Beast Machines era Terrorsaur - Repaint and Retold

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Beast Machines era Terrorsaur - Repaint and Retold

Postby Shuttershock » Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:40 pm

Fun repaint of BM Skydive as the return of an old favorite. It's Beast Hunters Terrorsaur, back from the dead and with a mission.

Backstory/Flavor Text

Not content with conquering Cybertron and stealing the sparks of it's inhabitants, Megatron sought mastery over death itself to fuel his armies. To that end, he began tapping into the Allspark, the resting place for all sparks on Cybertron, past and present, and pulling their essence back into the living world. Binding them in protoform shells, he discovered that one of these sparks belonged to none other than Terrorsaur, his treacherous former lieutenant.

However, Terrorsaur's time in the world beyond had left him a changed soul. In the Allspark, he had coexisted with all the Cybertronians long gone and those yet to come, and came to understand that status, titles and power were ultimately meaningless when all became one and be at rest. And then Megatron had took that from him. Gaining control over his new body, Terrorsaur broke free and escaped deep into the depths of Cybertron, where he encountered the Oracle and gained a new purpose. Once he stops Megatron and his desecration of the Allspark, Terrorsaur can return to the place where all are one, and finally be at peace. ... 1403646753 ... 1403647189 ... 1403647076 ... 1403647089 ... 1403647126 ... 1403647146 ... 1403647172 ... 1403647526

Beast Mode ... 1403647499 ... b97b3b.jpg ... 1403647457 ... 1403647467 ... 1403647444 ... 1403647556

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