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Name: Bitmap
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Combat Medic
Alt. mode: Blue Suburu WRX Impreza
Weapons: Laser Pistol
Special Abilities: Teleportation up to distances of 1.5 miles. (-15)
Height: 22 ft. (6.7 meters)
Quote: "Slag happens. I'd be out of a job if it didn't."


Profile: Hardly ever serious, most Autobots cannot understand how Bitmap can operate in combat conditions as efficiently as he does. He never seems to take life seriously, often being sarcastic and slightly annoying, although in the heat of battle he can show a maturity superior to many (although his sarcasm remains). This helps him decide the fates of many injured Autobots as he teleports to various downed warriors, deciding whether or not it is worth it to repair them, or if they are beyond saving. Bitmap's knowledge of Transformer physiology is rivaled by few, namely Ratchet and Perceptor. He is tolerated by many of the Autobots, due to his extraordinary abilities in battle, but his abrasive personality can turn off many Autobot comrades.

Abilities: Bitmap is very quick in battle, teleporting to trench and barricade around the battlefield to assist fallen and wounded Autobots while avoiding combat himself. When he does encounter combat, Bit is quick to fire disruptive shots to confuse the enemy before teleporting and fleeing the scene. He doesn't like fighting, and finds himself lacking in the combat aspects of battle, but his intelligence and ingenuity when assisting fellow Autobots make up for it well.

He can move rather quickly (speeds of up to 240 mph in vehicle form), helping him move when he doesn't have the energy to perform a teleport.

His human avatar is a young man (early 20's), attractive, blonde hair, usually sporting sunglasses.

Weaknesses: He isn't much of a fighter. He has little proficiency in weaponry. Also, he has a rather abrasive personality, and most Autobots aren't sure if he takes the war seriously.

Sample Post:
A purple bolt flew past Bitmap's head as he looked intently at the wires he was fusing together. He then quickly welded a small piece of metal over the spot and gave a thumbs up to his comrade.

"It isn't pretty," said Bitmap, with a chuckle. "But then again your face never was, Ironhide."

A chime went off on Bitmap's wrist, and the Autobot quickly smiled at his latest patient. "Looks like my services are needed elsewhere."

The blue Transformer disappeared in a flash, and soon he was standing on the other side of the battlefield, where Hound and Ratchet were huddled behind a large boulder, blasting at the Decepticons across from them.

"What Ratchet, couldn't fix it yourself?" laughed Bitmap as he quickly started examining Ratchet's right hand.
"Nah, I'm too busy shooting Decepti-creeps to fix it this time, and I knew you wouldn't be busy," chuckled Ratchet.

Bitmap quickly went to work, spot welding and rewiring the Autobot's hand, trying to make sure that he wouldn't suffer any long term damage. After all, thought Bit, I wouldn't want to have the burden of being the best surgeon here.

Just as Bitmap was finishing the repairs a loud voice bellowed from the Decepticon side. "Surrender, Autobots!" the raspy voice of Megatron called out. "This oilfield is ours!"

Megatron then transformed, and Soundwave used him to blast away the boulder behind which the three Autobots were taking cover. All three were blasted back, and Hound and Ratchet quickly scrambled for more cover. Bitmap flew back from another blast before teleporting back to Ironhide. "Where is Optimus?! I'm gonna run out of energy repairing all of you like this."

"I don't know," replied Ironhide. "Maybe you should try shooting yer gun instead of yer mouth, Bitmap."
"Thanks for the advise, pops," smiled Bit as he pulled out his pistol and shot almost blindly at the opposition.
"Nevermind!" said Ironhide, after seeing the medic's aim. "Just stick to fixin' us!"
"Thought so," said Bit, as he turned to go assist another Autobot.

He transformed and raced a little ways to another Autobot. I hope Optimus gets here soon, he thought, as he applied another minor repair. I don't know how much longer I can keep these repairs up.

Not a moment later a semi horn bellowed, and everyone turned to see Optimus Prime's arrival, followed by several Autobots.

"Decepticons! Retreat! There are too many of them!" yelled out Megatron as he turned and flew off with Soundwave and a couple other Decepticons.
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