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Postby Snake_Eyes1975 » Thu May 02, 2013 8:39 pm

Weapon: Fusion Cannon
Just wanted to share this with you all here too
Im no pro review guy, just wanted to get this out there so everyone can enjoy this Incredible triple changer.

Ok, I got mine with only one arm that didn't lock in right. I and others seen the same fix, but Im here to tell you this toy is now FIXED
BOTH shoulders secure in place with a nice CLICK, and then its done, its LOCKED and it don't move until you want it to.

Simple, You need an Emery board, or sandpaper with a block, and a small Phillips.

1-Go Bot mode, Notice the front and back, just so when you put it together theres no questioning "where to face the nose" or anything.

2-Remove Large Philips that's behind the legs, Right in The bot pooper. Remove Four screws that hold torso together.

3-Carefully pull apart, you will have 4 Pieces, Legs (keep em together) /Torret/Torso/Arms and a half of torso, and the jet nose/head. You will only touch both torso sides.

Get an Emery board, and if your left shoulder was WORSE, file down THAT ONE SIDE a little bit..take some off to even it. Then Take a sanding block, or use the emery board and sand down the torso ON EVEN PLANES!!. Like I said, Take some off one side if it was real bad 1st to even it, then sand down everything on the same plane, Like sand down both torso Screw posts, FLAT AND AT THE SAME TIME, same for torso..Then bottom screws

The PROBLEM is that there is too much plastic in between torso halves from the factory. Its does not allow the two arm bits to get the designed friction.

Once you took off some you can put it together, and try it..take more off...whatever.

I sanded down my bad half, Then really hit it good once with some sandpaper and a little sanding block. Put it together and get this..

BOTH SIDES CLICK INTO PLACE. Just like on Peaughs video, it does it on both sides, clicks in but even BETTER.

You can see where I sanded...Easy peasy. Now both sides CLICK. I tan spin around the arm both ways with NO flip out of the bits.


EDIT, Oh yea, it also made the two lil top flaps even tighter, reinforcing the area even more.

Im tellin ya...NO ISSUES, Even tank turret is level, which was crooked on mine

SO, Wrapping up, bringing the 2 torso halves together a bit, will make the arm locks engage with a click, and STAY IN PLACE, and allow the top bits to click in further reinforcing the arm. Modes are not an issue, transforms fine, my jet legs are even tighter now in plane mode.

All in all, easy fix, now This easily puts him above springer for me.


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