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Motto: "I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things."

Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Mechanic
Alternate Modes: Aston Martin DBS
Weapons: Energon prod, proton beam rifle, duel particle beam cannons(Alt. Mode)
Height: 24ft/ 7.32m
Quote: “I’m not only an automobile; I’m an automobile enthusiast.”

Strength: 06
Intelligence: 09
Dexterity: 08
Speed: 07
Endurance: 05
Courage: 05
Firepower: 06
Accuracy: 07
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 09
Charisma: 08
Rank: 06

Appearance: Knockout‘s paintjob, both in his root mode and his alt. mode, consists of a deep highly polished crimson with gold accents and deep gold wheel rims. While in his root mode his head is adorned by three raised fins, the center one more prominent than the others. Knockout’s hands have been modified ending in sharpened talons giving him an advantage while engaged in a melee battle.

Profile: ‘Stunningly gorgeous’ is exactly how Knockout describes himself. He prides himself on his personal appearance his pristine paint and wax jobs. One nick will throw him off the deep end igniting a furious rage starting from within causing him to lash out at the perpetrator, be it Autobot or Decepticon.

Knockout spends a considerable amount of his spare time buffing and preening his body in order to look his best whether on or off the battle field. When not primping Knockout can usually be found racing in the humans’ illegal underground racing circuits, quite often him being the only vehicle left to cross the finish line.

His primary function is that of mechanic. He had always stated that he is much 'better at taking them apart than putting them back together.’ In reality Knockout is an exceptional mechanic and emergency medic, able to repair nearly any injury.

Before the war Knockout was a medic stationed in Iacon along with several other medical officers. He became close to, and was taught under the tutelage of, a mech with whom he became fast friends with. He was trained in the art of healing first and foremost. Unfortunately, Knockout’s concern for his own welfare, and his own features, led to numerous arguments and screaming matches with his mentor.

Eventually their fighting came to a head when his friend emphasized his point concerning his vanity over his duties by shoving his comrade slightly leaving a long ugly scratch in Knockout’s pristine paintjob. Anger flooded his systems as he sneered first at the blemish and then up at his friend. Knockout let loose a primal scream as he rushed the medic and proceeded to pummel him, first with his fists followed quickly by one of the larger wrenches he grabbed from a nearby cart. Deep crimson became splattered and streaked with the bright glowing energon from the beaten but still functional body of his onetime compatriot.

Without remorse for his actions, Knockout simply left the medical facility and finally crossed paths with a mech who quickly convinced him to join the Decepticon cause.

Abilities: Knockout can reach a maximum speed of 249 mph with a range of 950 miles. While in his alt. mode Knockout can deploy two particle beam cannons on either side of his rear quarter panels. The weapons fire super-heated particles that are capable of burning through most Transformer armor. Only the most heavily armored is immune to any permanent damage.

Knockout carries a proton beam rifle that is able to discharge beams of highly charged free protons that causes the atoms that make up metals to deteriorate. The process takes time to take effect, but left untreated the metal armor encasing the Transformer will soon weaken becoming brittle and useless.

The energon prod is Knockout’s preferred weapon as it is highly effective in melee combat. The weapon is quite long capable of being used from a longer distance. The business end of the prod is separated into three sharp points. With his high maneuverability Knockout is able to get in close enough to the enemy to plunge the prod deep within transform seams sending powerful currents of electricity though his victim rendering them unconscious or worse.

Weaknesses: Knockout’s penchant for his looks makes him unlikely to rush headlong into a battle unless physically forced to or threatened harm to his person. While his particle beam cannons are powerful, they are extremely difficult to aim while driving at high speeds. The proton rifle takes time to have any effect on an enemy’s armor. Knockout’s own vanity and concern for his appearance has caused harm, not only to him, but to his own comrades.
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