Rediscovering The Joy of Collecting

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Re: Rediscovering The Joy of Collecting

Postby itscramtastic » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:52 am

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ArmadaPrime wrote:This is interesting though. I'm often much the same: get something, enjoy it, shelve it or box it when something else comes along. Recently though due both to being low on cash and to feeling kinda bad about storing so much away and ignoring it, I've taken to grabbing a random figure out and having it be my 'deskbot' for a while. Definitely recommend it to anyone, it's great to rediscover how much fun some figures that have sat in storage for ages can be!
Deskbot action has definitely re-lit the fire for some figures I would've parted ways with!! It's a double edged sword though, I'm happy that I like the figure again but mourn the loss of the extra funds that could be had by selling it!! :lol: :lol:
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Re: Rediscovering The Joy of Collecting

Postby Rysquad » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:09 pm

My two-year old got me back into collecting.
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Re: Rediscovering The Joy of Collecting

Postby Throttlebotsrevenge » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:56 pm

My collecting has really been minimal the last few years. Life changes, and all that. Still, I've added some pieces to my collection over the past year--more than I have in a long time!--and I'm looking forward to saving up and getting some more in my display cabinet.

While 2017 may look small to most collectors (I've only added in a five figures), this was a huge glut as compared to the past five years of collecting, in which I may have only added one or two.

For starters, I picked up a Scrounge on eBay. I know that he was part of a set of Technobots, but I don't care about that, as I'm perfectly happy with my G1 Computron. Scrounge is a character I fell in love with when I first picked up a back copy of Marvel US #17 when I was in my preteens, and finally seeing him get some toy love was enough for me to dust off my Paypal account.

Then, I saved my money and picked up a G1 Longtooth. I've mourned the fact that I sold off my original Longtooth back in 2010, and it was time to add him back to my collection. I love that stupid Moby Dick-quoting underwater car.

Up next was adding a Kiss Players Glit back into my collection. I had originally picked up the Kiss Players cassette set when it first came out, but--like Longtooth--I sold it off in 2010. I don't give a rip about Rosanna and Sundor, but letting go of Glit always ate at me. Maybe it was because he shared the Ravage mold--or maybe because he was an effeminate Decepticon medic who loved to get drunk and sing karaoke--but for whatever reason, letting go of Glit always felt wrong. Now Glit is back to being a celebrated part of my collection. Front row on my 'Con shelf! 8-)

Then I got myself an Oilmaster as a mid-summer present to myself. I've always loved Pretenders, and a brand-new Pretender that served as an homage to a never-produced G1 figure was too much for me to ignore.

Finally, I got myself a TFCC Impactor, because Impactor is awesome and the Fall of Cybertron version just doesn't cut it.

I'm socking aside money to continue to add to my collection. I'm hoping to add in an Encore Fort Max by next year. :-D
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Re: Rediscovering The Joy of Collecting

Postby Va'al » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:28 pm

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Collecting in general for me has died out, a lot, to the point where figures I thought I'd never give away or get rid of from the collection have been.. well, given away or gotten rid of.

There's just something not there that was there previously, other than money. BUT! I'm not actually complaining about it! It means that when I pick something up, I'm getting it because I really like and want it, rather than for impulse, guilt, completionism or any automatic process in my mind.

I can't see any Transformers in my future so far, but I did get a hankering this weekend as I was in Osaka. I poured over MP-32 and 38, for a good hour or so (between two shops), then I found something ENTIRELY different in a third shop - and I thought about it for the entire evening, discussed it with my partner (mostly to discern if it was worth getting, or if I was just scratching an expensive itch) and the following day we headed back to the same shop to pick it up. Haven't had new toy joy in a loooong while, but I'm happy with the one piece, and the hankering has gone. :D
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Re: Rediscovering The Joy of Collecting

Postby Ironhidensh » Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:28 pm

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I think I've said it before, but would just like to say it again: I rediscovered a huge joy in, not collecting for myself, but giving transformers to my sons.

Yeah, they break a lot of them, especially the newer and more cheaply made ones, but that is because they play with them, and have a whole hell of a lot of fun doing it.
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