Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

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Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

Postby JebPrime » Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:59 pm


Thought I'd share with you guys a fanfic I was working on after watching Revenge of the Fallen.

The story picks off right after the events of Revenge of The Fallen and its just my take on how to get Transformers 3 rolling.

Well, I'm not a professional writer and did not do that much research on the characters... so be kind :D

For visualization purposes the characters are a mix of the movies and Transformers animated.


Aboard the Nemesis; hours after the battle with the Autobots: Megatron limped towards the Fallen’s throne room followed by Starscream who kept trying to assist him, annoyingly so. “I still function perfectly well Starscream, there is no need for this. Get away from me!” Megatron snapped as he pushed Starscream away.

Long has he been ridiculed by Megatron. Everything that he had done was never enough. Then, he thought about that item he salvaged from the battle. A crooked smile flashed across his face. This was the opportunity he was waiting for, this was the time. ‘It is now or never!’ Starscream said to himself as he unsheathed a curved dagger and attempted to stab Megatron from behind.

Megatron saw through it, side stepped the blade, grabbed Starscream by the head and threw him across the room. "I should kill you for your insubordination you pathetic coward!" Megatron exclaimed.

Starscream stood up and smirked. He held his hand out in a fist and opened it to reveal a peculiar metal rod, which then began to transform into the Fallen’s staff. When the Fallen was killed, Starscream had managed to take the staff, wishing that its power could enable him to overthrow Megatron. Megatron’s face turned into an expression of shock and pure rage.

"I wield its power now..." Starscream started laughing, but then he felt something strange. The staff was pulsating. ‘It’s the power! I can feel it!’ Starscream thought to himself.

"What? How? You fool... you have no idea…” before Megatron could finish his sentence suddenly without warning, a bolt of energy shot out from the staff and tore into Megatron's torso. Megatron was thrown across the room from the blast.
Starscream was surprised. That wasn’t what he intended to do; it was almost as if the staff had a mind of its own. He felt vindicated. Megatron deserved it! Megatron was lifted up 20 feet into the air. Then without any warning, a space hole ripped open behind Megatron and he was sucked into the hole.

"No! Staaaarscreeeaaaaam!!" Megatron screamed as his voice trailed off into the space hole.

Starscream was suddenly aware that this was none of his doing. He had lost control of the staff. He never had control of the staff. Suddenly the staff emitted a bright flash of energy which surged through Starscream‘s body. "Argh! What is this?" Starscream’s body started to contort. His eyes turned flaming red. He started to rise above the ground. His face started to crack, his body started to crack and bolts of energy shot out of his body and culminated into a bright flash of light. The light could be seen high above the surface of the moon where the Nemesis crash landed. The remaining Decepticons, blinded by the sheer brightness of the light, panicked and fled.

Meanwhile in some unknown sector of space, Megatron's body floated lifelessly. An extremely large spherical object loomed in the distance. As the object approached Megatron, a large hatch opened. A ray of light burst out from the hatch and slowly pulled Megatron into the sphere.
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Re: Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

Postby JebPrime » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:03 pm

CHAPTER 1: Wave of Destruction

Present Day:

Above the Earth’s atmosphere, two large meteors approached. In a NEST control room, an officer was going through his daily duties, scanning satellite transmissions. "General, two unknown objects approaching! Possible alien proto-form signatures detected; confirmation unavailable... ETA off the Californian coast, 2 hours sir!” the officer reported.

General Morshower was surprised. There had not been any Decepticon sightings for a while. The only other meteoroid sighting happened many months ago and thankfully they were Autobots, arriving from deep space to reunite with their comrades. He could not hope for the best, for their job was to be the first and ultimate line of defense. “Assemble the intercept squad…” he issued the command.

Hours later, at a Naval Base, somewhere in the US west coast; the two meteors fell into the sea. Navy officers scrambled for cover from the after shock of the impact. Suddenly, there was silence. A few minutes later, a convoy of NEST vehicles; four Hummers, Ironhide, Ratchet, the twins and a HEMTT 8 wheeled tactical assault truck arrived. The vehicles stopped and soldiers poured out of the hummers. Major William Lennox and Chief Master Sergeant Robert Epps stepped out of one of the Hummers. A navy officer approached Lennox.

"Major Lennox, we have secured the area. Those Decepticons are crazy if they think they can take on the Navy on our turf." The officer added, seemingly confident.
“No activity since the impact?” Lennox asked the officer, ignoring his last statement.
“Not a squeak sir.” The officer replied.

“Maybe they’re just meteors, normal stuff still happen you know,” Epps added.
“Never on our watch Epps, never on our watch… scan the area,” Lennox commanded. Not a minute after the team started to scan the area, a NEST officer ran towards Lennox with a device that was beeping madly.

"The readings are off the charts sir! We have never seen anything like this,” the officer said. Lennox grabbed the device off the officer’s hands and studied the signal. He looked worried and lifted his hands towards the Autobot vehicles.

“That’s the signal. Autobots transform!” The assault truck commanded. The Autobots started to transform. The twins, Ironhide, Ratchet... and finally the assault truck completed its transformation into a large impressive Autobot; Ultra Magnus.

“Ultra Magnus, we’ve never seen the device give out a signal this strong,” Lennox said.
"Roger that, Major. Get your men to scan every vessel they can. Ironhide you take ridge up there and cover us. Mudflap and Skids protect the humans. Ratchet, call for backup... I have a bad feeling about this," Ultra Magnus said as he moved towards the dock area.

"I hate it when that big chunk of scrap metal starts bossing everybody around," Mudflap told Skids as they both walked towards the NEST hummers. He hated it when he was assigned to this squad. He thought Ultra Magnus was too serious, always lecturing them about the importance of discipline. No fun to be had here.

"Well, Prime made him leader of this squad you dumb ass!" Skids replied.
"I know that! I was just bitchin, bitch!” Mudflap snapped as he kicked Skids on the shin and Skids hopped in pain.

"Enough! The two of you, get to your positions… NOW!" Ultra Magnus was in no mood to tolerate them. If it were up to him, he would have had those two fools on clean up duty back at base.

Ironhide scanned the area. Many ships were docked by the bay and he did not want to miss scanning any of them. Suddenly he caught a breeze from the sea, and smelt something in the air that triggered his olfactory sensors. ‘Hmmm... Something smells familiar,’ Ironhide wondered to himself as he made his way towards the ridge.

Epps was distracted by a mirror like reflection from a large warship just off the navy dock. Curious, he walked closer to the end of the dock towards the warship. “Hey! Anybody up there? You need to clear the area!” he hailed. He was greeted with silence. Epps noticed that there was no anchor docking the warship. ‘That’s strange…’ he thought to himself. He instinctively picked up a small pebble and threw it at the ship. As the pebble hit the ship it caused a strange ripple of energy. Epps was startled and reached for his radio transmitter. "Uh.... Guys I think you need to take a look at this..." Epps started to warn the team, but it was too late. Suddenly, the ship began to transform into a massive transformer. It was so large that as the giant transformer stood, it towered above the dock even with almost half of its legs immersed in the sea. Epps started to move backwards but his foot was caught on a loose rock and he fell flat on his back, facing the massive transformer. The giant transformer completed its transformation and exclaimed: "TIDAL WAVE!"

The transformer lifted up its arms and smashed into the sea creating a wave of water. The wave rapidly approached Epps, who was still on his back, staring at awe at the giant. He thought he had seen it all until today. Then he noticed a wall of water approaching him, building up 20 feet high. He screamed but was saved just in time by Ratchet, who grabbed Epps and used his own body to shield Epps from the wall of water.

"Fall back! Create a line of defense! Fire at its head! Maybe we can blind it somehow… Fire!" Ultra Magnus commanded as he quickly moved away from the dock. The NEST vehicles fired a volley of missiles at Tidal Wave. He seemed to stagger back at one point; but then he transformed one of his massive arms into a cannon and fired a pulsating wave which blew the NEST vehicles away like it was made out of paper. Mudflap and Skids scrambled for cover and managed to duck the wave. Mudflap then turned around and ran straight into Tidal Wave's direction, much to the surprise of his brother, who stood bewildered.

This was his opportunity to show Ultra Magnus what he was made of. ‘I am a warrior! I’ll show him!’ Mudflap convinced himself as he jumped on Tidal Wave's legs and started to climb. "I took on Devastator and now I'm going to kick your ass!" Mudflap roared as he continued to climb.

"Hey! I’m gettin’ in on some of that action too!" Skids shouted to his brother and followed suit. Skids and Mudflap started to climb and shoot at Tidal Wave's legs.

"No! Stick to the attack plan! We need to hold him off until backup arrives!" Ultra Magnus warned the twins, but to no avail.

Tidal Wave winced in pain from the twin’s attack but with a flick of his leg the twins tumbled to the ground. Annoyed, Tidal Wave exclaimed his name again ‘TIDAL WAVE!’ as he lifted his leg and crushed the Twins below.

"Nooo!!!" Ultra Magnus screamed. ‘This can’t be happening!’ Ultra Magnus told himself. Ultra Magnus was a great commander and a great warrior; only second to Optimus Prime himself. But after an incident on Cybertron where his team was ambushed by one of Megatron’s minions which left his entire unit dead and him buried under the planet’s core, he began to doubt himself. Memories of that incident began to flood his memory. He stood motionless, unable to move.

“Magnus, we’ve got to get to the twins!” Ironhide exclaimed as he jumped into view, transformed and raced towards Tidal Wave. Ultra Magnus snapped out of his stupor, transformed and followed suit. As they approached Tidal Wave, both Autobots transformed back into robot mode, Ultra Magnus fired a grappling hook at one of the giant's legs, Ironhide grabbed the other side of the chain and both Autobots pulled as hard as they could. Tidal Wave staggered back a few steps, the Twins were revealed underneath his foot, mangled on the ground.

“Oh no…” Magnus was shocked at the sight of the twins, “… get Ratchet! We need him now!”

“I’m here Magnus! Distract that thing and give me some room!” Ratchet said as he arrived on scene. Ultra Magnus nodded. He and Ironhide fired at Tidal Wave with all the firepower that they could muster, but the giant was barely scathed. Then suddenly a bolt of energy blasted Tidal Wave on his torso, slightly above his chest and tore apart a huge chunk of metal from the giant. Tidal Wave grabbed his chest and roared in pain. He looked around and saw the source of the blast; an experimental Navy rail-gun which was mounted on a large assault truck bed. It was a smaller version of the rail-gun which took out Devastator a year earlier, modified to be mounted on a truck bed.

“He’s hurt! Ratchet now’s your chance, get the twins!” Magnus shouted as they continued firing at Tidal Wave’s chest. Ratchet quickly dived in and grabbed the twins.

The Navy officers were charging up the rail-gun for another shot. But it was too late... “DESTROY!” Tidal Wave exclaimed as pair of blasters transformed above his shoulders. He fired a wave blast of plasma at the assault vehicle. The plasma wave melted the vehicle, the rail-gun and incinerated the Navy officers. Ultra Magnus and Ironhide continued firing at the giant while the other Navy and NEST officers scrambled for cover.

“I think we just pissed him off…” Lennox said as he reached for his radio transmitter. “Lennox to Big Buddha… you better get here soon, we’re getting our asses handed down to us here!”

Optimus Prime’s voice crackled over the radio, “We’re almost there Major, Optimus out…”
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Re: Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

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CHAPTER 2: Supreme Calvary

“You two hold on! Do NOT go offline!” Ratchet exclaimed as he ran towards a clearing behind a line of NEST vehicles. Ratchet was an excellent medic, but even he knew that once the spark was gone there was little he could do to bring it back.

"Skids... I can't... feel... my legs," Mudflap muttered as he stretched his hand towards his brother. His words were barely audible. Skids groaned in pain as he moved his hands to touch his brother, the spark in his eyes began to fade.

“No! Stay with me… both of you! Ironhide! I need parts, get me some parts now!” Ratchet pleaded as he furiously tried to reassemble and revive what’s left of the twins. As the twins touched hands, their sparks began to fade completely and they died in Ratchet’s arms.

Out of the horizon a C-17 cargo plane appeared. Backup had arrived. Its rear hatch opened in mid air as Optimus Prime was jettisoned out of the cargo plane in vehicle mode, equipped with a trailer. "Autobots, roll out! Combat mode!" the Autobot leader exclaimed as he began to transform. The trailer transformed and merged with Optimus. Ratchet and Jolt managed to salvage Jetfire's parts and modified them into a trailer for Prime in vehicle mode. Enabling the Autobot leader to combine at will. The remaining Autobots, Sideswipe, Jolt, Bumblebee and the Arcee triplets rushed out of the plane into Tidal Wave's direction. The Autobots transformed and fired at Tidal Wave in mid air. The giant transformer held up one of his massive arms to shield him from the rain of Autobot fire and with the other, Tidal Wave aimed his pulse cannon and fired. The pulse wave blasted the Autobots and hurled them away in the opposite direction. Prime managed to evade the blast and dived into Tidal Wave’s direction.

"Magnus, lets take this thing down!" he shouted to Ultra Magnus who was desperately trying to provide ground assistance.

"Prime, he’s hurt above the chest!" Ultra Magnus shouted as he joined Optimus in the assault. Magnus and Prime worked together as a unit, firing and weaving, Prime from above, Magnus from below. The other Autobots began to run towards Tidal Wave to provide backup fire. Magnus again fired his grappling hooks, and jumped across Tidal Wave's legs, while Prime positioned himself and with another burst of his thrusters, headed straight towards Tidal Wave’s chest.

The giant transformer stumbled. Ultra Magnus’s chains were keeping him immobilized. Dealing with the first imminent threat, Tidal Wave swiped Prime in mid air like a fly. The leader Autobot tumbled to the ground below. Tidal Wave then focused his attention on Ultra Magnus; he grabbed Ultra Magnus’ chains and by his sheer brute strength broke it in half. Ultra Magnus was thrown back by the whiplash.

Prime landed on the ground hard. "Urgh… Autobots, regroup!” Prime uttered as he tried to get back up, a little dazed. Suddenly there was a loud rumbling sound coming out from the sea. A large area of water started to bubble as if the earth’s plates had moved to create an underwater earthquake. A large alien space ship started to rise out of the sea. It muttered something in Cybertronian language, “Heads up, Autobots!”

"Oh… my... god," Lennox mumbled while he just stood there gaping at the large spaceship.

"Another Decepticon! We can't let them get the upper hand! Focus all remaining missiles on that thing and give it all you've got!!" Epps shouted as he raced towards one of the Hummers and mounted its missile launchers.

"Wait... Belay that order! It looks like... an old friend," Prime said as he stood up for a better view.

"Omega Supreme!! I knew something smelt familiar!" Ironhide exclaimed.

"Omega… What???" Lennox asked confused by the events that just unfolded. The starship transformed in mid air into an equally impressive gigantic transformer almost rivaling the sheer size of Tidal Wave.

"Optimus! Take cover!” Omega Supreme exclaimed, again in Cybertronian language. Tidal Wave sneered something back in Cybertronian; both of his arms have transformed into pulse cannons aimed directly at Prime. The remaining Autobots scrambled for cover. Before Tidal Wave could fire, Omega Supreme landed on Tidal Wave and dragged him into the sea, both giants battled with half of their bodies immersed in water.

Omega Supreme ducked a few blows and replied with a few of his own. Then he managed to move beneath Tidal Wave and hit him with a massive uppercut which shattered Tidal Wave’s lower jaw. With the giant dazed, Omega Supreme swiftly positioned himself behind Tidal Wave and grabbed him in a hold, immobilizing the giant.

"Prime, finish him now!" Omega Supreme shouted in Cybertronian.

Prime tried to take off but stumbled, his thrusters were damaged from the fall. He then looked at Ultra Magnus, who nodded. Prime ran towards Magnus at full speed. As Prime approached, Magnus sidestepped, caught Prime and hurled him through the air towards Tidal Wave's chest. Prime fired his cannons at full power which destroyed parts of Tidal Wave’s damaged chest. Omega Supreme tightened his grip and held on to the struggling giant.

"I'm going to rip out your spark you overgrown tin can!" Prime taunted as he unleashed both his blades and went straight into Tidal Wave's chest, hacking and slashing through Tidal Wave's body. Omega Supreme released Tidal Wave at the precise time Prime exited on the other side. Tidal Wave screamed. Energy rippled through Tidal Wave's body from his core... He started to turn dark as he fell to his knees. The spark disappeared from his eyes and the giant fell into the sea.

"They keep on getting bigger," Lennox said as he walked up to Epps.

"Damn... I hope that's as big as they get..." Epps replied.
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Re: Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

Postby JebPrime » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:10 pm

CHAPTER 3: Revelations

As the C-17 cargo plane landed on the tarmac at NEST base, a massive starship, over twice the size of the C-17 plane approached. NEST officers started to walk out of the main hangar. Some looked bewildered, pointing towards the starship. The starship landed and its cargo hatch opened. The Autobots and NEST vehicles exited both the C-17 and the starship. The starship then transformed. Omega Supreme stood over a hundred feet tall; his massive body dwarfed everything else in sight.

"Holy crap," uttered General Morshower as he made his way towards the landing bay. The other Autobots transformed and Prime introduced Omega Supreme to the NEST team.

"Old friend... How was it that you did not contact us upon your arrival?" Prime asked.

"I tried Prime. It seemed likely that my transmissions were blocked," answered Omega Supreme.

"Must have been Soundwave..." Ultra Magnus added.

"Hmmm... We have tracked Soundwave to a remote corner of the moon. I have sent an assault squad there several days ago, but he has managed to elude them thus far. The silence in Decepticon activities lately worries me. I hope Grimlock contacts us with news soon,” Prime said as he looked up to the skies.

“Grimlock will succeed. He always does,” Magnus uttered; confident of his old friend’s abilities. They traveled together for a long time after leaving Cybertron. Together with Hot Rod and Kup, they searched deep sectors of space for the cube. He wished he was still with his team but Optimus needed him on Earth, to train the young ones Prime said, in which he failed today. He turned around to look at Ratchet, who was carrying the remains of the twins into the main hangar.

"I’m afraid we have greater issues at hand. Prime, may I speak with you... without the… organics." Omega Supreme requested in Cybertronian language.

"The humans have been working with us for a long time. You may share this information with them. I trust them Omega Supreme.” Prime replied.

"Very well; over the course of my travels, I heard rumours from our kin hiding in the stars that you had defeated the Fallen, and the Matrix was found on Earth. So I made my way here. I stopped on a moon on the planet of rings to investigate a peculiar beacon. It seems that the Nemesis had crash landed on that moon; inside I saw that the beacon was originating from the body of Starscream. He was in a peculiar state of stupor, non reactive to any stimuli. I touched the beacon light and I saw a planet… but Prime; it was Unicron." Omega Supreme paused. Prime and the other Autobots were stunned.

“Are you certain?” Prime asked Omega Supreme.

“I am sure of it,” Omega Supreme confirmed. “At that point, a space bridge opened and that was when that thing that called itself Tidal Wave appeared with a score of other Decepticons. They said that I had seen too much and their master sent them to destroy me. Then they attacked, I tried to hold them off and managed to escape to Earth. Unfortunately, Tidal Wave followed me here. Prime, I think Unicron is trying to break free of his prison.” Omega Supreme concluded.

“Prison? Who’s this Unicron? What’s going on Prime?” Lennox asked. Prime looked at Lennox with a blank stare, shook his head and sighed.

"Long before there were the Autobots or the Decepticons... there were only two, Primus and Unicron. Primus was our creator and Unicron was his brother. They are to us what humans would call... gods." Prime explained.

"Well, you did ask who the hell created them," Lennox smirked and looked at Epps sarcastically.

"Uh... was that me?" Epps replied, unsure on whether he did ask that question.

"The brothers were constantly at odds with each other. As Primus was a creator, Unicron was a destroyer. Unicron had an insatiable need to feed... on anything and everything; his favourite being… organics." Omega Supreme added, deliberately focusing on the word organics, a term he fondly used to describe carbon based life forms. Optimus Prime gave Omega Supreme a glare in which Omega Supreme responded with something which resembled a sheepish smile.

"After our creation, Unicron only saw us only as slaves, to serve him eternally. But Primus saw us as his children, deserving nurturing and the right to freedom. Unicron refused to accept this and swore to destroy all of Primus’ children. The brothers’ relationship grew stale and aggressive; they had many battles over the eons but Primus finally defeated Unicron by imprisoning him on another planar universe, at the ultimate price of sacrificing his own spark. Primus had to use a large portion of his spark to hold Unicron in this prison. In order to contain the rest, Primus separated his spark into 3 parts; with one he held Unicron, the other he created our home planet Cybertron and the last spark of Primus was contained in the Matrix of Leadership. Unicron has not been seen since. I don't think that any living Autobot has ever laid eyes on him, until today.” Prime explained.

“Prime, do you really have the Matrix?” Omega Supreme asked.

"Yes, the humans helped us retrieve the Matrix after a battle with the Fallen. The Fallen was defeated, but Megatron and most of the Decepticons escaped and simply disappeared. We assumed that they had retreated, since there was nothing left to keep them here. We hunted the remaining Decepticons on Earth and destroyed them. We do not yet know what happened to Megatron. I suspect that he might have had a hand on what’s currently happening.” Prime replied. “Magnus, send a message to Grimlock, their mission is to now apprehend the target. I’m sure Soundwave will know something,” Prime ordered. He knew of all the Decepticons, Soundwave was most trusted by Megatron, if anyone knew anything, he would.

“Will do Optimus,” Ultra Magnus responded.

“If Unicron does break free, without Primus to stop him, he will destroy everything.” Prime added.

"Then we'll take them all out together, like what we did to the Fallen." Epps said, obviously trying to sound confident.

"I'm afraid that is unlikely. Unicron is all powerful; he is planetary in size. He will not be easily defeated if at all possible. Our best chance is to find a way to stop him from breaking free of his prison, somehow…” Prime replied.

The humans looked stunned at what Prime said. General Morshower was deep in thought. Over the years he had come respect Optimus Prime for his leadership and cared deeply for the Autobots, but this is a matter of national, no… global security. He had to voice out his opinions; his directive.

“Optimus, I'm afraid this time you have really brought your war onto us. I have to inform the President, I have to do something. We cannot endanger 6 billion lives should you and the Matrix remain on this planet.” Morshower hinted. He felt terrible.

"I understand General. I will not allow this battle to reach Earth, no matter the cost. If Unicron is after the Matrix, then it must be the key. Omega Supreme, take me to this beacon. We have to destroy it before Unicron sends more of his minions through.” Prime said.

"Yes, the beacon, on one of the moons of the planet of rings," Omega Supreme added.

"Saturn..." Lennox mumbled to himself.
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Re: Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

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CHAPTER 4: The Informer

On a remote sector of the moon: His actuators felt as if it was going to burst. He was running low on energy. He turned around and fired… missed. The Autobots were gaining, he had to escape. He turned around, and focused on his pursuers, especially that one, the one with the red optic sensors. Those eyes; almost mindless, almost. He was sure that one might even make a worse captor than his master if they captured him. He had to run! Hide, somehow, somewhere.

“Got you now…” Grimlock grinned as he ducked Soundwave’s blast. Soundwave had evaded them long enough. Grimlock and Kup continued the chase. Their plan was working. Soundwave was being herded into the trap.

‘It’s going to work!’ Kup told himself as Soundwave turned into a clearing between two massive cliffs. Soundwave looked behind and laughed as he started to transform into flight mode. ‘Now Hot Rod! Now!’ Kup thought to himself. Out of the top of the cliff, a red Lamborghini Gallardo raced down its surface, transformed, jumped into the air and fired right at Soundwave’s right wing. It was a perfect shot. Soundwave lost control and crashed. “Grimlock!” Kup shouted, but Grimlock was already in action. Grimlock jumped into the air, sword in one hand and landed right on top of Soundwave. He then sliced the sword clean through Soundwave’s left arm. Soundwave screamed in agony, with his other arm tried to grab Grimlock’s leg, but Grimlock caught it, and twisted it right off its sockets and threw it away.

“Grimlock smash you!!” Grimlock exclaimed as he started to pound on Soundwave’s face. He could almost taste the energy seeping out of Soundwave’s wounds. He was in a frenzied state and loved it.

“No! Prime wants him alive!” Kup shouted as he jumped onto Grimlock and tried to restrain him. Hot Rod ran towards them and placed both hands on Grimlock’s chest.

“Hold on there big guy! It’s over, he’s down and out… it’s over.” Hot Rod said as he tried to calm him down. Grimlock was a berserker. In the heat of battle, he goes into a mindless frenzy which increases his strength and fighting prowess at the cost of his self control and certain cognitive functionality.

“I’m… ok…” Grimlock said as he slowly took control of himself. “Get him up and contact Optimus, we have the informer,” he growled.

Meanwhile back on Earth at NEST headquarters, the Autobots were preparing to leave. They had just received transmission from Kup on the success of their mission.

Bumblebee was sitting on top op a small hill, looking into the horizon. Then, he smiled. A NEST hummer was approaching the base on the long narrow road, one of the Arcee triplets was leading it, and she had a rider on top. ‘Mikeala and Sam!’ Bumblebee thought to himself. He was excited. He had not seen Sam or Mikeala in many months. Since they got engaged Bumblebee felt slightly redundant. Decepticons were not hounding those two humans anymore either. Plus, Wheelie would contact them if anything should happen. That little guy was a better fit for this job. Still, it didn’t make Bumblebee feel any better not seeing his friend for such a long time. They entered the main gates; Mikeala got off the bike and took off her helmet. As Arcee transformed, Sam and Major Lennox stepped out of the hummer.

“Bumblebee!” both Sam and Mikeala said that the same time. They ran towards Bumblebee and gave him a big hug.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving.” Sam said with a tear in his eye.

“We’re going to miss you, all of you.” Mikeala added, took out a tissue and wiped the tear from Sam’s eye.

“I will miss you too,” Bumblebee replied.

“Humans are truly more than meets the eye,” Arcee added with a smile; her voice a pleasant mix of human female and robotic tinge.

“You are absolutely correct, Arcee.” Optimus Prime added as he walked up towards the group.

“Sam, we thank you for all that you have done for us… and for me. But there is a threat arising now that is greater than all of us have ever seen. We go not only for our sake, but for the sake of all humanity.” Prime added.

“Then promise me that you will come back…” Sam said to Prime.

“I…” Prime stuttered.

“Promise me! Prime… please,” Sam repeated.

Optimus was at a lost for words. He did not expect Sam to have asked him of such a commitment. He honestly did not know whether any of the Autobots would survive this mission. But they had to… for the sake of all in the universe. They had to stop Unicron!

“I promise,” Prime replied.

The Autobots said their goodbyes and boarded Omega Supreme as they prepared to make their way to rendezvous with Grimlock, Kup and Hot Rod. Omega Supreme lifted off and the Autobots began their journey to the moon.
Sam was standing in a watch tower, together with Mikeala as they both watched Omega Supreme disappear into the night sky.

“You think they’ll be back?” Sam asked.

“Oh, they’ll be back, I’m sure of it.” Mikeala answered and they both hugged.

“Well, well, well, look what the Petro-Rabbits dragged in,” Kup said as Omega Supreme landed on the moon.

“Not the Petro Rabbits again,” Hot Rod mumbled.

“Don’t get him started,” Grimlock whispered to Hot Rod as they both made their way towards the landing starship. They both knew that Kup loved to reminiscent about old wars and battles and if left unchecked, his stories would last for hours. The Autobots exited Omega Supreme as the giant transformed.

“Hello there big guy, good to see you again after all these years,” Kup said to Omega Supreme.

“Yes, it has been a long time Kup,” replied Omega Supreme.

“Prime, that piece of rusted metal has been wailing about somebody named Galvatron for hours.” Kup informed Optimus.

“Galvatron? Take me to him.” Prime requested.
Kup then brought Optimus to a small cave where they held Soundwave, tied to the wall by energon bindings. He looked less than dignified with both arms severed and his face badly damaged.

“Uh, Grimlock left him a bit worse for wear,” Kup said as Optimus shot them an un-approving glance.

“Ah…. Optimus Prime… urgh … how nice of you to join our little… gathering,” Soundwave sneered as Optimus entered the cave. His voice strained to hide his pain.

“We have no time for your bullshit Soundwave. Tell me who Galvatron is!” Prime demanded.

“I will never… urgh… tell you anything!” Soundwave blasted in defiance. He shot a look at Grimlock which betrayed his fear. Optimus noticed Soundwave’s expression and hid his grin.

“Fine, it’s your funeral. Autobots move out. We’ll leave Soundwave and Grimlock here to get better… acquainted…. and seal the cave,” Prime ordered.

Soundwave was left speechless and in utter shock. As the caved plunged into darkness the last thing he saw was the red glow of Grimlock’s eyes. He screamed. An hour passed when there was a loud knocking coming from inside the cave.

“Grimlock… done…” Grimlock radioed in; his voice sounded feral.

“Open the seal,” Optimus ordered.

As they entered the cave Grimlock was crouched in the darkest corner, his red eyes glowing as the growled at them. Kup and Hot Rod walked cautiously towards Grimlock to calm him down. Soundwave lay in another corner of the cave, his body torn and broken. Optimus sighed and looked at Grimlock who was slowly getting to his feet assisted by Kup and Hot Rod.

“What did he tell you?” Prime asked Grimlock.

“Megatron was taken by Unicron. Starscream salvaged and somehow managed to activate the Fallen’s staff which opened a space bridge to Unicron’s prison. Galvatron and Megatron are one of the same… He is Unicron’s new herald,” Grimlock paused.

“The Fallen’s staff can only be truly used by a Prime… or a herald of Unicron. This is grave news indeed.” Prime muttered.

“Unicron has been building an army, lead by Galvatron to retrieve the Matrix. With Cybertron destroyed, Primus’ spark has been weakened considerably. Prime, by using the Matrix, Unicron is going to attempt to break free of his prison and return to our universe.” Grimlock continued.

“Lord… Galvatron… will destroy … you … ALL!” Soundwave gloated, barely able to utter those words from all the damage that he received.

“Not if we have anything to say about it. Magnus, put him out of his misery…” Prime commanded as he walked out of the cave. Ultra Magnus walked towards Soundwave. He pulled a rod from his back which transformed into a large war-hammer and swung it towards Soundwave’s head. Soundwave was dead.

“Autobots, move out…” Prime ordered.

Omega Supreme transformed and the Autobots prepared to make their next journey to the Nemesis.
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Re: Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

Postby JebPrime » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:18 pm

CHAPTER 5: Nemesis

“Unicron! Unicron answer me! For months I have been sitting here, waiting; wasting away while you keep on building this army. Send me to Earth now! I will crush Optimus Prime with my own bare hands!” Galvatron fumed. He was running out of patience; tired of his new master and his grand schemes.

“Patience my herald; I have waited for this moment for eons. All is going as I have planned,” the deep, booming voice of Unicron replied.

“What plans? I have seen nothing. You float here in this prison, useless and unable to change anything! I am tired of training this army, every day, every hour, every minute! Send me to destroy Prime now!” Galvatron demanded.

“You forget yourself. Your desire for revenge against the last Prime will consume you, but your spark belongs to me and if I command you to wait for an eternity then that is what you shall do!” Unicron threatened.

Galvatron was at lost for words, his anger consumed him. He can feel the power within his new body. He could not put aside his hatred for Optimus Prime and the Autobots any longer. The shame of Megatron’s defeat at the hands of Optimus Prime lingers even now.

“Be mindful of your thoughts; for they betray you my herald. You will have your revenge soon enough. As we speak, the last Prime and his followers are making their way to your old ship, and that is where you will destroy them, and bring the Matrix to me.” Unicron commanded. Galvatron smiled; finally he will have his revenge.

“Cyclonus, it is time… Assemble the battalion!” Galvatron commanded.

“As you command, Lord Galvatron,” Cyclonus bowed and backed away from his master.

Galvatron walked up on a raised dais and surveyed the assembled Unicron army… his army. One thousand strong; the Decepticon army was a fearsome sight to behold. Some newly created by Unicron; Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweep’s drone army. Some old faces too stood in the crowd: the Constructicons rebuilt in all their glory, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Scorponok and Shockwave.

“Cyclonus, has Soundwave and Tidal Wave reported back?” Galvatron turned and asked as he noticed his missing lieutenants.

“I’m afraid we have not heard from them in days Lord Galvatron,” Cyclonus replied and bowed.

“Prime… No matter, I will crush him soon enough,” Galvatron replied as he turned to face his army.

“My Decepticons! Today we will take what was rightly ours... a new planet to call our own! Crush the Autobots and everything else that stands in our way! Show no mercy!” Galvatron exclaimed. Unicron then opened a large space bridge into the other universe.

“Hail! Lord Galvatron!” the army roared as they made their way into the space bridge.
‘Do NOT fail me…’ Galvatron heard Unicron’s voice in his head as he crossed the space bridge into the other side. The Decepticon army marched into the other side lead by Galvatron and came to a halt just outside of the Nemesis.

“Cyclonus, Shockwave, go to the beacon and bring him to me,” Galvatron commanded. Unicron needed the beacon to maintain a strong connection to this universe. But now, the Matrix would be all that he needed to return. Galvatron wanted the traitor for himself.

Starscream was in shock. He did not know where he was. Memories flashed through his mind. ‘The staff… where is it?’ He tried to reach out, pain surged through his body and he groaned. His body was limp and barely able to move. Someone was carrying him; suddenly he was thrown to the ground and hit the dirt hard. The moon rocks scratched his face… his face which already felt as if it was pounded by a thousand meteoroids. A figure was standing above him.

“You have succeeded,” the figure said.

Starscream tried to look up, but the towering figure above him moved aside and walked behind him.

“Wha… What do you mean?” Starscream muttered.

“You wanted Megatron dead. You will be pleased to know that he is no more,” the voice continued.

With much effort, Starscream managed to get up on all fours and looked around. Hordes of Decepticons surrounded him. ‘Only Megatron could have commanded such an army,’ Starscream thought to himself. Megatron would punish him severely if he truly had returned. The thought of Megatron’s wrath sent shivers down his spinal sensors. He turned around and faced the figure that had his back turned towards him. The figure looked familiar. But the body structure, the stance… more brutish, more menacing.

“Megatron… is that you?” Starscream uttered.

Galvatron turned around, looked right into Starscream’s eyes and smirked. Starscream recognized those eyes, it was Megatron. Starscream instinctively bent over in obedience and groveled for his life.

“Lord Megatron! Please forgive me… I have only ambition; treacherous maybe but ambition nonetheless; nothing that you would not have done if you were in my place. My lord, forgive me for I am your humble servant,” Starscream pleaded.

“It sometimes surprises even me, how ironic it was for Megatron to have tolerated you all this time only for you to initiate a chain of events that created ME. So as I have told you before, puny insect… Megatron is no more… I am GALVATRON!” Galvatron exclaimed. A cannon transformed out of a mount on Galvatron’s right shoulder. As Galvatron aimed it at Starscream, the cannon began to pulse and glow with raw energy.

“No! My lord, please…” Starscream begged for his life. Galvatron fired. The beam of energy tore through Starscream’s body; he did not even have a chance to scream. His eyes turned black as his spark faded and his body crumbled into ashes. Starscream was no more.

Behind a rock formation overlooking the Nemesis; Bumblebee and Hot Rod ducked for cover.

“This is not good, we’re too late!” Bumblebee whispered.

“You think?” Hot Rod replied.

“We’d better warn Prime,” Bumblebee continued. Both Autobots transformed and made their way back to Optimus Prime and the others.

“So, they are already here,” Optimus Prime said as he received the report from Bumblebee and Hot Rod.

“A thousand Decepticons! Why that reminds me of a time in the great Cybertronian war. I remember it well; we were out numbered ten to one. The Decepticons were trying to…” Kup started.

“Aw come on Kup, we’ve heard this one a gazillion times!” Ratchet interrupted.

“The past is the greatest teacher my friend, that’s what I always say,” Kup continued.

“We’ve heard that one too…” Iron Hide added sarcastically.

“It’s more like we’re outnumbered a hundred to one today Kup. We’ll need a battle plan, charging head on would be suicide,” Ultra Magnus interjected.

“Ultra Magnus is right,” Optimus Prime said. “We need a plan.”
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Re: Movie Fanfic - After The Fallen

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CHAPTER 6: Boiling Point

“Lord Galvatron! We have intercepted a transmission. A small group of Autobots have landed on the dark side of the moon,” Shockwave reported as he made his way into the Nemesis throne room.

Galvatron tightened his grip on the throne handles. Optimus Prime! The hatred he felt began to consume him. His only thought was to crush Optimus Prime. ‘To hell with Unicron! I want Optimus to beg for mercy before I destroy his spark forever!’ Galvatron thought to himself.

“Shockwave! Take your unit, the Constructicons and the sweeps. Track them down, destroy the Autobots! But bring Prime to me alive. I want him for myself!” Galvatron commanded.

Shockwave bowed and hastily made his way out of the Nemesis. He assembled his squad and made their way to the point where the Autobot transmission was intercepted. Two figures moved silently in the background. Kup and Bumblebee had snuck behind enemy lines and slowly made their way into the Decepticon base.

“Come out come out wherever you are Autobots!” Scourge taunted as he flew over the intercept point with his Sweeps.

“Do not think they are cowards Scourge; keep your sensors to a maximum. Wait… What is that?” Shockwave said as a lone figure emerged from the shadows. It was Ultra Magnus, standing alone on top of a small mound.

Shockwave began to laugh hysterically. “Well, well, well… Ultra Magnus. What is this? Some sort of trap? You expect me to fall for this?” Shockwave said as he stopped his troop’s advance.

Ultra Magnus had not expected that Shockwave would be leading the Decepticon attack unit. Visions of their past encounter flooded his memories, how Shockwave ambushed and killed his entire unit. He clenched his fists in anger. ‘You have evaded me for all these years... Now it is time I avenged my brothers,’ Ultra Magnus muttered to himself.

“What is he doing?” Ironhide whispered to Grimlock. They were both hidden from view, on top of a cliff overlooking the valley where Ultra Magnus stood.

“I just expect you to fall Shockwave!” Ultra Magnus exclaimed as he took out his war-hammer and rushed the Decepticons.

“Oh no… He’s going to jeopardize the entire operation!” Grimlock said as he transformed and made his way down from their hiding place. “Let’s go Ironhide!”

Shockwave rallied his troops and fired. Ultra Magnus ducked and weaved his way through the rain of Decepticon fire towards Shockwave. A few laser blasts hit his body but he was too enraged to care. He jumped into the air and smashed three Sweeps drones in one swipe of his war-hammer. Then he grabbed another with one hand, dragged it down to the ground and pounded it to pieces.

“Magnus you fool! This time I will crush you for good! Constructicons, form Devastator!” Shockwave commanded. Ultra Magnus was running towards Shockwave when he was tackled by Scourge and taken to the ground. One by one the Sweep drones piled on top of Ultra Magnus in an attempt to subdue to crazed Autobot.

Meanwhile, the Constructicons were forming Devastator when suddenly Grimlock jumped in, grabbed Scrapper and tore him away from forming Devastator’s right arm. “Ironhide, we have to stop Devastator from merging! It’s our only chance!” Grimlock shouted at Ironhide as he and Scrapper rolled into a ditch. Ironhide was already on to the plan as he jumped on top of Rampage just as he was about to form Devastator’s right leg. The two transformers tumbled onto the ground, Ironhide punching and kicking at Rampage as the Decepticon tried to transform back into robot mode.

The other Constructicons continued to form Devastator, devoid of his right arm and left leg. The giant transformer crawled towards Ironhide and Rampage. Devastator lifted his left arm and was about to crush Ironhide when suddenly Grimlock slammed himself into Devastator’s body causing the giant to stumble and fall head first to the ground. Grimlock appeared from behind Devastator and hopped on top of its head. Taking advantage of the situation, Ironhide punched Rampage square on the jaw, lifted him up and hurled him away from Devastator. Grimlock lifted his sword and was about to thrust it through Devastator’s head when suddenly a beam of energy tore through his right shoulder. Grimlock winced in pain, and then he was hit by another blast which sent him tumbling to the ground.

“Die! You fool!” Shockwave sneered and fired another shot which hit Ironhide on the chest. Ironhide was thrown back and laid motionless.

“No!” Ultra Magnus screamed as he smashed the last of the remaining Sweeps. Shockwave turned around and to his horror saw Ultra Magnus standing on top of a pile of dead Sweep drones.

“Constructicons, to me!” Shockwave commanded. The Constructicons realized that they could not form devastator with two fallen comrades and detached themselves. The remaining Constructicons; Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Overload and High Tower lined themselves in front of Shockwave and advanced on Ultra Magnus. “Where is Optimus Prime?!” Shockwave demanded. “You are outgunned and outnumbered, tell us where he is and I will not make you suffer Magnus.”

Ultra Magnus looked at the motionless bodies of Ironhide and Grimlock. ‘First the twins; now them… What have I done?’ His anger and recklessness had cost him yet another member of his unit. ‘Am I destined to fail?’ Magnus shook his head. ‘No! I will go down fighting. Shockwave will not have the last word today!’ Ultra Magnus suddenly let out a shrilling war cry and started running towards the band of Decepticons.

“You have lost your mind Magnus… Constructicons, attack!” Shockwave commanded as he stepped further back behind the line of Constructicons.

Ultra Magnus faced the advancing Constructicons. He knew he had no chance to stand toe to toe against all of them, so he decided to make his way straight towards Shockwave instead. He ducked a blow from Mixmaster and caught him with an uppercut that sent the Decepticon to the ground. Then, he avoided a swipe from High Tower and responded with a swift kick to the head. Longhaul stood in front of him and fired his blasters. One of the blast grazed Magnus’ shoulder but he shrugged it off and went into a summersault to the side of Longhaul and rammed into both Scavenger and Overload, taking them both down with an expertly executed clothesline. Magnus quickly got up and jumped into the air, war-hammer in hand straight towards Shockwave.

Shockwave was surprised by the sheer speed of his adversary. He bet against Magnus being able to get through the Constructicons. He was wrong. He hastily lifted his blasters and tried to fire. He was too late. Magnus was already upon him and the next thing he felt was the crushing blow of Magnus’ war-hammer on his head.

Shockwave fell to the ground. Magnus raised his war-hammer again to deliver the final blow when suddenly he was shot from behind. Magnus was stunned, he could not feel his right arm and dropped the war-hammer. He looked behind. It was Longhaul. The other Constructicons slowly got up to their feet and faced him. Longhaul aimed his blasters and fired again. Ultra Magnus felt a sharp pain surge through his body and fell to his knees. He tried to stand up but couldn’t, he was loosing consciousness.

"Forgive me Optimus…"

“Ironhide… Ironhide… are you alright?” Optimus Prime asked. Ironhide slowly opened his eyes, Prime’s voice sounded faint, drowned by the ringing in his head. Ratchet was crouched above him. He looked around and saw Grimlock standing beside Optimus, holding his right shoulder which looked charred and burned.

“Yeah… urgh… it’ll take more than what Shockwave can ever muster to take me out,” Ironhide replied. His joints ached; his body felt like it was bathed in energon fire. He tried to get up but Ratchet held him down.

“Take it easy there buddy...” Ratchet said as he gently pushed Ironhide back onto the makeshift platform. “You’re lucky we had a ton of scrap from those drones to fix the both of you.”

“Thank you Ratchet, but I’m fine…” Ironhide said as he waived Ratchet away and slowly got up to his feet. “Magnus… Where is he? Is he alive?” Ironhide asked.
“They took him,” Optimus replied.

“You should have seen him Prime, he took out the whole squadron of those drones all by himself… and I thought I was the only crazy one around here,” Grimlock added.
Optimus stared at the ground. He knew what happened in Cybertron effected Magnus but he didn’t realize the magnitude of suffering Magnus was enduring. He took Magnus’ tough exterior for granted, and he blamed himself. “I understand his pain… but it has put us in a precarious situation,” Prime was interrupted by an inaudible radio transmission.

“Bumblebee has confirmed that he’s alive… and being held outside of the Nemesis, obviously as bait to for the rest of us,” Optimus looked at Ironhide, “...and we’re going to bite back.”


Chapter 7 onwards WIP.
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