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Motto: ""It is all about pain.""
Weapon: Fusion-Powered Anti-Gravity Gun

Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Commando
Alt. mode: M1A2 Abrams as a tank and F-15E Strike Eagle as a jet fighter
Weapons: Gyro-blaster rifle, electron scimitar, heat seeking missiles, explosive shells
Height: 33ft / 10.07m
Quote: "Destroy first, think later."

Strength: 08
Intelligence: 05
Dexterity: 08
Speed: 09
Endurance: 08
Courage: 07
Firepower: 08
Accuracy: 08
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 05
Charisma: 05
Rank: 06

Profile: Even before he was retooled into a triplechanger, Blitzwing enjoyed a reputation as one of the most notorious killers in Megatron's burgeoning army. A veteran soldier of many campaigns, he was quickly assigned for commando duty, something he cherished in. Responsible of many atrocities towards Autobots and neutrals, like being part of the commando unit that destroyed Bluestreak's home city - Blitzwing quickly became one of the most hated and feared Decepticons. As a Triple Changer, Blitzwing's ability to rapidly transform from tank mode to jet fighter mode makes him one of the most lethally effective Decepticon warriors. Not only are foes confused by his talent, but rarely are they prepared to fight him in a second form after fighting him in the first one. And Blitzwing certainly relishes changing form. His favorite tactic is to dive at a target - living or otherwise - as a jet, change at the last moment to a tank, and then smash into the target just as he lands. This hardly ever fails to defeat a foe or amuse Blitzwing. He likes to think of himself as having a sense of humor, although the things that make him laugh are typically cruel and harmful to others. Loud-mouthed, belligerant and brash, Blitzwing has a cruel sense of humor especially toward his enemies, but generally gets along well with his fellow Decepticons, and even has his contemplative moments.

Abilities: As a jet fighter, Blitzwing can easily exceed the speed, maneuverability and range of an original human built F-15E Strike Eagle. He carries heat-seeking concussion missiles and machinegun. As a tank, he can traverse most terrain, however rugged, and can achieve a speed of 80 mph. His track-mounted cannon fires an explosive shell 10.5 miles that can level a 5-story brick building with ease. In addition he is also equipped with independently targetable machinegun. In robot mode he uses an electron scimitar which can short-circuit almost any electrical device with a touch of its blade, and a gyro-blaster rifle, which can be either used to disrupt the sense of balance of anyone it hits for 30 minutes or as regular heavy laser rifle. Blitzwing is incredibly strong and resistant to damage. He is also well trained in melee combat and is a capable shooter, especially in tank mode where he finds aiming more stable. Blitzwing is better shielded against electrical warfare than most transformers with addition of being equipped with camoflauge circuitry that allows him to blend into his surroundings as long as he moves extremely slowly.

Weaknesses: Blitzwing is one of the first triplechangers created by Shockwave. Unfortunately this means he suffers from some design glitches. The worst being that on a rare occasion Blitzwing can get his circuits scrambled, which results in him getting stuck in mid-transformation between forms. While undoubtedly powerful and durable, Blitzwing has made many enemies during his long career as a commando which is certain to give him trouble eventually. This has made Blitzwing somewhat paranoid, thus keeping his sensors on the edge all the time, particularly making his optical sensors vulnerable against light based attacks.
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