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Motto: "The Blackest Night Falls from the skies,
The darkness grows as all light dies,
We crave your hearts and your Demise
by my Black Hand-- --The Dead shall rise!"
Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Allegiance: Decepticons.
Function: Psychological Warfare Expert/Sniper
Alt. mode: USB-stlye Datastick (Formerly a cassette)
Weapons: Depleted uranium sniper rifle. Cerebro-shell injection ‘syringe’. Limited-range twin pistols.
Special Abilities: Can interface with any technology in altmode. Low fuel consumption (size based). Size alteration in Transformation (varying sixes of memory stick).
Height: 7’ / 2m
Quote: Your friends are my weapon.

RANK: (Ask 'Sid, he’ll be my boss…)

Externally, Psychout has never been one to take anything seriously. He works hard to put others at ease, his small stature making it easy for him to be seen as non-threatening, an advantage he used to avoid difficult assignments as often as possible. Decepticon’s who aren’t fully aware of his orders, and even some Autobots, tolerate his company and the more chaotic and less trustworthy on both sides actively seek him out when they need information on something, as it is Psychout’s job to know everything, including where to get a good drink and Swindles comm-number.

He wasn’t always like that though. Back home, whilst the war was still in its infancy, Psychout was one of the keys to Megatron’s dominance of the non-combatant neutral regions. Using his controlling power to breed fear and terror of the Autobots into those who were not informed enough to resist the propaganda, the expert in paranoia could skilfully turn a peaceful safe-region into a chaotic and violent wasteland ripe for Decepticon picking.

After a run in with Starscream who, with a platoon of his troops ruined a decade of covert work through their inexcusable ineptitude, he exacted his revenge by controlling, and eventually causing the death of, a low ranked but well liked member of the Seeker army. As punishment his autonomy was stripped and he was reassigned and reformatted into a cassette and placed as an intelligence operative under a little known, and now deceased, communication officer. The death of his handler came as no shock to Psychout as it was he that sold him out to the authorities when he tried to double-cross their regional commander, in a bargain to regain his freedom. Eventually he was promoted to work for Soundwave but his abuse of his cerebro-shell on the dim-witted Frenzy and Rumble for entertainment led to his deactivation. He was brought back online after an expended period to assist and watch over a defecting Autobot scientist with whom he created a great working relationship doing unspeakable acts to unwilling ‘volunteers’, profiteering from the war and developing his taste for the finer things in life. His autonomy effectively restored, Psychout was well known for his legendary exploits when consuming refined energon and visiting the Cybertronian strip clubs and his playboy lifestyle in may have been in stark contrast to his partner’s all work and no play ethic but the technology they created, whilst not to everyone’s tastes, was so successful that they were just left to it undisturbed.

It was during this period that they both worked alongside Bombshell, helping him to advance the famous Cerebro-shells that the Insecticon is so well known for. Whilst the shells Bombshell uses now are his own, Psychout was able to copy the prototype schematics and puts a limited version to use, albeit usually for his own entertainment. He is yet to discover whether Bombshell is happy with his appropriation of these designs, but in his usual fashion, Psychout plans to deal with that problem when it comes.

Unfortunately, a surprise attack on Darkmount in which the labs were destroyed deactivated them both, and they have been left inactive since.

Robot Mode description: A standard Decepticon Cassette, coloured black with yellow decals and eyes. Prefers to wear a battle plate covering the lower half of his face to hide his expressions, and will occasionally disguise himself with a cloak or robe when amongst a species more of his size.

Abilities Detail:
Altmode: can plug into any computer-based technology and seize control of the system and any external connections. He is is not undetectable though, but the lower the technology of the system the less likely he is to be discovered. This also allows him to hack into any connected satellite systems once interfaced with a relevant terminal to monitor communications.
Low fuel consumption: Taking size into account.
Cerebro-Shells: As per weapons specs below.

Weapons specs:
Sniper rifle: shoots high velocity depleted uranium rounds with incredible accuracy up to nearly 1 mile (1500m) which can 'poison' metallic systems as well as carbon-based organic matter. His cerebro-shells cannot be used with this rifle. Tio achieve full range and accuracy Psychout must interface directly with its targeting systems which he must do in altmode, leaving himself open to surprise attack when fully concentrating on aiming. Without interfacing range and accuracy are halved
Twin pistols: Standard ornate Cybertronain side-arms, not very effective but when used together can pack a half decent punch. Carried more for their appearance than function, may once have been quite valuable.
Cerebro Shells Injection device: Requires close-range contact for delivery. The micro-circuited device travels through the sentient’s internal fluids until it reaches the brain, whereupon it opens up and releases tens of thousands of connecting wires. The wires coil around nearby neural dendrites until the brain's conscious functions are effectively rerouted through the cerebro-shell, which puts the mind of the victim under the remote control of Psychout. This control is limited however or obeying simple 2 or 3 word commands and it cannot make the target act outside of is usual nature (i.e. An Autobot like Bumblebee couldn't be controlled and forced to kill a human as that is against his nature, instead he would most likely break the control.)

Weaknesses: His altmode is a memory stick. He can subtly alter his transformation to allow him to access any required port in any terminal but once he is in his altmode, he is unable to move without returning to robot mode.
When he is interfaced with his rifle, and can get so focused on long range combat that he is relatively easy to sneak up on and a sitting duck if caught.
Wants nothing more than to return to his old playboy lifestyle back on Cybertron, and is furious that the planet has been destroyed. He does not know who or how it happened, but he blames Starscream – only someone that incompetent can have caused a disaster of that scale, and as a result he refuses to trust seekers.

Character Notes:
How he met Crueljaw.
Crueljaw wrote:Anyways his longest customer/ friend was met during the battle of the bars. Bascially an autobot bar and a Decepticon bar where set up in a neutral zone [and] war broke out between the two. Psychout was being thrown about in a disposal unit by a few Seekers with the aid of Devcon who was there for the bounty. Crueljaw was on the door at the time and in the midfight intervals Pyschout was shouting out he'd pay a ridiculous amount if someone would provide bodyguard services.
Seeing an appropriate business opportunity Crueljaw interceded himself in the fracas. The Result 2 seekers where now sharing the same waste disposal unit that Psychout was occupying the 3rd was found doing a fair impersonation of a water cooler. As for Devcon, he doesn't speak of the event but rumours are abound that Crueljaw etched his name into the spark casing of the Bounty hunter with his Knife.
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