Megatron stands behind Soundwave w/ key in hand

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Megatron stands behind Soundwave w/ key in hand
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trailbreaker writes: "Look Soundwave I have a G1 Stunticon Drag Strip !"
Optimustard writes: That's right soundwave keep looking I'm sure I saw it down there.
And by down there I mean right next to my invitation to cyber karaoke
Which you never sent me
Roadshadow writes: Megatron: Hmm, insert key into slot A. I wonder...
seminole1 writes: Megatron:Now hold stil Soundwave, and don't clinch up this prostate exam will only take a minute.
Roadshadow writes: Megs: Okay Soundwave! You know what time it is!
Soundwave (Crying): Not the ass-plug...
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Let's see here: INSERT KEY HERE. Well that should be easy.
shockwave_inoz writes: Megatron: "At last... I have the key to your CHASTITY belt! Mwah hah hah hah hah!!
Soundwave: "What..?"
Megatron: "Nothing! Just stay as you are... this won't take long!!"
Scatterlung writes: Megatron: Can't get a signal. Maybe if we link this up to your alt. form we can call for help...
Lich Lord Dranas writes: Where Planet Keys are supposed to go.
Roadshadow writes: Megs: Ooooh, shiny key. I wonder if it goes straight up into your-
Soundwave: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
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Masterpiece Prowl writes: Megatron: So THAT'S where I left the keys to the Nemesis!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Megatron: (laughs evily) I purchased an entire stock of Nintendo DS's before the Autobot could get their hands on them.
Soundwave: The Decepticons will now have the most advanced entertaiment systems in the universe!
(Meanwhile, at the Ark...)
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Megatron: (laughs evily) I purchased an entire stock of Nintendo DS's before the Autobot could get their hands on them.
Soundwave: The Decepticons will now have the most advanced entertaiment systems in the universe!
(Meanwhile, at the Ark...)
DarkDranzer writes: M: Damn it Soundwave get contacts!!
S: No that won't be walkie talkie's gotta be around here somewhere...
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Megatron: now all i have to do is stick in there and he is all mine.
Soundwave: Ah, Megatron what are you going to do with that.
Megatron: now you my bitch, Soundwavel.
krashh writes: Thought balloon from Megatron, "...did Soundwave just say what I think he just said...?"
trailbreaker writes: Megatron - "Damn, I got another plastic Drag Strip Combaticon at the bottom of the Cap'n Crunch box!"
galvanostril writes: when playing with your G1 galvatron, remember this, inside that toy is a battery, and if you think all batteries are the same, consider this. when soundwave broke down in mid-battle, and megatron had to change his batteries, he trustted Duracel. so whethe
galvanostril writes: megatron: your good as new soundwave, it's always weird when you get these spare parts but you know, DIY...
(soundwave falls over)
megatron: oh smegg...

Kit writes: yes, i can finally pop open his battery compartment
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Not Sonic writes: Megatron:Now to finish you funny
talking,mindless,communicator teammate,insert part y into part z,
this hould be located under the back
and between the knees.we''l show you how,when
"Decepticon Megatron Living"
Not Sonic writes: so, you stole my mario game!
Zeedust writes: Looking down at the crumpled cardy wrapper, then back to the Golden Ticked Megatron held, soundwave suddenly understood everything...

The Oopa-Loompas would never know what hit them.
Prowl Worshipper writes: Slagging hell Soundwave, you cost me a fortune! Why couldn't you have been designed to operate on normal batteries like everyone else! Also, if these aren't compatible, stiff coils cause Starscream lost the receipt.
Magnus writes: Megatron: "Soundwave, prepare to receive."

Soundwave: ....

Megatron: "Don't look at me like that you idiot. I meant I'm about to transform."
Marv writes: Impressive, these universal remotes really can shut down EVERYTHING!
Marv writes: "Smoking is bad for your health. It may lead to tar contamination, early metal fatigue and painful deactivation". It says so right on the
package Soundwave, didn't I always warn you about those bad habits of yours?
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron: captins log we have...cras landed on a mysterious planet ensign soundwave is currently eating dirt trying to determine or location
Greg writes: Now...
How Do You Operate This Thing?
Mest4life135 writes: megatrons last attempt to getting into soundwaves "hardware"
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Repsotron writes: Megatron:Wait, Soundwave. I now have found the REAL one ring to rule them all. You can put that away.
Soundwave:Yes, Megatron
Nenesis Prime writes: Now I can finally get back inside my house!
GunWolf writes: Megatron: *reading instructions off key* Insert Key Tab A, into Teammate slot B...
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Megatron: Dammit, Shockwave, haven't I told you not to call me on my cell phone. Do you realize how much I pay per minute to call Cybertron? Verizon's ripping me a new a-hole.
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron: One..Two..Five!
Soundwave: Three Sir
Megatron: Three!
( Note: you only really get that if yuo watch monty python and the holy grail)
dolenarda writes: Megatron:"You want me to put this in your what???"
DeltaOmega writes: He's got the holy hand granade!
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron: Stupid Cheap Universal remote Last time i shop at Best Buy!
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron Enters the Wodnerful World of Rectal Exam
Nightshadow writes: Megatron: Soundwave, Do you recall how i told you not to bend over to get your soap in a Energon Shower with a gay transformer in there?
Soundwave: Hm.. i think i ...HEY GET THAT THING OUTTA THERE!
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Nightshadow writes: Megatron: Soundwave, Do you recall how i told you not to bend over to get your soap in a Energon Shower with a gay transformer in there?
Soundwave: Hm.. i think i ...HEY GET THAT THING OUTTA THERE!
Zu Darkness writes: Megatron: Soundwave it's time you take it right up the tailpipe. Soundwave: As you command Megatron
s1bones writes: All your base are belong to us! You are on the way to destruction! Make your time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
star_sabre86 writes: Megatron: i wonder if this will give me a breastforce? Soundwave: good thing I die before that happens..wait i'm rebuilt soon after aren't I......damn
Unknown writes: Megatron: What ta' do with thi--- *looks at Soundwave on ground.* Hmmm...
MechaDoom writes: Megatron: *looks between keys and Soundwave* Hey Soundwave, play that song "Ignition Remix." Soundwave: As you command, mighty Megatron! Megatron: *gets right behind Soundwave* *singing* I'm 'bout to take my key, and st
Unknown writes: hey soundwave does this cell phone take pictures?
Galvatron writes: MEGATRON: Does this key lock your cassette door?
SOUNDWAVE: Yes Megatron.
MEGATRON: Excellent! Let's lock your door so that annoying Rumble can't get out!
SOUNDWAVE: As you command Megatron.
Unknown writes: Megatron:Since I'm the leader, I'm Top! You are bottom....
Soundwave:As you command Megatron
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Now, bend over and close your eyes, and you will get a big surprise." What the hell does THIS mean...?
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Unknown writes: Hey, this spare part are from... heh, Soundwave? I'll guess I should start your repair all again...
Rainbow Starscream writes: (Megatron looks at Soundwave)Megatron: Nah, he'd enjoy that too much.
Optimus Prime, Jr. writes: A scene from the classic "The Key to Vector Sigma," part of TRANSFORMERS VIDEOLOG 2, available now from Autobot Video.
Minicle writes: Megatron: This weeks Plot device must be burried around here somewhere, keep diging Soundwave..."
Minicle writes: Megatron: Hehe Now all I need to do is to collect the last gym badge and I'm on my way to the elite four".
Soundwave: Oh by Primus! When is he going to put down that stupid game and issue the order to attack!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"By my calculations Bumblebee and Huffer are right over that ridge ,and very low on energon.Now is the perfect time to attack." Soundwave,"Yes,mighty Mega....oh back just went out,sorry Megatron,I can
Unknown writes: Megatron: Hey Soundwave, I found your emotion chip
Dash Trigger writes: Keep drinking, Soundwave! With you and your tapes guzzling down Kupweiser by the 12-pack, I'll finally have enough gold cans to trade for a new fusion cannon!
Wrecked-Gar writes: SW: You ****ing ****witted ****porr embarressment to the Decepticons! I've HAD IT, you ****! Why don't you stop stroking your own barrel and come up with a GOOD plan that MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK you outmoded bucketheaded old pile of scrap, i
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Why the hell does Battle Ravage have a tiny see through green version of my Fusion cannon?" Soundwave,"Beats me who can figure out anything since Rid continuty anyway.I just hope that somebody comes to their senses and
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toasty writes: MT - Dear GOD, Soundwave... what have you been eating?!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Look, Soundwave, I'm an open-minded leader; I don't mind that you have 'Carnage in C-Minor' on video casette. That you've had the tape *bronzed* is disturbing me a little..."
Unknown writes: Megatron: Soudwave bend over and spell run. Soundwave: R-U-N Megatron: Not yet!!!
SilverStar writes: Megatron: Hey SoundWave

SoundWave: Yes?

Megatron: Did you know that this gold key will make your voice sound a lot better.

SoundWave: No, can I have it my lord?

Megatron: Sure why not just get on your knees and I will put it in.

M writes: Soundwave: "GROOOUUUND! SWEET, SWEET GROUND! I will nevah evah leave you again!" Megatron: "Oh, come on! A five hours ride on Starscream's back couldn't been that bad." Starscream: "You�
Meister writes: Megatron: "STOP!!! Excelent soundwave! This new digi-cam is worth every resouces we have!!! Where have have you obtain it?"
Soundwave: "I traded it for Reflector for it! Mighty Megatron!"
Megatron: Excelent! They were
Wrecked-Gar writes: Dig faster Soundwave! We must find a new picture before we have to read any more wretched ass jokes!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Sssso Soundwave, we only have Laserbeak, Rumble, Ravage, Frenzy and Ratbat to serve us?
Soundwave:" Yes Megatron. I have successfully aborted Buzzsaw."
Megatron: (biting noise followed by squishing chewing) &qu
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Have you finished hooking up Skywarp,Thrust,Thundercracker,Dirge,Ramjet,and Starscream to the sled yet?" Soundwave,"Yes Megatron." Megatron,"Good I've got one hell of a suprise to drop down t
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Meister writes: Megatron: "I can't Believe you ate the whole thing."
Soundwave: "Are you gonna eat that? burrp*"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Soundwave,have you finished cleaning up Ravage's poop yet?" Soundwave,"Almost mighty Megatron,almost." Megatron,"Excellant!"
Zu Darkness writes: Soundwave: Megatron I'd did it misson asspolish.

Megatron: Good Soundwave with this key that you made we should be able to make this think work.

Soundwave: Whar are my next orders Megatron?

Megatron: Stand aside I'll do the r
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Santatron,brought me Gameboy for christmas,what did you get Soundwave?" Soundwave,"I don't know Megatron,I can't find my present,all I seem to find is packages for Starscream.Shouldn't he be
Dash Trigger writes: Keep digging, Soundwave! We're almost deep enough to slip into Fort Knox!
Unknown writes: Megs: Good Sounder! You made potty OUTSIDE! Here's a cookie! Soundwave: ARF!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Muahahah! Once I steal Teletran 1, I can attach THIS to get free cable T.V.! No more scrambled Cinemax for Megatron!! Soundwave: Ooh! A four-leaf clover!
Jetplague writes: Ahhh there's the remote to the TV. Let that be a lesson Soundwave....always look before you sit down.

" AAaahhh...Yes Megatron! Soundwave now needs some anal ointment "
Unknown writes: Perhaos it is a key that will actually grant the winner an actual prize... Brace yourself Soundwave, you have incoming.
Unknown writes: wow forget the golden egg i found a golden turd good job soundwave this will sell on e bay.
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Unknown writes: Can't you apply your own hemorrhoid cream Soundwave?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Perhaps it's the key to a new caption contest?"
Bombshell writes: Megs: Fear not, Minicon! You are about to boldly go where no Minicon has gone before!
Soundwave Thinking:*Uh Oh! 'Back Door' Sense tingling!*
Constructicons writes: Megatron: HMMMM Key?

Soundwave: sir I found the door to the Autobot base

Megatron: NO, this muh key and noone is going to have it

Soundwave: but sir we need it to dest-

Megatron: I DONT NEED UR INSOLENCE! now lets go hang this key on the wall
M writes: Megatron: "Don't move! There's something on your back!" Soundwave: "GEDDITOFF!!"
M writes: Soundwave is Austin Powers!
Manchester Devil writes: Megatron: I found this tape named "Amerika the Brutal" by this band named "Six Feet Under" and...
Soundwave: *falls and rolls on the floor, laughing*
Megatron: By the sound of that, I guess it's crap...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "AH CRAP! Soundwave's not european compatable."
Arkhaon writes: i dont even wanna know wot he gonna do wit that key
hrpanelvan writes: Now sound wave where do i put this to wind you up
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Dash Trigger writes: Corona Sparkplug? How'd you get into G1?
Unknown writes: Now Soundwave, this will hurt a little, but not as much as Armada
Unknown writes: Damn universal controls.
Ben writes: "Now soundWave, this may hurt alittle." Big grin on face. "Greeeeat!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave Prepare to receive...
DeceptiGojira writes: Quick, Soundwave, we must hide Saddam forn tose pesky GI Joe bums, he´s the only one that can obtain all the Silent hill games at half price in Target.
War Hammer writes: You always said you'd take one for the team ... well brace yourself cause this might sting a bit !
Unknown writes: (New one)
Megatron - "Beam up, Scotty"
Thundercracker off screen - "Well we know which Captain from Star Trek our leader likes"
Megatron turns and glares. "For your information, I'm going to try
Unknown writes: Saddam: Nooooooo! Don't put me in that creepy, dark space! Megatron(looking at Soundwave): Oh! Silly dictator. I'm not going to stuff you in there. I got a much better place for you to hide. {Soundwave wipes a sweat from his brow
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Centbot writes: Megatron: Soundwave....

Soundwave: Yes, almighty Megatron?

Megatron: I can't believe it. You've finally found your marbles. They were in the most unlikely place imagineable!
Unknown writes: Soundwave goes on,
Soundwave goes off.
Soundwave goes on,
Soundwave goes off......
Wrecked-Gar writes: Megatron holds the vidcam for "Hardcore Leader's Wives"
Wrecked-Gar writes: SW- Does my bum look big in this?
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Soundwave, as soon as you've gotten that Fallen Woman off your leg, do you think you could help me load this Type-90 film into Reflector?"
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Now that wasn't so bad was it?"
Soundwave: "It came out sideways!"
Megetron: "Well maybe next time I tell you not to chew on my keys you will listen to me!"
Soundwave: "
Unknown writes: Megatron: Here's the toy car. Are you sure you want to do this Soundwave?

Soundwave: Jackass is my favorite movie.
Unknown writes: here is is the key to soundwaves hershey highway... Bottoms up soundwave!!!!
Autocons writes: Megs: MWAHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh) I finally got the key to your chasity belt, Soundwave!
Unknown writes: *Megatron thinks...* "Insert Key A into Slot B... now where is Slot B" *seeing Soudwave* Hmmmm...
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Bombshell writes: Megs: Hold still, this won't hurt a bit...the hell? Aw, Crap! Yo, Starscream, run down to Hardware Hank and get me an adapter, would ya?
Unknown writes: "Good God, Soundwave!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Why didn't someone tell me that my ass is so big?!
Megatron: --;;... You should beam us back, Starscream...
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Mmmm...New Kids in the Block, eh?"

Soundwave: "Megatron, I can explain!"

"Drop and give me butt cheeks!"
Mr. X writes: Megatron: "Only I have the key to your soul, Soundwave."

Soundwave: "And it's in my rear!?!?"
Unknown writes: Megs: "This is going to hurt me a lot more than it will hurt you, Soundwave..."
Unknown writes: "So... Soundwave, you want to explain to me just how my communicator managed to get lodged in between your rear joints?"
Unknown writes: Megatron: Okay good luck soldier. You will always be known as Lemiwinks to me.
Soundwave: Uh maybe you watch South Park to much.
Megaton: SILENCE! Good luck my pet
Unknown writes: Megatron:(Very down south southern accent) Boay, ya'll shure do got a purdy mouf!
Unknown writes: "Lets try this new Everrun Platnium battery Soundwave."
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ChaosSpark writes: "I swear, you have the attention span of a Goldfish..." - MT
"ohhh, a puppy!" - SW
Unknown writes: YES? I'm over looking soundwave his cleaning jop! Hurry up Soundwave!
andyonaleash writes: Thats it Soundwave!, Don't move!. the reception is perfect.
Unknown writes: With this key, I can convert light carbon-based lifeforms into dense metal with little energy input. Conservation of mass, my sine function!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Hold still while I insert this Gerbiltron." Soundwave: "NOOOOOO!"
quadrunner writes: Megatron:now, we've all heard of aliens and anal probe, right soundwave. Soundwave: NO, FOR THE LOVE OF CYBERTRON, KEEP THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Keep digging Soundwave that whole needs to be a lot deeper if were gonna bury the whole Energon toy line." Soundwave,"Oh you bet I'll dig deeper Ravage is pissed.Have you seen what a stinker of an action figur
ArkNemesis writes: Megatron: Stop wasting my time, Soundwave! What are the chances of Vector Sigma being underground?!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Silence Soundwave and take your suppository like a real Decepticon!
Unknown writes: Oh, for Pete's sake! He's always breaking down in the middle of nowhere! Where am I gonna find a distributor cap in the boogerwoods?
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Unknown writes: With this key....I thee wed.
Unknown writes: Soundwave!!! I told u that u shouldn't put those things in your *ss!!!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON:I found this in your battery pack, Soundwave. Drugs are very bad my friend.

SOUNDWAVE: I was holding it for a friend! honest!
Unknown writes: Christmas Time in the Decepticons prison camp was fun for the commander, but less fun for his poor charge.

"Soundwave, I'm gonna make you my b*tch!"

Secretly though..

*Soundwave thinks, with tears in his eyes...&quo
Unknown writes: Ahhhh yes, Soundwave. The Autobots have their Headmasters, but we will have the Assmasters. See? Our new Decepticons, the Enemacons transforms into buttplugs.
oVerCaffeinated writes: Hmm where does this key fit. Ohhh it most go in that hole right there.
Unknown writes: Ah-Ha, with this key I will activate Soundwave into the ultimate sound system! Jazz and Blaster will be finished!! HA HA HA HA HAAAA!
optimal prime writes: Soundwave: Ok sir but not to hard

Megatron: Oh now it wont be fun damit
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: In the end, Megatron had to use Soundwave as a stepladder to get the star on top of the Christmas tree.
Minicle writes: Preview umages of new Decepticon indurance gameshow.
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Minicle writes: Preview umages of new Decepticon indurance gameshow.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Sorry shoulda said dynamite note gun powder.
Unknown writes: megs:hmm soundwave dont look behind you
(puts key in place) soundwave:ARGGHHH
Big Grim writes: Megatron - There be gold in them there hills !!

Soundwave - If wasn't bad enough producing energon cubes from my chest. EJECT, EJECT .... UH EEEJEECT !!!!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: (thinking) Slag! I know I dropped that remote detonator around here somewhere... Megatron: Oooh! What does THIS button do?
Unknown writes: Is this what you were looking for Soundwave? An invitation for Botcon 2004, and hey, you can bring a friend! (ohno, i'd even rather going with Starscream then with him...)
Unknown writes: ...................................................................................................................................................................................Hmmmmm.... why this remote controle that came along with Soundwave, does act
Unknown writes: I am Vince - Vince Clortho, keymaster of Gozer. Are you the gatekeeper?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: And people complain about my posts.Use enough gun powder there Butch?
OP Prime writes: Megatron: Whoa1 and actual Exo-Squad fusion pack. Now I can build that Giant Ray gun I always wanted.

Soundwave: What? Thats what you had me dig all this time for, some peice of human crap, and for what another Giant ray gun? The last hundred never wo
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Soundwave,we need to go back to Cybertron,this is indeed the the to Vector Sigma,but,it's the key to Vector Sigma's tool shed,and there fore totally useless."
Minicle writes: Megatron:M1 to base I"m Going In!!!
Minicle writes: Megatron:So! You won't talk Autobot, alright then. Soundwave, give him the full works!
Minicle writes: Megatron:Is that all? I don't think your trying Soundwave.
Soundwave: Appologies Megatron, but it's hard to give a sample when someone's watching me
Minicle writes: Megatron: Congratulations Soundwave. You'll be pleased to hear that the abortion was a complete success.
Soundwave: I am most gratified Doctor.
Megatron: Unfortunatly you now have only four seconds to live.
Soundwave: WHA................
Bumblejumper writes: A Golden Ticket?
Bumblejumper writes: Soundwave: "Where's my da@!#* voice chip? Saw it here minute ago. I sound like broken keyboard."
Bumblejumper writes: Hmmm...Soundwave dropped his new voice chip... should I tell him I...naw.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Funny, I didn't know Soundwave was powered by one of those tabs from the Exo- Squad battlesuits...
skyrinkfusion writes: Megatron: Alright Soundwave, as your punishment you can either choose a big black gun barrel or a small golden key up the old hee-hay.
Soundwave: Hmmmm...
Megatron: I don't know whether the gun barrel with fit, but if it doesn't...I&
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Aestus writes: Megatron: "Ok, we try this on the count of 3. 1....2...." Soundwave: "UGGHHHHH!!!!!"
nausiated writes: Megatron: "This is the most effective stuff the pharmacist had, unfortunately it's only a suppository"
Unknown writes: To:Megatron From:Starscream Megatron:"I wonderwhat's inside?"
Unknown writes: (Funny or not) but what if it was a tricorder from Star Trek. "Energon reading 10 feet below the surface." Starscream off screen. "Oh great back to Star Trek again. Megatron you are not Captain Sisko or Picard or even that femal
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Dear lord Soundwave what did you eat?" FFFFFAAAARRRRRTTTTT! Soundwave,"Help me Megatron this brown matter will not stop leaking out of me.Ungggh."FFFFFAAAAARRRRRTTTTT!"Unnnnghhh,I refueled in,Unnnnngh
Ultimate Optimus writes: Megatron: "Only two more Pokemon and..."
Soundwave: "Lord Megatron, please put down the GBA and help me FIND MY CONTACT LENS!!!"
Yodaman writes: Megatron- I thought you told me that you LOST your key!
Soundwave- I needed the money!
Mike D writes: NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE wrote "Soundwave,would you shizzel my nizzel?"

You know that this means " Would you sh*t my ni*ger ?"

Any who here's mine:

Megs: There, I finally installed your new voice chip.
Unknown writes: Megatron:"No wonderyourass hurt, Soundwave. I found this in your rectum. How did it get there, I wonder??" Soundwave:"Oh, shut up..."
Unknown writes: Soundwave's secret shame: He's actually a giant wind-up toy!
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Unknown writes: Soundwave, I belive that I found the key to the autobot base. It was under thier autobot welcome doormat! Now to steal their Brownies! Ha ha ha ha ha
Unknown writes: Now, son, just lean foreward and tilt your head ever so slightly, 'cause this is REALLY going to hurt.
magicmilox writes: Soundwave, when I said that I require complete submission in my minions, this isn't what I had in mind!
Unknown writes: Crickey! This is a beautiful specimen of a Decepticon. Gotta be careful, else they could turn 'round and WHAM! hit you with a null-ray!
Unknown writes: Don't worry Soundwave, this will hurt me more than it will hurt you. Ah, who the hell am I kidding? Fear... THE KEY TO RECTUM SIGMA!
Starscream NZ writes: ahh finally....the Key to Vector Soundwave!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Soundwave,would you shizzel my nizzel?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Swear it Soundwave." Soundwave,"It is it Megatron." Megatron,"YES,FINALLY WHEELIE'S MOTHERBOARD RIPPED FROM HIS LIFELESS BODY!!!!!YES!!!"
Unknown writes: "On Rumble, on Frenzy, on Ravage and laserbeak... Soundwave... the next time you make a bet with the jolly one, leave use out of it!" Megatron checks the list and checks it twice. "So it appears that you get a lump of Fusion Can
Ol'Sixshooter writes: Megatron: I've heard of the 'Midas Touch', but Soundwave you've got the Midas Ass.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Soundwave,after all these years of loyal service I have something for you.It's the key to my heart.Make love to me." Soundwave,"Yes,MIGHTY,Megatron."
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Megatron, we seem to be having communication problems. Highly suggest not to use the communicator.
Megatron: *stares at the communicator as it picks up radio waves from planet junkion as it plays the music " mommia mia"
Unknown writes: (Quantum Leap, The Lost Episode)

"Damnit, Al, just tell me who I am and whose body this is!"

"I'm trying, but Ziggy isn't responding..."
Ol'Sixshooter writes: Key:"I come from the land down-under!"
Bruticus writes: "Hello Radio Shack? your Radio controlled robot malfunctioned again, yes his eyes turned blood red, and yes he is choking my best friend Starscream right now..."
BlItZeR writes: Megatron: Soundwaves anger control compnent??
Soundwave: (Walks off) Crush! Kill! Destroy!
BlItZeR writes: Megatron: "Servant Robots plasma flux anger inhibitating intelligence component, refer to instruction manual page 4 section 34D" Dang it, where did I put that stupid instruction
Soundwave: Crush, kill, destroy.....
Unknown writes: SOUNDWAVE:Do you have the key? MEGATRON:Yes. Next time, remember to give your cassettes an extra chest key each!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON(disgusted):All right, Soundwave; I got the key to your rear energon exhaust unit. Why couldn't you be like the humans and have a butthole?
M writes: Megatron: "According to the Dragon Ball radar, the sixth dragon ball should be right... Aw, MAN! Bend over, Soundwave!"
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M writes: I must agree with SeekerInAFakeMoustache.
Unknown writes: (Megatron): *Looks at key*, *looks at Sounwave's ass*, *looks at key* "Hmmmm I wonder....*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"This is the spot Soundwave,start digging." Soundwave,"Yes,Megatron." Megatron,"If Scrapper's calculations are correct,we'll tunnel right through into Woodbridge New Jersey,and finall
Unknown writes: Ahem, I here, Megatron, hold now.... THE KEY TO SOUNDWAVE'S VIGINITY! Just bend over a little more... *heh heh heh*
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: One of the nice things about having woken on Earth in the mid-eighties: Megatron and Soundwave got to play a golden Legend of Zelda cartridge on a *brand spanking new* Nintendo Entertainment System.
NightFall writes: Megatron: Stop digging like a hound! Hound: Wha? Soundwave: *peppers Hound* (Er, no make sense. XP)
Ravage07 writes: "Soundwave, you're gonna love this, you kiss-ass!"
Unknown writes: wow I finally found a ways to shut you off.
Hellstar writes: Soundwave, are you SURE that's your only available USB port...?
Unknown writes: Don't worry, Soundwave, this will rid you of all that gas and constipation!!!
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thexfile writes: MEGATRON : stupide divice ....i swore it was stil working this morning mmmmm.....SOUNDWAVE !!!! the door opener is stuck again !!!

SOUNDWAVE : siglantly laghing ( hihihiihihih that old fool i changed the frequentie this morning hihihiihi)

thexfile writes: MEGATRON : mmm it seems that acording to this tracking device the next minicon is very near by ....mmmm strange it says here it suposed to be right in front of me... mmm i do'nt understand soundwave i see nothing....

SOUNDWAVE : thinking (i&am
Chaingun writes: This came out of your what?!?
thexfile writes: MAGETRON : "WHA HA HA HA this is megatron distroier of cybetron speaking ....mmm i swore i heard it gooing of ... soundwave what does it mean when i get a flasshing envelope on this thing ???"

SOUNDWAVE : thinking ( o man old foke an
thexfile writes: MEGATRON : now soundwave are you ready ??"

SOUNDWAVE : "yes master"

MEGATRON : " oke soundwave when i give you the singnal EA fiering my gun i wil activate this human timing divice and we wil finaly know if we can
Unknown writes: Megatron: And I'd better be able to see my face in starscream's wing if you want this personality chip back!!
Soundwave: Wax on, wax off...wax on, wax off...wax on, wax off
Hellspawn writes: Soundwave: I can't find the remote. It was right here when I sat down.

Megatron: Ummm....Soundwave....
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"You know I can't shake the feeling that this thing is important." Soundwave,"HEH,a quarter."
Unknown writes: Megatron: ...should I even ask, Soundwave?

Soundwave: No... just no, Mighty Megatron...
Cliffjumper writes: Umm, What have you been eating lately Soundwave?
- Back to top -
Star Saber writes: I've got a dollar! I've got a dollar! Hey hey hey!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Soundwave... tell me again... exactly how the hell does this work?
Soundwave: Well you just slip it in back there and turn it and and it'll...
Minicle writes: Megatron: You have been very naughty random Decepticon wrong colour cassette. As punishment you must spend fifteen Earth hours, ten cm's up Soundwave's posteria.
Minicle writes: Megatron: I say Soundwave. Lets look for Treasure. Soundwave: Brilliant idea.
Firewalker writes: From this angle, Soundwave's head kinda looks like one of those hats the Shriners wear.
Unknown writes: Megaton: You won't be needing this, anymore!
Minicle writes: Megatron: Now don't worry Soundwave, you won't feel anything, that is untill I insert this dirty great key up your Exhaust!
Minicle writes: Megatron: Soundwave, dispatch Laserbeak to scout the terrain.
Soundwave: As you comaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn.........
Megatron: Blast! He needs winding up again!
Minicle writes: Megatron: Soundwave, what are you looking for?
Soundwave: I lost the keys to my new Honda!
Megatron: Look here they are in the tall grass behind you.
Soundwave: Arr, thank you Megatron, your my hero.
Megatron: What are you lot looking at! Think we&
Minicle writes: Remember kids always wear a condom, either that or a key to a super computer.
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Soundwave: You sure this will work?

Megatron: Trust me. I've done it before.
Minicle writes: A Decepticon gender education film. Up close and "uncut".
Minicle writes: In the news this week, secret cameras installed at chatau la Decepticon, reveal this disturbing image taken after last Thursdays orgy.
Minicle writes: Megatron: Right leg to red circle Soundwave.
Soundwave: ARRR, the pain!
Minicle writes: Soundwave: What are your orders Megatron?
Megatron: Prepare for blast of.
Soundwave: As you command Megatron.
Megatron: You filthy swine I ment the rocket. Soundwave: Whoops!
Minicle writes: Megatron: Lets see. First connect point A to point B.....
Unknown writes: Megatron:This is gonna hurt me more than it will you Soundwave.
Andrusi writes: [Megatron]: I found it, Soundwave! Now we can get those handcuffs off you!
Unknown writes: (Megatron) I got the key, now all I need is a house!!!! (Soundwave) *groans*
davewelttf writes: Soundwave had mistakenly eaten the real key instead of the foil wrapped chocolate one, to remeady the situation megatron fed him a bunch of enegon prunes
- Back to top -
EverythingIsFodder writes: Okay Soundwave, I'm gonna need you to turn your head and cough...
JazZeke writes: You know, if you ran on energon like everyone else, I wouldn't have to be winding you up all the #@$% time!!!
Unknown writes: insert key here
Laserbot writes: Sowndwave runs out of juce... "Damn these key krank soldiers!"
Frost writes: Sorry i blasted you with e mgna key, I thought you were optimus...(Soundwave looks at his reflection, and shoots himself)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron discovers most of his failures come from the fact that he's been following the playbook of the NY Jets.
M writes: Megatron: "We're in!" Soundwave: "Oh no! Not the matrix gags again!"
Unknown writes: Better you than me Soundwave!
Unknown writes: when the decepticons had to take the the latest antiviral medicine, siundwaves lack of mouth left megatron with only one option
Dash Trigger writes: Megatron soon learned his fatal mistake after trying to change cartridges on Soundwave's stolen N-Gage.
- Back to top -
Pinster writes: (Megatron)"Soundwave is in the right how does this rubber thing work again?"
Bumblejumper writes: Hmm... Insert into back and wind...
Daedelus writes: AHA!..the key to Soundwaves chastity belt!
Unknown writes: Megatron,"Conquering hundreds of thousands of of worlds,Soundwave,that's easy,now comedy that hard.Just ask Nobody Loves NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE." (I do believe that's a record for the # of times Wheelie's been me
Unknown writes: Megatron: Now I've heard of the proverbial golden goose laying the golden egg, but this is just too farfetched for me Soundwave.
Soundwave: hurt... so... much...
locke_stryfe writes: Megatron: Hold still SOundwave, this will only take a moment, and then you can let everything out again...
Unknown writes: Megatron: Ok... I am not quite sure where exactly I'm supposed to put the key Soundwave, but from the looks of things, I'm not so sure I want to unlock whatever it's holding inside...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Soundwave,would you care for a stick of cybergum?" Soundwave,"No,thanks anyway." Megatron,"It's silcon flavor." Soundwave,"Do you see a mouth? Where'm I gonna put i
Unknown writes: Soundwave look what i found in your butt
Unknown writes: Megatron:I found the vibrator quick Sounwave bend over and try it out!!!
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Megatron - I'm listening to Men At Work on my MP3 player, wanna hear?
Soundwave - No Megatron, I going back to the land down under.
Unknown writes: Megatron,incoming Autobots! Just a minute, Soundwave, I'll have to SMS my wive I'll be coming home a bit later tonight!
Unknown writes: Soundwave! This Palm V is useless! What kind of primitive human technology have they come up with?? Eject Laserbeak and let him tear it apart!! At your orders, Megatron!
Unknown writes: Soundwave...? Yes, Megatron? Have you ever noticed, that your gun is as big as mine???
Unknown writes: NO I am not talking to you anymore, you've hurt my feelings!! But all I want to do is to make it up with this golden bracelet Soundbabe....
Unknown writes: This is the caption of Soundwave totally disappointed when he discovered Megatron had the key to Vector Sigma and instead of using the power to give life to a couple of nice fembots, he'd rather give life to some stupid reckless stuntcars.......
Unknown writes: SW: (searching for a hour or 2)Blast: I lost my creditcard rigt about here, and my back is killing me, have you seen it Megatron? Megs: Hmmm... is it yellow? Sw: Yes it is! Megs: Nope, can't say I have. (hehehe)
PsychoAndy writes: "Oh calm down, Soundwave. It's not like this mp3 player is going to replace you or anything.."
ionacus writes: megatron:damn tmobile phones! all i get is some trex looking bot laughing at me!
PhoenixPrime writes: Megatron- "I love my new cell phone Soundwave... um what are you doing?"
Soundwave- "Lost my cell phone, and accidently had put it on silent."
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: You recorded my secret Love affair with Elita, Soundwave? TURN AROUND, BOW AND...TAKE THIS!!!!!!" And Megatron kicked Soundwaves ass so hard that he flew all the way through Cybertron
bigfoz writes: how did you manage to fall over something THIS small??
Unknown writes: Soundwave - you MUST see the proctologist more often.

Either that or tell Starscream to wear gloves.
Unknown writes: Soundwave volunteers to see what happens when the key to Vector Sigma is put on "vibrate."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Bend over Soundave,New Jersey auto emmissions testing gets tougher every year,and I'll be dammed if I'm take'n over the home of the New Jersey Devils without my communications officer."
Skorch writes: And now for the... EXHAUST PROBE!
Unknown writes: Megs- You want me to stick this where?!
Shermtron writes: theres my key darnit...soundwave
Unknown writes: "Look Soundwave, it's a new ARMADA figure. It transforms into CRAP."
Unknown writes: "This won't hurt a bit Soundwave....."
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: This isn't just the key To Vector Sigma, Time for some backdoor galore!
Metrotitan writes: Uhhhmmm.... I can't think of anything funny to say. Vector key, uh, sigma tron... put in Soundwaves butt..ha-ha-ha. I give up.
BlazingOptimus writes: Megatron: "VIP access to cyberpeepworld!?!, so this is where you been going late nights."
Soundwave: yes Megatron sir
Hum-Vee writes: Yes, the key to the liquer cabinent is mine!!!
Hum-Vee writes: At last, the key to the back door [odd look and quickly adds] to the autobot city! Yes, yes, that leaves no room for gay error.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Hmmm...No intelligent life here! Soundwave: Stop it, Megatron! That joke's getting pretty old!
kaoslord writes: Damn, Soundwave, your designer must have been hammered when he decided to put your CX110435-AZ13 slot there. You're just going to have to get someone else to do this....
Jetstorm writes: "I'm telling you, Soundwave, these iPod things are the wave of the future. What will they think of next?"
little_conqueror_of_flame writes: Megatron: Liu Bei you will soon bow before me....wait...*blinks* wrong thing right?
Soundwave: Yes sir it is.
gir writes: While Soundwave is distracted.."ooo soundwaves Captial One card..heh heh". Rumble: "what's in your wallet?'
- Back to top -
Pokejedservo writes: Cybertronian methods of "temperature checking" can be all too different yet all to similar to our own?
Unknown writes: [Megatron] This is the key to Vector Sigma! Soundwave--activate the Space Bridge!!
Zeedust writes: Megatron: "So this is a key? Doesn't look like one, does it Soundwave?"

Soundwave: "How many times must I tell you? NEVER bother me when I'm digging!"
Hellstar writes: So, I suppose if I reach in a little further, I'll find the car that this goes to, right Soundwave...?
Unknown writes: Can I get into Disney World with this thing?
Unknown writes: As Megatron watched as Soundwave slump to the ground going into instant Shutdown, he realized just how important that Radion card really was
Unknown writes: Man, I can't even call Cybertron on this thing. I thought I had long distance.
Unknown writes: Megatron looks at Soundwave as he bends over. "I wonder where this key goes."
Starscreamer writes: Heh, with this new Sprint PCS picture phone all of Seibertron shall see that kick me sign
FortMax writes: Megatron: you mean you smuggled the key to vector sigma to earth in your ass---Soundwave: wait till you see where I hid the space bridge
- Back to top -
FortMax writes: Megatron: According to this gigacounter there are large amounts of radiation coming from your ass
Mkall writes: Megatron: I have this illegal substance, on your person Soundwave. Now you must face the ultimate punishment. Listen to Starscream babble for an hour! Man I love being evil.
Thundercloud writes: Megatron: Now then soundwave, that was a lot easier than when Blaster did it, wasn't it?
Unknown writes: Megatron: I wonder where this goes. (Soundwave bends over.) Megatron: You've got to be kidding me!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: With just one push of this button, Armada will be gone from the airwaves forever MWHAHAHA!!!
Crystal Rodimus writes: Soundwave...what've you been eating?
Unknown writes: Megatron: Now I can finaly gain access to the Paris Hilton sex tape! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Megatron,to Enterprise two to beam up.I've always wanted to say that.Well then eniugh play time I've got a whole planet to subjegate.Where was I Soundwave?" Soundwave,"You were turning this planet to metal sir
Hot Rodimus writes: Meg-what kind of a Hanukah present is this! now bend over and take it like a man Soundwave!
Suzuki writes: MEGATRON: I have no clue as to what this is, but I think it's good that we got it out of you.
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Megatron: After Soundwave completes his infiltration into`s database, I shall use this key to delete EVERY post that was made for the "Rumble on the subway" caption! ;p
Emperor Galvatron writes: Megatron reads instructions: The last step to operating your new Soundwave 5000 series Electronic Stimulus Device is to insert male end 'A' into female port 'b'.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Soundwave,"This way Megatron,I've located more swiss cheese." Megatron,"Excellent.Soon the Autobots will behold the power of cheese!HAHAHA!"
Unknown writes: [Megatron] I'm picking up a strong energon readout, Soundwave! Our Insecticon friends are nearby.
Alphatron2k3 writes: Megatron whistles a little tune as he plays Space Invaders on his new Cell phone.
Megatron: (With this i have perfect reception and a whole lot more personality that Sound wave Here.) Thus Soundwaves new job title of Heavy worker drone.
Soundwave: Damm
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I've found it Soundwave the golden ticket,with this we will slip past Wonkas early warning defenses then that damnable candy makers secrets will be mine forever."
Ricochet writes: This personality chip was... down there. THat explains alot
tony writes: "I always faniced me a clockwork Soundwave and Takara finally delivered! Whoo Hoo!!" "Megatron? What are you doing? Megatron? MEGATRON?!" "Perfect fit!" "Ow..."
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Ok Soundwave I found the key, what else is on the Scavenger Hunt List?"
Roadbuster writes: Megatron: "Bend over Soundwave!"

Soundwave: "As you command Megatron!"

Megatron: "I'll show the rest of you incompitent scrap-piles why I am THE leader of the Decepticons!
- Back to top -
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Soundwave,"Megatron,I'm nearly done burying those Armada writers." Megatron,"Quiet Soundwave I'm trying to watch my DVD box set of season 1 Beastwars,that Megatron guy is the baddest.I rather like him yeeesssss
Unknown writes: Megs- Hot Pepper suppositories? What were you thinking?
Unknown writes: I hope this Smoothing Oil works, Soundwave! Yes Megatron, I still have a sore buttom from last time!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Soundwave,"Megatron please don't." Megatron,"The key or the fusion cannon you choose." Soundwave,"The key sometimes I hate being Megatron's bitch."
fishyofpain writes: *if anyone wants pictures of he australian soundwave, email me at and i'll get some for you*
fishyofpain writes: *just to explain the below caption, my little cousin actually OWNS an Australian Soundwave. It's actually kindof cool, despite it's slight disproportionate nature. The below caption was not intended as an insult*
fishyofpain writes: Galvatron: ...and that's when I traded him in for an Australian Soundwave. Of course, he didn't work very well without the windup-key. Cyclonus: So THAT's why he wasn't in the show very much after the movie...
Unknown writes: Megatron: All right, who put the "Kick Me" sign on Soundwave's back?! Starscream(offscreen): Don't look at ME, mighty Megatron
Wrecked-Gar writes: Doubting Soundwaves efficiency as communications officer, Megatron purchases a cell-phone
Unknown writes: (Megatron:) Time for you medication.
(Soundwave:) But I don't have a mouth.
(Megatron:) Good news. It's a supository.
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: "Be careful, you fool!"
Unknown writes: Megatron prepares to get his "O" face on with Soundwave.
Unknown writes: Quick Soundwave! Keep digging 'til we find the door to the mole people!
JosephusPrime writes: "Insert key and turn to reveal Decepticon matrix" What the hell does that mean??? Soundwave, keep digging, we may find something of use. *Throws away key, forgetting about it. But Galvatrons kikin himself 4 that now*
Unknown writes: *Sigh* I have to wind-up Soundwave AGAIN!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Keep digging, Soundwave! This mint condition G1 Bumblebee is fine, but I KNOW there's a Fort Max buried here somewhere."
Amelie writes: Soundwave: I'm ready, don't hold back. Megs: We've got problems. The batterys are dead.
Prime Nova writes: Soundwave have you found big gold metal door yet? Stop hiding - there's no Autobots around.
nothing_face writes: Megs: "Now, you're gonna feel a little pinch..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: It's recomended that every male cybertronian over the age of 1 million years have a prostate exam every 20,000 miles.
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: HAHA!! The Autobots never suspected i'd find the key to the Ark under the mat.
BoomBox writes: Soundwave: Megatron help me look for ravage's scooper
BoomBox writes: megatron: Damn! these batteries won't fit!
BoomBox writes: zmegatron: So how do I make him stand up?
M writes: Starscream and Soundwave are too busy to notice that Megatron is sneaking up from behind with a camera.
M writes: I don't like the look on Megatron's mouth here...
M writes: Insert the termometer-gag from Dr Dolittle here.
Asheron writes: where should i put this.... aah.. i know * evil smirk *
USDA Prime writes: Megatron: "Time for you enema!"
Unknown writes: Megs: "If I stick this on your back into that little keyhole... don't know where the hell it came from.. I wonder." Soundwave: *Thinks Megatron has lost it if he thinks that's a keyhole in his back... that's hi
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Megatron: Now where doesthis go?
Slappyfrog writes: "Now bark like a dog. A big dog. Now make a sound like an orangutan. Now hop on one foot...."
Unknown writes: Megatron bonds with Soundwave by helping him open his "rear-mounted" glove compartment.
overdrive writes: [SOUNDWAVE]- ITS GONE INSIDE ME *whimpers*
chichi writes: NOPE ITS STILL THERE
Unknown writes: BEG FOR ME!!!! (HAHAHA)
Unknown writes: There's a prostate exam joke in here, but I'm not going there.
Unknown writes: Megs: No wonder you were so unchrazamatic! This was up your *** the whole time!
Black Arachnis writes: Soundwave, I`m happy to report you`re expecting another cassette.(soundwave)oh great, that`s the last time I shower with the rest!
Unknown writes: soundwave: I fell on it...
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Megatron: How the hell did my key end up in your..
Unknown writes: Megatron's Latest Weapon - A clockwork Soundwave
Karnage writes: You can stop looking under the doormat, Soundwave...I just found the spare.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: No not that one
g2jazz writes: so if i hit this button, he will start dancing?
steve2275 writes: finally found the key to soundwave's battery pack
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