Annihilation: Prologue and Chapters 1-5

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Annihilation: Prologue and Chapters 1-5

Postby Maxima Prime » Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:31 am

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This is the beginning of an ongoing series of stories which take place in an alternate timeline of the G1 Cartoon Universe which deviates immediately following the events of "The Burden Hardest to Bear."


“Let this be a lesson to all of you.” sneered Galvatron as he flaunted the decapitated head of Scourge before the assembled legions of Decepticons at their base on the planet Chaar. “Treason,” he continued, “shall NOT be TOLERATED!” And for emphasis, he threw Scourge’s head on the ground and crushed it with his foot.

“Cyclonus,” Galvatron inquired of his loyal first lieutenant, “have the preparations for the execution been completed?”

“They have, mighty Galvatron.” replied Cyclonus in his husky baritone.

“Excellent!” said Galvatron. “Bring out the condemned.”

The Sweeps were shoved into view by their designated replacements: Triggerhappy, Misfire, and Slugslinger.

“B-b-but, Galvatron,” stammered one of the Sweeps, “we were programmed by Unicron to follow Scourge’s orders.”

“That only demonstrates,” barked Galvatron, “that you haven’t the spine to override your programming when necessary! And for that, you must DIE!” Having said his piece, Galvatron turned his cannon on all of the Sweeps. Cyclonus and the Sweeps’ replacements also fired upon the unfortunate Sweeps. Soon, not one Sweep was standing.

Galvatron now stepped in front of the gruesome tableau. “Decepticons, we have held back far too long. Now is the time for a reckoning. Now is the time for us to unleash the full fury at our command, destroy the Autobots once and for all, reconquer Cybertron, and expand our empire across the universe!”

“All hail Galvatron!” exulted Cyclonus.

“HAIL GALVATRON!” responded the Decepticon soldiers in fervorous unison.

“We attack in 48 hours.” declared Galvatron. “Ready yourselves for battle. Dismissed.”

As the Decepticons dispersed, small groups of them headed to various locations on Chaar. One Decepticon, Counterpunch, went further afield, into a cavern located on the outskirts of the Decepticon base. To an audience of none, he performed a most unexpected transformation – into an Autobot! He then activated his built-in communication device.

“Punch to Cybertron!” he whispered urgently. “Punch to Cybertron! Come in, Cybertron!”

An authoritative voice responded through the crackling static. “This is Rodimus Prime.”

“Rodimus, thank the Matrix!” said Punch. “Galvatron has planned a full-scale assault on Cybertron 48 hours from now.”

“Understood.” replied Rodimus serenely. “We’ll be expecting them. Rodimus out.”

“Punch over and out.”

Before Punch had a chance to relax or unwind or even to return to his undercover mode, he was shot from behind. As his circuits overloaded and burned themselves out, Punch fell headfirst to the ground of the cave. Looking up, he could make out a familiar silhouette in the inky darkness. The voice confirmed the identity of Punch’s assailant. “Perhaps you did not get the message,” Cyclonus grumbled dryly, “treason will not be tolerated.”

After unloading a few more shots into Punch’s now-sparkless body, Cyclonus activated his communication device. “Cyclonus to Galvatron. My suspicions about Counterpunch proved true. But he has served his purpose – the Autobots now believe that we attack in 48 hours when it will actually be in 24 hours!”

“Superb!” replied Galvatron. “I cannot wait to see the look on Rodimus Prime’s face...before I bash it in!”
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Re: Annihilation: Prologue

Postby Maxima Prime » Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:09 pm

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Almost 24 hours after receiving the faulty intel from the doomed Punch/Counterpunch, a fully confident Rodimus Prime was none the wiser to the Decepticons’ schemes as he supervised the preparations for the upcoming battle on Cybertron. He strode purposefully entered the control center of the Autobot citadel.

“Blaster,” Rodimus said to the Autobot at the main monitor, “report.”

“Everything’s running smoothly.” Blaster assured Rodimus, “The missiles are armed and ready to launch, the photon cannons are charged, and the particle beam should finish charging in two hours.”

Rodimus next approached a trio of recent returnees to the Autobot ranks, and extended his hand to one of them.

“Pointblank,” said Rodimus, “I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have you fighting alongside the Autobots again. Kup has filled me in on your legendary exploits from millions of years ago.”

“The honor is mine.” replied Pointblank. “Kup has filled ME in on the way you’ve matured into a great leader in such a short time.”

“Kup sometimes exaggerates.” said Rodimus, proving that his self-deprecating side remained.

Pointblank’s companions undercut the bonhomie. “Mutual admiration societies make me sick to my carburetor.” said Crosshairs wryly to Sureshot, who remained his usual taciturn self, except for a slight smirk.

“Sorry to break up the chat,” said Blaster, “but Autobot City’s blastin’ loud and clear.”

“Ultra Magnus to Cybertron.” came the stoic voice of Rodimus’ second-in-command.

“We read you, Magnus.” replied Rodimus.

“I’ll be part of the reinforcements you asked for,” informed Magnus, “and I’m bringing the Dinobots along, too. Sky Lynx is off on a deep-space mission with Springer, Arcee, and Sandstorm, so we’ll be flying over aboard Omega Supreme. Our ETA is an hour and a half.”

“Good enough.” said Rodimus.

“Magnus out.”

On Earth, the Dinobots were lumbering their way across the bridge attached to Omega Supreme’s rocket mode.

“Me, Grimlock, eager to stomp Decepticons.”

“Me, Sludge, eager too.”

“Me, Slag, wish Sludge had original thoughts.”

“Me, Snarl, wish Slag would shut up.”

“Me, Swoop, wish everyone would shut up.”

Before Magnus joined the Dinobots on board, he conferred with Kup.

“I’m leaving you in charge,” said Magnus, “and I know you won’t let me down.”

“Perish the thought.” replied Kup.

Magnus entered Omega Supreme and the countdown to the launch began, in Omega’s booming voice.


As Kup watched the rocket fly away, his seasoned sensors detected the approach of Jazz, Bumblebee, and the Autobots’ Earth Defense Command liaison, Marissa Faireborne, recently promoted from Captain to Major.

“Kup,” said Major Faireborne, “there’s a situation at the training grounds.”

“Never a dull moment.” mumbled Kup in response.

When they reached the training grounds, they found the drill instructor, Cliffjumper, arguing heatedly with one of the new recruits, Chromedome.

“You insubordinate, reckless hothead.” screamed Cliffjumper. “You’ll never amount to anything.”

“You’re just bitter because you’ll never get promoted any higher.” snarked Chromedome.

“At ease.” commanded Kup firmly. “We’re supposed to fight Decepticons, not each other.”

“If this walking piece of scrap ever makes it into the field,” said Cliffjumper, “I’ll eat my weapon.”

“Cool your engines, Cliffjumper,” said Kup, “it wasn’t so long ago that I felt that way about a recruit named Hot Rod...”

“What,” chuckled Cliffjumper, “you’re saying this loser could make leader one day? That’s a laugh.”

“I can tell this is gonna go in circles,” grumbled Kup, “so the recruits are dismissed while I have a conference with Cliffjumper.”

“Don’t mind Cliffjumper,” said Jazz to Chromedome, “his bark is worse than his bite.”

“You have a knack for stating the obvious.” sneered Chromedome, walking away.

“Uncouth oaf.” remarked Highbrow. “I’m ashamed to be in the same unit as him.”

“I’m ashamed,” growled Hardhead, “to be in this unit, period!”

“Well,” said Brainstorm, “I’m not. And may I say, Jazz, it’s an honor to finally meet you.”

“Thanks, man.” replied Jazz.

“What’s with Bumblebee?” Brainstorm inquired about the uncharacteristically forlorn and silent kid-brother-to-all-Autobots, even to those younger than him.

“Bumblebee’s been depressed,” answered Major Faireborne, “ever since his best friend Spike decided he could no longer endanger himself or his family and moved to another galaxy.”

“Wow, that’s tough.” sighed Brainstorm. “Maybe he could use someone to talk to.”

Brainstorm approach Bumblebee cautiously and said, “Excuse me?”

“Yeah?” asked Bumblebee.

“I was wondering,” said Brainstorm, “what war stories you have to share with this raw recruit.”

Bumblebee smiled, and they walked away chatting happily.

At that moment, on Cybertron, the steely efficiency of Rodimus Prime’s demeanor was about to be tested.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news,” said Blaster, “but...”

“The Decepticons are already here!” blurted Rodimus instinctively as the monitor’s long-range scanner confirmed his worst fears.

“Which means we’ve lost Punch.” observed Crosshairs.

“Such are the ways of war.” replied Pointblank.

“Patch me in to Silverbolt!” Rodimus ordered Blaster. “Rodimus to Silverbolt. Come in.”

“This is Silverbolt.”

“Get the Aerialbots moving on the double!”

“Roger and out, Rodimus.”

“Blaster,” said Rodimus, “contact Magnus aboard Omega and tell them to speed up.”

But before Blaster could follow Rodimus’ command, the control center was shaking from a deafening burst of static.

Blaster responded with only one word. “SOUNDWAVE!” He then charged out of the citadel to confront his Decepticon nemesis, who was jamming all Autobot transmissions.

The five Aerialbots flew in close formation toward the Decepticons’ first line of offense.

“Can’t wait to mop up those dumb old Sweeps.” snarled Air Raid.

“What Sweeps?” asked Skydive. “I don’t see any.”

“I don’t recognize anyone,” said Fireflight, “except for Galvatron and Cyclonus!”

“Galvatron must have wised up to what losers the Sweeps were!” said Slingshot.

“We can take them, whoever they are!” barked Silverbolt, struggling to believe his own boast.

“ATTACK!!” Galvatron commanded his elite guard.

Slugslinger took the point, engaging Silverbolt in a vicious dogfight, while Triggerhappy bombarded the Autobots’ photon cannon defenses with rapid pulse blasts, and Misfire gleefully and recklessly fired at the other four Aerialbots. Cyclonus then took advantage of the chaos created by Misfire to fire more accurately at the Aerialbots. Within seconds, Slingshot and Skydive were both hit.

Silverbolt had not faced a crisis of confidence since he first started out as the Aerialbots’ leader. In desperation, he reached for a metaphorical trump card. “Aerialbots!” he commanded, “merge into Superion!”

Unfortunately, the Decepticons had been expecting this. The elite guard scrambled while the Aerialbots’ formation into Superion was viciously disrupted by a chemical-laser blast from Galvatron in cannon mode. The Aerialbots all went down.

Watching this from the control center, it was Rodimus’ turn to taste desperation. “Launch a missile at Galvatron!” he ordered.

But Cyclonus intercepted the missile and blew it up before it could reach his leader. Galvatron transformed into robot mode and fired directly at the Autobot citadel.

“Rodimus,” taunted Galvatron, “prepare to meet your ultimate doom!”
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Re: Annihilation: Prologue and Chapter 1

Postby Maxima Prime » Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:09 pm

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Rodimus Prime immediately took up Galvatron’s challenge, assembling Pointblank, Crosshairs, Sureshot, the Technobots, Blurr, Wheelie, and the Throttlebots. Outside, Blaster was already engaging Soundwave in a one-on-one fight.

“We have to hit the Decepticons hard and fast!” said Rodimus. “Pointblank, Crosshairs, and Sureshot will take the lead. Technobots, stand by until I signal you to join the fray. All right, let’s go!”

The Autobot armada of cars and trucks burned up the road as they sped toward the attacking Decepticons.

Sureshot fired expertly at the Decepticons, his twin laser cannon taking down Misfire and Slugslinger, wounding Cyclonus and Triggerhappy, and even grazing Galvatron. The enemy leader did not take kindly to this, transforming to cannon mode and unleashing a blaze of chemical energy. Sureshot couldn’t quite dodge the shot, and suffered severe burns.

Pointblank and Crosshairs double-teamed against Galvatron, momentarily stunning him, leaving an opening for Rodimus to charge Galvatron. Before the Decepticon leader began whaling into his opposite number, he signalled the Combaticons and Stunticons to descend to the planet’s surface and attack.

Meanwhile, Blaster and Soundwave were brutally beating each other to death. Soundwave fought dirty by bombarding Blaster with an ultrasonic barrage. Blaster countered by liberating his cassettes, which transformed into Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Eject, and Rewind. Ramhorn rammed Soundwave directly in the chest-plate while Steeljaw clawed relentlessly at the Decepticon and Eject and Rewind fired their guns at him. Soundwave tipped the scales by liberating his cassettes, which transformed into Ratbat, Ravage, Overkill, and Slugfest.

At that moment, the Combaticons and Stunticons stood defiant as the Autobots approached. “Remember my battle plan,” said Onslaught, “and, now, transform!”

Rodimus’ strategy called for the small, agile Throttlebots to confuse the Decepticons while the rest of the Autobots took them down. But Motormaster’s tractor trailer form was enough to steamroller most of the Throttlebots before they could get very far. Pointblank, the wily old warhorse, used precise tactics to cause Motormaster to jackknife and end up on his side. Crossfire, for his part, held his own with the other Stunticons, but barely. And when the Combaticons moved in, he was at a distinct disadvantage. Swindle, in jeep mode, fired an explosive shell at Crossfire which hit him in his weakest spot. Wheelie retaliated against Swindle by transforming to robot mode and using his marksman skills to shoot out one of Swindle’s tires, causing him to flip over.

Then, suddenly, time seemed to stand still as Brawl, in tank mode, fired his cannon at Wheelie’s mid-section. The impact of the projectile tore Wheelie in half.

“No, no, no, no, no, no!” yelled Blurr as he saw his best friend die horribly. The fastest of all Autobots charged recklessly at the Decepticons.

They were ready for him. Wildrider out-maneuvered Blurr straight into the path of Breakdown, whose vibrations damaged Blurr’s engines, and the Autobot began to zig-zag out of control. Vortex, in helicopter mode, swept up Blurr in one of his wind funnels, and Onslaught fired twin missiles at Blurr, who exploded in a blinding-bright fireball.

Rodimus tore himself away from Galvatron long enough to signal the Technobots to intervene and, hopefully, prevent more Autobot casualties. But Rodimus also gave Galvatron an opening for the Decepticon to give the Autobot his best right hook, directly in the face.

Meanwhile, Blaster’s sidekicks had all fallen – Ravage out-savaged Steeljaw, Slugfest decapitated Ramhorn with a swing of his mighty Stegosaur tail, Overkill went for Eject’s jugular like a true Velociraptor, and Ratbat put the bite on Rewind – and Blaster himself was summoning all his remaining strength to counter Soundwave’s attack with ultra-sonics of his own.

The Technobots gave a show of force, with Scattershot and Strafe engaging Blast Off and Vortex in air combat, Afterburner outdoing the Stunticons at aggressive excitability, and Lightspeed and Nosecone pressing forward with all guns blazing. When the Decepticons rallied, the Technobots responded to Scattershot’s command: “Technobots, merge into Computron!”

Scanning the battlefield with the speed of thought, Computron quickly concluded that the highest priority was to render Onslaught and Motormaster inoperative so that their respective teams couldn’t merge into challengers for Computron. The giant Autobot dispatched his enemies quickly and decisively.

To Computron surprise, Galvatron laughed. “Very good, Autobot, very good indeed. But, as you see, I have your leader on his knees, and I doubt you’ll be able to stand up alone to my final wave of aggression!”

Computron looked up, and faced the horrifying sight of Predaking, Abominus, and Trypticon descending upon him from the sky.

Not far away, Soundwave manned his gigantic concussion gun to fire the final, fatal shot that took down Blaster for good. Soundwave then put his foot on top of Blaster’s scrapped body and declared, “Blaster inferior, Soundwave superior.”
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Re: Annihilation: Prologue and Chapters 1-2

Postby Maxima Prime » Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:35 pm

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The double-team assault on Computron was brutal – Predaking hit him high, Abominus hit him low; Predaking’s sword sliced off one of Computron’s arms, then made a massive gash in Computron’s chest which Abominus tore into. At the same time, Trypticon knocked over buildings in his way as if they were made of cardboard as he approached his target, the Autobot Citadel. Once the Citadel was in his sights, Trypticon breathed white fire on it, causing the Citadel to burst into flame.

Rodimus Prime, for his part, had managed to break away from the fight with Galvatron. His every circuit was in pain as he ran into the burning citadel and headed for the control center. Once there, he used the monitor to target Trypticon and launch every remaining missile at the monstrous Decepticon behemoth. But the explosive barrage failed, as Trypticon still stood, spreading death and destruction. Abruptly, Rodimus was pounced on from behind by Galvatron, and the fight continued inside the control center.

Galvatron pinned back on of Rodimus’ arms and put the Autobot leader in a chokehold. He forced Rodimus to watch the carnage on the monitor. “See what your failure as a leader has wrought! Yours will be the shortest reign of any Autobot commander!”

Suddenly, Galvatron’s jaw dropped as he saw Omega Supreme in rocket mode plow into the right side of Trypticon’s head and come out of the left side, acting like a bullet and causing Trypticon’s brain matter and cerebral fluid to burst out of his head. Trypticon toppled over backwards, taking out several buildings.

The shock to Galvatron gave Rodimus an opportunity to twist free and take a swing at his nemesis. Rodimus’ fist connected, and Galvatron went flying into a wall of the control center.

Outside, Omega landed in a clearing near the still-burning Citadel, and Ultra Magnus and the Dinobots disembarked. Omega switched to giant robot mode.

“My sensors detect Rodimus Prime and Galvatron fighting inside the Citadel.” said Magnus. “I need to get past the other Decepticons to help Rodimus. That’s where the rest of you come in. You need to make me an opening and to save Computron at the same time.”

“Dinobots,” continued Magnus, “you take the Predacons while Omega fights Abominus. I’ll handle the rest.”

“ORDER RECEIVED AND UNDERSTOOD.” replied Omega, saluting.

“Me, Grimlock, say...” replied Grimlock, “...Dinobots, transform and stomp enemies!”

“Get to it!” ordered Magnus as he raced towards the citadel, firing at the remaining functional Decepticons: Cyclonus, Brawl, Swindle, Blast Off, Vortex, Dead End, Wildrider, Drag Strip, and Breakdown. Magnus managed to take a couple of them down, but the rest returned fire. Any ordinary Transformer would have been instantly shot to pieces and taken offline, but Magnus was no ordinary Transformer. He plowed brutally through the Decepticon squad and continued on his way to the citadel.

Omega sank his enormous claw into Abominus’ back, causing the barbaric combiner to howl in pain. But a wounded Abominus was even deadlier, and he began pummeling Omega savagely.

Predaking, to the Dinobots’ surprise, separated into his five components: Razorclaw the lion, Rampage the tiger, Tantrum the water buffalo, Divebomb the bird of prey, and Headstrong the rhino. “How fitting,” declared Predacon leader Razorclaw, “that the dinosaurs shall be exterminated by the mammals, the same as it occured millions of years ago on Earth. Predacons, attack!”

Inside the citadel, Galvatron had once again gained the advantage over Rodimus, chiefly through blasting Rodimus repeatedly with the lethal force of his cannon.

But Rodimus remained defiant to the end. “Even if you destroy me,” he spat out, “you’ll only win the battle, not the war! Just like I rose up to replace Optimus Prime, someone will rise up to replace me and end your campaign of death and destruction once and for all!”

“Campaign of death and destruction?” replied Galvatron. “HA! So says the one who ordered the destruction of the planet Paradron.”

“I destroyed it because it was the only way to save it from you!”

“Balderdash!” yelled Galvatron. “You are no different from me, you simply hide behind your hypocritical morality. You sicken me more than any Autobot leader before you, and that is why it is a pleasure and an honor to kill you!”

But just then, Magnus barged into the control center and fired one of his shoulder rockets at the surprised Galvatron, who took it right in the chest.

As Galvatron lay slack-jawed on the floor, Magnus approached Rodimus.

Outside, the Dinobots and the Predacons were proving to be perfectly matched against each other. Grimlock and Razorclaw fought tooth and nail, Slag and Tantrum clashed with their mighty horns, Swoop and Divebomb clashed in mid-air, Rampage found the weak spots in Snarl’s armor and tore into him, and Headstrong charged Sludge again and again. Perhaps the match was too perfect, the two sides too even.

Razorclaw sensed this as well. “Divebomb,” he addressed his fellow Predacon during a lull in his fight with Grimlock, “as proud as I am, there is no denying that there is strength in numbers.”

“Understood.” replied Divebomb, using his claws to tear into Swoop’s right wing and send the Dinobot into a spiral, after which Divebomb flew over to where Omega and Abominus were fighting.

The timing was perfect. Abominus had pounded Omega into scrap, and was now administering the coup de grace, thrusting his fist through Omega’s face-plate and shattering everything inside Omega’s head. Abominus then separated into his five monstrous components: the double-headed dragon Hun-Grrr, the scaly predator Rippersnapper, the griffin Cutthroat, the ogre Blot, and the orthrus Sinnertwin.

“Terrorcons,” said Divebomb, “a greater challenge stands before you right now!”

“Uh?” mumbled Blot. “What is stupid bird talking about?”

“It more than obvious he mean that Predacons need help against Dinobots!” snarled Hun-Grrr.

“That suit me just fine!” said Rippersnapper. “Destroy, destroy!”

The Terrorcons charged gracelessly but purposefully into the fray. Hun-Grrr bombarded Grimlock in the face with projectiles made from debris that Hun-Grrr had chewed up. This allowed Razorclaw a moment to find Grimlock’s weakest spot and tear into it. Cutthroat let loose with ear-splitting caws as he and Divebomb pounced simultaneously on an already-wounded Swoop, Blot proved not only twice as stupid as Sludge, but also twice as strong, Rippersnapper eagerly expanded the wounds that Rampage had inflicted on Snarl, and Sinnertwin’s double-headed charge against Slag left the Dinobot lying on his side, vulnerable to being gored by Tantrum’s horns.

Within minutes, it was over. The Predacons and Terrocons stood triumphant over the dying Dinobots.

“Me...Grimlock...say...” wheezed the Dinobot leader, “...we...Dinobots...did best we could...but...not...good enough...”

Things were equally grim inside the Autobot Citadel, now falling to pieces as the flames continued to consume it.

“It’s too late to save me, old buddy.” groaned the fast-fading Rodimus. “Looks’ll get your turn at the...umph...Autobot leadership after all.”

“Don’t talk that way!” replied Magnus sternly before wincing visibly. “And...besides...I’m not doing much better...than you.”

“The Matrix will fix you up just fine.” said Rodimus. “Here...ung... you go. Argh, why is it always so damn hard to get it out?”

“Your time hasn’t come yet.” said Magnus before a shot from behind permanently fried Magnus’ brain circuitry and took him offline.

“But yours has, Magnus.” growled Cyclonus, who despite his wounds had managed to follow Magnus into the citadel and sneak up behind him to fire the killing shot.

The shock of watching his first lieutenant and best friend die awakened Rodimus’ last reserves of strength, and he blasted Cyclonus with the weaponry built into his arms.

But in avenging Magnus, Rodimus had expended what little remained of his spark. As the Matrix began to emerge from his chest, Rodimus moaned, “Why did it have to end like this? Why, why?”

Galvatron picked himself up and focused his optical sensors on the floating Matrix. “At last,” he hissed, “the Autobot Matrix shall be no more.” He fired at it, and the Matrix appeared to explode and vanish in a kaleidoscopic burst of light.

“Bravo, mighty Galvatron,” said Cyclonus, who was also back on his feet, “you have led the Decepticons to victory, as I always knew you would.”

“No, Cyclonus,” replied a less-than-elated Galvatron, “so long as there are still functioning Autobots out there, the war continues. But our path is now clear – Cybertron is ours again, and we shall add worlds upon worlds to the Decepticon empire. And then...then we shall launch a concentrated assault upon Earth, destroy all of the remaining Autobots, and drain that miserable mudball dry once and for all!”
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Re: Annihilation: Prologue and Chapters 1-4

Postby Maxima Prime » Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:03 pm

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Major Marissa Faireborne was busy at her apartment, tidying up for an anticipated visit by her beloved father, General Dashiell Faireborne. She knew he would have had a rough day, meeting with politicians and fellow Generals from the world’s most powerful nations, as well as the highest-ranking Autobots on Earth. Marissa also knew that the discussions were strictly confidential, and that she wasn’t privileged to have any of the information revealed to her. And that was fine with her – she was military to the marrow of her bones, and she understood that no matter how curious she was or how anxious she was about Earth’s response to the looming Decepticon threat, things worked a certain way, and to her, it was the right way.

The doorbell rang. Marissa checked through the keyhole to make sure it was her father, and it was indeed him. When she opened the door, she was heartbroken to see him looking so old and so weary, but she kept a still upper lip and said simply, “Hello, Daddy.”

“Marissa, you’re a sight for sore eyes.” the General mumbled as they embraced.

“As are you.” she replied. “Now sit down, I’ll get you a drink.”

“Thanks,” said the General, “better make it a double.”

As the General settled in the easy chair, he sighed heavily and closed his eyes as his mind wandered back to the top-secret meetings from that day:

“These are the known facts,” Kup began, addressing the assembled human leaders, “Two months ago, we abruptly lost contact with Cybertron on what appeared to be the eve of a Decepticon invasion of the Autobots’ home planet. We came to the conclusion that the attack had been launched sooner than our intel had led us to expect. Before we could mobilize reinforcements to Cybertron, the Decepticons took over the inter-galactic airwaves and made the following statement...”

Kup went silent as the screen replayed Galvatron’s address to the galaxy. “Citizens of all the charted worlds,” the Decepticon leader said, “Cybertron has been reclaimed for the Decepticon Empire, with all the Autobots on the planet either destroyed or imprisoned. We seek to expand our Empire thousandfold, and we strongly advise all your leaders to surrender and become a colony of the Empire. Surrender and you shall know peace and prosperity. Resist and my Decepticon armadas will show you pain, suffering, and death in ways unimaginable. I am the future – accept it or die.”

The replay ended, and Perceptor took over where Kup left off. “Since then, planet after planet has fallen before the Decepticons’ might. Junkion, Lenark, Zetaxis...the list goes on and on. Those who haven’t been subjugated and enslaved have been forcibly conscripted into the ever-growing Decepticon army.”

Now Jazz took over the address. “All signs point to the Decepticons advancing upon Earth with all the resources at their disposal. When and how is unknown. What we do know is that Earth is not prepared to counter an attack on that scale. Even the combined forces of the EDC and the Autobots are not enough right now.”

And then it was left to Kup to deliver the bombshell. “Therefore, we are proposing a sneak attack on Cybertron before the Decepticons can mobilize their forces.”

The humans reacted by gasping and making alarmed comments to the Autobots and to each other, until a thick wall of sound overwhelmed the conference.

“Yes, we know it’s risky,” asserted Kup through the noise, “which is why only the Autobots will be participating in the battle. What we need from you is resources, both in energy and in combining your building capabilities with Autobot technology. This is the only way to prevent the Decepticons from making Earthfall.”

The General now opened his eyes as his mind raced through the heated discussions, which became a blur, before settling back in the present.

“Here you go, Daddy.” said Marissa, returning into the room with the General’s drink.

“Thank you, Marissa.” he replied just before he downed it in a single gulp.

“Feel any better?” she asked.

“Yeah, a little.” he answered.

“Just relax while I finish making dinner.” she said before turning around and exiting the room.

The General wished he could relax. He knew the Autobots meant well, but what they were proposing would mean a massive drain on the world’s taxpayers...and yet, in the end he had joined the majority (by a narrow margin) which voted in favor of the Autobots’ plan. He recognized a fine military mind when he was in its presence, even when it was the mind of an alien robot; now he prayed he had done right and that the Earth would be safe.

Meanwhile, at Autobot City, Kup was feeling the pressures of a leadership he had been forced into and had never wanted. Neither his millions of years of experience as a functional robot nor his long list of battles fought could have prepared him for this. Ironically enough, it was Kup who had, a few months before, helped inspire Rodimus Prime to embrace his burden, the same burden which Kup now shouldered awkwardly.

Suddenly, the public address system blared, “Kup, report to control center immediately. Kup, report to control center immediately.”

Kup ran as fast as his tired old circuits would allow, finally arriving at the control center to find Brainstorm on duty at the main monitor. “What is it?” inquired Kup, expecting the worst.

“An abrupt surge of energy in a distant quadrant...” replied Brainstorm, “ with the same signature as that of the Matrix!”

“The Matrix?” gasped Kup, “Dare we hope that Rodimus is back online?”

“ would have have gotten so far away from his last known location?” inquired a puzzled Brainstorm.

“Who cares?” barked Kup. “The Matrix works in strange and wondrous ways. Do we have any Autobot field operatives near that quadrant?”

“Just one,” said Brainstorm, “Sky Lynx, who is currently en route back to Earth from his deep space mission, with Springer, Arcee, and Sandstorm in tow.”

“Patch me into Sky Lynx.” ordered Kup.

Soon, the haughty tones of Sky Lynx crackled through the speakers. “This,” he told Kup after having heard the news, “is indeed a mission worthy of my superior abilites. I am changing course as we speak, and heading towards the coordinates you gave me. And...wonder of wonders...we shall be able to reach it through the nearest Warp Gate.”

“Great. Inform us of your findings ASAP.” commanded Kup. “The sooner the better.”

“Right-o! Sky Lynx over and out.”

What the Autobots didn’t know was that the surge of energy was such, that it had also shown up on the Decepticons’ insanely high-tech monitor, which the Decepticon formerly known as Soundwave was now interfacing with. “Possibility that this is the elusive Matrix: strong.” he reported to Galvatron.

“Excellent, Soundblaster.” replied Galvatron. “I knew that when we repaired you using materials taken from the remains of Blaster that your powers would be magnified thousandfold!”

“Soundblaster superior.” agreed Soundblaster.

“Cyclonus,” Galvatron commanded his first lieutenant, “I want you and the rest of the Elite Guard to head immediately for these coordinates and retrieve the Matrix. And take the Predacons with you as extra muscle.”

As the Decepticon task force left on its assigned mission, Galvatron envisioned his plans for the Matrix – if he could not destroy it, he would find a way to dominate it and bend it to his will. He had failed at this in the past, but now he was older, wiser, and infinitely more powerful. The final triumph of the Decepticon Empire against all resistance now seemed assured.
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Re: Annihilation: Prologue and Chapters 1-5

Postby Maxima Prime » Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:37 pm

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As Sky Lynx descended below the gauzy mists surrounding the unknown planet where the surge of Matrix energy had appeared, he and his Autobot companions gazed in awe at the planet’s richly exotic flora.

“Astonishing!” exclaimed Sky Lynx. “Simply incredible.”

“It’s beautiful.” agreed Arcee.

“It’s almost as stunning as...Paradron.” remarked Sandstorm hesitantly.

“Sightseeing is nice and everything,” said Springer, “but let’s not forget what we’re here for.”

“Indeed, my friend,” replied Sky Lynx, “I am already homing in on the location of the energy surge and...oh, dear, it appears we were not the only ones looking for the Matrix.”

Down below, the unmistakable glimmer of the Matrix shone in the middle of what was plainly an excavation site. Five Transformer robots, possessing neither Autobot nor Decepticon markings, were present at the site.

“This is gonna be awkward.” said Sandstorm.

“You said it, Mr. Obvious.” quipped Springer.

“Leave it to me,” said Arcee, “I know exactly what to do.”

Sky Lynx landed near the excavation and Arcee exited him while Springer and Sandstorm remained inside on standby, ready for anything.

Arcee walked towards the alien robots, never betraying her unease. She calmly removed a sliver of energon and presented it to them, after which she spoke the universal greeting: “Bah weep grana weep ni ni bong.”

Their reply was swift and vicious, drawing their guns and firing point blank at Arcee, who fell hard on her back.

“ARCEE!” screamed Springer. “Oh, they are dead for doing that, I swear it!”

Springer and Sandstorm charged the alien robots, all guns blazing, while Sky Lynx separated into his avian and mammalian components and joined the attack.

The five alien robots responded by transforming, but it was a transformation process unlike anything the Autobots had ever seen. The quintet’s heads separated from their bodies and turned into small robots, while their bodies took the forms of various beasts: a wolf, a vampire bat, an alligator, a dragon, and a gorilla. Each one had a hatch through which the small robots could enter them.

The alligator rushed Springer, dodging the enraged Autobot’s fire with an agility more befitting a crocodile than an alligator. Once he was close enough to Springer, he pounced, knocking the Autobot on his back. Before Springer could react, the alligator closed its powerful jaws around his right leg and bit clean through it. Springer screamed in pain and confusion.

Sandstorm, a born survivor, sensed that the vampire bat was the most dangerous of this bunch, and concentrated his fire upon it, with successful results. But this gave the wolf an opening to lunge at Sandstorm, his razor sharp teeth ripping out a chunk of Sandstorm’s arm.

Sky Lynx’s two components more than held their own against the ape and the dragon, until they changed strategy and transformed into fighter jets, bombarding him with laser fire.

“Oh, splendid!” remarked Sky Lynx sarcastically, “They have triple changers on this planet, too!”

While Sky Lynx’s avian half engaged one of the jets in air combat, the other jet dove towards Sky Lynx’s mammalian half, changing into gorilla mode and tearing one of Sky Lynx’s legs out of its socket, then using the leg to bash Sky Lynx in the head.

“I say, old boy,” piped up Sky Lynx’s other half, “that’s my component you’re dismembering, and I’m quite fond of it, so do cease and desist.” Sky Lynx punctuated this by firing his cannon at the gorilla, hitting it in the back.

But at that moment, the wolf and the alligator joined the dragon in attacking Sky Lynx all at once. This was too much for Sky Lynx, but it took the beasts’ attention away momentarily from Sandstorm, who was not as badly injured as they assumed. Sandstorm ran to where they had left the Matrix sitting and grabbed it. He transformed to dune buggy mode and raced away from the fray as fast as he could.

But not quite fast enough. The wolf now said, “Snapdragon, Apeface, transform to jet mode and recover the Matrix!”

The deadly duo complied and took off in pursuit of Sandstorm, who saw them coming in his rear view. “Okay,” said Sandstorm, “time for them to eat my dust!”

Sandstorm transformed into double-bladed helicopter mode and dodged the jets’ fire before elevating himself above them and creating a wind funnel which caused the two jets to crash into each other and hit the ground. Sandstorm began flying away, but Snapdragon was not quite down for the count. He transformed to robot mode and fired with great precision at Sandstorm, hitting one of his blades. Sandstorm changed course for the nearest clearing and prayed they wouldn’t track him down before he had time to come up with a plan.

Just when things looked hopeless, fortune smiled upon Sandstorm. At the clearing lay ancient stones with arcane symbols carved into them. Sandstorm could feel the Matrix inside of him pulsating, as if to tell him that he must land there.

Sandstorm did just that, landing and transforming to robot mode and pointing the Matrix at each of the stones. The Matrix shone brightest when it was in front of one particular stone. Inspecting the stone closer, Sandstorm saw that the carvings formed a perfect slot for the Matrix. He put the Matrix inside, and suddenly there were colorful swirls of light dancing around the clearing. A hidden door on the ground opened to an underground stairway. Removing the Matrix from the stone, Sandstorm bolted down the hatch before it finished closing.

At that moment, the five bestial robots reached the clearing. First they tried clawing at the spot where the door was, to no avail. Their weapons couldn’t penetrate the material the door was made of, either.

“Lord Zarak is not going to be happy.” said the wolf.

“At least we have prisoners.” offered the bat.

The wolf shook his head. “That won’t compensate for our failure. This is a dark day for the planet Nebulos.”

The quintet returned to their master’s fortress, the Autobot prisoners in tow. After chaining up Sky Lynx in the courtyard and depositing Springer and Arcee in the dungeons, they made their way to the master’s throne room. To their surprise, they found themselves interrupting the master’s conference...with the Decepticons.

Apeface spoke up. “Forgive the interruption, Lord Zarak, but we bring grim tidings.”

“Yes, I know,” replied Zarak calmly, “the escaped Autobot has used the Matrix to penetrate Cerebros’ lair. We shall wait for them to emerge, and then attack mercilessly. In the meantime, I shall conclude my negotiations with the Decepticons. But first, introductions are in order – Decepticons, this is my elite guard, the Headmasters: Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher, Mindwipe, Snapdragon, and Apeface.”

“We observed you in action.” said Cyclonus. “You fought well.”

“Yeah, but we wouldn’t have let any of them get away.” snarked Triggerhappy.

“Why, you...” growled Skullcruncher, who attempted to advance towards Triggerhappy but was blocked by Weirdwolf, who declared, “This is not the time.”

“Indeed,” agreed Zarak, “for the alliance on the table would appear to prove most beneficial for us. It occurs to me that, rather than attempting to destroy Cerebros on our world, it would be far more effective to lure him to the Decepticon empire, where we shall combine forces with the Decepticon legions and terminate Cerebros.”

“There’s one thing I don’t understand.” said Misfire. “What’s that strange thing your soldiers do with their heads?”

“Ah,” said Zarak, “you shall have a demonstration. Headmasters?”

The Headmasters’ heads removed themselves from the Headmasters’ bodies and took their true form. “Allow me to introduce,” said Zarak, “Monzo, Grax, Vorath, Krunk, and Spasma.”

“What ARE you?” queried Misfire.

Monzo opened his chest plate to reveal an organic humanoid torso pockmarked with circuitry and cris-crossed by wires. “We are cyborgs. It is the greatest honor for a Nebulan to be selected to serve Lord Zarak’s army.”

“It is a complicated and painful, but very rewarding process.” said Zarak. “As it happens, I have four new recruits who could become components of the Decepticon elite guard, if you are willing...”

“Never,” barked Triggerhappy, “I won’t stand for it.”

“Calm yourself, impetuous one.” grumbled Cyclonus. “Lord Zarak, though we would not want the interface to be as direct as it is for your Headmasters, we would be open to the possibility of your cyborgs merging with...our weapons.”

“Brilliant!” exclaimed Zarak. “On this day, the Targetmasters shall be born.”

Through the thin floor, Springer and Arcee had heard the entire conversation in the dungeons below.

“If we could somehow transmit Zarak’s files with the Headmaster and Targetmaster technology to Earth...” mused Arcee.

“One thing at a time.” said Springer. “First we have to break out of here. Which is going to be especially hard for me, now that I only have one leg!”

“I hope Sandstorm’s having better luck than us.” sighed Arcee.

Sandstorm had been spending what felt like an eternity wandering through an underground maze. Thanks to the Matrix’s translating capabilities, it had not taken him long to figure out that the illustrations and markings on the wall were a history of Nebulos and the feud between Cerebros and Zarak. Finally, Sandstorm came to a massive, ornate door. After giving the door a mighty push, Sandstorm found himself in a colossal chamber containing ancient treasures including, most prominently, an enormous sword. And seated in the middle of it all was Cerebros himself.

“So,” said Cerebros solemnly, “it appears I have been designated the new Autobot leader, as prophesied.”

The next thing he said put Sandstorm in shock.

“I regret that I must refuse the Matrix, and continue to create my own destiny, for better or for worse!”
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