Horrible QC assembly errors by factory

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Horrible QC assembly errors by factory

Postby Rated X » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:30 am

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So last night I was lucky enough to find a Nitro Zeus at Walmart. When I opened him up I noticed 2 things. First was the floppy right arm. I was already pissed but I knew that could be fixed. But then I noticed that he could not stand straight properly. I finally figured out he has 2 left feet. Needless to say he is going back to walmart. Not sure if im going to do a straight return or wait until I get hold of another one in case parts needed to be swapped to make the perfect figure. Im getting tired of Hasbro QC issues. Not counting misaligned stickers, really bad paint apps, or even scary looking stress marks, this is the 4th inexcusable QC error ive encountered.

1. TLK Nitro - 2 left feet
2. AOE Slog - Missing black pegs on neck for lance weapons
3. GDO Hotspot - 2 left fists
4. FOC Sideswipe - cracked neck ball joint (packaged that way)

No issues exchanging any of the other 3 and im sure soon Ill get a proper Nitro. Anyine else want to share their bad QC list? (Not counting bad decals, paint apps, or stress marks - only assembly errors)
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Re: Horrible QC assembly errors by factory

Postby ExciKaiser » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:43 pm

I only experienced 2 and they were from... Takara releases.

Broken Antennae on THS02.
Missing cockpit on SC-26 Superion Airazor.

As they were import, I had to stick with these without replacement.
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