO HEROES: Playground Maniacs brings us 2" mini figures
fashioned after 24 different Marvel heroes. These are available in boxes
of 15 for $39.99. The figures are packed in closed boxes so you'll likely
need two or three boxes to complete the set.

Set from Hasbro will be shipping to us next week and arriving in roughly
10 days. This is going to be a great set at only $22.99

Thanks for your interest in and have a great
Thanksgiving Weekend!

Joel & The BBTS Crew 20% off Thanksgiving sale and update.

Transformers News: 20% off Thanksgiving sale and update.
Date: Thursday, November 23rd 2006 3:04am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Joel has provided another update and some info on a 20% off sale they will be holding through Friday November 24th. So take advantage of it while you can!

Hi - Here is a quick update from about our
Thanksgiving Sale as well as a few new arrivals and preorders.

THANKSGIVING SALE - 20% OFF: The holiday shopping season is almost upon
us so we wanted to start things off right with a 20% off sale! Save 20%
on everything except 'new' and 'preorder / backorder' items from now until
Friday November 24th. This will likely be the last sale of the year so
take advantage of the lower pricing on thousands of vintage items and
older retail items now!


GWEN STEFANI FASHION DOLLS: This first series of Gwen dolls is going to
be quite limited in total production run and not available at most of the
large retail stores. We now have sets of 8 figures in stock for $149.99,
and four different Gwen dolls available singly for $22.99 to $24.99.
These are brand new and will be hard to find later in the holiday shopping
season so don't miss out on them.

STAR WARS C-3P0 & R2D2 MODEL KIT: Another high end model kit from
Kotobukiya. We have this new set listed at $25 below MSRP - $124.99. It
comes packed in a very large window box and is a great looking set
overall. The Yoda, Princess Leia and other kits are also in stock.

COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVES: A few late arrivals from this summer's Comic-Con -
now in stock is the Jason Vorhees Living Dead Doll, Aliens Kubrick figure,
and cannibal Jack Sparrow 6" figure.

RESIDENT EVIL 10TH ANNIVERSARY: This popular set is back in stock for
$49.99 - Zombie, Hunk, Jill & Chris all from the first of many Resident
Evil Games.

BLEACH: Toynami's new 5" PVC figure 2-pack of Ichigo Kurosaki & Rukia
Kuchiki is now in stock for $14.99


SIDESHOW STAR WARS ASAJJ VENTRESS: Another great looking figure from
Sideshow, add this evil assassin to your collection for $57.99 - it
arrives in the 2nd quarter 2007.

VOTOMS DEATH MESSENGER: Another release from CMS in Japan, this 1:35
scale figure is priced at $54.99 and comes with a cool 6-missile launcher
on its shoulder.

GODZILLA 6" VINYLE FIGURES: Along with the reissue of all the 2005
Godzilla figures, Bandai has just announced at 6" Jet Jaguar figure - up
for preorder now at $9.99.

ARRIVING SOON: All these items arrive soon!

MARVEL LEGENDS 14 & 15: Cases & Sets available for both:


MACROSS 1/60 YF-19 - Limited preorders remaining at $199.99


Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of the 20% Off Sale!

Joel & The BBTS Crew Update: New Titaniums, Classics and more!

Transformers News: Update: New Titaniums, Classics and more!
Date: Friday, November 17th 2006 1:29pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Another update from Joel of, this time he has 100 new pre orders up and some pretty cool new arrivals!

Hi - Here is another big newsletter stuffed full of info about 100+ cool
new preorders and more new arrivals!


TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Hasbro has just released info to us for the next
two waves of 6" Titanium items! Up for preorder at $16.99 each are the
brand new Starscream, Cheetor, The Fallen, and what was listed as another
Optimus Prime figure on their sales sheet info (this may be Ultra Magnus -
we are checking with them to verify). The 3" Titanium line grows by just
two, a new case contains a variety of previously released figures as well
as the new Cliffjumper and Sunstreaker. No images yet on these, but we
should have them soon.

TRANSFORMERS CHESS SET - BY SOTA: Sota has done a wonderful job with the
Alien and Marvel chess sets, so we can't wait to see what the Transformers
version looks like. We have this set priced way under MSRP at $224.99 -
it contains G1 versions of Optimus, Megatron, Soundwave, Galavtron,
Rodimus, Jazz, Bumblebee, Shockwave and more. The figures will be in
'chess scale' with the larger ones standing at around 3.5" tall. The
board is around 17" square.

GENTLE GIANT STATUES & BUSTS: New items from Lord of the Rings, Harry
Potter, and Star Wars include:

--A NEW HOPE LEIA BUST - as she first appeared in '77 - $44.99

--STAR WARS ANIMATED RORON COROBB MAQUETTE - very cool statue - $71.99

--HARRY POTTER YEAR 5 BUSTS: Three new items at $44.99 each include
Harry, Draco Malfoy, and Cho Chang.

--LOTR - ANIMATED GANDALF MAQUETTE - Face off against the Saruman Maquette
with this cool new Gandalf the Grey statue with staff.

its first exclusive item for the Kiss Players series. This set features 3
repainted cassettes (Ravage, Rumble, Lazerbeak molds) and a CD with a
variety of bonus material. The set is priced at $54.99 - we have only a
silhouette image currently and will update the site as color images arrive

STAR WARS 3" TITANIUM: Hasbro does it again with a great new wave of 3"
ships - up for preorder at $4.99 to $5.99 are the Dewback with
Stormtrooper, Dagobah X-Wing covered in pond scum, AT-TE, Grievous'
Invisible Hand Cruiser, and very cool red Royal Guard TIE Interceptor.

TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS: We've added a Deluxe Wave 2 & 3 set listing and
also the Wave 3 case listing for $52.99 and $89.99 respectively. Each of
these contain the highly sought after Grimlock plus the new Ramjet and
Cliffjumper figures. Grimlock is also up for preorder again at $19.99.
Voyager size deluxe figures get a new case assortment for January -
Optimus and Jetfire are available as a set for $44.99, or $29.99 for a
single Jetfire. The set of Optimus, Megatron, and Jetfire for $69.99
will be arriving in about 10 days!

HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE FIGURES: AvP, Superman, T2 and Robocop are all
represented with the latest wave of Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale figures
from Hot Toys. Items up for preorder include Elder Predator on Throne,
Terminator Endoskeleton, Robocop 3 with Flight Pack, Robocop ED-209 - both
battle damaged and regular versions, and from Superman Returns - Clark
Kent, limited to only 1000 pieces!

GI JOE SIGMA 6 - 2.5" FIGURES: Two new Action sets include Overkill BAT
Squad and Strike Team Ninja at $7.99 each. Deluxe Mission sets include
Panther Rail and Ghost Shark at $12.99 each, and a new vehicle set, the
Arctic V.A.M.P. is $21.99

WITCHBLADE PVC STATUES: There are a lot of great new Witchblade items
arriving in the next 6 months and we've just added two more to the mix.
The first one is an extremely attractive 8" Masane statue by Organic for
$49.99, and the other is an animated style Masane statue by Orchid Seed
for $69.99 - check these and the other witchblade items out here:

TRANSFORMERS MP-05 MEGATRON: We now have an image of what is believed to
be an MP-05 prototype. This looks like and awesome figure with a lot of
nice detail, a huge cannon / scope, and the size to take on your
Masterpiece Optimus Prime. More images should be available next week,
Preorders available at $99.99 each.

REVOLTECH: The very cool new Giant Robo Revoltech figure from Kaiyoda has
just been listed at $19.99, and imported from Japan, we have a special
blue version of the Dougram Soltic priced at $24.99.

BANDAI'S 1/350 SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: We now have much better images &
information online for this amazing kit. It measures in at 30" long and
has a ton of electronic features, this kit will keep you busy for a long
long time for $499.99

GODZILLA VINYL FIGURES: Bandai is reproducing the very popular Movie
Monster line of 6" scale vinyl Godzilla figures. We have preorders open
on Gigan, Destroyer, Space Godzilla, Angirasu, Godzilla, Mecha King
Ghidora, First Generation Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan. Most are priced at
$9.99 to $10.99 with larger ones approaching $20.

HASBRO MARVEL ITEMS - Another new wave of Spider-Man & Ghost Rider Figures

--SPIDER-MAN SIGNATURE SERIES WAVE 2: Four new figures include Captain
America, Daredevil, Iron Spider-Man, and Wolverine - each available
separately or as a set of 4 for $64.99

--SPIDER-MAN ORIGINS HEROES & VILLAINS: New wave 2 figures include Iron
Spider-Man, Classic Spider-Man with Rocket Pack, Venom, and Mysterio. All
the wave 1 figures are also available singly as well.

--GHOST RIDER: New Ghost Rider listings include Blackheart, Vengeance,
Chain Attack Ghost Rider, Scarecrow, and Flame Fist Ghost Rider

STAR WARS UNLEASHED 2" FIGURES: Four new figure 4-packs have been
announced, these are all based on Episode IV A New Hope and include
Commanders, Luke & Droids, Rebel Blockade Troopers, and Stormtroopers, all
listed at $11.99 to $12.99, but no images yet

STAR WARS CLONE TROOPER VCD: Another addition to this series from
Medicom, the Clone Trooper VCD is priced at $59.99 and has the standard
oversized head that all VCD figures enjoy.

GENERAL MILLS CEREAL MASCOT KUBRICKS: A very fun set of Kubrick mini
figures based on Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry - who you
probably saw a thousand times during commercial breaks on saturday morning
cartoons. Check out these neat retro sets here:

version of the highly popular Garland 1/15 transforming mecha. This
version comes in military issue brown and is priced at $159.99

KAMEN RIDER - ART WORKS MONSTERS: A nicely detailed batch of various
monsters made by MegaHouse. Each is priced at $39.99 - choose from Wolf,
Snake, Pietru Undead, Tarantula, Ark Orphnoch, and Crocodile.

MEGAHOUSE PALM ACTION FIGURES: More imported items - these 6 new Palm
Action figures come from Dragonar 1 and Layzner. All are priced at $34.99
- check them out here:

MCFARLANE MILITARY 12" FIGURES: The 12" Army Paratrooper and 12" Marine
Corps Recon figures are now in stock for $29.99 each. A variety of older
figures have also been restocked.

DC CLASSIC STATUE: Dark Horse lead out with Superman and has followed up
with Batman - This statue comes with a collector's tin and button $44.99

GUNDAM: The Zeonography Black Trinity Set has been listed at $84.99 and
the 1/144 HGUC Gaplant TR-5 model kit is $29.99.

PEANUTS CLASSIC STATUE: Pigpen is the 5th statue in this series - $39.99

ANIME GIRLS! More fetching PVC statues in various states of dress have
just been listed:

--TANDEM TWIN - LEOPARD GIRL SCHELL - Leopard print leggings & more!

--PIA CARROT GO - SWIMSUIT VERSION Kunugi Ayano - very nice figure $64.99



--DA CAPO - Asakura Nemu 1/8 PVC Figure - $44.99

--JINKI EXTEND - 1/8 Scale Tsuzaki Aoba - $74.99


HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE AVP: The Alien Warrior figure has just arrived
so we now have all three of the recent releases including the Elder and
Chopper Predators in stock at $129.99

STIKFAS: Archangel, Demoness, and awesome new Dome Walker have just
arrived. We've also restocked virtually every other Stikfas kit that is
still available from the manufacturer - check them all out here:

REVOLTECH REVY: Direct from Black Lagoon, the slinky new Revy figure is
now in stock for just $19.99 - check her out here:

DC REACTIVATED WAVE 1: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Lobo are now in
stock at $54.99 for the full set of 4 figures.


--IKKE TOUSEN - 1/6 PVC Statue - Kanu Unchou in stock for $51.99

--Pastel Chime Continue: Rina Rindou 1/8 Scale PVC Figure - $44.99

--BURST ANGEL - JO 1/6 PVC Statue - with twin revolvers - $45.99

--MECHA MUSUMI - The new MIG60 girl/plane figure has arrived - $36.99

--CHITOSE NAMBU 1/6 Scale Teasing Nun PVC Statue - $67.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new listings mentioned above!

Joel & The BBTS Crew update: Classics Wave 3 and much more!

Transformers News: update: Classics Wave 3 and much more!
Date: Wednesday, November 15th 2006 3:12am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): Joel of

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Here is another update from Joel of

Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
new arrivals and very exciting preorder news!


TRANSFORMER CLASSICS WAVE 3: Two new Deluxe sized figures - Cliffjumper
and Mirage have just been listed at $12.99 each. These will be released
in January. Classics Legends Wave 2 have also been listed, this set of 4
mini figures includes Whirl, Bumblebee, Trypticon, and Fireflight and is
priced at $17.99. Check out all the classic items here:

MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON: Masterpiece Optimus Prime will finally have a
worthy adversary on your shelf! We will be importing a modified version
of the MP-05 Megatron pistol with an orange tip on the barrel. This is
being done so that the gun will comply with US Toy Gun laws. We have full
details listed on our website about the modification and the reasons we
had to do it. This is going to be a fantastic figure, preorder now at
only $99.99 - Megatron arrives in March!

MEGATRON WALL STATUE: Another new release from Diamond Select Toys, this
wall statue is priced $10 under MSRP at $79.99 and features Megatron in a
soaring action pose with a variety of Cybertronian steel as his backdrop


--13" DELUXE COLLECTOR CATWOMAN: The first female figure to join this
popular line of characters looks to be very well done. Catwoman comes
with whip, tight leather style outfit, goggles and helmet - preorder now
at $59.99

--BATMAN ELSEWORLDS WAVE 4: This wave of figures includes one each of:
Amazonia: Wonder Woman, JSA Liberty Files Batman & The Flash, Kingdom Come
Blue Beetle, and The Dark Side Superman - both good and evil versions.
The set of 6 is priced at $71.99.

--BATMAN BLACK & WHITE - ALEX ROSS STATUE: A mean looking statue designed
based on the Alex Ross version of Batman - $54.99

--DC MINIMATES WAVE 4: We have all waves including the recently announced
4th wave listed for this set of highly anticipated mini heroes and
villains. Each set of 8 is priced at $29.99

attractive new bust

Bookends to hold your favorite novels, dvd's, or comics upright. We have
it listed at nearly $50 off the MSRP

HARRY POTTER 17" DOLLS - BY TONNER DOLL: These huge dolls are very high
quality and highly detailed. We've listed a total of 7 dolls, 3 extra
outfits, and 5 accessory sets - each modeled closely after the world
created JK Rowling. These dolls are all limited edition items and worth
taking a look at:

H.P. LOVECRAFT - EXCLUSIVE BLACK CTHULHU: This is a fantastic repaint of
Sota Toys' Cthulhu mold - mainly black with some speckles of pink and
orange between his wings and various other places. This is limited to
around only 1200 pieces and priced at $20.99

SPORTS PICKS MLB SERIES 19: McFarlane's latest series of baseball figures
will include Albert Pujols 3, Johnny Damon 2, Jonathan Papelbon, Pedro
Martinez 2, Prince Fielder, and Scott Kazmir. No images yet, but these
are priced at $10.99 each.

18" ROCKET PACK HELLBOY EXCLUSIVE: A Previews exclusive by Mezco, this
new version of the 18" Hellboy comes with a big rocket pack strapped on
his back - arriving in February and priced at $54.99

MARVEL STATUES, BUSTS, & MAGAZINES: More new items from Bowen and Diamond
including: Iron Fist Statue, Mandarin Bust, Prowler Bust, Wasp Retro
Bust, Wasp Bust, Kitty Pryde Bust, Marvel Origins Punisher Statue. More
of the Magazine and die-cast figure sets have been listed including #09
Captain America, #10 Doctor Doom, #38 She-Hulk, and #39 Mystique.

STAR TREK 40TH ANNIVERSARY STATUE - "City on the Edge of Forever" - this
new statue is priced well under MSRP at $174.99 and includes an
interesting mixed media presentation.

BUFFY / ANGEL: Diamonds new Angel Amends Motion Globe is up for order at
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TRANSFORMER CLASSIC DELUXE WAVES 1 & 2: All the deluxe figures are now in
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CULT CLASSICS WAVE 5: A nice wave of evil figures has just arrived. In
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HARD HERO TRANSFORMERS BUSTS: Our big shipment of bust close-outs has
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STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 7: This wave is now fully available with full sets
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HOT TOYS - CHOPPER PREDATOR: More Movie Masterpiece figures are now in
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by Sideshow, this one stands about 22" tall - check it out here:

STAR TREK EXCLUSIVES: Now in stock are a variety of Star Trek exclusives
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VARIOUS NECA ITEMS: Other items that have just arrived include the
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Maiden Head Knocker, and Jack Sparrow Statue.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew will be carrying a MODIFIED MP-05 Megatron.

Transformers News: will be carrying a MODIFIED MP-05 Megatron.
Date: Monday, November 13th 2006 12:34pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Air Commander Starscream | Credit(s): megaconvoy

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Views: 25,555 has sent out some new information pertaining MP-05 Megatron.

Please read all the important information about Megatron listed below!

Due to United States Toy / Imitation Gun Laws, it is illegal for any business or individual to import the MP-05 Megatron because it does not have a blaze orange safety tip on the end of barrel. A copy of this law is listed at the end of this description. In order for BBTS to legally import this item, Megatron must be modified. A blaze orange safety tip will be added to the end of barrel. This orange tip will either be a custom made plastic plug that is permanently glued into the end of the barrel, or the barrel will be permanently painted with blaze orange enamel paint on the tip. The exact details of a plug versus painting have not been worked out yet because dimensions of the toy, and method of transformation are currently unknown, but it will be one or the other, and any additions will not hinder the transformation process.

Without this orange tip modification, US Customs will seize any incoming shipments for this item that they discover because it does not comply with US Laws, so we are providing a legal and risk-free solution to that problem.

This modification requires that all boxes will be opened, and the contents removed for modification. The factory tape seal will be cut, and some internal plastic packaging may be modified or cut. Collector's Grade packaging will not be available due to these modifications, and the normal Standard Grade description will not apply because the tape seals have been broken. We realize these modifications will slightly change the appearance of the toy, but we also realize that giving you a legal way to own this toy is much better than not owning it at all, or running the risk of US Customs seizing the item. We believe that the barrel of the gun will not be fully visible when Megatron is in robot mode, so it will probably not interfere too much with his appearance in robot mode. In gun mode, he obviously will have an orange barrel tip that is roughly 1/4" to 1/2" in length. While we do believe the scope will be included, we do not anticipate the silencer or gun butt to be included. If the silencer is included, it will also have an orange tip applied.

This is an aftermarket modification that does not involve Takara whatsoever, we initiated this modification to bring you an importable collectible. We will work to provide the highest quality plug addition or paint addition that we can, but because this is not part of the original manufacturing process, it will not be perfect. This modification is done at no expense to you, we are paying all costs associated with this and passing nothing on to you other than the ultimate legal Megatron collectible for just $99.99.

Now the fun stuff: Megatron will stand at around 12" tall - equal in size to his nemesis, Masterpiece Optimus Prime. In order to get such a hefty robot, this is going to be one huge gun! Megatron will be a Walther P-38, as he should be, and will be the defining action figure version of Megatron that we've always wanted. We are unsure if Takara will use die-cast metal parts, or if the item will be mostly plastic, but either way its going to be awesome. More details will be posted as we receive them!

Below is the actual law in regards to imitation toys, please remember that the BBTS solution to this problem is the only legal way in the USA for you to obtain this amazing item.

§ 1150.2 Prohibitions. No person shall manufacture, enter into commerce, ship, transport, or receive any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm (‘‘device’’) covered by this part as set forth in § 1150.1 of this part unless such device contains, or has affixed to it, one of the markings set forth in § 1150.3 of this part.

§ 1150.3 Approved markings. The following markings are approved by the Secretary of Commerce: (a) A blaze orange (Federal Standard 595a, February, 1987, color number 12199, issued by the General Services Administration) or orange color brighter than that specified by the federal standard color number, solid plug permanently affixed to the muzzle end of the barrel as an integral part of the entire device and recessed no more than 6 millimeters from the muzzle end of the barrel.

(b) A blaze orange (Federal Standard 595a, February, 1987, color number 12199, issued by the General Services Administration) or orange color brighter than that specified by the Federal Standard color number, marking permanently affixed to the exterior surface of the barrel, covering the circumference of the barrel from the muzzle end for a depth of at least 6 millimeters."

Check out the listing for MP-05 Megatronhere.

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