Optimus Prime

Series: Armada, Micron Legends
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Super Vehicles
Armada Convoy gallery

Tech Specs

OPTIMUS PRIME is the leader of the AUTOBOTS and a powerful force of goodness, courage and wisdom in the battle against the evil DECEPTICONS. He comes to the aid of all living creatures whose freedom is threatened. He first tries to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, but when battle lines are drawn, he becomes a fierce warrior capable of overpowering vast enemy forces to achieve his goal. Will OPTIMUS PRIME succeed in his heroic and life-saving mission to get the MINI-CONS before MEGATRON can capture them?

Total: 80
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Variations: The first release of the Hasbro version of Optimus Prime included tabs that restricted the arm articulation of the Super-Mode Optimus Prime configuration. This was corrected as a running-change over the period this toy was produced. Subsequent issuances of the mold do not have the articulation reducing tabs.

There are significant variations between the US release of Optimus Prime and the Japanese MD-01 Convoy. The Japanese version features yellow detailing in contrast to the gold paint applications of the US version. The Japanese version also features a spoken phrase upon pressing the Autobot symbol on the chest.
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Cartoon Appearances

Optimus Prime appeared in the following 51 cartoon episodes:

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #184 - The Search For Alpha Trion
Twincast / Podcast #184:
"The Search For Alpha Trion"
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