Megatron (Battle Over Mission City)

Series: Transformers (2007)
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Voyager Class
Transformers (2007) Megatron (Battle Over Mission City) gallery

Tech Specs

MEGATRON pearches on the rooftop of one of Mission City's downtown skyscrapers, his rage giving him even greater strength than normal. In the grip of his clawed hands, AUTOBOT JAZZ struggles, slicing at the DECEPTICON leader's invulnerable armor with his secondary weapons. Though the AUTOBOT warrior fights waliantly, he is also hundreds of feet away from any source of help, well out of the range of his comrades' weapons. The results of a one-on-one confrontation with MEGATRON are all too inevitable. Even as he battles to stay alove, AUTOBOT JAZZ knows there is only one way this can end.

Total: 68.1
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