a mech can dream

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a mech can dream

Postby kota720 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:25 am

this is my first attempt at a fan fic for transformers so constructive criticism please.

It was another hard day on Cybertron as a smallish mechanoid was running the underground tunnels to escape his two large brutish pursuers that were carrying large anti matter rifles, dodging countless badly aimed shots and diving over a low hanging energon transfer pipe, his energy sword handle shining in the darkness.
“Primus don’t these guys give up”
“Come out runt lord Megatron has business to settle with you!” a brutish sized mech shouted down the tunnel as I hid in the small vent in the middle.
“Never Grindor, I won’t join the Decepticons!” I shouted back as I saw a bolt of energy shoot past me down the smaller tunnel.
“Grindor ineffective, Ravage capture” a second icy cold voice ordered as I felt more metallic footsteps run down my tunnel.

As I ran from the fierce feline mech I transformed into my hovering motorcycle alternate mode and sped down the pipe toward the outside light only to catch my pursuer in the headlight and be knocked back into my robot mode as it pinned me to the floor of the duct, my core was shaking wondering what Ravage wanted with me but before I could make a move to try and evade him he scratched over my right optic making me shout out in pain causing me to dislodge my arm from his pinned grip and punch him across the jaw and fall through a nearby air vent down into a spaceport lobby.
“Well done Ravage, now bring your master back to me”

As I looked up from the floor I saw a large broad shouldered mech with tank parts hanging off of him and a large plasma cannon on his right forearm, his evil grin spreading as his troops encircled me.
“Why do you resist my rule and protest at joining my army?”
“Because I see what these poor sparks don’t, I know you’re purely out for your own gain not for Cybertron!” I shouted in reply as he picked me up by the forearms.
“You sound just like prime it’s a shame you don’t have his courage” he said as he raised his plasma cannon to point blank range on my torso.

All of a sudden a barrage of plasma and other energies flew through the air taking the Decepticons by surprise causing Megatron to drop me to fire back at the onslaught of Autobot shells.
“Where did that useless excuse for a mech go?”
“It doesn’t matter just follow that Autobot ship we cannot let them escape to gather more energon!” Megatron shouted as they ran past the battling armies not noticing me as I ran up beside their ship jumping inside the storage compartments.

The flight through space was a long arduous journey filled with many changes of my position so I wouldn’t get caught leaving me hiding in one of the escape pods as we drifted in chase after the Autobot ship named the ark, I felt myself lulled toward a few cycles of stasis nap until I felt a large tremor rock the ship signalling that we have connected to the ark and the Decepticons had boarded the Autobot vessel carrying on their senseless violence whilst grappling with each other on a collision with a small planet in the milky way solar system until I felt the ship starting to burn up in this planets atmosphere causing my pod to jettison from the ship sending me hurtling in a state of cryo stasis not even awake when I plummeted into the icy mountain range.

Approximately two thousand or so years later the small recon drone from the top of my pod rose out revealing a dent which had reprogrammed its processor from scanning vehicular forms to organic finding the first life form that had wandered into my crash site.
“Scanning world wide web, species database confirms creature as arctic fox and area to be Europe on planet earth, repairing and reworking servos, scanning life form onto exoskeletal parts”
In the brief time it took for my body to reshape itself to more organic curves the pieces of fox fur and the odd leg was grafted onto my Cybertronian body I slowly came back online automatically downloading information about Earth and its inhabitants.
“Scan complete welcome back sir”
“That’s the last time I run onto a star ship for protection!” I shouted to the sky as a tracking beacon lifted out of the top of my pod.

As the beacons energy sent out pulses into the sky, both the Decepticons and Autobots picked up the tracing signal alerting them to bring forth their reconnaissance teams.
“Prime we’ve discovered a new spark it seems to be an escapee from the Decepti-chumps ship”
“We need to hope we can get to this poor spark in time before Megatron can twist him to his will” a tall humanoid mech with the parts of a cab over engine truck told his crew of other automotive themed men.
“I’ll go, maybe I can sniff him out” Hound said as he stepped forward, his jeep torso’s headlights glinting in the light.
“Very well hound I entrust this mission to you old friend but I will also send along Ironhide to aid you in case the Decepticons attack” Prime told him as both Hound and Ironhide transformed into their respective vehicle modes and drove off out of the remains of the Ark.

Meanwhile at the Decepticons’ base Soundwave had picked up on my signal and alerted the rest of them to this news.
“Lord Megatron, new spark detected in Europe”
“Well done Soundwave we shall finally convert that runaway coward to our way of control, Starscream gather the seekers and bring me this soldier!” Megatron shouted as the three of them transformed into their jet vehicle modes and flew off towards my location.

As the cold snow blasted at my torso when I entered the storm outside of the cave I heard the distant sound of car engines and people trampling snow underfoot from the nearby town so I took the initiative and tried out my alternate mode for the first time since landing here.
The first thing to change as my many torso, waist and leg parts collapsed in, to shrink myself down to just above the animals natural size as the rest of the creatures outer features and appearance appeared on my new form, I sat there in my arctic fox form watching the humans run around as I ran off into the town to find cover.

In the small town the humans were going about they’re normal routine a young woman was tending to the flowers outside her mothers shop and a young man was running past in his haste to get to work on time all the while I ran straight through getting a lot of attention from the children all gawping at me as I sat looking up at the road signs and shop windows until a local group of what appeared to be law enforcement officers gathered around me with nets and a collar.
“Now take it easy there boy we’re not gonna hurt you we just want to….”
“Run!” another shouted as the seekers arrived and landed in their robot modes aiming their weapons around searching for me.
“Human germs make it so hard to do anything don’t you agree Starscream?” the tall black and purple mech asked as they walked along scanning each and every vehicle in sight.
“Well Megatron didn’t say we had to do this without killing any humans Skywarp!” the white and red coloured one shouted in a shrill sharp voice as he started firing at all the different shops around causing glass to fly everywhere as the local officers tried shooting at the three mechs.

As the fighting escalated the two Autobots arrived and transformed straight into robot mode and started fighting off the Decepticons until the girl from the shop started screaming as a shard of glass flew toward her and her mother but all of a sudden I had changed back into robot mode from my animal form and deflected the shards of glass from them.
“You cowards, you attack a race that is vastly unprepared to defend against our technology how dare you even think you could get away with it, I thought you were a bot of science Starscream!”
“The coward!” the seekers shouted as I drew my energy swords from compartments hanging off my waist.
Within moments I charged forward not even flinching as they fired at me throwing my all into this attack as I drew close enough and cut off the end of the Null rays hanging off their forearms causing Starscream to throw me back into the street waiting above me with his fist held above my head only to be swayed from his attack by the two Autobots who had shot him in the shoulder.
“We will be back for you runt make no mistake, nobody crosses Starscream!”
“We’ll see about that when I drive my blade through your spark” I said coldly as they flew away.
“That was courageous of you to attack them like that young bot” Hound said as he walked over to me and shook my hand with a smile.
“Damned stupid if you ask me but you got guts kid” Ironhide added as I smiled beyond my three cut scar across my face.
“Thank you for saving us” the young woman said as she and her mother walked over and looked up at the eight foot size of my robot mode.
“It was no problem I just have strong views of right and wrong embedded in my processor” I replied to her as I changed back to my animal mode and sat in front of the four of them.
“So you were that little confused fox that was out on the crossroads earlier” she said as she walked over and patted my head smiling.
“Yeah that’s me, perfect disguise too” I replied wagging my tail.
“Now back to the point, we would like to introduce you to Optimus Prime” Hound said butting in.
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