Rattrap and Rhinox sit down for a moment

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Rattrap and Rhinox sit down for a moment
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Rainmaker writes: Rhinox: They made me what? A bulldozer?
Rattrap: Yep, and I was a slaggin' motorcycle!
Rhinox: That's it, I'll go assassinate him and you cover me
Rainmaker writes: Rhinox: I forgot my chain guns so I took Cheetor's weapon
Rattrap: Eh, what's he shootin' with?
Rhinox: Oh slag...
Emerje writes: "No, I don't think he'll mind me taking his gun nearly as much as me taking his small intestines inside it."
Skywarp64 writes: "Son, we need to talk. Now, I understand that lately you've been having certain stirrings. There is a reason for it. It's never easy to explain, but it all starts at the ages of 8-12, and it involves those red spots you've been seeing on your face lately.
Heckfire writes: "You know what, Rattrap? I like you. You're not like the other people, here in the trailer park. Oh no, don't get me wrong, they're good, fine mechanoids. But they don't know what the Preds are doing
to the soil."
ishigoto writes: "...and thats where protoforms come from"
Scatterlung writes: Rhinox: If you DARE tell Cheetor I've been playing with his weapons, it'll be your hide, RAT!
Not Sonic writes: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sexual hairissment!he's touching my special area... my poop chute!
Roadshadow writes: Rhinox: Wanna have sex after this?
Rattrap: No way you gay-ass rhino!
Zeedust writes: Rhinox: "Go back to base and get my chainguns. They're the ones that say 'badass mother f*cker' on them."
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LunarFormer writes: Rhinox: On the other side of this rock is Bob Skir... on three, we jump up and blast him to bits, got it?

Rattrap: eeehhh, sure, but whyz you got Cheetor's gun?

Rhinox: Because he couldn't make it but still wanted some credit... kinda hop
Not Sonic writes: Rinox: hello big boy..

Rattrap:ahh!gay rhino!please shoot me
now Trantulas!

Zeedust writes: Rhinox: "Hey, Rattrap! WarGreymon called, and he wants his legs back."

Rattrap: "Jokes involving Digimon. How low on ideas can we get?"

Rhinox: "I dunno... I'd have to wade through all the 'Hey, gayness is a grea
Jetstreamx writes: Rhinox: Rattrap, seeing as how we are about to die, with the wrong weapons, I have a confession. I'm a closet gay. I love you.

Rattrap: Eh, sorry there big guy, but I've already been taken. Me and Dinodork are to be wed soon.
Greg writes: Snog Me You Horny Beast!
OK! You Little Rat!
Zeedust writes: Rhinox: "War? How the SLAG did I wind up as WAR? I'm supposed to be Death! Doesn't anyone remember The World's Worst Fanfic? RHINOX IS DEATH!"

Rattrap: "Ease up, big green... It's another continuity anyways...&quo
Manchester Devil writes: Rhinox: "Furman going to turn me into a what?"
Rattrap: "Relax buddy, I'll distr...
*Rhinox suddenly disappears, in his place stands Simon Furman*
Furman: "War, check! Now that I have all four horsemen for my Energon story, my
g2grimmy64 writes: Son, it's time you and I had "The Talk".
Kal-Seth writes: Rhinox: How about a Lap Dance Sweet Cheeks

Rattrap:..... how much cheese you got
Nightshadow writes: What are you doing with your hand?
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Banshee writes: Ratrap was the first to aprehend Rhinox for stealing Cheetors weapon
Tiedye writes: RINOX-"Look into my eyes and tell me you love me.
Tiedye writes: RATRAP-"We'll this is it, we're all gonna die RINOX-"In that case I just want you to know that I never knew true love."
Tiedye writes: RATTRAP- "Well it dosen't look like we are gonna ta get outta here alive." RINOX (Putting his arm around Rattrap) In that case," I just want you to know that I never knew true love." RATTRAP- WHAT!!!!!!!
Zeedust writes: Rhinox: "I wonder if they're still looking at this one."

Rattrap: "I think I know how to find out... HEY FANBOYS! G1 CAN LICK MY SHINY METAL..."

Rhinox: "RATTRAP! What are you trying to do, get
Unknown writes: Rhinox: ok asked Santa what you want for Christmas

Rattrapp: Cheeze cake
Optimus Prime, Jr. writes: Tribal council.
Zeedust writes: Rattrap: "So, when do we get the other two seasons on DVD?"

Rhinox: "Wrong Rhino, buddy..."
chichi writes: my guns bigger than yours
chichi writes: now come here and let tell you a story
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Xalticus writes: Rattrap: "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" Rhinox remains silent.
prim writes: tell me a story to me grandpa
Unknown writes: Rattrap, I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time now... but... here goes nothing... For the last time, I don't swing that way!!!!
Unknown writes: Rhinox: " What the....didn't I told ya not to smoke that last blunt , you almost shot mah big toe off!"
PredaKing writes: Rhinox: *Sigh* "I miss my chaingun"
Shadow Fox writes: You know..now that we're alone..I have to tell you rat trap, your new armor makes you look....HOT!!
Asheron writes: Rattrap : and i want a firetruck and a... wait a sec ur not santa !
Rhinox : * sigh * * anime sweatdrop *
K-nonFodder writes: Rhinox: Dude i thought u said tehy dont ussually travel in packs
Rattrap: well u asked my opinion it was a fity fity shot hey cant be right all the time!!
Rhinox: u lil rat!!
Rattrap: what got ur oversized panties in a wad
Punkbot writes: We must stop meeting like this
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"Beast Machines huh, I don't know people are gonna abbreviate that as BM,and in my book BM has always been bowel movement."
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Unknown writes: Lego My EGGO!!!
samson120 writes: Nice shorts. Your a good looking fella.
samson120 writes: "...I got you babe..."... The Sonny and Cher Tribute continues
Unknown writes: Rattrap: "I am no DUMMY, so tak your arms off my ass."
Unknown writes: Well when a mummy and a daddy love each other very much....
Unknown writes: Rhinox: So I said "Rectum? I damn near killed him!" LOLOL!!11!!!one!!!
x writes: uh, you asked where little maximals came from...
Cliffjumper writes: Ratrap: Now for Christmas I want a baby predacon.
Rhionx: Okay, but uh they grow up fast.
Unknown writes: Come here often?
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Thanks to the Maximals don't ask don't tell policy special moments like this were few and hidden,but possible.
Unknown writes: You know, cheetor's gun really brings out your eyes....Kiss Me!!!
Unknown writes: ...umm, i dont think this is suposed to happen with co-workers...
BlItZeR writes: Rhinox: Does my sexy face turn you on baby?
Unknown writes: Rattrap: What are you doing?!?!
Rhinox: We have five minutes left to live, the whole world's about to end, you said you'd **** me.

And thus, Kevin Smith's head imploded, and there was much rejoicing.
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Okay Rhinox, we're surrounded and are taking cover behind the same rock as every other episode! All we have to do is wait, and maybe, just maybe we can find a way out! Wow! I love being a Maximal.
Rhinox: I feel purty.
Unknown writes: "Rattrap then realized that he was, in fact, a rat named Rattrap, and his friend was a rhinocerous named Rhinox. They stood there for a while, before shedding a tear for the toy designers at Hasbro."
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Is that Cheetor's gun?
Rhinox: No, but I took his temperature with it.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rattrap,"Rhinox,how long we gonna sit here before we quit this stupid game,what'd you call it again?" Rhinox,"Hide and seek,and since Dinobot's it and pretty pissed we just better stay put for now."
Christian writes: ratrap if you dont shut the hell up i will do megatron's work for him
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Unknown writes: Hey rhinox why is prime having us in a damn remote area with no megatron
Unknown writes: Look into my eyes and THEN tell me you love me...
groovygoth666 writes: Come give ol rhinox a kiss
Unknown writes: "hey little buddy, sit down on pappa's lap"
Unknown writes: Rhinox:Is that Unicron?
Rattrap:Wait, he has to be in beast wars neo as a blendtron,so that's why we cut the camera away from him..uh.....CUT!
Kenshiro writes: Rattrap: I didn't know Cheetor could transform into a laser. Cheetor: Yeah, me either. Rhinox: He can't Cheetor: Oh that's right I can't...THE PAAAAAIIIIINNN!!!!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Rhinox, that is NOT how you do the Vulcan neck pinch."
Unknown writes: RHINOX: Ok, Rattrap. Let me spell it for you so you can understand it: I got ammo to refill, chips to buy and a heck o other bills to pay, so PLASE!, pay me what you owe me!!
RATTRAP: Er... I have your money, but there are some issues that has been keep
M writes: Rattrap: "You silly, silly people! That isn't Rhinox with Cheetors gun! That's Cheetor in Rhinox costume!" Cheetor: "Dangit! It was supposed to be a secret!"
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Unknown writes: uh, rhinox, im pretty sure this is called sexual harrasment...
Unknown writes: Just a couple more ventriloquist lessons and we could go brordway!
Messiah writes: "Rhinox" Have you ever had that not so fresh feeling?
Unknown writes: (Rattrap) Sweet i just jacke dhtis gun.
(rhinox) Cool I just lifted cheetors quazar blaster
(both) Shibby
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"You know I never noticed this til now,but after I ate Cheetor I realized I could just about do anything I damn well pleased." Rattrap,"What's dat supposed to mean?" Rhinox,"Well I've b
Thy Shadow Wolf writes: Rhinox:Rhinox smash!
Rattrap:Jeez someone has been watching a little to much Hulk lately.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rattrap,"So wanna tell me why Tigertron's trying to kill us." Rhinox,"Remember when Airazor's protoform needed my programming to come online.Well Tigertron just found out about it,and he says that counts as sex
Unknown writes: Rat Trap: "So Rhinox, I see you have Cheetor's gun". Rhinox: "Yea... SO?" Rat Trap: "Well... I wasn't going to say anything, but... Well...." Rhinox: "Well, WHA
Unknown writes: Rhinox to Rattrap "Where'd you get these from? You know your not allowed to play with these! No T.V. for you for a week young man!"
Unknown writes: Rhinox "Cheetor just didn't fill me up, so I'm having Vole a Flambe!"
Rattrap "What's a vole."
Rhinnox "Oh you'll find out."
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g2jazz writes: rattrap: you can kiss my pink .....
rhinox: Ok!
Unknown writes: do u want me to stroke your coat
Unknown writes: this is the best web site i had ever been on
Suzuki writes: RHINOX: Say hello to the nice people, Rattrap.
RATTRAP: I want some ham!
RHINOX: You are a dummy, Rattrap. I am your master.
RATTRAP: I want ham!
PRIMAL(off screen): What are you two doing?
RHINOX & RATTRAP(startled): Nothing!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"WHOOOA,let me get this straight KB toys has 25% off of select Transformers,and then another 30% off on top of that?" Rattrap,"Yep." Rhinox,"Lets go by my calculations Powerlinx Prime should cost me $26.
Unknown writes: "Pucker up Baby!"
Unknown writes: rhinox: FASTBALL SPECIAL!!!


Unknown writes: You recorded over Primal's soaps, no wonder he's shooting at us
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Unknown writes: So hmmmm, how you doin?
Unknown writes: Rattrap- okay, so do you understand the plan? Rhinox- Yeah, we go yelling at Megatron that he's been redesigned into an armada freak and when he goes down to cry we blast his slaggin head off. Rattrap- right. Rattrap thinking "Memo to
JP writes: Rhinox "Why do i always have to threaten you to make you bathe?"
Kaiser Grimlock writes: "Look you little scraplet, you tell any one about this and ill tear your spark out through your skid plate. GOT IT!
Unknown writes: "Hey Bud, you ever have problems with crap sticking to your fur?"
Aleph writes: "And now, Rattrape will sing 'John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt' while I drink a glass of water"
Unknown writes: Rattrap: "If you want to love yourself, you must first Kiss the Man Within" Rhinox: "Ah crap, dudes gettin all homopoetic on me"
Unknown writes: "Kiss me damnit!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"I hafta admit Predacons,energon surges,crazy aliens trying to kill us,but you know what really annoys me?" Rattrap,"No what?" Rhinox,"Every single time I go on a mission I get sand in my ass,and let me
Ulticron writes: Rhinox: Rattrap you ever let another fart like that again and I'll shove this gun so far up your...

Rattrap: Hey I told you it wasn't me that squeezed the cheese this time!
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Unknown writes: In the heat of battle, with lasers and bombs shattering the fridgid air, their eyes locked, their pulses racing, their their heads moved slowly together...EWWWW!!!
Unknown writes: "GEEZ...Tell me that's not your hand on my ass."
Unknown writes: "well, I tried computer dating once, but I didn't like the computer." NYUK NYUK!
Unknown writes: "Rattrap, do you like gladiator movies?
Unknown writes: "Daddy, tell me a story..."
Unknown writes: "Like my Cheetah purse? Saks was having a sale."
Unknown writes: "You sort of look more like Bender than a rodent."
"Oh, yeah? Bite my shiny metal ass!"
Unknown writes: "Squeal like a pig, boy!"
Unknown writes: "Ya know, some days, I don't feel fresh..."
Unknown writes: Wow! Frankenstein Junior! You're just in time! Rhinox: Hang on, Buzz!
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Unknown writes: Rattrap -- "Hey, you're not the JOLLY GREEN GIANT !!"
Unknown writes: "Okay Santa....I want a bike, a pony and a sled!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "FINALLY...........The Rock has come to Beastwars." Rattrap,"What the hell was that?" Rhinox,"Ah slag sounds like The Rock has joined the Predicons." The Rock,"That's right you two ca
bob writes: Rattrap: Why do you have Cheator's gun?
Rhinox: Megatron got full on the rest of him.
Centbot writes: Rattrap: "Damn it, Rhinox! For the last time, I am a RAT, not a decoy to be blown to hell by the Preds everytime you or the boss monkey get one of your hairbrained schemes in your head! PUT ME DOWN!"
Rhinox: "Sure thing Rattr
Alphatron2k3 writes: Rhinox: You know Rattrap, WE ARE all going to DIE! I lost my Chainguns!

Rattrap: NOW you tell me!, I was wondering why you had Cheetors gun.
(They both sit there)
Slappyfrog writes: "reunited and it feels so good...."
Unknown writes: Rhinox is trying to shoot with Cheetors gun. Rhinox: "Work DANGIT!!!" Rattrap: "Hey, it's not his gun, it's..." He tastes it. Rattrap: "heeeeuuugah duwd!" Rhinox: "Must be ma
CapeMike writes: Rattrap: Now explain to me again WHY you have Cheetor's gun?

Rhinox: Well, I thought we were playing Grand Theft Autobot, and-

Rattrap(long pause): Never mind....
Firewalker writes: Forgot to add my name
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Unknown writes: Rhinox: "Say, Rattrap..." Rattrap: "Yes?" Rhinox: "You ever kill a bot, just to watch him die?" Rattrap: "No..." Rhinox: "I have...on an unrelated note, would you like to buy
Unknown writes: Rhinox,"Whoa this is weird,you ever notice that Cheetor's intestines are part of his gun?" Rattrap,"But dat would mean....." Rhinox,"Yep he's shootin crap at the Preds."
krukid writes: I never really knew how to tell you this rat trap, but I love you.
krukid writes: What do you want for Christmas you little rat you?
Unknown writes: Rattrap: And I want a bike, and a monkey, and a friend for the monkey... Rhinox: You're not gonna start any fires, are you? Rattrap: At my house we call them "uh-ohs"!
Goblez writes: Rhinox: now what do you want for christmas little boy?
Rattrap:..put me down....just put me down..
Zeedust writes: Rattrap: "Where's your chainguns?"
Rhinox: "Cheetor has 'em."
Rattrap: "So that explains..."
Rhinox: "Yeah, afraid so."
Rattrap: "We're all gon
Unknown writes: Hey Rhinox how about I but you a drink and call it a day?
Prime Nova writes: You sure hiding Cheetors gun's a good idea?
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ionacus writes: rattrap;rhinox? rhinox;what? rattrap;tell me about the petro-rabbits1 rhinox; i'll give you petro-rabbits!
Unknown writes: I think I love you big guy!
Unknown writes: nerd critic:and in this seen why does rhinox have cheetors gun
animater: I keep telling you the magic fairs in your head made him grab it
Unknown writes: Rhinox: yeah well i'm a collecters dream i come with cheetors gun
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Oh Rattrap. You know I'm gay, right silly goose?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Rattrap this vacation sucks.I said Orlando,but ohhhh no you just had to see Jersey City."
M writes: Rhinox: "Ah! What a night. Just you, me, Cheetor's gun and Mr. Rock." They both look at the rock. R&R: "MR. ROCK!?!"
M writes: Rattrap: "I think that badly animated rock is following us..." Rhinox: "RUN!!!"
Bruticus writes: Rattrap: "Damn, Rhinox, you're fat! A porker! You ate the prom! Where's your party hat?"
Sixshot writes: Rattrap: you know that you have Cheetors gun, right?
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Unknown writes: It's in that second, when the the eyes meet behind the rock, that all concepts of size, gender and species go away and you just have to give in to the moment
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"I don't understand, tell me again." Rattrap,"For the luv a cybatron one last time,this guy walks into the Axalon says his names Hot Rod and he's there to get dis "chew some bubble gum and kick
Unknown writes: Rattrap: I don't remember capture the flag being this intense... Rhinox: This is capture the flag: ADVANCED.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rattrap,"I forget is it 1,2,3,then we go?" Rhinox,"No it's 1,2,then we go on 3,we always go on 3." [Lethal Weapon 2 ref.]
FortMax writes: Rhinox: mine's bigger
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Drunk and heavily armed are a really bad combination.
Taintedsoul69 writes: I shall name you Fluffy.
PredaKing writes: Rhinox: "Yeah Rattrap, don't tell Optimus, but I am so wasted."
matt writes: Then I says to him Your buying the round. and I shot him
Unknown writes: rattrap have you ever seen an exited rhino
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Unknown writes: Rhinox: Say hello to my little friend!!!
The Infamous One writes: Rhinox: You want me to put my "gun" where?!?!
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Just because they have more firepower they think they have bigger guns? We'll show them we've got big Guns, too!
Rattrap (Zogan): Um...Rhinox, that was so Ambigious!
Snake writes: "Now, Rattrap, it's OK to be different, alot of Transformers are gay..."
Pokejedservo writes: Rattrap: Oh PLEASE tell me your not going to do your ventriloquist act on me again! Rhinox: Yep...
Skyfire the Artist writes: It was always their job to guard the sandbox, but Rattrap and Rhinox never knew why.
Unknown writes: [Rattrap] Yo Rhiney! Whad'ya say we try defeatin' Megatron ourselves? Let's see if we can make BigBot proud of us.
Unknown writes: [Rattrap] Y'know, Rhinox, we oughtta try defeating the Preds ourselves! That would make BigBot proud...wouldn't it?
Unknown writes: Rhinox i don't want to play santa claws
Bombshell writes: Rattrap:...So I said, that's no Predicon, that's my wife!
Rhinox: Good thing I got this gun.
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Unknown writes: Rhinox; RAtrap wil u marrie me
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"I hear they if they capture they turn you into one of them." Rattrap,"I'm tellin ya dere's no way I'm lettin those Armada bastards redesign me.I'll die fight'n first."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rattrap,"What the did you mean when you said in two years my @$$ is gonna be wheels?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"What the hell do you mean in two years I'm gonna be Tankor?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rhinox,"I got a parts box on ebay and would you believe I found the Cheetor gun I needed." Rattrap,"Great would you mind icing some Preds."
Minicle writes: Rattrap: Say Rhinox, whats da matta? Rhinox: Ughh! Wild bean vines. Hard to digest.
Rattrap: Uh oh!
Minicle writes: Rhinox:(Drunk) HIC! Say, your looking lovely in the moonlight Amanda. Rattrap: Yeah. Well Amanda says Slag off!!!
Unknown writes: Rhinox: "Come here little buddy."
Ricochet writes: RatTrap: I don't think we are drunk enough to do this
davewelttf writes: Rattrap: That was close!
isn't that cheetor's gun?
Rhinox: um, No It's not!(puts the gun behind his back)
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Crosscheck writes: Rhinox and Rattrap's secret lovenest was discovered. Usinf a sex toy borrowed from Cheetor, the thwo were going to engage in acts not suitable for television.
Unknown writes: "Let's have a few beers."
transformacon writes: Oh rattrap we can not keep our forbidden love a secret any longer
Unknown writes: Rhinox: "Juuubeei! I love yooooooouuuu!"
Unknown writes: Rattrap: "Sweet! You found Cheetors gun!" Rhinox: "I bet you 50 bucks that It's a penis enlarger!"
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Where's my gun? WHERE IS IT?! Rattrap: I dunno! I dunno! Meanwhile: Cheetor is raising Hell and having fun with Rhinox's chain gun.
M writes: Rhinox: "Thirty. Thirty. Thirty. Thirty." Rattrap: "Rhinox, why are you sitting behind a rock while repeating the phrase 'Thirty'?" Rhinox grabs Rattrap and throws him away and there's sounds
BoomBox writes: Rhinox: Rattrap, your mouth has the same fire rate as my chain gun, so I'm gonna use you...better than this puny gun of cheetor's.
M writes: Rattrap: "Thank Primus I found you guys. I thought... Hey! What are you doing with Cheetors gun? And where's Cheetor!?" Rhinox: "I ate him! And you're next, ya cheeky little blighta!!" Rattrap: &qu
demarcusgd writes: I don't give a $#!+ if you're gettin' you @$$ kicked in Heavy Metal War, Rhinox, I'm NOT tradin' you guns!
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Neko writes: "And that where babys come from Rattrap."
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Hey! Put me down you big bulldozer!
Rhinox: Look, rodent, Optimus said he heeds cover, I left my chaingun back at the base, I'm stuck with Cheetor's small gun, so I'm in a *very* bad mood! Now, get out there, soldier
Unknown writes: "Jeez...for the last time, Rhinox, I'm just her great-nephew! How the hell am I supposed to know if Arcee's single again?"
Unknown writes: Rattrap: I told ya that would happen if you and Cheetor went bar-hopping. Now you gotta deal with his small gun.
Unknown writes: Rattrap: So what'dya think of puberty cheetah over there?
Rhinox: Don't tell him I said this...but if he doesn't stop getting 'spotty', there'll be some punishment goin' on!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Rhinox: "(Sigh) I miss my Chaingun of Doom (TM)"
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Rattrap: "So is that Cheetor's gun in your hand, or are you happy to see me?"
BigD writes: Come here you lil' hairy rat.... Oh yes rhinox...I think I really love u...WTF??? What did you do with cheetor..I loved..ehmmm....never mind
Unknown writes: Ratrap "Santa i want a waspinator head and particle exelirator, plus i have been a good rat." Rhinox "I don't know about that particle exelirator but waspinator's head is an easy one"
Mazinman writes: *Moments after Cheetor's death.* RHINOX: "How could you Rattrap? You were supposed to cover him yet you stayed here hidding." RATTRAP: "Don't get all high and mighty with me! Your the one who stole Cheetor&
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Downshift writes: "Tell me Rattrap how does all this stress youre telling me about make you feel" Rhinox, maximal warrior, phsychiatrist and all round nice guy
Unknown writes: Rattrap- Who'da thunk dem sharkticons still existed?
Rhinox- Beats me. Lemme try something.. * Rhinox Goes in front and shows some energy * Bah weep Granah We.... * Both he and Rattrap are fragged
Sharticons- 1st Kup and now these guys!
Mkall writes: Rhinox: "Rattrap, let me tell you about the cyberbirds and the hoverbees...
RollingMayhem writes: Rattrap: But...but I thought YOU put the milk away!
Rhinox: Aaw, slaggit, we're in for a stink when we get home.
Jade writes: Rattrap: Hey Rhinox why do you have cheetors gun? Rhinox: I ate him
tony writes: Rhinox: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Now that I needed! Hey, Rattrap, pass the beers! Rattrap: Beers? Emm...I thought they were grenades, we are in battle after all! Rhinox: How hard did you shake them? *Megatron slams into the rocks nearby* Rattrap: Pretty
Unknown writes: Now is the time to tell you about the birds and the bees Rattrap. You see when a soddering torch...
Zeedust writes: Rhinox: "Say hello to all the nice people, Rattrap" Rattrap: "They can see your lips moving when I talk... Now get your hand outta my butt."
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