IDW Universe and Cybertronian Lifespans

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IDW Universe and Cybertronian Lifespans

Postby Sunstar » Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:34 pm

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I am targeting IDW specifically for this question - since the question was basically a result of the TAAO annual.

First Question -
What is a Cybertronian Lifespan (average)(outside of being offed in war etc)?

How old is Starscream? (He is CC)

Who is the oldest living Cybertronian and is an age given?

What I know: Tailgate was 6m when he developed Cybercrosis.

Any other pieces or tidbits of information would be grand.

thanks in advance
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Re: IDW Universe and Cybertronian Lifespans

Postby Omegatron. » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:20 am

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Arcee is probably the oldest, she was around during the time of the war between the thirteen tribes, which makes her at least 8 million years old. Kup is technically older, but that's because he spent billions of years trapped in the Dead Universe, so that's probably not a good datapoint to use for natural Cybertronian lifespans.

Starscream is at least 4 million years old. He can't be older than 7 million years old, since that's when cold construction started.
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Re: IDW Universe and Cybertronian Lifespans

Postby Soundwave902 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:52 pm

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1. Currently, the Cybertronian race is unable to die, due to Mortilus’ death, unless by way of illness or heavy injury

2. Starscream’s probably about four million years old, due this close conjunction with Skywarp and Thundercracker who we know were built sometime around 4.2 MYA due to the Senate’s experiments

3. I’m going with Metrotitan, Metroplex, and Trypticon, who we know were all around during the age of the Guiding Hand, so around 10 million years old
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