Series: Beast Wars, Beast Wars Metals
Faction: Mutant
Subgroup: Deluxe Beasts

Tech Specs

: Sage-like leader of the mutants. Very wise and powerful. Possesses colossal size and strength in bear mode - silent aerial abilities in owl mode. Resentful of his lost ability to convert to robot mode. Believes mission is to nullify technology completely and evolve into a purely organic existence. Does not fight with the Maximals, but he believes they are a necessary component of the organic evolution. Can communicate telepathically, become invisible, read minds and shut down machinery at will. Views Optimus Primal's heroics with forgiving tolerance. Greatly feared by Megatron.

Total: 66
Transformers Tech Spec: Icebird
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #334 - Pulsecon 2023
Twincast / Podcast #334:
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