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Motto: "Ambient, safe, free. Liquid."
Weapon: Railgun

Allegiance: Decepticons
Sub-group: Eradicons
Function: Heavy Assault
Alternate Modes: Cybertronian Missile Battery
Weapons: Multi-shot Missile Launchers, Handheld Mortar, Plasma Turret, Cluster LMG, Combustion Grenades
Height: 35ft / 10.7m
Quote: “Come get some.”

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 7
Dexterity: 5
Speed: 3
Endurance: 8
Courage: 8
Firepower: 9
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 5
Tech Skill: 4
Charisma: 6
Rank: 6

Dreadnaut doesn't speak much. He's a mech of almost no words. This mysterious air around him has caused many to not even know of his name, and those that do are the ones that have heard him speak. Why Dreadnaut keeps so much to himself, only Primus knows. His large stature and quietness has earned him the nickname "Tower" by his fellow Eradicons. He's well loved by his superiors, because he always quietly follows whatever orders are given to him, no matter how moral or immoral the command may be.

But his quiet, conforming behaviour isn't just an act of mindlessness. He secretly just wants the war to end. He thinks that rising through the ranks following every command will let him have enough power one day to stop things. Sometimes, he hates some of the commands he's given. Though his actions and his faceplate may not show it, his metal is being scratched under the surface. But he still believes that with every action he does, he'll get closer to having his dream come true.

Dreadnaut's mental frustrations tend to built up a lot due to his secrecy, which ends up turning his actions harder and more ruthless. He'd fire several shots instead of a single one if he's frustrated enough. He doesn't believe in the Decepticon cause, nor the Autobot one, but he prefers Prime as a leader more than Megatron, due to his approach at actually trying to end the war. He doesn’t voice this opinion for very obvious reasons. But his appearance and his situations would only allow him to land with the Decepticons. Thankfully, he’s found refuge amongst a group who call themselves the “Eradicons”, with whom he’s able to comfortably speak his mind.

Dreadnaut is a large Decepticon, and his frame is built for heavy duty combat. His missile battery vehicle mode can achieve a maximum speed of 55 mph, and has multi-terrain treads to travel across many kinds of terrain. He is incredibly strong and his armour is tough, and his arsenal is made to match. In both modes, his primary weapons are his two multi-shot missile launchers, capable of firing 6 large rockets each at once. He also has access to a plasma turret in vehicle mode, which is located behind his cab. In robot mode, he gains access to his handheld mortar and his cluster large machine gun. The former can shoot smaller versions of the missiles in his battery launchers while the latter is a combination of two fast-firing machine guns that can unload several bullets from each barrel within seconds. Finally, to top off his arsenal, he carries several combustion grenades, but rarely uses them.

Dreadnaut is not especially fast, but this is made up for by his ability to travel over most terrain. He also doesn’t speak much to anyone outside of his unit, which can be difficult as there can be a verbal barrier between whoever is trying to get him to respond (since he mostly just listens and follows along).
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