Series: Victory
Faction: Autobot
Subgroups: CombinersMultiforce

Tech Specs

The Multiforce, the new warriors at Cybertron headquarters on planet V, are currently the most highly anticipated group of young space fighters. As might be expected of the assembled form of these six, Landcross's fiery young power is enough to scare even his superiors, the Brainmasters.

Total: 67
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Landcross is the warrior made up of the Multiforce members Wing, Waver, Dash, Taker, Mach and Tackle. All of the members are young and prosperous individuals, thus Landcross as a fiery and youthful attitude. His enthusiasm for battle even impresses his superiors, the Brainmasters.
Abilities: Landcross is a powerful warrior best suited for battle on Earth. His weapon of choice is the Hybrid Gun; a gun made up of all the weapons of the individual Multiforce members. His final attack is called the "Multi Hybrid Thunder". With this attack Landcross launches a torpedo derived from the six energies that make up the Multiforce: wind, water, moon, earth, sun and fire.
Weaknesses: Landcross is fairly new at battle. He lacks the experience of fellow Cybertrons. He is also only at his peak fighting performance on Earth. In space he is an easy opponent to defeat.
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Twincast / Podcast #186:
"NYCC 2017"
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