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Rom stars Rom: The Space Knight, representing the Solstar Order, fighting the villainous Dire Wraiths. While using many of the same characters and concepts, this version of the franchise from IDW Publishing is not related to the 1979-1986 Marvel series by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema. This series is part of the shared Hasbro Universe of comics series and was launched with a special issue number 0 on Free Comic Book Day (May 7) 2016. It leads up to and continues after the mega-crossover Revolution event. The primary writers for the series (sharing plot and script duties) are Christos Gage and IDW veteran Chris Ryall. Primary artists have included David Messina and Paolo Villanelli.

The story is, as of this writing, mostly self-contained within Rom's individual story. However, Transformers fans may be interested to know that as of the 2017 Annual, first hints appeared that Rom's origins may have something to do with his home planet of Elonia being part of Shockwave's Regenesis project. When asked for comment, writer Chris Ryall declined to provide specifics, but noted this may be clarified in future issues of the book.

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