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Micronauts is a fresh re-boot of the franchise from IDW Publishing. Transformers fans may recognize Micronauts as one of the progenitors of the Transformers brand, as during the 1970s in the United States this was a licensed version of Takara's Microman toys, whose spin-off Micro Change lineup featured many toys that would eventually be updated or recolored as Transformers characters. These included many Mini-bots, as well as a great deal of the 1984 Decepticon lineup such as Soundwave, his Deployers, Reflector, and Megatron himself! While using many of the same characters and concepts, this version of the franchise from IDW Publishing is not related to the 1979-1986 Marvel series by Bill Mantlo. This series is part of the shared Hasbro Universe of comics series and was launched in April, 2016. The series ran for 11 issues and an "Annual" one-shot was also released. It led up to and continued after the mega-crossover Revolution event, and was followed by a sequel mini-series, Micronauts: Wrath of Karza. The primary writer for the series is Cullen Bunn. Primary artists have included Max Dunbar and David BaldeĆ³n, with coloring duties handled primarily by David Garcia-Cruz and Ander Zarate.

Of the various IDW comics series in the shared Hasbro Universe, Micronauts has one of the most direct relationships to the world of the Transformers. Microspace itself is a creation of one of The Thirteen, Micronus Prime, and the language spoken by the characters (though translated to English in the series' pages) is Ancient Cybertronian. There's also a universe threatening, planet-eating "Entropy Cloud", which could have more to it than meets the eye...

On an unrelated note, Takara developed concept designs for a Micro Change toy called "Planet Robot" that would later be inspiration for the design of Unicron. (Editor's Note: This was probably Wishful Thinking.

Editor's Note: for the Revolution event's Micronauts one-shot, click here for its page. The events of Micronauts: Revolution take place between issues 6 and 7 in the context of the Micronauts series.

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