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Friday, December 9th, 2005 3:24pm CST

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Hi, Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals and a new Holiday Sale!

HOLIDAY SALE! 25 Items have just been added to our sale menu including a variety of Star Wars & Transformer figures! This sale will run for around a week so be sure to check out the list. We've also added and removed a few more product lines to the sale menu, be sure to check out the entire list for great discounts on a variety of items.


NARNIA - THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE: We are heading out to see this fantastic looking movie tonight and the toys have arrived just in time! We now have the lineup of wave 1 figures including a variety of different versions of Aslan, Edmond, Peter, Oreius, Otmin, Armies, Boxed Sets, Battle Packs, basic, deluxe, giftsets & More!

CINEMAQUETTES T-850 & TERMINATRIX: Great holiday value on the Terminatrix figure! If you buy the Terminatrix at our normal price of $999.99, we'll give you at $200 BBTS Gift Card for free! This $200 credit can be used on any other items we sell. The T-850 'Arnold' Terminator has also just arrived, this awesome piece uses real human hair on its fleshy head and is in stock now for $1199.99

TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON: The new Leader sized Galvatron has arrived and we have just a few pieces left. The new wave 1 Mini-Cons have also just arrived! Wave 2 should be here in under 2 weeks and each is available for $5.49.

TRANSFORMERS CARDBOARD CUTOUTS: The 6' Optimus and Megatron Cardboard Cutouts have just arrived, these stand-ups arrived to us in great shape and the cardboard used is quite thick so your cutout won't be flopping around and warped. Each is priced at $49.99 and made by a company in the UK.

STAR WARS MODEL KITS: The 1/7 Anakin model kit from Kotobukiya has just arrived and is available for $84.99. This is a dark kit that captures the likeness of Anakin right before he becomes Darth Vader at the end of EpIII. A few new kits from Ertl have just been listed at $9.99 each, including the Corporate Allegiance Droid and Jedi Starfighter Mid Sized Kits.

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The vintage department has been working on a variety of GI Joe, Macross, and Japanese G1 Transformers and many other items for the past few days. Check out their recent listings here:

GI JOE ARAH 3: Our last shipment sold out almost immediately so we've opened a backorder for the Wave 3 set of 6 and both of the wave 3 comic 3-packs. Our next shipment should arrive towards the end of December, get your backorders in now and we'll let you know when they arrive.

GUNDAM SUPER DEFORMED: A new assortment of Super Deformed Kits has recently arrived from Japan, we've restocked a variety of kits in the #190 to #210 number range, and we have about 13 new kits in stock ranging from #239 to #285

BLUE BOX 1:18 - The 'Jolly Rogers' F-18 Hornet is now in stock for $79.99, this big and beautiful plane comes with a detailed pilot and an awesome black and yellow paint job. Blue Box continues to impress with these ultra-realistic jets at reasonable prices.

PRE-ORDER GX-04S GRENDIZER: Bandai Japan will be coming through for us with a new production run of Grendizers, we've opened a preorder for this highly sought after item at $189.99, it comes with the All Speizer set and everything is high quality die-cast or high end plastic.


--SAMURAI CHAMPLOO: Set of 3 figures is available for $32.99 - this set features 3 figures that interlock to create a diorama as well as 3 mini-bust style extras.

--GENSHUKIN FIGURE COLLECTION - GARGOYLE: This box of 10 figures contains a variety of mini-vinyl figures about half women and half men in a variety of poses and outfits.

--MEGAMAN X FIGURE COLLECTION: This set of six is part of the Capcom Figure Collection and features versions of Megaman and his enemies - set of 6 is priced at $31.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew


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