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Motto: "If you feel my lightning, you will never hear the thunder."

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Aero Engineer
Alt. mode: Cybertronian Jet/modified F-22 Raptor
Weapons: Laser Cannons.
Abilities: Engineer and modify wing designs
Height: 31 ft / 9,46 m
Quote: "Blasting you is as cathartic as streamlining one's fuselage”

Strength: 06
Intelligence: 09
Dexterity: 08
Speed: 08
Endurance: 04
Courage: 07
Firepower: 04
Accuracy: 07
Melee: 07
Tech Skill: 09
Charisma: 07
Rank: 5

Profile: Nacelle is almost as much at home on the battlefield as he was back in his old laboratory. He has a keen mind for the sciences that allowed him to work with fellow scientists. While he was on Cybertron, Nacelle engineered and modified wing designs used for the second wave of Earth-bound seekers, eventually adapting one of the prototypes into his own chassis. Due to his longing to return to his laboratory work, Nacelle can become absent-minded during a battle. Nacelle's overall effectiveness, however, outweighs any liability he may cause. He may not be as good at flying as most of the other seekers, and his not-inconsiderable knowledge of Cybertron’s history may cause him to get a bit muddled-up occasionally, but at heart, Nacelle just wants to prove he's just as good as some of those more famous Decepticons.

Abilities: Nacelle can fly at speeds up to Mach 2.7 and his high-power turbines can somewhat increase his speed for a short period of time. In a laboratory setting, his keen mind allows him to contribute to the Decepticon cause any way that he can, particularly

Weaknesses: Nacelle’s desire to prove that he can be just as good as some of the more famous Decepticons could potentially cause him to become liability while on the battlefield.
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