Rumble on a Subway train

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Rumble on a Subway train
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Optimum Supreme writes: Choo choo!
o.supreme writes: This is the Brooklyn bound B-train, making local stops at wherever the hell I feel like. Watch for the closing doors. Bim-bum!
dabattousai writes: Rumble: After having over a hundred losses and seeing no future, I left the Deceptions. What am I doing now? You can catch me down in Anaheim giving rides from hotel to theme park at DISNEYLAND!
Frenchhorngirl writes: Yay!!! I love playing Thomas!
Chrisby writes: After the layoffs, former Decepticons had to find work wherever they could...
cybertronianjedi writes: finally ... im living the new york life.
mechislander writes: Passengers: AARRGGGHH!!! LEMME OUTTA HERE!!!!
Starazor writes: Because of airspace restriction, some Decepticons were forced to use other methods of transportation
bringo writes: Not only did Springfield buy a Mono-rail, do did Megatron. Now we get to hear Soundwave say to Rumble:
Soundwave: "I brought someone who can help."
Rumble: "Is it Batman?"
Soundwave: "No, it's a scientist."
Rumble: &
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StarSaber1701 writes: Rumble: I can not belive I got fired I dont even have the same colours as Frenzy Come on!
Sondura1 writes: Autobots wage there battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons boo boo doo doo doo
Michael9R writes: Welcome to Microsoft Metro Rumble simulation 1006
Dragonoth writes: *announcer at platform* "You can tell the train is approaching by the rumble."
Rumble: "I hate this job."
Unknown writes: rumble:i should be on the b9 train dam it this is the b7 let me off LET ME OFF NOW!!!!!
shockblaster5 writes: Rumble; Ever since Astrotrain left us, this is how we're supposed to get around.
Astrotrain; I didn't leave you, I'm just being held prisoner!
Roadshadow writes: Rumble said goodbye to the Decepticons as he started his own a train conductor.
optimus9504 writes: Rumble said: " I love drive the train because not have train on the cybertron" "I love it and love it!" I wish had on the cybertron too..
Powerstorm writes: (Bad joke alert!)

The caterer onboard this train? Subway...
Warhead writes: i got a job
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Zeedust writes: Rumble (Singing): "Runaway train, never comin' back, and then something that rhymes with 'back,' seems like this song is going nowhere, don't know the words and I don't ca-are!"
skylines prime writes: SWINDLE: How the hell do you drive this thing?

SOUINDWAVE (VOICE): Where the hell are you? Megatron is friting my ash out here?

SWINDLE: I can't talk and drive at the same time
Ageless Stranger writes: who would of thought taking the subway would be faster than flying
Masterpiece Prowl writes: (singing) Take that last train to Clarksville and I'll meet you at the station.
(normal voice) I forget the rest.
Greg writes: Just Like Driving A Toy Train...
Apart From They Had Brakes On The Model One!
Nenesis Prime writes: Is this you, Astrotrain?
Nenesis Prime writes: If I don't win "Jackass of the year," no-one will!!!
Brakethrough writes: "Will I see you toniiiiight...On a downtown traaaiin...sigh, I miss Frenzy."
Alphatron writes: Rumble: I hope this leads to the Auto-Bot base... or maybe a Pizza Pizza.
Operation Ravage writes: In the year 2006, his former job taken by Ratbat, Slugfest, and Overkill, Rumble was forced to find a new profession to make ends meet.
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Great Red Spirit writes: Rumble's Dream Job
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Rumble: If you thought working for Megatron was bad, you should try working for the New York MTA. I knew I should have joined the union.
Zeedust writes: Rumble: "I still don't see how I'm going to lose weight this way..."
Kal-Seth writes: New From Fox It's Tranformers Common Low-class jobs see your favorite transformer sin degrading jobs and watch them contimplat suicide
Kal-Seth writes: Soundwave after deciding to get breast implants deciding those in his chets needed a fats way to eject
Nightshadow writes: Rumble: ph3r us, we are all powerful, we are 1337, i am riding the 1337 Train!
Crushed Guy: ...Shutup your just saying that cause your on Megatrons P.I.M.P. train.
Castle74 writes: As hard times fell on the Decepticon Army, many Deceps took on second jobs. Here's Rumble operating the monorail at Disneyworld. (Notice the smile as he works!)
Magnus writes: "My baby takes the mornin' train. He works from 9 to 5 and..."
Tiedye writes: RUMBLE-(Singing)- Rolling,Rolling,Rolling, Keep the trains a roll'n. Rolling,Rolling,Rolling Roll Back.
Tiedye writes: "ChugaChugaChugaChuga ChooChoo"
"ChugaChugaChugaChuga ChooChoo"
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Tiedye writes: "Megatron told us to gather at his position, but I prefer to take the train then run."
Unknown writes: Pop Quiz Hot Rod, there is a bomb on the Subway, if it is inhabbited by Autobots it'll blow, if one person steps off it it'll blow, if Rumble Steals it, It'll Blow *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*
Unknown writes: "All a-board, the Chat-ta-noo-ga choo-choo..."
Rainbow Starscream writes: Rumble: All right, that's it. That's the last time I play paper-rock-scissors with laserbeak!
Optimus Prime, Jr. writes: "Larry better make sure he doesn't run into me at Groovy!"
Unknown writes: Rumble: 'Afternoon, customers. This the the blue line, in the direction of Iacon; next stop: Crystal City...(to himself) Hehe...if the conductor should take a tumble, look out, chump, 'cause here comes Rumble...
Constructicons writes: Rumble: train, train, take me away, train, train TOOT TOOT!
Centbot writes: Rumble: and now, nothing can stop me from creating my secret army...of mass-production golf carts!
Unknown writes: After being fired by Megatron, Rumble joined the noble MTA crew.
Mephisto writes: Rumble: Weeeeeeeeee!1111111
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Pokejedservo writes: Rumble (thinking): I'm almost beginning to wonder, what ran longer? This Caption Contest or my VA Frank Welker's career?
M writes: DUCK, JACKIE! DUCK!!
Superspider911 writes: Purple? Why am I purple? And where did this train come from? Who are you people looking at me? I need my therapist.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I've been down here so long I'm start'n to hallucinate I could swear I just saw Minicons dragging a red wagon fulla meat.And did Seibertron reformat or am I just losin it,AAARRRRGGHHHH GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I found how to make it move forward... now how do you steer this thing? *looks around for the manual*
Unknown writes: - featuring Rumble in the world`s longest running "ultimate caption contest" pic. Guiness would be proud.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "DAMN,this is one clean subway.What does daylight look like I've been down here so long I forget."
Jade writes: I have to pee!
Metrotitan writes: "Yep, this is living. Got a 9 to 5 job, operating a subway train, while supporting my wife and 2 beautiful kids. Uh-huh, yesiree, i am loving it.

Oh god, this can't be happening to me! What have I done to deserve this?! Oh Lord, end m
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Alvin Prime writes: "Man, Soundwave has so many new bots, I've got to COMMUTE to his chest cavity before ejecting! YECH!"
Unknown writes: Around and around he goes... when this stops nobody knows.
Unknown writes: Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
M writes: Rumble: "I'm running out of fuel. Just like M is running out of jokes." M: "HEY!"
M writes: Rumble: "Hmm... Where am I?" Picks up an electronic map. There's one single rail and a red dot that says "U R 'ERE!" Rumble scratches his head. Rumble: "I'M LOST!!"
quadrunner writes: HI HO! HI HO! IT'S HOME FROM WORK I GO!
zach writes: Rumble:Sure first Megatron wants the dishes washed then the lawn mowed. Now this! At least I'm better off than Cyclone. (Cyclone at the Decepticon base bathroom)Stupid Megatron poo. Scrub Scrub Scrub!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I've been down here so long I totally missed turkey day.DAMN! I LOVE TURKEY!"
Cyberman writes: Jeez! This Capation Contest is as long as this train ride!
Quintarelli writes: Rumble: Thomas the Tankengine, eat your heart out!
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Minicle writes: I pity da foo who steals my gun!
Zu Darkness writes: Rumbles hidden Audution for Speed* Somehow he didn't fit the part and well he kept trying to kill Kennau Reaves
X-Brawn writes: Rumble:"man if i knew how to stop this thing before it hits that cat it would be half decent "
Unknown writes: Rumble: "Boy, this is a long train. Wonder if everyone is abord yet in the back?"
Unknown writes: "Trying out for this scene in Speed might just be my best idea yet, but I still don't understand the part where they said that since I play the train driver, they are using live ammo and i don't have a stunt double.
Exulted Unicron writes: A rare picture of Rumble's saturday job.
Unknown writes: rumble is thinking:whyi didn't go to school
Unknown writes: I`ve been in this subway for so long, I starting to feel like Neo in that scene from Matrix Revolutions. Will I ever get out of here?
trinity3 writes: Rumble thought this was only going to be a 6 month gig until he found new employment....but 17 years later things just never turned around for the former Transformers star.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: He's a second away from running right into the Ghostbusters and tumbling into a river of pink slime...
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Sprimer writes: Rumble: and ikf you look on your left you will see a nice wall, created in 1863
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Rumble has done it Rumble has broken the worlds record for longest sitting in a subway train,and ironically longest time on an Ultimate Caption Contest as well."
Pokejedservo writes: Nobody knew that the Hey Arnold! episode "Subway Train" had a rather unique special guest star cameo.
Xalticus writes: Public Transportation from the "City of Steel" episode
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I'm not leaving this train til Kim Bassinger shows up."
nephilim writes: Behind the scenes of Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx 2: Electric Boogaloo.
BlazingOptimus writes: Rumble:" I would sit down, but a bum is taking up the seats."
Mkall writes: Rumble: It never fails, I get on a train, and SOMEONE always takes one of my guns. I hate the city.
M writes: Rumble: "I'm still gonna sit here even if Seibertron is reformatted 'cuz someone has glued my butt to the seat!"
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Unknown writes: HAHAHAHA! Wheelie will be dead in a matter of... SQUASH! ... never mind.
obsidian writes: Rumble:"I have to pee."
obsidian writes: Rumble: "Going around in circles all day long weeeehaaahhhhh!!!!!!I am kind of dizzy, I am now hearing voices."
obsidian writes: Rumble: "Going around in circles all day long weeeehaaahhhhh!!!!!!I am kind of dizzy, I am now hearing voices."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I've don't care how stupid I look down here,at least I'm not Michael Jackson.That guys got some serious issues."
Unknown writes: That's it, it's midnight, I'm going to Georgia.
Unknown writes: 1,2,3,4..(20 mins later)
"wow i've counted 470 bricks on the wall! Megatron will be amazed.."
Transformer Gal writes: Mom always said I had a one track mind...I wonder if there are any rats down here...Dum de dum de dum
Unknown writes: Stupid public transport. If I'm late again, Megatrons' gonna fire me.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble stars in On the Right Track II:Railroaded Gary Coleman was unavailable.
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Unknown writes: I can't believe the engineer at the subway station is leetting me ride this.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Are my both lights on? Damn I can never tell! I think the left ones out."
Unknown writes: Geez,I wish I was formatted into a vehicle, then I would not have to travel using the subway.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Haha Nobody loves NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE,that old gag,ain't you guys tired of this yet,every time you rag on me you make me that much bigger,keep feeding me,or just shut up and make with the funny.By the way I really thought your post was pretty fu
Unknown writes: Rumble: Well I'll be damned... All those things about crocodiles in the Subways and sewers was just Skullcruncher!
Pheonix writes: After have an agument with Megatron about where to set a trap for the autobots, Megatron kicks Rumble out of Decepticon Headquarters. Rumble started to look for some where to work while he planned his revenge on Megatron. after getting a job as a subway t
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: One of the odder parts of Blood Omen 2's deleted subway sequence.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Most people might wonder,how can I sit here in one position for this long,well think about it,I do spend most of my time with the backs of my feet touching my head inside of Soundwave.WHOA.Wait a minute that didn't come out right
Xalticus writes: Jackie Chan will have nothing on me when I get to the Bronx.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The reason Rumble has been down here so long is because the third rail emits a magnetic pulse that blanks out all the information on Rumble including his memory,he is a casette tape after all.What was Megatron thinking sending him on a mission like this?(
Golsky writes: And on your left, there is a ...blank wall.
M writes: Rumble: "That's right, Megatron! I'm gonna sit in this train until that Seibertron-page becomes reformated!"
Zu Darkness writes: This sense was directly taken out fromn Matrix resoloution as Rumble as the Trainman in the Matix Resoloution. However his vilonet nature towards the Producer and at Kennau Reeves fo using one of his pulliazers on his got him expelled from the studio.
Unknown writes: Rumble: Well, at least it's got good dental.
Starscreamer writes: Frenzy becomes a Gobot and they send be back to storage...CRIPES I WAS IN THE FIRST 3 EPISODES! I TOOK DOWN HOUND!
Starscreamer writes: I don't see why humans have so much fun with running the train through a tunnel...been doing it all day...
lordcryotek writes: Rumble: "What's that smell?"
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Every year others Transformers get reformated into cool new updated modes,Grimlock,Starscream,Ratchet,Wheeljack,and the list goes on and on and on.Would it really kill those bastards at Hasbro to redo me?WOULD IT?WOULD IT? HUHN? I MEAN EV
Star Saber writes: I finally get to star in this new Matrix movie... I'm the trainman wohooo!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"No wonder I've been stuck down here so long,there's no wheels on this train.AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
Viral_mind writes: I'm in a train, look at me! WOOOOHOOO!!! Rock their world! ROCK THEIR WOOOORLD!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I'm lonely down here."
Skyfire the Artist writes: Rumble never understood why you needed two E tickets for this ride.
Hum-Vee writes: *Self destruct intiated* Okay,unpressing the red button, unpressing it!!!
Hum-Vee writes: That is it, i am pressing the red button now!
Hum-Vee writes: I said CAN I PRESS THE RED BUTTON!
Hum-Vee writes: Can I press the red button yet?
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Unknown writes: "The coons on this train smelt so bad that I had to come up the front to escape the stench."
Unknown writes: Hey, ya might be sick o` seein` ol` Rumble takin` a ride on da subway, but at least my mug ain`t as ugly as that girl in the "Before Carly..." section!
Unknown writes: Rumble,"If my calculations are correct,when this thing hits 88 miles per hour your gonna see some serious $h!t."
Unknown writes: Back to the day job then.....
Unknown writes: God! I hate public transport.
Unknown writes: Why didn't I get this as my transfromation.
Storm Shadow writes: Damn that Megatron, I was only kidding when I said: "what do I look like...a subway conductor?"
Unknown writes: Knowing that Magatron's blast could not stop Optimus Prime then this train shurrly will!!
Unknown writes: I would not eat them on a plane. I would not eat them on a train. I do not like green eggs and spam.
DeceptiGojira writes: After the show ended, many transformers became desemployed, This Photo Is the last remain of Rumble´s fate.
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Hum-Vee writes: *Oakley Disclaimer- Driving trains while wearing our products reduces depth perception and colour recognition*
Hum-Vee writes: In recent times of rail road strikes, scabs like Rumble can really earn some extra cash.
Unknown writes: "Everytime I drive the train out one side of the platform, I come back the other side. What the Hell?!
Moondog303 writes: Are we going the right way?
Unknown writes: I think I'm gonna be seasick!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Rumble was so excited when he got his acceptance letter to Hogwarts, he got on the wrong train at Platform 9 3/4. This one just happens to lead to Azkaban.
Unknown writes: This is like totally gay.

Transformers suck
Wrecked-Gar writes: Transformers / Thomas the Tank Engine crossover flops.
Unknown writes: I don't think this is Astrotrain
Minicle writes: .................................What da heck am i doing here?.......................
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Minicle writes: Dis is the last time i travel Economy.
Dash Trigger writes: Rumble: Hang on, am I supposed to be red or blue? These tinted windows screw with my color vision...
Unknown writes: *jeng jeng jeng jeng*
*jeng jeng jeng jeng*
Apex Prime writes: Next stop, the wall at the end of the tunnel!
Apex Prime writes: AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Who stuck me on this piece of garbage?!?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Alright that's it I'm offically out of Rumble/train jokes.(Even I think that last one was streching it)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Once when I was little I bought Rumble at the toy store,when I got him home my mom found out.She flushed him down the toilet,many years later he grew up in the sewer,and took over this subway train.How many other mothers did the same thing?We could have a
Unknown writes: Geeezzzz....I've been standing here for a MONTH. Hey Ryan, can I sit down now???
Unknown writes: DAMN MY ASS HURTS!
Andrusi writes: Takara had originally planned to release their Micromaster gestalt under the name "Seventrain". This is why the name was changed.
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Rellik writes: Hail to the train driver, train driver, train driver. Hail to the train driver, train driver cassette
jetmaster2000 writes: I wonder where this tunnel leads to anyway?
Heck, I wonder how I got
on this trian!
Unknown writes: Rumble:"Megatron told us when we crash into the building to blow the bomb, but how r we supose to get out?!?!?!?"
Megatron:"You dont!!! (evil yet corny laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Unknown writes: hi
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: ..there ain't a god damn thing that the cops can do there's a Rumble in Brighton tonight,Rumble in Bright tonight,ringside seats for a neighborhood fight,there's a Rumble in Brighton tonnnnniiiiiiggghhhhttt!
Unknown writes: Rumble conducts Trypticon's annual prostate exam -- Oh well, it smells the same as an NYC subway car.
chiefcheese writes: "And you thought her headlights were big!"
Unknown writes: "This is the biggest tapeworm I've ever seen!"
M writes: Squall: "Ow! The guidebook didn't say anything about a tunnel. And now there's a mouser nibbling my butt!"
M writes: On top of train the gang from FF8 is running around trying to get into the presidents cart. Rinoa: "SQUALL! Look out for that..." *KA-GLONK!* Rinoa: "...tunnel. Ouch." Rumble: "Heheheeee!"
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Unknown writes: "Darn it Megatron, I transform into an audio-caskette, HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET AROUND??"
Unknown writes: Despite the tragic loss of his gun, Rumble was still totally dedicated to his mission; searching the subways to solve the mystery of where the heck Prime's trailer disappeared to...
Bumbles writes: "I knew this tour would suck."
Unknown writes: "you don't get it do you? Down here i'm GOD!"
Unknown writes: "you don't get it do you? Down here i'm GOD!
Unknown writes: Are we there yet?
Shockwave writes: "I can't wait for jaws to pop out of the water"
Aestus writes: I thought you guys said you wanted to run train on her....
Sergeseca writes: "I'ma workin' on the railroad..."
matrixzero writes: toot toot yeah i could do this all day
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matrixzero writes: toot toot yeah i could do this all day
Unknown writes: After the death of Soundwave, Rumble made a deal with the Trainbots to become a conductorbot. Shortly later, he quit to rejoin his pimp daddy Soundblaster.
JAZZ writes: Shoulda listened to mama and been a photographer
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"O.K. I know Megatron said steal a train and then wait here,but I've been here for weeks now.I'm beginning to think somebody's pullin my leg.Well four more days,that's all I'm waiting Rumble wil
Unknown writes: "i like how the grill color accents my own natural purple"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ironically Frenzy was heading straight for Rumble on the same track in a red and black train.Weird huh?
Unknown writes: After transformers the movie Rumble had to find other means of employment to make ends meet, thus began the life of Rumble the railbot.
Unknown writes: When will this thing get to cybertron...or should i have taken a space shuttle?
Unknown writes: Do do do do do do... ok this is boring. I hope Soundwave is going to let me ride in the back and shoot Autobots. Yesssss. Wait I don't say yesssss, heak who does? Wait I am talking to myself am I going insane? No most likely not.
Unknown writes: "....So, the MTA wants to cut back our wages ? Let's see what they think after I collapse all the tunnels."
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Minicle writes: I'l teach dose Teenage mutant ginger nut turtles to steal my gun!
boxbrown writes: "Next stop 33rd St. Home of the greatest falafal in NY!"
MENASOR_D56 writes: "Gawdammit, wtf cant frenzy get stuck doing this kinda ----....noooo, when this kinda stuff has to get done hes way way way back in soundwaves compartment......*grumbles*"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Man,Soul Train is really reaching for hosts nowadays.
Unknown writes: i didnt want to set in the front of this rollercoaster!!!!!!!!1
Unknown writes: Man, this day job thing isn't all that bad!!!
ZorakBrak64 writes: "You know, it was probabally a bad idea to knock down the subway over there and then jump into this train... hmm..." *EXPLOSION*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"How long is this tunnel? I swear I've been down here for weeks already."
M writes: Rumble: "DIE, KEANU REEVES! Oopsie! Sorry, Hugo Weaving."
M writes: Rumble: "Okay. Now I just have one question. HOW DO I START THE FRICKIN' TRAIN!?!?!?!?"
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Unknown writes: Whoops! I have done that too, David Mcgarrigle, maybe perhaps my name is David too....
Ahman writes: This train is fully sic, look at her go, purrin' like a kitten.
Hyper Convoy writes: Rumble: Next stop: Arcee's legs
Hum-Vee writes: Why the hell am I in this scene from the Matrix: Revolutions?
Minicle writes: Rumble attempts to break the fourth wall!
Minicle writes: Rumble: Heh, most kids Dads get em toy trains for der Birthday's. My Dad gets me da real thing.
Minicle writes: Rumble: Good thing I nicked dis, otherwise people would know I'm not wearing any Pants!
Unknown writes: And, on your right, you'll see a wall...
Hum-Vee writes: Cling cling cling- went the trolly
Clang clang clang- went the bell
zing zing zing with my heart strings.
From the moment i saw him i fell.
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Unknown writes: "Next stop, Shockwave's eye!"
Unknown writes: I've been workin' on 'a Unicron, all the livelong day...
Unknown writes: This beats soundwave...
JazZeke writes: "Just when I thought Megatron couldn't assign me a CRAPPIER Function!..."
Unknown writes: Train,"Oh,Rumble,that was fantastic,but I can't do this any more,I think Astrotrain knows." Rumble,"Don't blame me I was staying away from you your the one that said 'I want you in me,ride me big boy&a
Unknown writes: All your train are belong to me! Geeks!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In his spare time Rumble enjoyed riding really crappy spook house rides like the one at Seaside Heights N.J.(You really hafta be from Jersey to get that one)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Originally Megatron tried several different ideas before he hit apon the space bridge,this one the space tunnel was close but the logistics of it made it really hard to maintain.
Unknown writes: "I think I can, I think I can. . . . choo chooooo!"
Unknown writes: how
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Unknown writes: And so Rumble goes in search of the Diablo II v 1.10 maphack
PredaKing writes: Inter----ty: the only way for this 'con to travel (at least it's beats the hell out of amtrak)
Unknown writes: Didn't I just pass that same sign five minutes ago?
Unknown writes: The real reason why the New York City Subway fare is $2: Decepticon drivers.
MEGATRON writes: If on a Decepticon train you happen to stumble, hold tight humans cos the driver's called Rumble.
PlasmaRadio writes: Rumble: "Who cares about the train, I just want to know where my other blaster went."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble hijacks a train and runs it straight into a wall when he realized Soundwave had recorded Backstreet Boys on him.I can't blame him.
Taintedsoul69 writes: I'm a conducter and that's ok, I sleep all night and I work all day. I drive these trains, I eat my lunch.... Ah forget it. I'm outta here as soon as I get enough money to buy my blaster back.

Soundwave's gonna KILL me if I don't find my other rifle!
M writes: "FIRRIB" actually stands for "Frenzy is red, Rumble is boned." Muahahaha!!
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SMYTE9 writes: *taunting/Singing*

Here Turtle Turtle! Ol' Rumble's got a present for ya...
TheHotshot writes: Now which exit is the Music Shop? I've gotta upgrade my cassette. Maybe some Punk rock or Rap music. Geez, What the hell is the new fad these days. I gotta get the guys to like me again. I can't keep playing the 70's for the res
Elita_One writes: people say down here bad y is it bad coz im her aww c'mon it aint so bad hey wait my feet are stuck eww is that gum and wat kinda stain is that ohh boy never take the subway reminder
skyrinkfusion writes: Where in the world am I going........I can fly faster then this thing.
Unknown writes: "I cant believe im doing this for a living what the hell has happened to my life i was soundwaves top cassette warrior fighting alongside the toughest gang in the universe now im driving a f*****g subway train damnit plus i have to be the butt ug
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I'm short,I've got a speech impediment,I'm bent on world domination,and I ride the subway just like everyone else.Elect me for mayor I'm not that different from Rudy G."
Mike D writes: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Zeedust writes: "This is the last time I agree to do Nemesis Primal a favor without finding out what it is first... How the slag am I supposed to give Plasma Radio this thank-you note if I don't get told where the guy I'm supposed to give it to
Unknown writes: Look out New Yorkers! Here comes Rumble in the Bronx!
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rumble writes: "Hey, I didn't take this geeky job just so you Earth kids can make fun of me!"
PlasmaRadio writes: Rumble "Runaway train never coming back, wrong way on a one track... something, something... Runaway train never..."
PlasmaRadio writes: First off that Rumble in the Bronx thing was hilarious... kudos.
little_conqueror_of_flame writes: Okay now lets see here, this is the shift, and this is the break and this is the...ack!!! Break! Break! BreaK!
Shadow Fox writes: Rumble- I'm tired of us robot's always getting treated like second class citizens, I have to ride on trains by myself, and can't even eat at the same restaurants.
Shadow Fox writes: Rumble- "My baby takes the morning train..da da da da da la la"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: If you think that wasn't funny try this one.How long has Rumble been in training to be a Decepticon?
Unknown writes: "I don't see what Astrotrain finds so hard bout this....
Unknown writes: Quitate de la via perico, que ahi viene el tren..The all new traincons
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Zeedust writes: Rumble in the Bronx. I get it. It's not funny, but I get it.
Unknown writes: After several runins with Rumble, Astrotrain decided to teach the brat a lesson and arch weilded Rumble to the seat of a New York Subway train dooming him for an eternity as a target for homeless.
Unknown writes: Jericho as a jobber
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Is it just me or does Rumble look alot like the alien from the original Star Trek's closing credits?
Racer X writes: Thr traffic here sucks!!
fishyofpain writes: Guy on Futurama: Welcome to the world of tomorrow!!! (Flips switch and magic window into the future opens) BC04 Hasbro Rep: And may I present the '05 series, Transformers: Public Service Enforcers! Futurama guy: Well doesn't that just s
fishyofpain writes: Rumble: I'll never understand why humans find this so invigorating... OOH! HUMAN ON THE TRACKS! *Now I know why...*
Arkhaon writes: Rumble: being a decepticon doesnt earn this is my second job :)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: All those years I've been driving I never realized those rXr signs meant Rumble crossing.
Unknown writes: You know, Soundwave doesn't look this...ROOMY on the outside.
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Akyho writes: *in new york a decepticon has taken over a train*
Why god why was i a stupid casset what powers dos a casset have none!!! i am gonna take every one in the new york subway system with me GAHH!!!!!
M writes: Rumble: "HEY! My gun fits into the ignition!"
M writes: Abe: "Here in Oddworld, the Decepticons are digging up our bones and fract them to..."
Rumble: "Shut up, freak!" (Runs over Abe.)
Unknown writes: Rumble: Well, it beats working at Jazz's new pet store.
Slartibartfast writes: and as for frenzy, they last heard of him working on an oil rig off norway
Unknown writes: Foolish Autobots! Feel the wrath of blue one! Yeah!
Jhoen writes: The pay sucks, but it sure beats living in Soundwave's chest.
Bombshell writes: According to Union Pacific safety guidlines, all employees must use "gentle pressure" when their co-worker is a homicidal robot.
Elita79 writes: "Look, Ma... no hands! Oh, s***!" *CRASH* "I told you, son, keep both hands on the wheel!"
Scantron writes: Whee.
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Unknown writes: Man, This Sucks! . . .
I wish this thing would go a little faster!
Ihave to be in cybertron in about 30 minuets.
Unknown writes: I been working on the rail road...
Unknown writes: Step #1: destroy all entrances to subway. Step #2: Hijack train with maximum meatbags. Step #3: Drive them in circles until they willingly sign a contract to become slaves. they will harvest energon for us for eternity! And starscream thought that only hi
Braxsis writes: I hope you enjoyed the trip on the NYC Subyway System, By the way does anyone here know how to drive a subway car?
Paladin writes: Damnit Megatron! I'm an earthquake maker, not a subway operator!
Braxsis writes: Where's the over ride... the over ride!!!
Unknown writes: I knew it, that mamma's boy Astrotrain couldn't find a hot date on his own.
I should be getting a reward for this.
Unknown writes: Wheeeeee!
Unknown writes: All aboard! This train now departing for Lexington, Stantonsburg, Dakota and... your @ss, Autobots!!!
Unknown writes: Nice! :-D
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Unknown writes: Who would thought the Decepticons were on the verge of bankrupcy? It is so bad that even the smallest warrior has to get a job.
chinoodin writes: O.k. people please take out all your money and valuable items I can sell for a high price and I'll be taking them while we go to our undeserved death because the frakin Repairs didn't put auto pilot.damn them they can rot in hell.
Laserbot writes: Rumble: "::Whistle:: ho ya i love my new partime job! its a niceway to make up from those stupid pay cuts, stupid dirctors always screw me up... hey i wonder if i could get a job as a trolley driver too?!"
Unknown writes: Rumble: Huh, Astrotrain finally did something USEFUL for once!
Unknown writes: Keanu Reeves ha! I do my own acting and my own stunts. Lets get ready to rumble!
Unknown writes: LAPD: Jack, Jack, We have bad news. If you can hear me, the tracks are not finished. I repeat, the tracks are not finished.
Unknown writes: Megatron did it. Starscream did it. This will be my very own combiner. Then I will be leader of the Decepticons.
M writes: What Rumble doesn't know is that in a matter of seconds this train will be devoured by the giant, destructive jaws of GODZILLA!
M writes: Rumble: "No, Mr Harry Potter! This ain't platform 9,3/4!"
Unknown writes: Rumble: Time to eat some slime! (ha ha, that Grim and Evil episode was still fresh in my mind from Friday night.)
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Darth Vegeta writes: "Astrtrain? YOu're... then what am I riding now?"
Darth Vegeta writes: "What train? This is a train?"
Darth Vegeta writes: "Why do I always get into these... these... situations?"
Darth Vegeta writes: "Kill me... kill me... kill me PLEASE!"
Unknown writes: "Me an' what army....I'll show HIM what army!"
Unknown writes: Hey! This thin' ain't part of Astrotrain's astro-squad!
Unknown writes: the decepticon interpretation of the underground railroad
Unknown writes: After Transformers Rumble makes guest appearances on the kid show, Shinytime Station.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Heh,Megatron,look at dis neat train I made out of cardboard boxs!"
eclipse writes: Hey, you gotta earn money somehow. The people don't give you much respect, but's it's a living!
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: I have a clever way to sneak-attack--and hopefully, destroy--the Autobots lurking in this tunnel: Ram them!!!
Primal Lynx writes: After the great war some of the Decepticons were granted amnesty. One was even reprogramed and rebuilt, into a subway car.
Unknown writes: (screams) some one stold one of my guns! oh hey, look how the train mataches my own colors.
Daedelus writes: "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I remind you, when leaving the train, please take your rubbish with you..May I also remind you that we are being driven by a homocidal Robot....thank you for your co-operation."
Star Saber writes: Unforseen the Decepticons went on strike and had to use an alternate way to deliever the energon cubes.
Star Saber writes: I was told those RID trains were down here. Say wait a minute! That's years from now!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron's newest plan was fool proof.
Step 1:Take over the NY subway authority. Step 2:Change fare to energon tokens. Step 3:Double fare rate every 3 months.Just like the real subway authority does.
Jared writes: Don't worry. I had Subway for lunch today.
Unknown writes: This is the quickest way to the space bridge. Trust me.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"If I rev dis thing up enough den pull back I bet I can wheelie this boy,HOLD ON FLESH BAGS I'M BOUT TO MAKE YOUR AFTERNOON COMMUTE YOUR LAST RIDE,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"
- Back to top -
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble in the Bronx....bound train.
Asheron writes: ive been working on the railroad...
HOT WHEELS writes: dam! where are the brakes , i don't want to get out on trypticon's mouth! dah!!
HOT WHEELS writes: crap!! don't this train goes any faster , dam !!I must crush neo in time or i'll get kicked out off the movie!
M writes: Camp town ladies sing this song. Do-dah. Do-dah...
Unknown writes: Hey, wait a minute! Soundwave doesn't turn into a subway train. Ravage, you bastard!
steve2275 writes: gotta get these subs to megatron
MisterTea writes: Well they knew times were getting bad when the decepticons had to start riding the subway to work.
Fred writes: Never wanted to be a decepticon anyway...
matt writes: "I've been riding on the rail road, all thruogh the day"
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Sure is tough finding a job since the end of the great war! This subway job sucks!
Unknown writes: How come I have to always deliver the Energon cubes back to the base, what happend to the spacebrige?
Unknown writes: "Move, bitch, get out the way.
Get out the way, bitch, get out the way!"
Unknown writes: SEE? Without the Star Bridge, this is how they'd have to get ack to Cybertron.
locke_stryfe writes: I should have known better than to take the last train to clarksville...
Aqualec writes: I'm King of The Rail!
Unknown writes: Rumble(to the passengers): No screaming when the train is in motion. Bwahahaha
Neo Rasa writes: "Nobody calls NY Transit unchrasomatic!"
samson120 writes: This is the way we go to work, go to work, go to work. This is the way we go to work so early in the morning....
Unknown writes: The only things that don't make sense is that Rumble is missing a gun, and the fact that a New York subway train is actually clean.
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Pointy hat joe writes: under ground, over ground, Rumbling free
rumble through wimbledon common with me
Unknown writes: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... this train ride around epcot is fun.
Unknown writes: The things a 'con has to do to support the cause. You should seel Megatron in his hot dog stand.
Unknown writes: (insert Ringo Starr style Thomas The Tank Engine narration here.)
Unknown writes: After being captured by an unknown alien species, Rumble had been reprogramed as a tour guide.
Bumblejumper writes: Why a subway Target Master would have been lame.
Optimus Primevil writes: hums moonbay's(from zoids) song
Zu Darkness writes: *Rumble takes a job as a Engineer for the NY Subway system* *Too Bad he is a Illegal Alien *
Unknown writes: And that train just keeps on rumblin'... rumblin' round the bend...
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: And while a helpless Rumble was being carted off to a bleeding sewer full of Numb Bodies and Pendulums, Starscream was reading a weird letter from Skyfire who died three years ago of a strange illness...
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: hey look i am crash
Unknown writes: mr.x
Unknown writes: Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire...
SilverStar writes: LOOK MOMMY!! I'm a big kid know!!
Black Convoy writes: "Toot... toot... Chugga chugga chugga chugga toot... toot!"
boy writes: After Rehab, a more sutible job was given to this specific desepticon
Unknown writes: At the end of the Great War, the Decepticons were disseminated and reassigned with less hostile jobs...
Unknown writes: By the Pit, Ravage looks for a new job, he gets an upgrade, new weapons, a personal cruiser, and sent on the best missions. I got looking for I job, and I get stuck with the Predacon Express!!!
Unknown writes: Fed up with the crime and disorderly passengers, New Jersey Transit was forced to hire an armed robot bent on conquering the universe to drive its trains. But at least he spoke English.
- Back to top -
M writes: If I'm gonna be honest THAT IS THE UGLIEST TRAIN I'VE EVAH SEEN!!
FortMax writes: Rumble:I bet you're wondering where the steering wheel is....well I am too
galvanostril writes: bob dole: please note, all referenes to astrotrain are fraud, that is not astrotrain, it is a normal transport for commuting decepticons like rumble
FortMax writes: Rubble:...It is a small world after all
chichi writes: Rumble:(singing) i was driving along
ionacus writes: rumble:(fabulous in the background)whoa whoa!bring it back youngin'!whoa whoa! bring it back,back,back!
Ben writes: "Thats the sound of the man working on the train. Yeeeeah yeeeeah."
Firewalker writes: *sings* "...Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just a freight train coming your way..."
Firewalker writes: The way the Big Dig's going now, this would actually be an improvement.
Pokejedservo writes: This scene looks awfully strange... What could it be? I know THIS IS WAY TOO CLEAN TO BE A NY SUBWAY! Other than that? Eh, nothing out of the ordinary...
- Back to top -
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Unbeknownst to Megatron,Rumble had been secretly helping Autobot prisoners escape via his Autobot Underground Railroad.We've always thought he was one of the bad guys,but in reality he was one of many unsung heroe s of the Cybertronian civil war.
Unknown writes: Rumble to self: Why did I get volunteered to run the Trypticon Rectal Exam?
metalformer writes: RUMBLE: Here comes the real Urban Train to Puerto Rico! I'll make possible what usesless, corrupted politicans can't and all for the glory of the Decepticons! MEGATRON for governor!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Laugh if you will last time I was on caption contest I was a freakin tree,A TREEEEEEE,I'll take subway conductor anyday over a tree."
Tarin writes: I hope I was supposed to not let anyone on the train
Unknown writes: "My baby takes the morning train, he works from 9 to 5 and then he takes it home again, *hum-hum hummm!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Robert Baliatico served two tours of duty in Vietnam,he was wounded at the Tet offensive,although he returned to his job as a subway driver he never really was the same again.
Bombshell writes: "Subway, Eat Fresh! Ha, Ha, Ha...please kill me!"
Minicle writes: Spoiler pic for the upcomming Film 'The Great Tram Robbery!' starring Rumble Connery and Frenzy Sutherland. Comming to a Little Screen neer you!
Minicle writes: Fed up with British Rail, the Decepticons commision their own private Rail-tram network, unfortunatly business is bad due to the fact that none of the bigger cons can fit in the slagin Trams themselves.
- Back to top -
Minicle writes: I swear they'll hire just about anyone these days.
Unknown writes: Before the Decepticons left for earth, Rumble's job was bootlegging malt liquor to Iacon.
Unknown writes: "I THINK I can! I THINK I can!"
Unknown writes: After Transformers, Rumble could only get a job driving the trolley on Mister Roger's Neighborhood.
Unknown writes: After Transformers, Rumble could only get a job running the trolley on Mister Rogers Neiberhhod.
Unknown writes: "I'm blue!! La Ba Dee Da Da Dee... (song)
Unknown writes: "Autobots, Transform and ehmm... rail out?"
Unknown writes: Is it a bird, or is it a plane?? Nooo, it's Rumble in mtfing train!!!
Unknown writes: This is the lamest thing I ever done in my life! I mean look at me, An evil Decepticon conducting a Subway, AND FOR WHAT!!
Unknown writes: I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Is that anything important?
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: "One little two little three little hookers... four little five little six little hookers, seven little eight little nine little hookers. Ten little hooker girls... hehehehe A new personal record.
Unknown writes: After several years on his journey of self discover Rumble has found his true calling...a tram driver at Walt Disney theme parks.
Unknown writes: What was that last post from "NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE" For???
M writes: *Ka-chunk. Ka-chunk. Ka-chunk.* *SHPLAT!!* Rumble: "OH MY GOD! I KILLED KENNY!" Frenzy: "YOU BASTARD!"
M writes: Rumble sings: "Train, train, train. Take us away..." Selphie from FF8: "THAT'S MY SONG!"
Unknown writes: the places I would go, to get some seibertronnien Poutang...
Unknown writes: ...Rumble on the search for the other half of his backpack....
Unknown writes: Transformers: Where Are They Now-Rumble. After not getting re-hired for any series after G1, Rumble fell on hard times and got a job with New York City's Transit Authority.
Unknown writes: rumble: hmmm... Soundwave have changed a lot! first he was a radio and now is he a subway train. what´s next?
Maestro writes: Thomas the tank engine and rumble lived happily ever after
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: In his spare time Rumble gives tram tours of Soundwave's rectal tract.
PlasmaRadio writes: Rumble: "Time to go to work... is this the A train to Soundwave's chest?"
Cliffjumper writes: Hmmm, its a good thing I'm not clostrophobic; Oh crap I am! AHHHHH
KarentheUnicorn writes: Optimus Primes Idea of torture Making Rumble ride the its a small world ride 100 times.
Rumble "I'LL TALK I'll TALK"
polymorphic writes: CRAP! Forgot the milk!
Unknown writes: "Ride'n that train high on cocaine...."
Unknown writes: "Uh-oh, the boss is gonna be real angry if i don't hurry and deliver the porn in time!"
ShadowDemon writes: This seems fun (the train stops) NOOOO!!! THIS CAN NOT BEEEE!!!!!! Again, again!!! Againagainagainagainagain (Takes a deep breath) Againagainagainagainagainagainagainagain...
Amity-Star writes: The Penguin: He,he,he! Excellent. Now my plan for World Domination will be. . . AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! HELP!!!
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: "MY GOD IT'S COMM'IN RIGHT FOR US!"
Amity-Star writes: Choo-choo!!! Chuga chuga chuga chuga Toot-toot!!!
Bombshell writes: *sings* Been ridin' on this ol' train/ been ridin' it all night/ think I'll go to the club car get myself a bite...
Crystal Rodimus writes: Unbeknownst to the rest of the universe, the Decepticons just wanted to have fun and be like everyone else.
Unknown writes: Rumble:WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Prime Nova writes: After getting sacked from the cartoon series for getting called Rumble - Frenzy starts a new job.
Unknown writes: Action Master Rumble comes complete with subway train that really moves! Stolen gun and NYC subway crack heads sold separately.
Unknown writes: After the events of Transformers The Movie, Rumble left the 'Cons to drive subway trains -- and was never seen again. Perhaps he felt bad about using his pile drivers inside Astrotrain during the movie.
Artimus Prime writes: Next stop, Energona, Primius Aries, Sigma Vector, and the River of Death! All aboard!
Unknown writes: Rumble: Where's that guy from the Coca-Cola advert who plays that dumb 'chiwawa' tune when they all start dancin'?
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Rumble: Man, this job sucks, I'd rather be listenin' to Starscream braggin' on how much better than Megatron he is! At least Megatron always ends up shooting him or somethin'.
JosephusPrime writes: Ha, the autobots'll never catch me now. Huh! What's happening? Oh no, its those freaky trainbots from the headmasters series. Why do they exist at all, all they do is transform into trains. Wait a minute, why am i askin this, im about to
Unknown writes: Hey look! It's the new ARAMADA Rumble train set....
Unknown writes: Rumble acts out his "choo-choo" fantasy.
Spartanion writes: Rumble: Why does this train feel so small?
krukid writes: oh boy, I get to ride a train!!
Yodaman writes: For once, it's nice to get away from the smashing, and do something a bit more normal. Now to crash the train.
Unknown writes: Actually, Casey Jones is a human friend of the Ninja turtles..... Who loves sports, but I think there is an original Casey Jones who drives trains and is not related to the world of Ninja turtles...
PsychoAndy writes: Soundwave: "Rumble - Eject. Operation - Joyride." Rumble: "Now you're talkin' my language!"
Unknown writes: Hey! Where's da ol' ladies I'm supposed to mug?
- Back to top -
M writes: Rumble: "Hey, Superman! Bet you can't stop this train full of innocent kids!" Superman: "Betcha I can!" *SCREECH!* Superman: "I stopped the train and saved the kids!" Astrotrain comes up from
PredaKing writes: Any Autobot: "OH NO, it's Rumble!!!! Oh yeah,and Frenzy is with him."

Why do you fear Rumble more; they are the same bot! What the F#%k?!
Mkall writes: Why am I the only one here...they always run from me. Why does no one like me?
Unknown writes: Rumble : 10 minutes late, and the idiot STILL decides to take a detour
Mkall writes: They never stop when I want to get off
Unknown writes: I can't believe my other gun got stolen at that last stop. I hate New York!
Unknown writes: Astrotrain aint got nothin' on me!
thexfile writes: london underground is stil investigating the lates derailmants on the london tube , and a lot of peeps blaim the rail contractors , but her we see the real problem at realy is'nt his foult but hence the dicrimination act says that you
thexfile writes: Rumble : " you human's stink !! next stop the bathetub !!!"
thexfile writes: if rumbble is driving this train , does that mean that it counts as a driverles train ???
- Back to top -
thexfile writes: Rumble was saked by megatron , and is now working for alkida....Rumble " oke for al you humans who wonderd what 911 was like ..... next stop WTC station ..... hahahah" al the peeps " but i thougt wtc was closed??? "
thexfile writes: Rumble : oke i won't fal asleep at the wheel , won't fal asleep at the wheel ,won't fal asleep at the wheel .... hihih i hope this medicine workes
CapeMike writes: Rumble(to self): ...taking the train to the next station, on the dance floor, rockin' the nation; coming out now, so DJ, play the song loud; dancing, I'll make your body rock, long train running and it won't stop...
thexfile writes: Rumble : " what megatron ... WOW there's a bomb on the train ??? what ??? megatron i can't hear you your braking up ...i can't her you this train is speeding up ....what ??? oke which 1 is the brakes ???
thexfile writes: Rumble : waw this shure beats playing the train sim....
ljdarten writes: "noooo. you can't be a subway driver" they said..."no you'll never pass the test" they said. well lookie here at me.
Unknown writes: I wonder if theres a tapedeck, WHAT, this is a train in a tunnel
Goblez writes: Train: SUBWAY TRANSFORM! *transforms*
Rumeble: *Transforms into a head*
Train: HEAD ON!!!
Longshot writes: Trouble ahead trouble behind and you know this notion just crossed my mind . One more time !
Unknown writes: "I know they're around here somewhere!"
- Back to top -
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Rumble couldn't figure out why he kept having weird flashbacks of the last battle he fought on Cybertron, or why he was being followed by blurry monsters, or why he couldn't get out of the subway, but he figured it was nothing a good mas
zodconvoy writes: "Drivin' that train,
dum dum dee-dum,
Casey Jones is not a,
Ninja Turtle..."
zodconvoy writes: "Driven that train,
dum dum dee-dum,
Casey Jones is not a,
Ninja Turtle..."
Unknown writes: Rumble hit hard times after the show got canned. His days on the rails were spent dreaming someone would bring him back for spinoff, but his dream went unfufilled
Optimus Prime writes: "Man, how'd I get stuck with this job anyway?"
Unknown writes: Subway. Good so you don't always have to be.
USDA Prime writes: Rumble: "Argh, first I have to collect bird poop for Starscream, now I have to pilot this urine-soaked subway. Earth is disgusting."
Unknown writes: Rumble: Let's see those fanboys make fun of my accent NOW!!!
gLOVES1000 writes: this the smallest train ever, hey, where did my other gun go?
macabremouse writes: "So I got this buddy Astrotrain; I think he might be your type"
- Back to top -
Slappyfrog writes: A busy schedule of world domination kept Rumble from his first love: commuter-railway engineering.
Unknown writes: Gotta kill Neo, Gotta kill Neo, Gotta kill Neo......thump!!........OOPS!! Sorry Mr. Smith.
Sprimer writes: Why am i driving on the wrong side of the road
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Oh big deal,you think this is strange ride the NYC subway this will look like nothing after that ride.
Frost writes: wHOS da bitch now SOUNDWAVE!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble's the villian for Speed 3:Fast Track,no way I'm gonna go to see this one.
Unknown writes: Subway. Good so you don't have to be.
Unknown writes: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, *control brakes* awe crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
davewelttf writes: proof that rumble could have made it in the subway part of highlander 2
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Agent J: Look out, there's a giant worm on your back!
Unknown writes: I didn't mean to scare the passengers!
Unknown writes: The New York Underground ain't so bad after all!
Unknown writes: Rumble pretends to be the autopilot from "Airplane" (minus the stewardess to "keep him inflated)."
Ricochet writes: Rumble is speeding toward Frenzy, playing chicken on the subway!
gir writes: "Subway!!?...I thought this was the monorail!"
Unknown writes: First Ringo Starr, then George Carlin, now this. I always knew PBS was hard up for cash, but these new episodes of 'Shining Time Station' are really starting to show it more than usual...
Zeedust writes: "Is now a ood time to mention that I have no idea how to drive this thing?"
Silver_elf writes: "An I went throw 100 years is Decepticon battle training for this. Man I should have been a Autobot"
Unknown writes: o/~Drivin' that train, high on Energon/Rumble Jones you better watch your speed!o/~
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Name: Rumble. Faction: Decepticons. Function: Train Conductor?!
RandomFerret writes: "Prime can make his legs float with psychic waves and now I'm driving a train? THIS IS THE STUPIDEST EPISODE EVER!"
OP Prime writes: What it is really like inside soundwaves chest area. The greatest secret of the Con's. Hell with the space brige soundwave has a dimensional portal that he stores his cassetts in and here is Rumble checking it out inbetween missions.
OP Prime writes: Rumble: Slag! I should have never taken the New York subway, They mugged me and took my backmounted blaster. What are these human cities coming to when a bot from another world can't rid in peace? We Con's never do this on seibertron. So
Unknown writes: Choo choo!
Aernaroth writes: Wow. This is way roomier than riding around in Soundwave's chest.
PlasmaRadio writes: Rumble: "I never really wanted to be a cassette tape anyway..."
Unknown writes: How Rumble passes the time between Decepticon missions...
Unknown writes: and the wheels go round and round, round and round....blah blah blah...I'm a f*cking Decepticon for Christ sakes!!!
Unknown writes: Next stop, The Nemisis!
- Back to top -
USDA Prime writes: Rumble: "I KNEW I shouldn't have joined Astrotrain's special forces."
Unknown writes: Damn...I knew Frenzy tricked me into thinking this was a sub sandwich...
USDA Prime writes: Rumble: "Are you sure this is how that Jared guy lost all that weight?"
Slider writes: I paid $2.00 for this!?
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