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Name: Chromedome
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Mnemosurgeon
Alt. mode: Cybertronian Sports car
Weapons: Dual Laser Pistols, Mnemosurgical Needles
Height: 24 ft
Quote: “The secrets to victory are buried within the memory.”

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 9
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 6
Endurance: 7
Courage: 7
Firepower: 7
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 5
Tech Skill: 10
Charisma: 7
Rank: 7


Before the war, during the days of the Clampdown, Chromedome (then under a different name) was a mechaforensic scientist in the police force. The poor bugger was nicknamed "Unlucky" because he had to work with Prowl, the most anal, full-autopsy loving officer of all time. Chromedome had a strong interest in mnemosurgery, the science of hacking into Transformer minds and "reading" their memories, and was fascinated by the conspiracy theories of the Institute.

Chromedome and Prowl investigated the assassination of Senator Sherma and backtracked his whereabouts to the posh Translucentica Heights. Unfortunately, the killer had struck again before they arrived! Chromedome attempted to chase down a suspect, who perished in a fiery crash. Their discovery of a second killer was of equally limited help, and the pair investigated a nearby Relinquishment Clinic under which they found a secret facility Chromedome believed to be the Institute. The evidence they found helped uncover a bomb plot.

After the group came up with a counter-plan, Chromedome borrowed a replica Matrix from Ironfist. At Prowl's insistence, Orion left Chromedome out of the main part of the plan, instead assigning him with Roller to guard Pax's senator friend at a safe house. Unfortunate the safe house was attacked by Senate thugs, and by the senator had already been taken by the time Pax dug Chromedome out of the rubble. He led Pax to the Institute he had found earlier, only to find it deserted.

By the time the war had started, Chromedome had fulfilled his dreams of becoming a mnemosurgeon. His unique talents were required quite often, to the point that he began to resent them and became cynical over their use. Many things he had to do during wartime were things that, in hindsight, he would regret. Eventually, Chromedome was on the verge of suicide due to the immense burden of his abilities and the terrible side-effects they had on his own mental health. It was then, at his lowest point, that he went to a Relinquishment Clinic to end it and, and found Rewind searching fruitlessly for Dominus Ambus. He formed a deep friendship with the diminutive archivist. Chromedome credited Rewind's optimism and caring nature as having saved his life, and the two were nearly inseparable since.

Abilities: While in vehicle mode, Chromedome can reach a top speed of 478 mph with traveling range of 630 miles. Chromedome can also use his laser pistols in both robot and vehicle mode. Although they are not the intended use, Chromedome’s Mnemosurgical needles can be used as a melee based weapon.

Weaknesses: Chromedome exhibits no know physical weaknesses, but sometimes he lets his emotions get the best of his judgment. He also often relies on Rewind to keep him honest.
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