And just in time for the World Series ...

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And just in time for the World Series ...
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ZaberFang writes: Uh....heheheh.....Coach? I think you're gonna need a pinch outfielder!
Unknown writes: Uh, guys. Seriously put the gun down.
galvanostril writes: hound: there is no hole. it's all an illooooooooooooooooooooooousion!
Not Sonic writes: "Who forgot to feed Ravage?"
isaiahtay writes: "I CAN SEE MY HAND! I CAN SEE MY HAND!"
isaiahtay writes: "Do I look cooler like this?"
isaiahtay writes: "'s not a headache." "I have a hole in my mitt."
isaiahtay writes: "If you hold your hand on your head like this,you can see right through your glove!"
Greg writes: I Am Sure I Left My Hand In That Glove...
Oh Well! I Will Just Get A New One.
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Okay, we've ruled out football, now we've rulled out baseball."

Prime: "We're running out of games, Spike."

Teletran 1: "How about a ncie game of chess?"

Spike: "I wish it wouldn't s
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Defcon writes: Looka me! I'm Tarantino!
Nenesis Prime writes: DAMN INSECTICONS!!!
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: I think Barry Bonds is most definitely lying about them steroids.
Kal-Seth writes: Ladies and Gentlemen the Yankee's
Castle74 writes: Once again Steinbrenner has picked up another up and coming all-star the minute he saw Megatron.
Castle74 writes: Meanwhile in the outfield of Shea Stadium...Lady Fate has struck again!
Tiedye writes: "Oh my God, I can't belive I'm still alive!
Tiedye writes: "Maybe I should have missed that one on purpose."
Unknown writes: "This is the last time I play ball with giant transforming robots."
Optimus Prime, Jr. writes: PLAYER: Hey, ump! Where in the rules does it say that the Pirates can have Autobots on their team?!
You must be stupid as well as blind! This is baseball, not The Transformers!
UMPIRE: (unintelligence because it's in Japanese)
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Unknown writes: megatron: you make the NY YANKEES LOOK GOOD
Jetplague writes: Duuhhh, oh! Thats why the glove don't work. Hahahah...There's a hole in it! Oh shucks....nar-ahahar! Hey look I can see my fingers! Tee hee Hee!

" Prime? Can I pleeeasse shoot him now? "
Unknown writes: Player 34: "Thank god the batter didn't hit the ball low"
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: I,m glad I did that. The Yankees remainded me of the Autobots: They always win. We Decepticons are Mets fans! (PB is a Yankees fan)
Metrotitan writes: Megatron yelling from his seat: Hey 34,You Succckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
overdrive writes: commentator: "i'm no expert but that's gotta hurt"
Unknown writes: MY HAND! MY HAND!!!
zach writes: Spike: That ain't fair their freakin 100 feet tall. And their using firearms
Derek Jeter:And I don't?
zach writes: Catcher: Talk about a hard throw.
Pitcher:Wasn't me!
Catcher:Then who was (sees Megatron) IT(in squeky voice.
Zu Darkness writes: Ummm Damn I guess I better be thankful that I still have all my fingers.
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Storm Shadow writes: "Note to self"....never AGAIN joke about a Decepticon's aim.
PredaKing writes: Yeah, another "Hole-in-one!"
Taintedsoul69 writes: Note to self- NEVER ---- that batter off again.
Shadow Fox writes: Heh..that's funny..I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to have a few fingers where that hole is.
Deceptiman writes: Galvatron: Yaarrgghh! *rip* Oops. Spike: Galvatron! You Incompetent fool! You Are Supposed To Throw the ball so i can catch it. not so it goes through the glove!
Unknown writes: Prime: Bumblebee! You incompetent fool! I sais the Head, not the hand!!!
Longshot writes: Just call me Mr. butterfingers.
Unknown writes: Spike: "That's the last time i play baseball in disney land!" Stitch: "Homerun!"
M writes: Spike: "CRIKEY! I'VE LOST MY MOJO!"
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Unknown writes: Sorry about the earlier posts, my computer is pretty crappy!
Unknown writes: Spike: "Say hello to my friend named MR. Glove! Toss the ball, Darth Vader!" Vader: "Do not underestimate the power of the force!" Woosh! CRASH! MR. Glove: "Y
Unknown writes: Spike: "Say hello to my friend named MR. Glove! Toss the ball, Darth Vader!" Vader: "Do not underestimate the power of the force!" Woosh! CRASH! MR. Glove: "Y
M writes: Forget that last post. You can't play Gameboy Advance SP with a glove like that.
M writes: WHOAH! I played advance wars for so long that my hand-sweat burned through my mudda-fuggin' glove!!
Unknown writes: Now...let's see Hideki Matsui's...finely tuned laser breath.
Maestro writes: Everytime you make a fart joke god kills a kitten
Lily writes: Oh, so THAT'S what happens when you use a torpedo as a fastball.
Maestro writes: Megatron Goes Pro
Unknown writes: Megatron Real Purpose
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Well I for one am glad to see FOX has beefed up The World Series by including fatal injuries as a no time out.Now if we could just do something about the DH rule.
Unknown writes: Homer style:hmmmmmm 50 dollar leather glove (drool)
Unknown writes: "Mom said I'd go blind if I didn't stop that she never said anything about this!"
Unknown writes: Ummm, can someone else play against the GIANT FREAKING ROBOTS!
Vector Sigma writes: Whoa so that's what acid does...
Unknown writes: Insert not so clever comment here
M writes: "MR HAT!!"
Unknown writes: Aw crap...when dad fines out I'm gonna be in so much ----!!!!!!
Unknown writes: For somee time now he had considered retiring,fate sealed his decisionn
Unknown writes: Take one for the team? Are they out of their freaking MINDS?!?!?!?
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Unknown writes: Whoaaaa.... GOOD fastball, Bumblebee!
Unknown writes: Damn, that was one hell of a fast ball! :)
tremor3258 writes: Playing baseball from the air with automated weapons! Now THIS is a sport!
Unknown writes: i could have eaten my hat but nnnnoooooo!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "And it's outta here and so am I."
Minicle writes: Swines! They told me only number thirteen was unlucky!
Minicle writes: Decepti-chilli-con Carny.
It goes straight through you!
grimlock writes: Spike: AAAAAHHHH!!! My hand!! My haaaaannnd!!! Grimlock what did you do to my hand?!?!?!

Grimlock : Me sorry! Me only throw ball like you told Grimlock to throw ball!!
M writes: Casey Jones: "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!!" Spike: "AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"
M writes: By the way, NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE, I don't think your posts are good.
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M writes: Spike: "I shoulda known betta than playin' baseball with CASEY JONES!!" Casey Jones: "New game! Cricket!" *WHACK!* Spike: "Mommeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Raphael: "Leave some for me!" *
Unknown writes: Hey, let's go to Chris Berman and the Baseball Tonight Mobile Action Team to discuss the latest move made by that megalomaniac, George Steinbrenner.
Bloodlust writes: Talk about a even cauterized the wound! *Looks dazed* Wow, look at the pretty colors...and the pain *faints*
Unknown writes: Holy crap!! That was close! I hope you Auto-boozos' have a good lawyer!!
Unknown writes: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! MY POINTING FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DarkFire writes: they sure don't make them like they use to.
Yodaman writes: Optimus! You're not supposed to use your gun to move the ball!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: This dramatic footage shows there is NO curse of thr Great Bambino,it's simply Cobra's nano mite technology in action.
Unknown writes: GO YANKEES
Unknown writes: i hate baseball!
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Unknown writes: Outfielder: First we bring in players from the Dominican Republic, now Cybertron. I'm taking up golf.
SlagMaker writes: Whew. That's less painful than having Don Zimmer kick my a$$.
devilsfan writes: Maybe i should give this glove to Steve Bartum.
Unknown writes: wow transmetal Megatron's all power to weapon is ... powerful my paper mache' glove was no match for it!
Unknown writes: we'll there goes the arm wrestling contest ....slag it hurts
ljdarten writes: ok ok... you were right a baseball mitt can't stop a cruise missile.
Unknown writes: THWAK
What the hell happened? *Looks at gloove* My fingers! My fingers are gone!!! *starts sobbing hysterically* Were's the sugar when you need it?
Unknown writes: Now I know what it feels like to be the Cubs when they faced the marlins
Unknown writes: Damn budget cuts...
Unknown writes: Catcher: What the- [THWACK!]
Oooh boy, I hope it didn't get any of my fingers!
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Optimal Primus writes: This is the last time that I get drunk after a game and use my mitt to hold my vomit!
Optimal Primus169 writes: Curse those cheating Red Sox! REEEEED SOOOOOX!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: And here we have the unlucky fan who made the mistake of cracking the old, "G1 Transformers can fire for hours without hitting a thing" joke within Starscream's earshot.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Whoa,the new Altenator Sideswipe's so hot it burned a hole in my glove."
gir writes: HomerType: D'oh!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I'm not sure who the batter is but he better be on the NL all star team this year.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: As expected the post season teams really kicked up a notch.
Unknown writes: Darn! There goes game 6 for the Cubs!! Its all my fault!
edward writes: I am NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE. I did not put up that last post,and to be honest I really can't believe somebody out there has so little time on there hands that they play critic to my posts.Aren't we above this?Theirs post I like and some I
Cej writes: I hate it when that happens!
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samson120 writes: I told you Bumblebee. I need a wife like I need a hole in my glove.... Oh yeah....
Unknown writes: I dono Bumblebee..What do you use your "SPECIAL" glove for?
Cliffjumper writes: Well Stienbrener gonna fire me. Well I had a good run.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I wish I was funny"
Unknown writes: those gay creaters they forgot to fill in the color in my glove if your listining you idiot I hate your slging guts.
Warbird writes: I don't know what is worse? the hole, or that I am in an 80's cartoon?
thexfile writes: oke oke oke i take ik back i admit it armada does not suck , but pleazz stop
thexfile writes: scratshes his head , looks at his hand and starts to wisstle the tune of the sugahbabes ( o O you do mis me like a hole in my head like you do O o O )
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "As bad as this looks and believe me it does hurt at least I'm not part of Armada."
Unknown writes: "First Uma Thurman cuts the ball in half with a samurai sword, and now THIS!"
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Unknown writes: AAAAA! MY FINGERS!!! HAH! Fooled you!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Does this count as a base hit or an error?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: And this is the guy they chose to be Fortress Maximus's Headmaster?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Timmy told his wife Donna not to use his glove as an oven mit time and time again.Due to Riod Rage he went home and beat her to death with his MVP trophy.Sad story but nobody said these caption contests had to be funny.
Unknown writes: I have heard of putting an eye out, but I never thought I would put my glove out.
Unknown writes: That's the last time I buy something Martha Stewart makes.
Pokejedservo writes: Pitcher (thinking): Note to self, never buy cardboard gloves again.
Crimsonwing writes: No, I told you 100 times, I know how to spend my money... I do not have a hole in my hand!
TheRoMan writes: Thats it! I am calling my agent. I thought this was going to be a happy go lucky TV show with a stupid talking Dog that can play baseball or something. He never mentioned freakin' ROBOTS! Now I lost 2 fingers...I know Dennis Franz wouldn'
Unknown writes: I killed a glove !!!!!!! :'(
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M writes: My shirt says 34 and that's the number of gloves I ruined under my career.
Unknown writes: Looks like Spring Training for the DETROIT TIGERS !!! HAHAHA
Unknown writes: "I hate these cheap K-Mart products!"
Unknown writes: Mom said I'd go blind, but I didn't anticipate the effect on my glove after all these years...
Private_Random writes: MY HAND!!!! MY BELOVED HAND!!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!!
Unknown writes: Jeez, that Bartman character's a greedy SOB, isn't he?
thexfile writes: auw i thougt i felt something in my neck...
wawzzz what hapened to my hand .... (faints)
thexfile writes: O my God help help , ( scratsh scratsh) those pesky insectecons are now trieing to eat my hear.... help me pleazzzz
Unknown writes: maby spike is right.... maby carlie is the bionic women ...mmm !!
thexfile writes: i should have listend to spike and bumblebee and used some of his insectecon spray... :-S
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thexfile writes: i know i'm not that good withe money , but a hole in my hand ??? , it's a bit over the top init...
thexfile writes: hey yo autobot budie's maby i forgot to tel you , but we play basebal withe a bal not a lazer....
thexfile writes: WOW i know that those balles hit hard but not that hard , my hand is al swolen , good yob it's not my **** hand ...
Unknown writes: Starscream: Good hit, Megatron!

Megatron: Like h*ll it was!!! I was aiming for his head!!!
Unknown writes: Hmmm... suddenly the vibes I'm getting from the opposing team are none too plessant..
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike realized way to late that somebody switched his glove oil with acid.
Wheelimus Prime writes: There's a hole in my glove.
Unknown writes: Ow!
DarkFire writes: That could have been my hand sweet.
Jade writes: Damn moths!!!!
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Unknown writes: Jeez! Sammy Sosa just hit another home run!
Unknown writes: Why can't I get a new glove?!
Unknown writes: What the hell?
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Just for fun, the pitcher decided to replace the ball with an Armada Scavenger.
Prime Nova writes: I knew we shouldn't let the 'cons join in!
FortMax writes: Sorry timmy some dumb outfielder cost the cubs the NLDS this year
Unknown writes: Ham, you idiot! Now we can't play no more!
Unknown writes: Spike: Damn BUMblebee!
Thank god I didn't take Omega Supreme's generous offer to play hide n seek...
Laserbot writes: this is why you dont let Autobots play base ball...
M writes: Oh, SH*T! What are we gonna do now?
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Unknown writes: Ok Sossa NOW I KNOW that bat was corked!!!
Unknown writes: Good thing I was wearing my kup...
gir writes: "okkkk playing against the autobots was a bad idea"
Unknown writes: GODDAMMIT!!! If that Junkion hadnt grabbed that foul ball we'd have won!!! (yes I am ragging on that Cubs fans. Thanx for helping my team make it to the World Series)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "One,two,.......two?,...........ummm COACH....COACH!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Look really close. That guy's giv'n us the finger.
Lizzy writes: me when i played ball with my brother and i caught the ball then i dropped it. that was so funny
Ricochet writes: Damn, this is almost as bad as what that freiken moron did at the Cubs game
Unknown writes: I don't believe it! I tried to catch a gun-launched fastball from Moonracer. Unfortunately, the ball travelled so fast it penetrated my mitt. But at least my hand's still intact *whew*!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Consider this fleshling toast!
Cubs fan: What did I ever do to deserve this?
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Starscreamer writes: To cement their chances next year, the Cubs draft the Bionic Six. The results were positive
Unknown writes: Life in da Ghetto Cybertron...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: There's a least one Jesus joke in this, but I'm not touching that with a 10' pole.
Unknown writes: This is why Alex S. Gonzalez made that error.
davewelttf writes: Wheelie: I think I threw the ball a little too hard
Daniel: A LITTLE too hard?
AutobotJazz writes: And this is why we lost to the Marlins.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The game was never the same after the Yankees bought out Motormasters contract from the Decepticons.You think this looks bad you should've seen the mess when he slid into home plate,and the press box,and the first 15 rows.
Unknown writes: I knew i shouldn't have bought my mit from a second hand store this suck!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Cheap ass mit."
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Another dream cut short in a minor league exibition game.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: No one will forget the day Pete Rose returned to baseball with a vengence.
Kevinus Prime writes: This is the funniest scene from "Major League IV- Wild Thing Goes On The Disabled List"
Kevinus Prime writes: That one moment, young Bobby Ueker knew he was going to be the greatest ball player the world had ever seen.
Kevinus Prime writes: After his first pitch, once and for all, Wheelie found a home with the Cubs.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh, I'm sorry! Do you want your glove back now , mister Gonzalez??"
blizzard writes: thats the last time i play baseball with 1 of wheeljacks inventions especialy since the dinobots are operating it
Kevinus Prime writes: "Gee! Now I feel just like a real Cubs player!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "That's the last time I try to catch Bugs Bunny's perfect paralyzing pachadermic pitch!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Young Billy Buckner didn't know that 10 years later, that same glove would cost Boston so much more.....
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bob Ucker,"It's going to the wall,Spike's on it,and.....IT'S GONE! HIS HAND IS GONE! Well give the boy a hand he tried.God those Major League movies screwed me up."
Unknown writes: This is why the Yankees shouldnt walk around Boston...IN UNIFORM.
Steel Eye writes: "Hey optimus did you see what that goat did to my glove. Now the Cubs will never take me."
Unknown writes: Meanwhile, back on home plate, Grimlock yelled, "Dammit!! Me was aiming for his head!!"
Arkhaon writes: dam.....optimus got some hard ball...
Unknown writes: Man, that was one fast ball! It tore a hole in my good mitt!!
Unknown writes: Baseball Player: "That's One Hell Of A Throw!!!!
Jettron writes: And Spike never hit the ball over old mister Galvatron's fence again.
zodconvoy writes: Great, now I have the stigmata...
Unknown writes: Anyone see where my fingers landed?
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USDA Prime writes: Whoa, those Red Sox and Cubs fans are out for blood.
TAI writes: spike: Man good arm. What a fast ball
Andrusi writes: This is what happens when you buy sporting goods from Swindle.
Sixshot writes: just as large as the hole in my head
M writes: Don't mock Megatron, Charlie Brown!
PlasmaRadio writes: "I didnt need those fingers anyway..."
Unknown writes: Spike: Last time I play baseball with a Dinobot...
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