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Postby NeonPrime » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:52 pm

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Weapon: Battle Blades's been about two months and I'm still ticked about the Last Knight's whole Galvatron went back to Cybertron turned back into Megatron then came back to Earth off-screen bit. Personally with all the great LK Megatron to Thunderwing repaints popping up I think I'm just gonna pretend Megs is still dead, Galvatron is M.I.A. and that Thunderwing was the actual villain this time around. Somehow it makes the movie suck less (but not much).

Since Hot Rod is my favorite Autobot of all time I definitely plan on picking up as many of his toys I can ( Walmart distribution don't fail me now!). There were no legion class figs for Age of Extinction so I decided to make a Galvatron to display with legion Hot Rod. I tried to combine elements from AOE and LK rather than a straight purple repaint.
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