custom mods for fansproject bruticus

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custom mods for fansproject bruticus

Postby Blitz krieg » Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:56 pm

when it comes to the combaticons and using their classics set as starting points for creating the perfect ideal bruticus combiner set i have got a whole truckload of ideas for improving on them custom mod wise

when i think of the combaticons asa group it brings to mind for me anyway a group of elite decepticons warriors who could easily hold thier ground and then some in a fight to the death with the autobot wreckers.

another thing it brings to mind is the very idea of each member having lots and lots and i do mean a freaking **** load of inbuilt weaponry from in built ammo lockers and weapons lockers for swindle to chain belt ammo clip fed dragon cannon machine guns for vortex to built in lazer cannons on the fusilage and wings for blastoff to emp emmitters for onslaught for example

but with bruticus being the ultimate imbodiment of both stength impregnable highly durable battle armor and in built weaponry most of all.

this project has ntaken me nearly all of a year to get all the figures and parts figures and add on sets and tools i need to do the job but its all been worth it

main figures were classics/rotf bruticus maximus set
and rotf/classics superion maximus set

power core combiner heavytread
energon stormjet
energon omnicon skyblast
junkion blacksmith evil commander headmaster nemesis prime /scourge figure

other figures used for parts were
cybertron defense scattershot
energon barricade blackout and kickback

energon shockblast

pvc rubber statue heroes of cybertron g1 starscream

add on sets used are
project collossus munitioner and explorer add on sets

also fansproject superion addon parts set

and lastly i used some folding click jointed lego technic parts as welleach day i will set up a new post to provide a detailed how to guide to explain how i managed to mod and improve on each of the 5 figures of which form my classics g1 bruticus combiner set

i will also explain how i managed to build skyblast and jb evil commander into the combiner form as well.

first things first


for onslaught i had to peform 4 major custom mods to rotf/classics onslaught to make him into a more proper onslaught basd on my idea of what he should look like in vehicle mode robot mode and combiner mode as bruticus's core body

custom mod 1 extra height for robot mode
i completely took apart his lower waist and removed his legs

i removed that screw that holds that round circle part into place underneath barricades black lower body section belt piece.

i sanded the bottom of the black part down completely flat

from classics rotf bruticus maximus onslaught i completely salvaged his entire lower black belt parts and also the waist and legs

i went and sanded flat the top of the black belt body section.

then i went and epoxy glued onslaughts lower legs with waist and belt section into place beneath the belt section of barricades upper body.

the reason for this is that i have performed a second major mod to the front of onslaughts upper body

custom mod 2 more body armor for fore body combiner form

this mod involved me using a dremil to cut a hole int othe front of his upper body this hole was used to buildinto the front of barricades body a female connector O-RING into the front of his upper body

i used 2 sets of connector rotating joint parts to mod onsalught with

1 set is the male connector STUD Rods salvaged from energon stormjets black shoulders

and the other set is the hinge jointed yellow collered O-RING parts salvaged from energon stormjets body

the O-RING is built into a center position in the front of his upper body with it being flush with the entire front of his body in robot mode so that in vehicle mode the wheels can still roll freely

the reason for the height increase for the figures robot mode is because of the fact that i used energon skyblast in vehicle mode to serve as a flying wing breast plate

basicly skyblast serves as his wingplate armor now.

skyblast also has a female O-RING mounted into place on his back with a male connecter STUD ROD also attach on top of it to give the underside of skyblasts vehicle mode proper clearance for the folded up landing legs when skyblasts plugs into place on the front of bruticus's upper body as breastplate armor

the 2 sets of male and female connector parts were salvaged rom energon stormjets black shoulders and yellow hinged shoulder flaps which fould ou of his stormjets back and into place on each side of his upper torso for robot mode.

custom mod 3 front is back back is front

in combiner mode onslaughts entire upper body now rotates around a full 180 degrees to the back with the entire front of bruticus combiner form core body instead forming the back of bruticus body for combiner mode

without the height increase mod for onslaughts robot mode the bottom set of wheels on the sides of onslaughts body jsut above the rotating lower body waist joint would not have enough room to clear the add on groin plate code piece armor from the fansproject munitioner explorer add on parts sets.

for the backpack missile cannons to connect into place on the control cab backpack on onslaughts back in core body combiner mode for bruticus i had to mount a male connector Plug STUD int place on that square shaped area on the top center of onslaughts missile cannons add on weapons piece

i also had to sand the energon star port ring off the front of onslaughts control cab backpack and replace it with the female )-Ring part

in core body combiner mode the add on cannons backpack can now attach to the control cab backpack which forms bruticus's armored upper back and the missile cannosn backpack pack for bruticus can also ratate around in a full 360 degree manner so that in cat also double as a heavy duty flight pack for the combiner mode.

one last mod i did to onslaught is that i wnet and salvaged the entire front missile pod plate off of each of cybertron defnese force scattershots weapons pods.

custom mod 4 extra in built weaponry

i cut them down to shape with them measuring 2 missile rows across by 3 missiles high

i dremiled of the boittom corners of each 2 by 3 missile rack part and sanded the remaining center botom piece dow n so that it is only as wide across from side to side as the space between the two rows of missilesof each missile racks part.

with bruticus's lower wqaist and legs rotated around to the back i then went and sanded the underside of each missile rack set part down

on the back of onslaughts lower legs at the bottom of the back area of each leg is a fold out tab that helpos the figure stand uprigth in robot mode

what i did is that i shaped each of the missile rack parts salvaged from scattershot so that they can be epoxy glued into palce on the black tab that folds out from the back of onslaughts lower legs

with the black tab/missile racks folded into the back of the lower legs i used sculpey to fill in the remaining gaps between the missile rack and the inside sidewalls of the lower legs

basicly i used the sculpey to form fit the missile racks to more properly shape them to it in with the over all appearance and build of bruticus upper legs through the front of the upper legs while still making sure the missile rack can fold out from the back of the lower legs when onslaugh is in his own robot mode

it takesa a little trial and error but it is entirely possible to mod the back of the lowerlegs with the missile racks so that bruticus can have the inbuilt missile batteries in the frotn of his upper legs in combienr mode and also so that onslaughts lower legs can stll connectproperly with eachother back to back in vehicle mode as the rear mounted missile cannon
Blitz krieg
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Re: custom mods for fansproject bruticus

Postby Blitz krieg » Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:02 am

feel free to post any questions you have about my little how to proejct and i wil lanswer them to the best of my ability.

go ahead and point out any mistakes i have made in my spelling and grammer habits though i do ask that if you leave criticism that you at least do so in a positive helpful and constructive manner.

i will be back on tomorrow to futher explain any custom mods i have done to the add on parts fron onslaught when it comes to answering any questions you have on the matter and i will also provide a step by step guide explaining how i managed to mod and improve on vortex as well.

to each their own in peace and pacificsm where fee will and free thought are concerned

good night
Blitz krieg
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