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Name: Blackwind
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Aerial Coordinator
Alt. mode: F-35 Lightning II / A129 Mangusta Attack Helicopter Shell Alt Mode
Weapons: Arm mounted laser cannons, four air to surface anti-armor missiles
Carapace armaments: M197 three-barrel gatling-type cannon, 8x AGM - 114 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles
Special abilities: Invisibility / Cloak
Height: 30 ft, 9.16m / w Carapace 33 ft, 10.06 m
Quote: “He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.”

Strength: 07 / With carapace 09
Intelligence: 08
Dexterity: 09
Speed: 09
Endurance 06 / With carapace 08
Courage: 07
Accuracy: 07
Melee: 06
Tech Skill: 07
Charisma: 07
Rank: 07

Appearance without carapace: Blackwind's Seeker design only partially resembles that of her Seeker brethren and sisters. The alt mode she has chosen is that of a F35 - Lightning II, which is slightly smaller in size than the F - 22 or F - 15 designs of most other Seekers. Blackwind's clad in a deep maroon and black which helps to conceal her form when her invisibility cloak is in use. Outside of her shell Blackwind's wings sit slightly lower than the other Seekers, who seem to sport a traditional homage to Starscream. With deep amethyst optics and her penitent to step away from the crowd, Blackwind truly is one of a kind.

With carapace: While encased in her carapace Blackwind's coloring closely resembles that of her true form. She displays a silver and deep maroon paint job and a full face mask which she is able to slide up and away to reveal her own continence. The rotors of her shell's alternate mode fold together and lie down her back reminiscent of thin cape. The gatling cannons which are positioned to either side of her alt mode sit atop her shoulders in robot mode. Her hands within the shell are long and slender ending in deadly points which can be used to slice through most transformer armor.With carapace

Profile: Blackwind has an unwavering dedication to the Decepticon cause, and more importantly, to Megatron. She is the one whom the Decepticon Commander calls upon when he feels he cannot trust anyone else. Blackwind has never questioned an order nor has she ever failed in executing one. She is an effective warrior in both the air and on the surface. She has above average strength and can hold her own in a melee. For what she lacks in combat prowess she makes up in intelligence.

Her belief in the Decepticon Cause runs deep. She had always believed that the ruling class on Cybertron was not looking after the best interest of the common working class. She, however, was among the most elite class making her realize she was also to blame. Blackwind searched for an outlet and came across the outlawed gladiatorial combats where she witnessed Megatron’s leadership abilities and great finesse. She was quickly caught up in his propaganda and has followed him ever since.

Blackwind has a good rapport with her fellow Decepticons, but she feel more at ease with her Seeker brethren and can more than likely be found where ever they happen to be. Her dedication to Megatron has put her on bad terms with Starscream.

Blackwind mirrors her Seeker brethren in body type and style, however, her robot form is slightly slim and more angular. She appears in combat as a maroon and black F-35 Lighting II whose flight capabilities nearly mimics that of her Aerial Commander.

[From the Datatracks of Megatron, Decepticon Supreme Leader] True loyalty is a difficult thing to find in the Decepticon ranks. With the primary belief of the cause being the strongest should rule; most of my soldiers follow me simply because I am the most powerful. Some join for the promise of being conquerors and to raise their status, much as I did myself so long ago. Others obey because they fear retribution, and a small group merely follows so as to buy time until they are strong enough to overthrow me and seize power themselves. Even Soundwave, one of my most loyal soldiers, follows for his own good and benefit.

Blackwind is the one exception in Decepticon loyalty. She follows not out of fear, for she is a competent and skilled soldier and not a weakling or a coward. She does not have her aspirations on my position, not that I have seen at least. She did not join my cause to lift herself up, as she was among the elitists on Cybertron when I formed the Decepticons. Blackwind follows because she believes in me. There have been a few ‘fans’ of mine, particularly from my gladiatorial days, who have joined the Decepticons. Most of them have ended up being weaklings or mindless sycophants. While I believe she would follow any order I gave her she is no simple minded fool. She is highly intelligent and calculating. If her loyalties were more uncertain I would consider her a potential threat or usurper along the lines of Starscream.

Blackwind is a highly valued member of my Decepticons. She is what I want the Decepticons to be once the Autobots have been permanently dealt with, intelligent, skilled, efficient and utterly loyal. With her near unquestioning loyalty I often assign her to more distant but important projects. I am not foolish enough to fully trust all of those who serve under me. Blackwind helps to make sure they stay loyal, although she dislikes these far flung assignments, preferring to stay by my side. While she is a highly valued member of my army she is not indispensable. While I would not needlessly expend such a valued asset, should such a thing become necessary I would not hesitate in doing it. My victory comes above all else.

Abilities: Subject possesses above average strength and is highly intelligent. She is capable of reaching speeds of up to 3000 mph and more. She carries two arm mounted laser cannons which are also used in her alternate mode. Blackwind also carries a payload of four air to surface anti-armor missiles, each capable of penetrating an enemy target’s armor. Subject is capable of rendering herself invisible by bending light around her form. She is undetectable to optic sensors only.

Weaknesses: [From the Datatracks of Megatron, Decepticon Supreme Leader] While not the most powerful of my warriors she is highly capable. Her only weakness could be her utter loyalty to me. It could be used against her by scheming Autobots or less trustworthy Decepticons.
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