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Postby Ramshot » Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:55 am

Motto: "One moment is all I need."
Weapon: Railgun

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Sniper/Assassin
Alternate Modes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2S19_Msta
Weapons: Heavy 152mm Railgun/Artillery cannon
Null ray laser pistol (Disguised as an NSVT heavy machine gun)
A pair of Energon daggers (His signature weapons back when he was a Hitman)
Special Abilities: His body is covered with a special radiation-absorbing paint not too dissimilar to the kind used in modern day stealth fighters, making him hard to detect using radar or other non-visual means. Through a nasty head injury from a botched Hit and an equally screwed up surgical procedure to save his life by a back-alley doctor, Ramshot's nervous system has been deadened; giving him significant resistance to pain. But sadly, also suppressing his emotions and sense of touch. Not that it matters to him.
Height: 30ft/ 10m (If you count his railgun as part of him, then he's 40 ft tall)
Quote: “One moment is all I need.”

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 4
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 2
Endurance: 6
Courage: 9
Firepower: 5
Accuracy: 7
Melee: 8
Tech Skill: 3
Charisma: 2
Rank: 4

Profile: You would not be mistaken when you think of Ramshot as a creepy loner at first glance, This morose and introverted soldier spends most of his time staring into nothing while emanating an aura of unease and gloom that makes Dead End of all bots to almost look friendly and inviting in comparison; though Dead End is genuinely depressed, Ramshot is not. For what he sees in his thousand-yard stares are not horrors or nightmares, but rather his greatest achievements and fondest memories... All of which involve brutal violence and death. Despite not wanting or caring to share the true nature of his hobby, those that fought with Ramshot always speak fondly of his psychotically calm and frosty attitude under even the most intense of firefights as well as his incredible proficiency at dismembering Autobots from both miles away and at melee combat. But many Decepticons still find him to be disturbing and would only socially interact with him if they lost a bet, not at all helped by the fact that he had his faceplate modified to make it look like the Decepticon insignia as a show of loyalty to both Megatron and the cause he champions.

A dirt-eating miner from the city-state of Vos, Ramshot had little to be happy about his lot in life, from the back-breaking labor to the abusive overseers; but during a particularly violent and large riot, he managed to somehow escape the mine that had been his prison ever since his activation and into the crime-ridden slums of Vos. But being a miner with little to no experience in anything other than breaking things, as well as being a runaway slave with a price for his smouldering chassis; life actually became much harder for Ramshot, forcing him to become a ruthless and violent mugger/murderer just to make ends meet. One fateful day however, Ramshot murdered the wrong cybertronian; specifically a hitman of an organized crime ring; who had intoxicated himself on some tainted energon to the point that the inexperienced but vicious mugger was able to snuff his spark; otherwise, Ramshot would have been killed in a matter of seconds. The syndicate's retribution was swift and after being beaten to near death, they gave him a choice: Work for them or be thrown into a pit full of Scraplets. Ramshot chose the marginally less deadly option of becoming a hitman, but against his bosses' and his own expectations; the ex-slave was actually much better than the bot he replaced, eventually culminating in his Magnum Opus: The successful assassination of Vos' police chief with the very first use of his infamous Railgun. Said chief had been cracking down on the syndicate's activities because they weren't willing to give him a cut of their profits... Afterwards, The new police chief took it upon himself to bring the ones responsible for his predecessor's demise to justice. Unfortunately for the syndicate, the new guy kept his word; resulting in it's dissolution and the imprisonment of the members who were lucky enough to survive the sting operation, Ramshot included. His stay in prison wasn't for very long as the Decepticon uprising soon came to Vos and he was subsequently broken out of jail by armed slaves. After being put to speed regarding the current situation, he was then led outside to find the city under Decepticon control. And right on time to bear witness to Vos' ruling class, the ones responsible for the reason why bots like Ramshot ended up being dealt with such a miserable existence; get torn apart by an angry mob of slaves and criminals amidst a booming and passionate speech by the so-called Decepticon leader. Won over by "Megatron's" speech and promises of a Cybertron where there will be no more bots like him, Ramshot has since then been one of the Decepticon's most fanatical, rabid and fiercest supporters.

Abilities: In vehicle form, Ramshot can travel 500 kilometers at a speed of 60km/h. Because of his alt form's autoloader, the rate of fire of his railgun doubles in vehicle mode, though he is unable to use it at full power in this form due to the incredible recoil. Speaking of the railgun, it fires "darts" of superdense metal at massively hypersonic speeds every 15 seconds or the standard-issue high-explosive shells that came with his altmode, though he has to turn down the power to his weapon whenever he has to fire the shells as they can't withstand the friction of being sent out of a barrel at velocities many, many times the speed of sound without prematurely detonating or deforming and being rendered unable to explode. He has very, very powerful sight that brings out the full potential of his railgun, giving him the ability to snipe anything wearing the Autobot insignia from 15 miles away.

Weaknesses: Ramshot has no major physical weaknesses in either form. The incredibly low rate-of-fire of his two ranged weapons gives him trouble when facing multiple foes at once and their danger level drops considerably when any lucky Autobot closes the distance and fights at mid-to-close range. His deadened sense of pain, while very intimidating; is actually detrimental to his survival as it causes him to ignore serious injuries in favor of standing his ground until he is literally physically incapable of fighting, forcing him to stay in the infirmary for much longer periods of time than his fellow Decepticons... Should they be nice enough to drag him to safety that is.
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Strength: 7
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4
Endurance: 6
Rank: 4
Courage: 10
Firepower: 7
Skill: 10

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