Beast Wars vehicle modes

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Beast Wars vehicle modes

Postby Tigerhawk7109 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:14 am

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I've been re-reading Beast Wars Uprising lately. And this got me thinking: why don't we have more toys of BW characters with vehicle modes. So, I started a list for all the repaints that Hasbro could do. Some of these ideas already have been thought of. (i.e., Dinobot or Rampage). I'm just listing them all here. And if someone from Hasbro is reading this, it is mandatory that we get these. We good? Alright. Here's my master list.

Lio Convoy: Siege Optimus
Big Convoy: Siege Ultra Magnus
Longrack: CW Hot Spot
Dinobot: Thrilling 30 Springer
Primal: RID Warrior Power Surge Optimus
Cheetor: Combiner Wars Mirage
Rhinox: Combiner Wars Hound
Rattrap: CW Deluxe Groove
Tigatron: RID Warrior Class Drift
Airazor: RID Warrior Class Windblade
Silverbolt: DOTM Skyhammer
Depth Charge: Upscaled movie Terradive
B’Boom: CW Rook
Bonecrusher: RotF Brawn
Wolfang: Thrilling 30 Nightbeat
Megatron: Combiner Wars Silverbolt
Terrorsaur: FOC Seeker mold
Waspinator: Siege Sixgun
Blackarachnia: Thrilling 30 Chromia
Scorponok: Siege Brunt
Tarantulas: Retool of CW Hook
Inferno: ROTF Bludgeon
Quickstrike: Thrilling 30 Blitzwing
Hellscream: Retool of TR Broadside
Magmatron: Upscale of Siege Skytread
Rampage: Prime Megatron
BWII Galvatron: Beast Hunters Optimus Prime
Drill-Bit: CW Nosecone
Jetstorm: Siege Spinister
Hydra: CW Air Raid

If you have any suggestions or feedback, let me know!

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