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In March of 2019, IDW Publishing re-booted their entire Transformers comic book universe (movie-related books and other limited series notwithstanding) for the first time since they began holding the license in 2005. The series is written by Brian Ruckley with art by a plethora of talent including, but not limited to: Angel Hernandez, Cachet Whitman, Anna Malkova, Bethany McGuire Smith, Sara Pitre-Durocher, Andrew Griffith, Alex Milne, Joana Lafuente, Josh Burcham, and Josh Perez.

The series has, so far, followed a structure that produces a five-issue arc followed by a one-shot supplemental story, then another five-issue arc, then another one-shot, and so on.

As of September 2019, a companion series titled Transformers: Galaxies began, featuring side-stories in short arcs.

In lieu of the more traditional trade paperbacks, the series is collected in hardcover format with these hardcovers being listed as part of this series itself in the database, unlike the previous continuity's Transformers: The IDW Collection hardcovers which warranted their own series page. Beginning with the second hardcover, Transformers: Galaxies will also be reprinted in this format, again at the expense of the traditional trade paperback format.

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #261 - Ratchets, Tigers and Planes
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