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Postby Ember » Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:34 pm

Motto: "I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things."

Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub Group: Predacon
Function: Predacon Commander
Alt. mode: Lion
Weapons: Shoulder-mounted concussion cannons, explosive gas launcher, vibrating sonic sword.
Height: 35 ft /10.668m
Quote: “All good things succumb to those who wait.”

RANK: 08

Profile: Razorclaw is most dangerous when he’s seemingly motionless. Inactivity simply means that he’s sizing up the best moment to strike, focusing all his keen intellect on the prey around him and their respective weaknesses. When Razorclaw does finally strike his victim is usually a shattered, smokeing memory in less than it takes for them to scream. Razorclaw doesn’t waste time, fuel, or words unless he is certain the action will achieve an immediate, desirable result. The fearless, business-like Predacon is known for his unwavering loyalty to the Decepticon cause, a peaceful solution to the Autobot/Decepticon conflict is an alien concept to him. For Razorclaw, the war will only end when he has personally extinguished the spark of the last surviving Autobot. The Predacons are a Tactical Assault Unit loyal to Megatron. They are the elite force Megatron himself calls when specific orders are given. They are considered to be one of the most feared teams among the Decepticon army.

Abilities: Razorclaw has great strength and even greater intelligence; he is both a skilled battlefield commander and long-term strategist. As a lion, he can leap 100 yards in a single bound at his top sprinting speed of 90mph, and his claws can carve titanium with a single swipe. The claws are so effective that he can even climb vertical walls with them. In both modes he has shoulder-mounted concussion cannons and an additional launcher which fires capsules filled with explosive gas. As a robot, he can wield a vibrating sonic sword that destroys the molecular bonds of any metal it cuts, enhancing its cutting ability.

Weaknesses: Sitting motionless for a long amount of time can result in Razorclaw’s joints seizing up. He sometimes ignores seemingly obvious opportunities while waiting for the “perfect” chance to appear.
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Postby Smokescreen85 » Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:46 pm

Motto: "Transform and smoke 'em!"
Weapon: Twin Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launchers

Allegiance: Decepticon
Subgroup: Predacons
Function: Aerial Assault
Alt. mode: Eagle
Weapons: Particle-beam rifle with infra-red sight, laser-guided sword
Special Abilities: Enhanced visual sensors
Height: 31ft / 9.5m
Quote: "Conquer the skies and what's below you will fall."

Strength: 07
Intelligence: 08
Dexterity: 09
Speed: 06
Endurance: 07
Courage: 08
Firepower: 07
Accuracy: 09
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 06
Charisma: 06
Rank: 06

Profile: Divebomb is one happy Predacon, especially when he is raining down death and destruction on the ground-based Autobot forces. He takes great delight in his work and loves watching his targets scurry about below looking for cover. The more targets he has to choose from the better he likes it. He’s almost always in a good mood, unless he has to deal with his fellow Predacons, whom he only tolerates at best. He prefers to be alone and cherishes his independence. In his downtime, Divebomb likes to build metal “nests” out of whatever scrap happens to be on hand. These fortified structures, usually located at the highest nearby point, are a source of pride for him and a place for him to go when he just wants to get away from his annoying teammates.

Furthermore, Divebomb is highly competitive by nature. So much so that it was the primary reason he took part as a gladiatorial combatant in the underground games back before the war began. It is also why he continued fighting after the Decepticon uprising. Divebomb will usually search out and engage the best Autobot fliers he can find just to prove that he is better. One such flyer is the Dinobot Swoop with whom his has developed an intense rivalry and has previously engaged in aerial conflict.

While Divebomb may not like the other Predacons, he fights alongside them anyway because they are the best of the best in the Decepticon army. When Megatron needs something done right, the Predacons are the ones called upon. Patiently, Divebomb is always waiting for their next assignment, counting down the astroseconds before he can unleash his “happy” side on the unsuspecting enemy once more.

Abilities: Rocket thrusters mounted on his back allow Divebomb to achieve speeds of 300 mph when in eagle mode. He has a 2000 mile range and can reach an altitude of 18 miles. High resolution telescopic lenses within his optical modules enable him to spot a dime from 10,000 feet. He can lift a tank and tear through its armored skin with his beak. In robot mode he uses a particle beam rife with infrared sight and a laser guided sword, which is guided to its target after Divebomb first pinpoints the target with a laser beam that shoots from the sword's tip.

Weaknesses: Divebomb's internal guidance system is easily thrown off by magnetism. Such interference causes him to lose control while he's flying and makes him prone to crashing.
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Strength: 4
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Courage: 8
Firepower: 7
Skill: 9


Postby MaP_Prime » Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:01 pm


Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub Group: Predacon
Function: Gunner
Alternate Mode: Tiger
Weapons: Lightning Rifle, Thermo Sword
Height: 33ft / 10.06m
Motto: “Those who conquer act; those who are conquered think.”

Strength: 08
Intelligence: 03
Dexterity: 09
Speed: 05
Endurance: 06
Courage: 09
Firepower: 09
Accuracy: 08
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 04
Charisma: 06
Rank: 05

Profile: Taking the time to plan something out only gives you enemies a chance to move against you, so Rampage has fully embraced a lifestyle of pure action. He seeks immediate gratification and lashes out violently when he doesn’t get it. Rampage doesn’t waste a lot of time talking, because it takes to much effort and reminds him to much of thinking. His comrades are annoyed by his immature outbursts, but Rampage’s exceptional fury and valor in battle have won him their admiration. Strangely the only thing that has been found to bring Rampage to a standstill thus far is Earth’s television programming. Specifically any vapid, inane form of entertainment that might appeal to the lowest common denominator sparks his interest. While watching reality shows or videos, he’s been known to be calm and agreeable for hours.

Abilities: Rampage is incredibly strong and agile, granting him to the use of powerful legs while he is in his Tiger mode. He is capable of great leaps and jumps while in his alternate mode, he can jump straight up to a maximum of 300 feet, and he can leap to a distance of 500 feet while in his alternate form. Additionally he can perform powerful kicks with his legs as well that are capable of crushing a reinforced concrete wall. He also has a double barreled port in each leg that can fire up to 300 rounds per .12 breems. In his robot mode he is armed with a super heated thermo sword that can cut through most metals and a lightning rifle. The rifle can fire 60,000 volt blasts of electricity.

Weaknesses: Rampage isn’t the smartest Decepticon around and as a result of his mentality he is prone to snap decisions that can often end poorly for him due to his lack of critical thought about his possible actions. Also his legs and leg joints can’t keep up with the constant punishment that he puts them through and this can lead to Rampage’s legs malfunctioning at inopportune moments, and they require frequent maintenance.
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Postby Devastron » Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:49 pm

Weapon: Energo-Sword

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Fueler
Alt. mode: Bull
Weapons: Catalytic Carbine, Electro-Sword
Height: 35ft / 10.67m
Quote: “Anger gets me running better than any other fuel.”

Strength: 08
Intelligence: 04
Dexterity: 06
Speed: 03
Endurance: 08
Courage: 09
Firepower: 08
Accuracy: 07
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 05
Charisma: 03
Rank: 05

Profile: Trying to reason with Tantrum would be as utterly pointless as talking to a lightning storm or fierce wind. Violence and threats are the only things Tantrum deals in, and anger is the only emotion he seems to possess. In fact, his comrades have come up with 20 new classifications of anger just to define the variations in their ally’s myopic mood: “Baseline angry,” “Intensely angry,” “Completely slagging enraged,” and “Everybody run!” are just a few. To take the edge off, Tantrum will often knock down a building of highway overpass, which temporarily makes him feel better. That his condition improves only when he’s hit or hitting something has caused some to wonder if Tantrum’s uncontrollable rage isn’t caused by some misaligned circuit or fuel line that’s been knocked in and out of place. Unfortunately, Tantrum takes aggressive issue with anyone who tries or even suggest altering anything in his head.

Abilities: Subject possesses amazing strength and endurance; his armor is extremely thick and reinforced. He has four exterior fuel tanks (over his legs in bull mode and within his arms and legs as a robot) that can carry additional Energon. In bull mode, his normal range is 1,200 miles at an average speed of 30 mph; with the tanks, he can make it almost 10,000 miles. The tanks can also be used to refuel his comrades. His horns shoot 20,000-volt bolts of electricity, which Subject finds difficult to control when angry. In robot mode, his catalytic carbine fires chemicals that can erode most metals or create new alloys. His electro-sword generates an electrical field; when he cuts an opponent, the damage is magnified by the powerful electric shock the sword applies to the open wound.

Weaknesses: Subject has below-average intelligence and his wild behavior endangers him and his comrades. Though heavily armored, sufficient damage can impair his fuel tanks with explosive results.
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Re: Predacons

Postby Cryhavok » Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:43 pm

Motto: ""It is all about pain.""
Weapon: Fusion-Powered Anti-Gravity Gun

Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-group: Predacons
Function: Ground Assault
Alt. mode: Rhino
Weapons: Two plasma sphere shooter rifles and a light diffraction sword
Height: 35ft / 10.67m
Quote: “The best advice is not to listen to advice.“

Strength: 08
Intelligence: 05
Dexterity: 05
Speed: 03
Endurance: 08
Courage: 06
Firepower: 08
Accuracy: 06
Melee: 08
Tech Skill: 05
Charisma: 05
Rank: 05

Profile: Headstrong lives up to the most negative connotations of his name. Once he has decided on a course of action, no matter how foolish it may seem to an objective observer, he can't be talked out of it. In these situations, Headstrong works especially hard to ignore the advice of his friends, regardless of how helpful or sensible they maybe be. To give up once he's decided on something would be a sign of weakness to Headstrong, which he won't allow. Headstrong already feels insecure because he's not as skilled, quick or intelligent as some of his comrades, and he's afraid that admitting he is wrong and following the advice of others will reveal to them his feelings of inadequacy.

Abilities: Subject has great strength and endurance. In rhinoceros mode, Headstrong can achieve speeds of 60 miles per hour for short periods. At full speed, his horn can easily skewer 3 feet of steel armor plating. It can also release a highly corrosive acid on contact, greatly enhancing its destructive capability. In robot mode, he uses a plasma sphere shooter, which emits a stream of glowing balls of energy that explode on contact. He also carries a diffraction sword, which bends nearby light so that an opponent can't properly see where Headstrong actually is as the two battle.

Weaknesses: Subject's insecurities make him more susceptible to a verbal attack than a physical one. In addition to poor eyesight, subject's joints often stiffen up from lack of timely maintenance.
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