GI Joe Movie not gonna be GI Joe?

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Postby SeekerInAFakeMoustache » Sat Mar 10, 2007 7:45 pm

Senor Hugo wrote:I wish Reloaded was kept going, that series kicked so much ass, and on a side note, Beachhead friggin rules.

There aren't enough adjectives for "cool" to describe Beachhead. He threatens to chew on his enemies.

Senor Hugo wrote:
Loki120 wrote:I never picked up reloaded so I don't know CC's origin from there. But in the regular comics he was once a used car salesman who felt that the government was out to get the little guys like him. He became excessively paranoid and ran out on his wife and took his son with him. He built up Cobra from the small town of Springfield and recruited those who felt like him, and built an empire through illegal pyramid schemes. Cool stuff.

Same in Reloaded, he was a car salesman, who got screwed over by the IRS, taxed to hell, went bankrupt, his wife divorced him and ran off with her lawyer, so he faked his death, blew up his dealership and went Cobra.

And that is a really well-executed scene. It's entirely from his perspective, and he's not the most reliable narrator, but it's one of the few times there's no question at least he believes what he's saying. He also gives these great little televised pep talks throughout the Reloaded series. I'm especially fond of the one he made before Cobra tried to run off with the Constitution.

Yeah, I can see why Hollywood wouldn't want to use him as their little buddy-film's main villain. He's three-dimensional.
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Postby muswp1 » Sat Mar 10, 2007 11:31 pm

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Ok, it sounds like Lorenzo di Bonaventura needs to leave this project. Either that or read the comics. I agree that the comic Cobra Commander would be a much better choice than his cartoon counterpart, mainly because of his much deeper background and he was tougher in the comics than in the early cartoons (which it seems is the only one di Bonaventura has ever seen). Ditching the whole "buddy" aspect of the movie is also a good idea.

I'm not even going to touch how wrong he is about Snake-Eyes. That could be a cool movie by itself, especially if it's based on the Snake-Eyes Declassified series.
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Postby Ramrider » Sun Mar 11, 2007 3:48 pm

Hell, if they can make an X-Men movie almost entirely about Wolverine, I think Snake-Eyes is equally fair game.
I've never been the hugest of Joe fans (never had the toys or comics), but I've always enjoyed what I've seen, and I've actually got more into it recently.

I'm really not in for this whole Duke/Alex buddy movie thing. If they're going to go back to the whole Alex Mann malarkey, why not go right back to source and make it all about Joseph Colton?
I'm okay with it if, say, they have the two close army buddies (Clay and Alex) who wind up forming this new anti-terrorist organisation. Or something.
But as has been said, while the one-man army was where it all began, and many people know this, it's become a much bigger success as the GI Joe we know now.
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