Springer whispers something to Razorclaw

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Springer whispers something to Razorclaw
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Sigma Magnus writes: "Hey, wanna buy some drugs?"
Tracks85 writes: Excuse me sir, your balls are showing. Bumblebeetuna
gema writes: Springer : Heard you're going for an audition of Transformers:Beast War.
Razorclaw: Yeah, who else u expect they'll cast
Suzuki writes: SPRINGER(whispering): I play with my toys in the toilet . . .

RAZORCLAW: . . . Why are you telling me this?
egarton writes: hey were you in the Lion King?

Yeah only as Mufasa's double.
Roadshadow writes: Arcee ****ed Ultra Magnus, pass it on.
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Springer: Galvatron thinks you boned him last night then made off with is stash.
Razorclaw: Yah I did, but the stash was just a few ounces of crack. Man I was wronged.
DarkDranzer writes: Springer: I don't know about you but I seriously HATE the new director I mean make me a KNIGHT in Danny's DREAM?

Razorclaw: Think you've got it bad? I have to be your $#%@ing steed...
Powerstorm writes: Springer: "...Listen to the distrust in his voice...He probably calls you mutant behind your back..."
Razorclaw: ...
Springer: "...They are afraid, Isador...Afraid of the power that you alone can possess..."
Razorclaw: Silence, here
Powerstorm writes: Springer: I hear the gooseberries are doing well this time of year. And so are the mangos... *winks*
Razorclaw: Mine aren't.
Springer: ...yes?
Razorclaw: What?
Springer: Don't you say 'Mine aren't, but the Big Cheese gets his toni
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Tom Of Doom writes: Yo dude...i think that lioness is giving you the eye
Octocon writes: Springer: "I know some thing you dont know, ha ha haa"
galvanostril writes: wakeman is biased
wakeman is biased
wakeman is biased
wakeman is biased
wakeman is biased
wakeman is biased...
cecilia writes: Springer; *sniff,sniff* yeah, you smell like my granny!


springer;come on...you don´t smell THAT bad.
LunarFormer writes: Springer: Hey, Razorclaw... why the heck do you have rifles on your shoulders?

Razorclaw: Oh, these arn't rifles... I'm a divining rod!

Springer: o...k...
Marv writes: Mr. Claw! Loved your preformance in "the Lion King"! Could I get your authograph? Oh, not for me, for my little brother...
Greg writes: Have You Seen My Gun Anywhere?
Mest4life135 writes: "pssst ur mom is hot"
"i know really?"
"WHAT?! ur supposed to say 'ew dude shes my mom' no frucken 'i know really' dear lord u are......o nvm ur a robot"
Mest4life135 writes: "psst dude check out her ass"
Odimus Prime writes: Springer: Pst! Razor Claw! You Know What.
Razor Claw: What?
Springer: Megatron wants to Be seeing you...
Razor Claw: ??? Am I in Trouble?
Springer: No HE Likes You!?!!
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Alphatron writes: Springer: Hey, Razorclaw. Did you know that Megatron once a prostitute to Shockwave?
Razorclaw: Yeah. Did you know you'll be in energon, but your name will be Bulkhead?
Springer: Did you know that I hate you now?
Psyro_Kameato writes: narrator: a fierce battle between the autobots and descepticreeps rage on as springer has his own plan to deal with them...

spinger: *walks up to razorclaw* heh heh...hey Razorclaw, rumor is your going to be part of one of the new gaseults in energon
Operation Ravage writes: Springer: "Are those rifles on your shoulders, or are you just happy to see me?"
Razorclaw: "Drop dead."
Great Red Spirit writes: Springer: What are you doing here? You're not on again until Scene 27!
Ratbat writes: Razorclaw, we're gonna have to work together if we wanna stop Starscream! It's obvious he's greedy and selfish!
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Springer: Can you keep a secret?
Razorclaw: Yes!
Springer: Ok, Rodimus is just not cutting it as Autobot leader, I mean the boy is always crying.
Kal-Seth writes: Springer... I mean with a last name like witwicky he doesn't expect tog et mad fun of?
DeltaOmega writes: It's ok I like it that way.
Kal-Seth writes: Springer: I see dead Bots
sagekilla writes: Springer: listen razor, i understand you have some issues but..
Autbots: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Springer: Im not Jerry Springer! just Springer you mofos!!! God you watch to much human t.v.
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sagekilla writes: Springer: ever notice how we never have to goto the bathroom like humans do?
Kal-Seth writes: Springer: Razor hey razor there seems to be a lions head sticking from your chest"

Razorclaw: Dazzling Deduction Springer now you'll tell me it has yellow eyes right?

Springer: Mind reader....
Tiedye writes: Springer-(During Rodimus's long speeches)- "Hey Razorclaw let's ditch the next battle and go smoke. Razorclaw- "Your on, bet I can get more stoned than you.
trailbreaker writes: "Razorclaw, your pants are on backwards!"
GetterDragun writes: Springer: Are you Daltanious?
Tiedye writes: Springer- "Hey guess what. I put a camera in Arcee's private shower,and WHOA does she have a ass on her.
Tiedye writes: Optimus is a boob, pass it on.
Magnus writes: Psst, R.C., what's my next line?
Tiedye writes: SPRINGER- HOTRODS a fruitcake pass it on.
Tiedye writes: SPRINGER- Hey guess what. I set up a hidden camera in Arcee's private shower. She my be a pain in the neck, but WHOA what a body
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Unknown writes: Springer,"I pulled an Argilian silk worm out of
my rectum it was 15ft long." Razorclaw,"Oooookay,wow way to much information."
Unknown writes: Springer,"I'm a triplechanger." Razorclaw,"Sorry
I don't swing that way pal."
Zeedust writes: Springer: "I dare you to tell Starceam how the cape and tiara really make him look."

Razorclaw: "Nah, I'd rather just sit back and laugh like everyone else."
Bumblejumper writes: "victory Leo says he can take on you and the rest of your boys..."
Zeedust writes: Springer: "Wreck Gar says to tell you 'Scar, there's no food.' He says you'll know what it means."

Razorclaw: "Tell him I said 'It's the lionesses's job to to do
Unknown writes: Springer: Umm, Raze? Your access panel is open.
Unknown writes: "You know Hot Rod and I call Arcee 'Fingercuffs'eh." (Chasing Amy ref.)
Convoy writes: Psst! Don't look down but you've got some kind of Earth tumor on your chest!
Unknown writes: : Sadly both Razorclaw and Springer left utterly broke that night, being victems to excessesive betting. On the bright side, Cyclonus, the Sweeps, Blur, Grimlock, and Dirge all leave 3000 shannix and 10 energon cubes the richer! :
Unknown writes: : During the Elita-1-Nightbird-Arcee triple threat bra and panties match...:

Springer- 60 shannix and 2 energon cubes on Arcee!
Razorclaw- 100 Shannix and 3 energon cubes on Nightbird!

:Later, Both Springer and Razorclaw look downcast as Grimlock a
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Zeedust writes: Springer: "Ben Yee has the missing 'Nemesis' scene. Pass it on."
Zeedust writes: Springer: "Don't tell ANYONE, but I lost my instructions. Am I transformed correctly?"

Razorclaw: "No, your robot mode needs to have its mouth closed."
Unknown writes: Rotate picture to the right,ok now add this caption:Like most guys Razorclaw dreaded the 'after' conversation.
Stone writes: Springer: Kill The Boy...
Unknown writes: Springer relays his five point plan to get with the chicks,"First of all Claw, you never let on how much you like a girl. "Oh, Debbie. Hi."
Unknown writes: Springer,"Two, you always call the shots. "Kiss me. You won't regret it."
Unknown writes: Springer,"Now three, act like wherever you are, that's the place to be. "Isn't this great?"
Pokejedservo writes: Springer: Sorry for getting rejected in that Lion King 1 and a 1/2, man that Esiner guy is such a jerk. RazorClaw: I know, I know...
Unknown writes: Springer,"Four, when ordering food, you find out what she wants, then order for the both of you. It's a classy move. "Now, the lady will have the linguini and white clam sauce, and a Coke with no ice."
Unknown writes: Springer,"And five, now this is the most important, Rat. When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV." Razorclaw,"Thanks man that's good advice."
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Unknown writes: hey i got good news, i just saved a bunch of $ on my transforming insurance by switching to GEICO.
Unknown writes: i heard you got rejected for the new LION KING.
Unknown writes: Springer: Your mother shakes her delicious booty.

Razorclaw: It started out as "your mother makes delicious cookies". I hate this broken telephone game.
Unknown writes: Springer: Pssst, you stepped on dog doo-doo, there buddy. RazorClaw: Aw, man! RAVAGE!!!
Thundercrackler writes: Razorclaw: What's that Springer? You think you should get the Matrix?
Springer: No, I was just saying that Rodimus is such a lousy leader even Maguns could do a better job and he got killed.
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