Gunbuster vs Predaking

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Gunbuster vs Predaking

Postby Black Hat » Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:32 pm

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Mecha Mashup Massacre!

In the red corner, we have the ultimate warrior, the apex predator, the greatest combiner ever...combined, iiiiiit's...PREDAKING!


On the one hand, he's a truly stupendous warrior, armed with a massive golden greatsword, a big ol' laser cannon, shoulder-mounted concussion cannons and shell mortars in his FEET, and on top of that he can lift 500 tons and reacts to any movement he sees within .002 seconds. Supposedly he has no known weaknesses. On the other hand, this doesn't seem to translate into actual victories in fiction very often.

And in the blue corner, at 240 metres and made out of courage, hard work and guts, iiiiiiiit's...GUNBUSTER!


A veritable behemoth composed of 2 combining spacecraft, Gunbuster is humanity's ultimate weapon. Designed to defeat the terrifying and uncreatively named Uchuu Kaiju (space monsters...go figure), living spacecraft the size of city blocks, it's an engine of destruction armed with everything from a homing laser to the mighty Buster Collider, and of course its bare hands and feet. Piloting the colossal mecha are Noriko Takaya and Kazumi Amano, the finest pilots on Earth. For all its power though, it was designed to fight in space, not on Earth, and it is still piloted by two (albeit exceptional) humans, who could be a weakness.

So who's your money on? The King of Combiners or the Saviour of Humanity?

Without further ado... FIGHT!
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Re: Gunbuster vs Predaking

Postby GundamRX » Sat Sep 24, 2016 7:37 pm

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Re: Gunbuster vs Predaking

Postby CyborgGuy » Sun May 07, 2017 8:43 pm

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Not even close, dude. Gunbuster can step on Predaking like an ant.
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Re: Gunbuster vs Predaking

Postby King Exkaiser » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:43 pm

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King Exkaiser
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