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Motto: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
Weapon: Laser Rifle

Allegiance: Decepticon :CON:
Function: Tactician
Alternate Modes: Enstrom 480 Helicopter
Weapons: 13 Hidden Knives, Photon Burst Rifle, Scythe
Height: 18ft/ 7.29m
Quote: “Mass murder is an art, and my muse is madness.”

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 7
Dexterity: 9
Speed: 4
Endurance: 5
Courage: 7
Firepower: 4
Accuracy: 5
Melee: 8
Tech Skill: 7
Charisma: 9


Deathdancer appeared in the later days of the war from seemingly out of nowhere. No one had ever seen her before. Deathdancer saw the war as an opportunity and eagerly dove into the fray, siding with the Decepticons. She delights in the chaos and havoc of war, performing every atrocity ordered with jubilant glee. She prefers to think of her expeditions out into the field as performances and tends to add a theatrical flair to otherwise dull and orderly firefights. One of the ways she does this is dancing around her opponent whilst slowly killing them. This is how she earned her name.

Deathdancer is criminally insane, complimented by an erratic personality that could have her patting a bot on the back one second or ripping open his spark chamber the other. Despite this, Deathdancer is quite charismatic and charming. She is almost never without a big smile on her face. She has a deep fondness for jokes, puns, and gags, which is accented by her tendency to prank her comrades. Most of the time, these pranks are harmless gags, but if someone has recently crossed her, they might find their energon laced with an acid of low concentration.

Deathdancer has run into some complications with her superiors before, but she can usually make a deal or charm her way out of the predicament. She has been put into an asylum on the few occasions that she couldn’t work anything out, but Deathdancer always made a point of behaving until her release. Generally, she hasn’t run into too many problems with the Decepticons.

Deathdancer’s alternate form is red, white, and black. The tail of the helicopter splits to form her legs while her arms and torso fold out from the main section of the helicopter. Her scythe forms from one of her rotors. Her knives are hidden all over her body from two at her feet to the one in her collar. Her arm simply retracts to form the photon burst rifle. Deathdancer is very petite. Some might go as far as to call her cute.

Deathdancer’s optics are the classic Decepticon red. Her design features diamonds across her waist and on her legs. She has a collar that protects her neck. She also has a sort of crown formed by two triangular outcroppings that protrude from either side of her cranium. Two small pieces of metal dangle from either end.

Her avatar is a red-headed human female. Her typical attire is a black and red flight suit. The avatar’s designation is Abigail Cross. A stark contrast to Deathdancer’s personality, Abigail is a logical thinker and prefers to be nondescript when given the chance. However, Deathdancer is the puppeteer behind the strings, and Abigail can take on the personality of her controller at any given time.


Deathdancer is an acrobat both in her alternate mode and robot form. The Enstrom 480 can travel to speeds up to 150mph to 249mph. While this is rather slow as compared to any seekers or jet-formers, her maneuverability makes up for the speed loss. In her robot form, Deathdancer can perform an innumerable amount of fantastic acrobatic feats. She is highly flexible as well, able to contort her form into a number of seemingly impossible configurations.

Deathdancer is intelligent, albeit in a very twisted way. She likes to employ this intelligence to devise new strategies of mass murder, generally, as well as other faculties of war. Deathdancer is an inventor of sorts, enjoying the art of making some rather unconventional weaponry. She prefers to keep the majority of this arsenal for her own use, and not many are crazy enough to test out her latest creations seeing as how a prototype is as likely to blow up in their face as to actually work.

The scythe is Deathdancer’s trademark weapon. The staff of the scythe is as tall as Deathdancer, and the blade is a third as long. As with Deathdancer’s pranks, there is more to this scythe than meets the optic. The blade of the scythe can detach from the staff and swing on a chain for a wider range of attack. The butt of the staff also has a small barbed blade that pops out on a command from Deathdancer.

Deathdancer’s arsenal of hidden knives is primarily there for slow kills. However, being able to pull a knife from nowhere has proved invaluable before. Deathdancer likes to keep at least one gun on her at all times. When dealing with an ambush, a gun could manually trigger a set of unresponsive explosives. Deathdancer also values guns for their conventional means of efficient killing as well.

Crystalocution is her primary fighting style. Her agility makes her difficult to hit while making it relatively easy for her to strike back.


While extremely agile, Deathdancer’s armor is weak and unable to take many hits. Deathdancer’s mental instability also makes her highly unpredictable, which can be a hindrance to her teammates and herself. She is as liable to attack one of her own comrades out of spite as she is to maim an Autobot warrior.
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