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Motto: ""I am my business""
Weapon: Crossbow
Name: Brainstorm
Allegiance: Autobots.
Function: Biomechanical Engineer
Alt. mode: Cybertronic fighter jet
Weapons: A pair of high-energy photon pulse cannons
Special Abilities: Can think of anything in any circumstance
Height: 31 ft/9.46 meters tall
Quote: “The strongest tyrant cannot crush freedom of thought.”


Profile: Always looking for ways to better the Cybertronian way of life, which at the current moment means finding ways to give him and his fellow Autobots the edge. A firm believer in that all problems can be resolved if they’re allowed to be developed free of outside constraints. A never ending fountain of ideas, Brainstorm regularly has new ideas working themselves out in the back of his processor while he’s working on a current project or in a battle. Those ideas form a background noise different from that other mechs normally deal with but instead of worrying about his impending demise or a shaky confidence, Brainstorm will be working out a complicated equation. Each idea that crosses his mind takes precedence over his previous one no matter the importance.

Never one to seek a break when he’s working, Brainstorm has often been taken to the Autobot medics for an overheated cranial unit. While not common, he has gotten to know the medics personally during his visits. At one point Ratchet threatened to have him placd on waste removal unless he slowed his pace. Of course he agreed to Ratchet’s demands but he never had any intention of following through. The idea may have gotten lost in the labyrinth of other ideas that make up his daily life.

Always the thinker, Brainstorm develops ideas for both the destruction and luxury of his fellow Transformers. While every Autobot dreams of peace, he does so for different reasons. At some point he knows the war will end and he’ll be able to concentrate fully on aiding his fellow mechs.

Abilities: When in jet mode Brainstorm can reach a maximum speed of 5200 mph. Along with his great speed he also enjoys and extended range of 8000 miles. Aside from his physical abilities, Brainstorm lives up to his name by producing idea after idea on as many ranging topics as his imagination can create. Never one ot be short on ideas, he tends to aggravate his superiors with his lack of focus.

Weaknesses: Brainstorm tends to become so wrapped up in his thoughts and projects he can forget to replenish his energon at times but more likely, his meta processor overheats and shorts out sections of his cerebro-circuitry.
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