Nova Strike

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Nova Strike

Postby Marcus Rush » Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:17 pm

Weapon: Automatic Acid-Pellet Gun
Name: Nova Strike
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Ranger
Alt Mode: Blue Ferrari Modena / Blue Cybertronian Racecar (for Cybertron angle)
Weapon: Shoulder Mounted Laser Cannon, Two High Caliber Laser Blasters, Wrist mounted laser torches
Alt Mode weapons: Laser Turret (formed by combination of Shoulder Mount and Laser torches)
Height: 25'
Quote: "Step Up and Prove It"

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 6
Dexterity: 7*
Speed: 8
Endurance: 7
Courage: 8*
Firepower: 8
Accuracy: 7*
Tech Skills: 5
Melee: 6
Charisma: 6
Rank: 6

Before the war’s outbreak, Nova Strike was a star in the venerable Cybertronian Games. Considered one of the brightest young stars to come out of Nova Cronum, Nova specialized in obstacle racing as well as various games of sports such as arena ball and even the occasional display of martial arts. Though not very accomplished in martial arts, primary knowing the hand to hand combat techniques of Circuit Su, and those available through basic training, Nova Strike has taken those skills he has learned in the filled arena’s of Iacon to the battlefield. His strengths are in his unpredictability with his myriad levels of experiences.

Nova Strike is what could be best described as a mech with two polar personalities, one of a serious and destructive fighter, and the other as a kind cored Autobot. Nova has few problem making friends with his fellow Autobots, though for the most part is still uncomfortable with social settings. Feelings of joy and happiness are nothing foreign to him; indeed he does what he can during the lulls between battles to lighten the moods of those around him. But he never truly feels comfortable in one place.As a warrior he feels most at home on the battlefield or on call waiting for the ever inevitable raids from the Decepticon army.

As for the other part, in battle, nothing will distract him from his mission. And that has cost him dearly. While he strives to complete an objective, he has a tendency to get ahead of the main assault force and finds trouble. It is said that he spends more time in the repair bay than in actual combat, but any that served with him would call that a myth. He will override stasis to achieve his mission. Nova Strike could be considered a walking weapons platform with his main weapon and subsequent arms. Capable of shredding Decepticons at range, Nova has earned a reputation of being tougher than a 2 credit energon cube after three months in a storage container. Decepticons tend to treat him lightly when they first encounter him; however they soon learn to fear his power and his willingness to do what it takes to achieve victory.

Avatar Description: Caucasian Male around 36 years old. Firmly built with broad shoulders and toned muscle features. Healthy and well exercised, given his past as a sports star, Nova Strike selected the look of a typical human Quarterback from the Earth NFL. Combining several features to form a stunning figure. Brown hair cut short with blue piercing eyes. Dresses in a suit and tie typically found on well versed business executives that would typically drive his chosen model of alternative form. From top to bottom, his avatar delivers an air of success and authenticity. Stands at 6'4 and weighs 220 lbs

Transforms into a Ferrari Modena/ Blue Cybertronian High speed Racecar. Can reach up to 400mph and cruise at that speed for up to five hours. Nova Strike one of the more fuel efficient Cybertronians, primary due to new technologies resulting from being a newer model and design. In Robot form, Nova Strike can take a pounding and keep on fighting. His main high energy laser shoulder cannon is capable of burning through a 10 foot cubed block of refined titanium at full power. In addition to his high powered weapon system, Nova is an apt close range fighter, capable of using various items to further his advantage such as smoke bombs, flash grenades and other tools. He uses his speed, transformation abilities and his weapons to get in close enough, fire with range to spare and get back enough to a point where his weaknesses are difficult to exploit. These actions help make Nova Strike very difficult to predict in battle. He rarely does the same move twice in the same battle sequence so pinpointing what he may do is near impossible.

Nova Strike's Gung Ho attitude hampers his ability to actually function as a member of a large group. It also means that he spends a lot of time in the Repair bays. Car mode: He is subject to blowouts and overheating. Once overheated, he cannot transform for 30 minutes till he cools down.

* extra points awarded for the custom character by Cry
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