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Motto: ""It is all about pain.""
Weapon: Fusion-Powered Anti-Gravity Gun

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alt. mode: (Cybertron) Tetra jet / (Earth) Eurofighter Typhoon
Weapons: Machine guns/laser cannons, Heat-seeking concussion missiles
Special Abilities: Fear engine
Height: 31 ft / 9,46 m
Quote: "Fear is the element that unites all losers."

Strength: 07
Intelligence: 08
Dexterity: 09
Speed: 09
Endurance: 06
Courage: 04
Firepower: 08
Accuracy: 09
Melee: 07
Tech Skill: 08
Charisma: 08
Rank: 06

Profile: The chilling rumble of Dirge's engines as they approach from a distance is merely a prelude to the petrifying fear they induce in whomever is unlucky enough to hear as they pass overhead. And fear is something with which Dirge is quite familiar. He knows its all-consuming power; he understands how it can defeat even the mightiest of armies. He handles it with the same exacting proficiency that a concert pianist handles his piano's keys. Even his fellow Decepticons are put off a bit by his mournful, silent manner. For Dirge, the key to being an effective fighter is to terrify his opponents before he even fires a shot. His deserved reputation as a fearsome warrior is only part of his carefully crafted strategy to instill and manipulate terror in his enemies. To fully master the art of war, Dirge has schooled himself extensively in the power of fear and its ability to crush the resolve of even the strongest foes. The intelligent and meticulous Dirge utilises a combination of certain sub-harmonic frequencies that trigger a fear response in most living things across the galaxy. Dirge has used these frequencies successfully for millenias, tuning his engines and his vocal processor to generate them. Fear accompanies him like a dark cloud, and even his fellow Decepticons feel it. The grim Decepticon warrior enjoys the feeling of power he gets from watching other beings quaking in fear at his presence, or fleeing at the sound of his engines.

Abilities: Subject is able to cause a fear reaction in opponents within earshot by internally generating sub-sonic vibrations that affect most beings' nervous systems. Only the strongest-willed are able to resist. This ability is most effective in his jet mode, where his powerful engines have the same effect on a much wider scale. Like his fellow Decepticon jet fighters, Dirge can attain speeds of up to 3000 mph and more. He carries a variety of missiles and two high-velocity machine guns/laser cannons.

Weaknesses: If the subject feels like he is losing control of a combat situation, his own fear can diminish his effectiveness as a warrior.
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