Metroplex voice center: Do not enter

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Metroplex voice center: Do not enter
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Bennington1234 writes: The sign was put up ever since the incident where Metroplex demolished a few city blocks by just simply singing "Let it Go."
o.supreme writes: They had to put that sign on the door after Wheelie got in and changed Metro's voice to "Chipmunk" mode
Rainmaker writes: Metroplex Voice not enter...*enters*
Nemesis Jason writes: So this is where Chip works at now...
Unknown writes: Is this where they hide thier porn?
GraveWaver writes: Mirage: If I can get in there, I can do my Wookie impressions..
punycron writes: Carefull! There's hydro-electricity in there!
Kamakaze Thrower writes: It's a trap.
Scatterlung writes: Dorothy(Oz): Hey! I've seen this before!
Roadshadow writes: Rodimus Prime: Hmmm...I wonder...
Metroplex: Don't even think about making me sing "Hollaback Girl."
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gauthic_angel7680 writes: in the back ground: I'm telling you guys, that is where Prime has his coke stashed. All we have to do is find a way to get in and steal it for us.
Dragonoth writes: Metroplex singing (in Hot Rod's voice): "I can't get you out of my head!"
crazyfists writes: why put up a wall when you can put up a door to the single most important section? with a sign. to not enter.
Octocon writes: METROPLEX: "Hay! get outta there!"..."w-what you guys doin?!"
*Electrical FX*
METROPLEX: "Damn it, now ive got a English acent! Ill get you for this Bumble Bee!!! So help me ill...."
commander setinel writes: The more they say it...
The more tempting it is!!!
Suzuki writes: After the incident involving Bumblebee and the helium tanks, steps were taken to prevent future mishaps.
Zeedust writes: Decepticons foolish enough to disregard the sign found out the hard way that this is actually the Waste Material Disintegration Compartment.
isaiahtay writes: The sign that read,"DO NOT REMOVE THIS SIGN!" deteriorated years earlier.
isaiahtay writes: Transformer1:"Did you lock the door?"
Transformer2:"No,I put a sign."
isaiahtay writes: "A superiorly advanced race of technical,transforming machines have to use an archaic form of security,to hinder trespassers from going where they dont belong."
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isaiahtay writes: It is ironic.
isaiahtay writes: I think they need the voice control.
isaiahtay writes: Little beknownst to civilians the secret code words were printed on the door.
isaiahtay writes: It appears they have to SCREAM at people to get the message through.
Kal-Seth writes: One Of The Worst Places To Lock a Rapper In...
Greg writes: What Has That Stupid Computer Been Up To This Time!
cipher98 writes: After Wheelie got in there, Metroplex would never be the same again.
Bloodlust writes: In a devious plot, the Decepticons painted those words on there and locked the door, sealing the tomb for dozens of autobot workers. The screams were heard, but the noble Autobots obeyed the sign.
Kal-Seth writes: Behold look unto the room were the scripts for Armada and Robots in Disguise Lay hidden and Forgotten along with Sparkplug and Chip and poor poor shockwave
groovygoth666 writes: Prime:oh no metroplexs voice box is broken quick we must fix it.....oh no no entry oh well metroplex we tried.
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Ratbat writes: "Do not enter"? Then why is there a DOORWAY to Metroplex's brain?
Great Red Spirit writes: The result when someone changes Metroplex's voice to sound just like Starscream
Kal-Seth writes: Could Megatron use The KEY to Vector Sigma to get in?
Kal-Seth writes: What if a decepticon takes a blakc mark and crosses out Not? take that autobot honor system!
Kal-Seth writes: Voice Control is a Keyowrd for the autobot Boot Legging Business
Minicle writes: Little do they know, that Door is really a Giant Bum with "Metroplex Voice Control, DO NOT ENTER" Tattooed onto it.
Kal-Seth writes: Wow The Autobots Are Trusting Using The Honor System and hoping Intuders will respect The Sign Instead of using a lock to keep them out shows how truely advanced and evolved they are eh?
Mosaic writes: Oh yeah, that's real convincing. Makes me not want to go in there.
Mosaic writes: Why?!
Because the last time Starscream infiltrated that room, he shattered every window for 12 square miles, and single-handedly managed to destroy every computer screen on the entire planet.
Kal-Seth writes: If they can't go in why did they make it a door instea dof just sealing it off? damn plot holes and loose ends big enough to lose cybertron in
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Ultra Wheelshot writes: Do not enter! Why is the a control panel on the right then?
Kal-Seth writes: If they cant go in how did they build his voice center?
Nightshadow writes: If it says Do not Enter then why are autobots going in there?
Nightshadow writes: Autobot:
trailbreaker writes: Those darn insecticons and their graffiti...
Banshee writes: No one else thought Hotrod's message on the bathroom door was funny
Ultra Markus writes: this is were the Japs got metroplex to sound like a sissy in the headmasters series!
kaoslord writes: Tour Guide: And on your left, we have the Voice Control Module. We'd show you, but last time some idiot made him sing Elvis songs for nineteen hours straight. Fourteen people went psychotic.
Ratbat writes: Behind that door is Metroplex's brain--and Metroplex doesn't like when an intruder is messing with his brain!
Tiedye writes: "DeeDee get out of my labratory!! OHHHH, What does this button do?
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Tiedye writes: OPTIMUS-"Thats not really a lab,Arcee and I just need a place to be alone.Hehe
Tiedye writes: I'don't know but this site is becomeing boreing without them...I think someone named Dippy is doing this.
Unknown writes: Why are all the captions gone !!??
??? writes: Where Count Dracula lives.
Unknown writes: Actually, that's his waste disposal unit. AND HE DOESN'T WANT ANYONE IN IT!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Actually, that's his waste diposal unit.
Unknown writes: wrek gar got into here once, very, very funny...
Unknown writes: Look here! When a sign says, "DO NO ENTER" in captial letters, it means do not f*cking enter!
Now SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Galvatron writes: DO NOT ENTER?... at least there is a button on the right to open the door.
Tiedye writes: OPTIMUS- That not really a lab. Arcee and I just need a place to be alone.
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overdrive writes: [BOOMING VOICE] Pay no atention to the man behind the curtain!!!
Unknown writes: (Blurr Snoring and Kissing) Blurr: Ohhh.....

HotRod: BLURR!!!!
PlasmaRadio writes: Swingback, the transforming door, performing his favourite prank.
PlasmaRadio writes: For those of you who didnt think Metroplex's voice centre took up a whole room...
Scooter writes: So why build a door there in the first place?
Unknown writes: Ghost Starscream: Now, it's time to make Metroplex sound like that ninny Arcee. Or maybe that lil' punk Daniel. My most diabolical scheme ever! HA HA HA HA HA!
Bumblejumper writes: Makes you wish the was a ventriloquist character on the show...
Bumblejumper writes: "Oh yeah, and the voice box is the second door to the Right"
Unknown writes: Metroplex doesn't like when someone--especially a Decepticon--enters his brain area. That makes him really mad!!
Unknown writes: From behind the door,"...Livin La Vida Loca..." Now I know why it says do not enter!
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Unknown writes: Get out! You have no business here!
Unknown writes: One of the down sides to being a city size Transformer is never knowing just how many obsene acts are being committed in the remote areas of your body.
Unknown writes: : Optimus only hoped that no one would find this room. Most sadly Dee Dee of Dexter's Lab mistakenly thought it was Dex's lab and wrecked the place. This explains why Metroplex has a very bad case of Leringitis! :
Stone writes: The Autobots could only hope that the Decepticons would pay attention...
Unknown writes: Metroplex voice control my ass I bet this is where they keep all the unproduced Transtech prototypes.
Unknown writes: starscream has made several failed attempts at entering this room in order to stop himself from sounding like the wicked witch of the west.
Pokejedservo writes: Yes Bud Davis is quite a private fellow.
Unknown writes: Obviously, this area is off-limits
Zeedust writes: Wreck-Gar (from inside): "Hey! Where's the cream filling?"

Ultra Magnus (elsewhere offsceen): "Please tell me Autobot City didn't just say what I think it said..."
Unknown writes: So this where Metroplex does his "Barry Manilow" voice...
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Unknown writes: This is why Soundwave has his chiming voice.
Unknown writes: And this is where Bud Davis* lives. We can't get him to come out of that damned room.

*The voice of Metroplex
Unknown writes: Daniel (with voice amplifier): Pay no attention to the boy behind hte control console! I am the gweeart and powerful OZ!
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