Series: Victory
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Breastforce
Victory Leozack gallery

Tech Specs

Subcommander of the Destron forces, he has a symbol of evil built into him. Commanding Gaihawk and Hellbat, he attacks from the skies.

Total: 66
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: LeoZack was chosen by Deathsaurus himself to be second in command. LeoZack is just as ruthless as his leader and just as brutal a warrior. In the air he is the strongest of all the Breast Force, leaving only ruins beneath him. However, he is not pleased with being only second in command. At every moment LeoZack schemes to replace the all-powerful Deathsaurus. His subtle acts of insubordenance do not go unnoticed by Deathsaurus, who watches him carefully.
Abilities: As leader of the Breast Force he is not only the most powerful Breast force jet, but the most powerful breast force member, period. He can transform into an F-14 Jet Fighter capable of performing "the Jet Attack". With this attack he moves at super-sonic speed while unleashing a hail of ammunition groundward. He then leaves a laser beam contrail in his wake. In robot mode his breastplate can transform into the Leo Cannon.
Weaknesses: His contempt for authority has more than once put him on the bad side of Deathsaurus. If his discrete acts of rebellion are every truly realized by the Emperor of Destruction, LeoZack could find himself at his mercy.
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Cartoon Appearances

Leozack appeared in the following 31 cartoon episodes:

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #185 - Carnage in Troja Major
Twincast / Podcast #185:
"Carnage in Troja Major"
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