How would you change DOTM?

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Re: How would you change DOTM?

Postby Bonecrusher27 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:25 am

zenosaurus_x wrote:One thing I noticed is throughout the movies it is a common complaint that the robots have no characterization. The first chance I noticed for an easy amount is the Africa scene.

That to me, was such a monumental waste. After years of ignominy in crap modes, finally, you see Megatron looking really good, really cool. The set up is so perfect, and you think YES! Megatron looking badass, Western bad ass. My mind was immediately fantasizing Megs-Prime showdown, a la Prime vs Motormaster, G1 style.

What a waste.

zenosaurus_x wrote:The other thing is I would've added ShockWave to that scene since he had the smallest amount of time out of anyone, he could even get some actual...lines.

Again a wasted set up. You see Shockwave making a grand entrance, Prime and he acknowledging each other like there's been a vendetta that's going to get closure, and then.... nothing!

zenosaurus_x wrote:Another thing was StarScream's death, which bugged me. Not just because Sam killed him but because of how ridiculous it was. It seems like after millions of years of war he would've just resorted to tearing the object out of his eye. He has shown he repairs pretty easily (he just stuck his severed arm back on in ROTF). Rather than dying by Sam's hand, it could be Ratchet! Why? Well, Ratchet doesn't get to do a lot in the movies, ever. This would've given him a chance to be awesome for once.

That part was just ridiculous. Just one eye sent him whining like a stuck pig? He should have been taken out by an Autobot. And yes I agree, preferably someone who was relatively obscure, like Ratchet, that you think would have no chance with Starscream, he's gonna die, then boom! Kinda like The Expendables, where you think that Steve Austin's gonna buy it at Stallone's hands, and maybe Statham's, and when he fights Randy you think maybe Randy's going to get killed. But surprise! It's Randy that kills him.

zenosaurus_x wrote:My last major thing is the end fight. I liked it overall, just not Megatron's part. I'd probably draw the fight out a bit more, have Megatron actually gain the upper hand before dying. After all, Optimus is at a severe disadvantage in this case, he shouldn't have one so easily.

Enough has been said about the ending and how ridiculous it is :sad:
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Re: How would you change DOTM?

Postby zenosaurus_x » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:27 pm

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That's probably the weirdest thing about the Movie, Wasted potential.
Thinking about it, it was probably for the sake of more human scenes. In my opinion, that hurt DOTM more than the other 2 films. I've never felt as bothered by the percentage of human scenes vs robot in the first two, only with DOTM.
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Re: How would you change DOTM?

Postby Biddybot » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:21 pm

zenosaurus_x: Watching all that potential go to waste is exactly what bothered me about DOTM too. And until DOTM rolled along, I also thought that the people working on the trilogy were frankly incapable of taking a serious approach to anything Transformers-related, ergo never once felt that the other two movies needed changing at all. Now, alas... :-(

I’m even starting to wonder whether Sam even needed a girlfriend again. I mean, anything plot-related…Sam could have gone to work for the girlfriend’s creepy boss right from the start, no? It wouldn’t have taken much rewriting at all to make it work and would have freed up a LOT more screen time to devote to the bots. Such extra scenes don’t have to be all about them bashing each other, either. I’m actually happiest when aliens are filmed as though they’re just members of the character cast, not as special effects.

Then again, I'm not a guy. Would it have bothered any of you other fans if the Carley character were cut out of the movie entirely in favour of more time spent with the Transformers, even if said time was mostly just talking heads-type scenes? (Trying to stay realistic here and within a budget.)

Even in the movieverse, Kickback remained unclear on the concept.
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