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The fan favorite story of Transformers: More That Meets The Eye by writer James Roberts continues under the new name Lost Light. Jack Lawrence takes the helm on art, with colors by MTMTE regular Joana Lafuente. Other series artists have included Priscilla Tramontano, Sara Pitre-Durocher, Brendan Cahill, Andrew Griffith, and More Than Meets The Eye artist Alex Milne carries art duties on the 13th issue while supplying the "B" or "C" Cover for most issues. The Nick Roche (artist) and Josh Burcham (colors) tandem also regularly provides alternate covers.

The events of the series pick up directly from the cliffhanger ending of MTMTE's issue #55, with our heroes presumed dead, their ship remaining lost to a mutinous crew led by Getaway, and a quest to find the Knights of Cybertron that remains no closer to completion than it did five years prior. In short, it's exactly what you'd expect, and that's a great thing for Transformers fans!

The story so far breaks down into these story arcs:

  • Issues #1 - 7 comprise "Dissolution", and are primarily set on the "Functionist Universe" Cybertron introduced in More Than Meets The Eye #35.

  • Issues #8 - 9 follow Nautica, Velocity, Anode, and Lug on the surface of the planet Troja Major, as they search for the Decepticon known as Agonizer who may be able to do something with what they've carried along - Skids' brain module!

  • Issues #10 - 12 comprise the "Mutineers Trilogy", and catch readers up on the goings on aboard the book's titular starship, the Lost Light. This story features Getaway, Atomizer, Thunderclash, First Aid, Hound, and Mirage among many others.

  • Issue #13 is a stand-alone issue featuring "Team Rodimus" aboard their makeshift spaceship created from the corpse of Skip, one of Deathsaurus' Decepticons that attacked Necroworld during More Than Meets The Eye's "Dying of the Light" story.

  • Issues #14 - 15 are a two part story starring Grimlock, Nickel, Scorponok, Flame, and everyone's favorite group of castaway Decepticons, The Scavengers: Crankcase, Fulcrum, Krok, Misfire, and Spinister. This pair of issues resolves a great deal of a plot line started all the way back in More Than Meets The Eye #8, published five and a half years prior!

  • Issues #16 - 18 form the "Everlasting Voices" trilogy, and follow the events of issue #13.

  • Issues #19 - 25 have been announced as a seven-part story, and will comprise the series' fourth trade paperback release. Outside of confirmation of these issues' existence to round out the 2018 calendar, plot details are unknown.

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