Paik's Sale Thread (3rd PartyTFC Hercules+Rage Kit, MMC Hexatron, MP Starscream ,G1 Fort Max, CHUG)

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Paik's Sale Thread (3rd PartyTFC Hercules+Rage Kit, MMC Hexatron, MP Starscream ,G1 Fort Max, CHUG)

Postby Paik4Life » Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:12 am

Looking to get rid of a bunch of figures. All prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping will be calculated based on actual shipping costs to your zip code.

PayPal only (gift or I'll split the fees with you). I also recommend insurance but if you don't want to pay for it, understand that once I have shipped it, I will not be responsible for anything that happens to the package; tracking will always be provided though. I'll be happy to help in any way I can should it get lost, etc. but no refunds for lost or damaged items that you didn't want to insure.

You can see both my TFW feedback in my signature and my [url=""]eBay feedback[/url].

PM me with any questions or requests for additional pictures/details. When PMing for a total price, remember to include your zip code. I'm happy to ship internationally as well.

Anything that doesn't already have pics will have pics soon!

Items I want or will trade forr
I will consider trades for items in my [url=""]Wanted Items[/url] thread.

Walmart MP Starscream MIB with hip mod - $110

Third Party
TFC Hercules (2nd run) + repro labels + Rage of Hercules set - $500


All figures are in great condition and only displayed in combined mode. Transformed less than 3 times each. The set is from the second run with the revised parts and fixes already installed. You can tell since it comes in the silver boxes not green. Boxes are in great shape except for the Rage set which was deformed and top of plastic tray was cracked when I received it. Remaining unapplied reprolabels are included.

I WILL NOT separate the Rage Kit. Please do not ask.

MMC Hexatron MIB + extra shuriken - $125

Universe Hound + Ravage - $30 loose + reprolabels - Hips are loose. Not sure if that's common with this figure.


G1 - Note that all these are in heavily played with condition (most stickers are worn, etc.). I'm happy to provide as many pics as you'd like. I will list any broken parts.

Fortress Maximus - $200 (UPDATED PHOTOS) missing basically every single piece possible aside from the head. Although the head doesn't have a his headmaster. No yellowing but I haven't cleaned it and most of the stickers are missing so repro set would be needed. I'll post a price soon after I take more pictures to show what pieces are still there and also fit him in a box to see what potential shipping weight/size for this guy might be.

New pictures show a few pieces that are still there including the red ramp and grey ramp door, both clear green pieces (although I can't tell if they are scratched or cracked so assume the latter). The fist guns are present as it the calf gun. Both the stairs and prison gate are present.


Additional photos here:

Pretenders Lot - $50
Bumblebee - Shell and inner Bumblebee. No other accessories found
Longtooth with inner robot - Inner robot has no hood or red piece. No other accessories currently found
Submaurader - Shell only
Waverider - Shell only
Bludgeon - Shell only
Octopunch - Shell only
Doubleheader - Shell only
Grimlock - Inner Grimlock only. No tail.


Predacons Lot - $30 SOLD
Headstrong - loose no accessories damaged horn
Rampage - loose no accessories
Tantrum - loose no accessories damaged horn
Predaking head/helmet


Monstructors Lot - $40
Wildfly with outer shell - Missing mask
Bristleback - leg cracked (common problem with gold plastic)
Birdbrain outer shell


Seacons Lot - $10
Snaptrap - Missing rear shell/shield
Tentakill - Loose



Wreck-gar - $5
Misfire (broken) - $5


Power Rangers
Power Cannon Mint with box but no styrofoam insert- $15
Tor the Shuttlezord MIB (electronic sounds don't work) - $50

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