Prowl Sell LIst

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Prowl Sell LIst

Postby ProwlPrime* » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:29 pm

All are loose and complete unless stated.
Shipping In USA only, using Priority shipping no First Class.
Not included shipping, unless stated
PayPal Only(Gift or Goods your choice).
Trading Cool
Throw me a offer if you got one
Message me if you want pics

Fire Sale- They gotta GO!

Authentic G1 Brawl (Missing Pistol), Swindle(Missing Pistol), Blast Off(Complete)
$35 shipped- message if you want pics and/or interested

Shipping not included, unless stated

TR Six Shot $40
TR Megatron $21
TR Astrotrain $21
TR Galvatron $19
TR Skull crushers $9
TR Wolfsire $14
TR Mindwipe $14
TR Quake $14
TR Triggerhappy $14
Classics Starscream $19, Thundercraker$17, Acid Storm$19, Thrust$17, Ramjet$19, Dirge$17, KO Skywarp$5, $ 100 for all 7
Generations Cyclonus SOLD
Generations Scourge $12
Generations Darkmount$12
Generations Jhiaxus$14
Generations Armada Starscream$14
Generations Skyshadow$12
Generations Thunderwing$12
FoC Shockwave SOLD
WfC Soundwave$19
Generations T30 Bomber Megatron$14
TR Rumble$6
TR Buzzsaw$5
all 3 insecticons Kickback, Bombshell and Shrapnel SOLD all 3
T30 Chop Shop $4
Data Disk Frenzy Rumble Ravage and Ratbat $8 all 4

Generations Jetfire $40
Generations Ultra Magnus $40
Classics Optimus Prime $23
GDO Hot Spot $23
FoC Grimlock $16
FOC Blaster$16
Classics Inferno$23
RTS Grapple$19
Generations Roadbuster$19
Generations Whirl SOLD
Generations Springer$17
Generations Sandstorm$17
Generations Minicon Team Combiner$14
Classics Hot Rod w/ KO Protector Armor$50
Classics Sunstreaker$17
Classics Sideswipe$17
Classics Mirage$15
Classics Silverstreak SOLD
Classics Smokescreen $17
Classics Hound SOLD
Universe Ironhide $13
Universe Ratchet SOLD
Generations Red Alert $15
Generations Skids SOLD
Generations Trailbreaker$17 with X2Toys upgrade ,gun broke
Generations Hoist$19 with X2 Toys upgrade
Generations Warpath$14
Generations Wheeljack$17
Generations Wreck-Gar Broken Handle$10
Generations Arcee$15
Generations Chromia$15
Generations Night beat$14
Generations Scoop$14
Generations Crosscut$15
Generations T30 comic Bumblebee$9
Generations Orion Pax$15
GDO Wheelie$19
RTS Jazz$18
RTS Tracks$17
TR Chromedome$14
TR Brainstorm$19
TR Hardhead$15
TR Highbrow$17
TR Twinferno$17
TR Hot Rod$17
TR Wheelie$6
TR Headmaster Repugnus SOLD
TR Rewind SOLD
TR Stripes$4
Generations Swerve SOLD
Generations Tailgate SOLD
Generations Cosmos$6
Generations Windcharger$6
Generations Bumblebee SOLD
Generations Cliffjumper$5
RTS Windcharger$8
3rd Party
Ironfist/Demolition Crue DC-03 Gauntlet SOLD

NECA Pacific Rim Jaegers (Not separating)$75 Shipped (There heavy)
-Gypsy Danger
-Stryker Eureka
-Crymson Typhoon (Loose Arm, super glue should fix it)
-Cherno Alpha
-Coyote Tango

Feedback- ... prime.html
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Re: Prowl Sell LIst

Postby ProwlPrime* » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:12 pm

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