Prime Master powers manifestation discussion

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Prime Master powers manifestation discussion

Postby Chimera245 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:10 pm

I have not seen much discussion on the specifics of the powers granted by the Prime Masters past those randomly-selected pack-in cards that come with the action figures. And many of those are vague or redundant, or just dumb.

So I wanna hear some ideas and theories about their powers. Especially ones with vague descriptions, like Micronus's "power swap". (Whose power is being swapped? Where does it go?)

Also, there seems to be several different ways each power can manifest, if you make some deductions from the existing lore, and from the toyline.

There's the Original Prime, first of all, who the power originates from. (Solus forges stuff, Vector time travels, etc.)

Then there's the Prime Master, who "inherits the Prime's spark" whatever that means, who may manifest the power differently. This may be the same for most of them, but some might not make sense to be exact copies of the Original Prime they're based on. (Prime Masters Amalgamous and Nexus don't seem to be able to transform into anything, or separate into multiple robots, for example.)

Then there's the power conferred to the one wearing Prime Armor, or otherwise able to attach the Prime Master to their body, which is where most of the existing information is focused. This is what most of the pack-in cards are trying to answer. (And it's not always a useful answer.)

Then how the power manifests when attached to a weapon instead, such as the transformed Decoy Armor that each Prime Master comes with, more weapon-like Prime Armor, like from Grimlock or Starscream, or perhaps from any Titans Return guns that a Prime Master can fit inside while in Prime Core mode. (Like what does it mean to shoot someone with "infinite knowledge", or "beast power"?

And finally, there's the power's effect when placed in the frame of the Matrix. The normal Matrix of Leadership may Light Our Darkest Hour, but what happens if you put "mystical scientist" Alchemist Prime into it before you open it? (And conversely, what happens if you put the Matrix Core in your weapon or Prime Armor?)

(I suppose you could also consider what happens when a Prime Master becomes the head of a Titans Return figure, but that just seems kinda dumb, and also raises questions about the reverse situation, like what happens if you put Twinferno's head in the Matrix? Whatever it is, it's probably not healthy.)

Some of these guys seem like they'd be pretty straightforward, and won't need much discussion, like:

Vector Prime
"Time Traveler"
Original Prime: He travels through time.
Prime Master: He travels through time.
Prime Armor: Wearer can travel through time.
Weapon: Target is slowed/frozen in time? You can shoot into the past or future?
Matrix: Rewinds time? Creates a field where time passes faster inside?

Some of them might take a bit of interpretation and imagination, like:

Amalgamous Prime
Original Prime: Can transform into anything
Prime Master: Ummm...?
Prime Armor: Wearer can transform into many new forms. (and make fan transformations pseudo-canonical)
Weapon: Target is forcibly transformed? Weapon can transform into other weapons or tools?
Matrix: Terraform a planet? Grant the ability to transform to something that doesn't have it?

And some of them are going to need a whole lot of work to make any sense, like:

Micronus Prime
"Power Swap"
Original Prime: Whose power does he swap? Does he take a power from Bot A and give it to Bot B? Does Bot B's power also go to Bot A? Do they lose their own powers temporarily, or are the powers merely "copied" onto the other bot? Does Micronus need to be attached to either one Minicon-style? does he store the power he's swapping? Does he work like Kirby? Like X-men's Rogue? Like Final Fantasy's Blue Mage, or Mime? Can he use the power himself, or just transfer it to others?
Prime Master: All the same questions
Prime Armor: Does the wearer gain some power stored within Micronus? Does the wearer gain the powers of nearby robots? (like, could a Micronus-bearer teleport, turn invisible, and cause earthquakes if Skywarp, Mirage, and Rumble are nearby?) Or maybe does the wearer confer his own power to others around him? (like, if Skywarp wore Micronus, would all nearby robots be able to teleport?)
Weapon: Would you weaponize your granted power? Would you steal/copy the power of your target?
Matrix: Permanently gain someone's power? Shuffle the powers of everyone in an area?

What are your thoughts?
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