Update: New Titaniums, Classics and more! Update: New Titaniums, Classics and more!

Friday, November 17th, 2006 1:29pm CST

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Another update from Joel of, this time he has 100 new pre orders up and some pretty cool new arrivals!

Hi - Here is another big newsletter stuffed full of info about 100+ cool
new preorders and more new arrivals!


TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM: Hasbro has just released info to us for the next
two waves of 6" Titanium items! Up for preorder at $16.99 each are the
brand new Starscream, Cheetor, The Fallen, and what was listed as another
Optimus Prime figure on their sales sheet info (this may be Ultra Magnus -
we are checking with them to verify). The 3" Titanium line grows by just
two, a new case contains a variety of previously released figures as well
as the new Cliffjumper and Sunstreaker. No images yet on these, but we
should have them soon.

TRANSFORMERS CHESS SET - BY SOTA: Sota has done a wonderful job with the
Alien and Marvel chess sets, so we can't wait to see what the Transformers
version looks like. We have this set priced way under MSRP at $224.99 -
it contains G1 versions of Optimus, Megatron, Soundwave, Galavtron,
Rodimus, Jazz, Bumblebee, Shockwave and more. The figures will be in
'chess scale' with the larger ones standing at around 3.5" tall. The
board is around 17" square.

GENTLE GIANT STATUES & BUSTS: New items from Lord of the Rings, Harry
Potter, and Star Wars include:

--A NEW HOPE LEIA BUST - as she first appeared in '77 - $44.99

--STAR WARS ANIMATED RORON COROBB MAQUETTE - very cool statue - $71.99

--HARRY POTTER YEAR 5 BUSTS: Three new items at $44.99 each include
Harry, Draco Malfoy, and Cho Chang.

--LOTR - ANIMATED GANDALF MAQUETTE - Face off against the Saruman Maquette
with this cool new Gandalf the Grey statue with staff.

its first exclusive item for the Kiss Players series. This set features 3
repainted cassettes (Ravage, Rumble, Lazerbeak molds) and a CD with a
variety of bonus material. The set is priced at $54.99 - we have only a
silhouette image currently and will update the site as color images arrive

STAR WARS 3" TITANIUM: Hasbro does it again with a great new wave of 3"
ships - up for preorder at $4.99 to $5.99 are the Dewback with
Stormtrooper, Dagobah X-Wing covered in pond scum, AT-TE, Grievous'
Invisible Hand Cruiser, and very cool red Royal Guard TIE Interceptor.

TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS: We've added a Deluxe Wave 2 & 3 set listing and
also the Wave 3 case listing for $52.99 and $89.99 respectively. Each of
these contain the highly sought after Grimlock plus the new Ramjet and
Cliffjumper figures. Grimlock is also up for preorder again at $19.99.
Voyager size deluxe figures get a new case assortment for January -
Optimus and Jetfire are available as a set for $44.99, or $29.99 for a
single Jetfire. The set of Optimus, Megatron, and Jetfire for $69.99
will be arriving in about 10 days!

HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE FIGURES: AvP, Superman, T2 and Robocop are all
represented with the latest wave of Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale figures
from Hot Toys. Items up for preorder include Elder Predator on Throne,
Terminator Endoskeleton, Robocop 3 with Flight Pack, Robocop ED-209 - both
battle damaged and regular versions, and from Superman Returns - Clark
Kent, limited to only 1000 pieces!

GI JOE SIGMA 6 - 2.5" FIGURES: Two new Action sets include Overkill BAT
Squad and Strike Team Ninja at $7.99 each. Deluxe Mission sets include
Panther Rail and Ghost Shark at $12.99 each, and a new vehicle set, the
Arctic V.A.M.P. is $21.99

WITCHBLADE PVC STATUES: There are a lot of great new Witchblade items
arriving in the next 6 months and we've just added two more to the mix.
The first one is an extremely attractive 8" Masane statue by Organic for
$49.99, and the other is an animated style Masane statue by Orchid Seed
for $69.99 - check these and the other witchblade items out here:

TRANSFORMERS MP-05 MEGATRON: We now have an image of what is believed to
be an MP-05 prototype. This looks like and awesome figure with a lot of
nice detail, a huge cannon / scope, and the size to take on your
Masterpiece Optimus Prime. More images should be available next week,
Preorders available at $99.99 each.

REVOLTECH: The very cool new Giant Robo Revoltech figure from Kaiyoda has
just been listed at $19.99, and imported from Japan, we have a special
blue version of the Dougram Soltic priced at $24.99.

BANDAI'S 1/350 SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: We now have much better images &
information online for this amazing kit. It measures in at 30" long and
has a ton of electronic features, this kit will keep you busy for a long
long time for $499.99

GODZILLA VINYL FIGURES: Bandai is reproducing the very popular Movie
Monster line of 6" scale vinyl Godzilla figures. We have preorders open
on Gigan, Destroyer, Space Godzilla, Angirasu, Godzilla, Mecha King
Ghidora, First Generation Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan. Most are priced at
$9.99 to $10.99 with larger ones approaching $20.

HASBRO MARVEL ITEMS - Another new wave of Spider-Man & Ghost Rider Figures

--SPIDER-MAN SIGNATURE SERIES WAVE 2: Four new figures include Captain
America, Daredevil, Iron Spider-Man, and Wolverine - each available
separately or as a set of 4 for $64.99

--SPIDER-MAN ORIGINS HEROES & VILLAINS: New wave 2 figures include Iron
Spider-Man, Classic Spider-Man with Rocket Pack, Venom, and Mysterio. All
the wave 1 figures are also available singly as well.

--GHOST RIDER: New Ghost Rider listings include Blackheart, Vengeance,
Chain Attack Ghost Rider, Scarecrow, and Flame Fist Ghost Rider

STAR WARS UNLEASHED 2" FIGURES: Four new figure 4-packs have been
announced, these are all based on Episode IV A New Hope and include
Commanders, Luke & Droids, Rebel Blockade Troopers, and Stormtroopers, all
listed at $11.99 to $12.99, but no images yet

STAR WARS CLONE TROOPER VCD: Another addition to this series from
Medicom, the Clone Trooper VCD is priced at $59.99 and has the standard
oversized head that all VCD figures enjoy.

GENERAL MILLS CEREAL MASCOT KUBRICKS: A very fun set of Kubrick mini
figures based on Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry - who you
probably saw a thousand times during commercial breaks on saturday morning
cartoons. Check out these neat retro sets here:

version of the highly popular Garland 1/15 transforming mecha. This
version comes in military issue brown and is priced at $159.99

KAMEN RIDER - ART WORKS MONSTERS: A nicely detailed batch of various
monsters made by MegaHouse. Each is priced at $39.99 - choose from Wolf,
Snake, Pietru Undead, Tarantula, Ark Orphnoch, and Crocodile.

MEGAHOUSE PALM ACTION FIGURES: More imported items - these 6 new Palm
Action figures come from Dragonar 1 and Layzner. All are priced at $34.99
- check them out here:

MCFARLANE MILITARY 12" FIGURES: The 12" Army Paratrooper and 12" Marine
Corps Recon figures are now in stock for $29.99 each. A variety of older
figures have also been restocked.

DC CLASSIC STATUE: Dark Horse lead out with Superman and has followed up
with Batman - This statue comes with a collector's tin and button $44.99

GUNDAM: The Zeonography Black Trinity Set has been listed at $84.99 and
the 1/144 HGUC Gaplant TR-5 model kit is $29.99.

PEANUTS CLASSIC STATUE: Pigpen is the 5th statue in this series - $39.99

ANIME GIRLS! More fetching PVC statues in various states of dress have
just been listed:

--TANDEM TWIN - LEOPARD GIRL SCHELL - Leopard print leggings & more!

--PIA CARROT GO - SWIMSUIT VERSION Kunugi Ayano - very nice figure $64.99



--DA CAPO - Asakura Nemu 1/8 PVC Figure - $44.99

--JINKI EXTEND - 1/8 Scale Tsuzaki Aoba - $74.99


HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE AVP: The Alien Warrior figure has just arrived
so we now have all three of the recent releases including the Elder and
Chopper Predators in stock at $129.99

STIKFAS: Archangel, Demoness, and awesome new Dome Walker have just
arrived. We've also restocked virtually every other Stikfas kit that is
still available from the manufacturer - check them all out here:

REVOLTECH REVY: Direct from Black Lagoon, the slinky new Revy figure is
now in stock for just $19.99 - check her out here:

DC REACTIVATED WAVE 1: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Lobo are now in
stock at $54.99 for the full set of 4 figures.


--IKKE TOUSEN - 1/6 PVC Statue - Kanu Unchou in stock for $51.99

--Pastel Chime Continue: Rina Rindou 1/8 Scale PVC Figure - $44.99

--BURST ANGEL - JO 1/6 PVC Statue - with twin revolvers - $45.99

--MECHA MUSUMI - The new MIG60 girl/plane figure has arrived - $36.99

--CHITOSE NAMBU 1/6 Scale Teasing Nun PVC Statue - $67.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new listings mentioned above!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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