The Fallen

Series: Titanium Series
Faction: Blendtron
Subgroup: 6" Cybertron Heroes
Titanium Series The Fallen gallery
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Tech Specs

THE FALLEN forgot his real name long ago. It didn't matter. It was a name given to him by his creator - the one he betrayed. It was a relic of a time before he had come to see the truth. The truth of UNICRON. Created as one of the original 13 TRANSFORMERS to serve as a protector of CYBERTRON, THE FALLEN has always been a creature of chaos and degradation. His original purpose was to oversee the stately running down of the universal clock, the ordered tick of universal balance from energy to entropy, the slow and total collapse that heralds a new creation - for what are creation and life without disillusion and death? he knew his purpose only too well, and became obsessed with the end of all things. Intrigued by the dark sciences, he came into contact with UNICRON, and fell under the evil planet's thrall. He exists now for one purpose alone: the destruction of the seal of Primus and the release of UNICRON into the universe. He lives only so that one day he might witness the last star in the unvierse wink out, and eternal ending fall.

Total: Unknown
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